I, Infinite Superman, Join The Chat Group

I, Infinite Superman, Join The Chat Group


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Because He's So Handsome
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He traveled through time and became an infinite superman who could always bask in the sun and become stronger. He was invited to join a chat dress that connects all the worlds——

"Ding! Infinite Superman, join the chat skirt."

Paimon: "Welcome newcomers!"

Zhang Sanfeng: "The newcomers can introduce themselves, or let the group leader help introduce them."

Group leader Su Han: "Infinite Superman? Clark Kent? Or some Superman boss?"

Huang Rong, the protagonist of the banned book: "Boss Superman? Group leader, how strong is Boss Superman? Can he deal with Arlong, the fish-man who has been banned by you?"

Infinite Superman: "..."


after a while.

Everyone: "He is actually an infinite superman who can become infinitely stronger by just basking in the sun!!!"

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Chapter 1 Ten Thousand Realms Super Power System, Infinite Superman5 months agoChapter 2 Infinite Superman, Join The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 3 Infinite Superman: "Group Leader, I Have Watched One Piece."5 months agoChapter 4: Don’T Overestimate The Iq Of The Fish-Man And Arlong’S Arrogance5 months agoChapter 5: Stupid Murloc Arlong, A Group Of Murlocs Who Died Under The Heat Ray5 months agoChapter 6: Extract The "Wild Dad" Super Power, Effect: Let Others Recognize You As Their Father (Three Minutes)5 months agoChapter 7: Paimon Feels Sorry For Sweet Flower Stuffed Chicken, Devil Fruit5 months agoChapter 8 Nuoqi Joins The Group And Helps Out5 months agoChapter 9 Obtain Thirty-Seven Devil Fruit, A Vampire Fruit That Can Make People Live Forever5 months agoChapter 10 Obtaining The Vampire Fruit5 months agoChapter 11 Li Xiaoyao Is Dedicated To Food5 months agoChapter 12: The Humble Group Leader, Asking For Devil Fruit Online5 months agoChapter 13: Cautious Group Leader, Superman Flying Following The Sun5 months agoChapter 14 Xiongba, Join The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 15 Xiong Ba Just Wants To Bribe My Group Leader, The Great Immortal? ——Not Enough Money! !5 months agoChapter 16 Wild Dad’S Super Power - Activate!5 months agoChapter 17: An Infinite Superman With Enough Power To Influence Others Across The World? ?5 months agoChapter 18 Extracting Super Powers—Tenfold Enhancement! !5 months agoChapter 19: Bag The Blood Bodhi, Beat Emperor Shakti, Slay The Dragon, And Then Leave...5 months agoChapter 20 Emperor Shitian: I Kneel Down, Sir, Please Let The Little One Go!5 months agoChapter 21: Kill! !5 months agoChapter 22: Wulin Myth No Name, Join The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 23: How To Resurrect The Dead?5 months agoChapter 24 Traveling To The Continent Of Teyvat5 months agoChapter 25: Group Leader: "I Want To Try It!!" - I Will Be Confused If I Try It5 months agoChapter 26: On Par With Gods? Wendy: "...Are You Looking Down Too High On Us?"5 months agoChapter 27 Obtaining The Mental Retardation Punch. Group Leader: "...Please Ask Devil Fruit To Add One."5 months agoChapter 28 A Specialty Of The Genshin Impact World? ? Looks Like A Beautiful Girl5 months agoChapter 29 Next Time I Come Here, I Will Make The Imperfect Story What I Want It To Be5 months agoChapter 30: Divine Elephant Devil Fruit——Paimon. Is The Drunkard In This Photo Really A God? ?5 months agoChapter 31 Voldemort, Join The Chat Group Of Thousands Of Worlds5 months agoChapter 32 Voldemort: "Damn It!! You Can't Withdraw From The Group."5 months agoChapter 33: The Wild Father Activates! Voldemort: "Father, Don't You Think This Is Ridiculous? My Parasitic Idiot Advised Me..."5 months agoChapter 34 Obtaining Superpowers - Resurrection Of The Dead5 months agoChapter 35 Voldemort: "I Can't Be Killed..." Are There Horcruxes? Destroyed One By One5 months agoBefore Chapter 36, I Underestimated The Boss Of Infinite Superman!5 months agoChapter 37 Ding! The Mentally Retarded Goddess Aqua Joins The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 38 Fenrir: "I Am Facing A Death Crisis, And The Mentally Retarded People In The Group Are Talking About Her Heavenly Sludge..."5 months agoChapter 39: After Robbing The Dark Wizard And Collecting Souvenirs, We Are Ready To Leave...5 months agoChapter 40: Dumbledore Enters The Crowd, And Members Of The Crowd: "Resurrection??!"5 months agoChapter 41 Let’S Go Down One By One... We’Ll Talk About It When We Have Time5 months agoChapter 42: One Punch, One Hundred Iq Drops5 months agoChapter 43: Tanjiro Enters The Group: "Please Destroy The Evil Spirits..."5 months agoChapter 44 Huang Rong: "It's Bad, I Was Kidnapped By Morality."5 months agoChapter 45 In The Ordinary World, There Is Still A Gap In The Qualifications Of Ordinary People, Let Alone The Immortals?5 months agoChapter 46: Destroyed At A Glance, Super Power - Natural Punishment For Good And Evil5 months agoChapter 47: Is This Super Power Used To Build A Better Society?5 months agoChapter 48 Tanjiro: I Will Repay Your Kindness Forever.5 months agoChapter 49 Ding! Resident Evil Alice, Join The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 50 The Smile On Huang Rong's Face Gradually Disappeared...5 months agoChapter 51: This Is A Matter Of Life And Death For Billions Of People!5 months agoChapter 52: The Group Mission Did Not Drive The Group Leader To Death...5 months agoChapter 53: The Arrival Of Infinite Superman: "The World Is Filthy Again!"5 months agoChapter 54: There Shouldn’T Be Many People Buying The Opportunity To Travel Across The World, Right?5 months agoChapter 55 Obtaining Superpowers - Devouring Stellar Energy5 months agoChapter 56: Is It So Cool To Be Able To Actively Devour Stellar Energy? ?5 months agoChapter 57: The Heavenly Punishment Thunder Tribulation Cloud That Is Hard To Destroy5 months agoChapter 58: Group Leader Su Han: "Huang Rong, How Can This Be Such A Coincidence?"5 months agoChapter 59: The Group Leader Asks For Help! ! Huang Rong: "I Collapsed, I Really Collapsed!"5 months agoChapter 60: Punch Through, The Giant Beast In The Sky5 months agoChapter 61: The “Specialties” Of The World Of Group Leader Su Han5 months agoChapter 62 Obtaining Superpowers - Being Ridden With Misfortune5 months agoChapter 63: Group Leader Su Han: "Brother Infinite Superman, The Official Wants To Contact You..."5 months agoChapter 64: Collecting Elixirs And Local Products, Preparing To Leave5 months agoChapter 65 Ding! Nie Xiaoqian, Join The Chat Group5 months agoChapter 66: Nie Xiaoqian Goes To The Group To Ask For Help, Huang Rong: "It's Hard, My Fist Is Hard!"5 months agoChapter 67: The Smile Gradually Appeared On Huang Rong’S Face5 months agoChapter 68 Surprise! ! With The New Group Task, The Smile On Huang Rong’S Face Suddenly Stopped (Please Order First!)5 months agoChapter 69: The Infinite Superman Who Gains The Superpower "Space Mastery" And Becomes Explosively Stronger! !5 months agoChapter 70 Group Leader: "Infinite Superman, Save Me!!" Damn It, Isn't That Becoming An Immortal? (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 71 Ding! Ultraman Tiga, Join The Chat Group (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 72: Dagu: "Is This A Monster?" Diga Fell Down With One Blow... (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 73: Infinite Superman, A Punch 100,000 Times The Speed Of Sound! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 74 Ding! The Supreme God Of The Sea, Join The Chat Group (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 75: "I Ascended To The Spirit World, What Can Infinite Superman Do To Me?"5 months agoChapter 76: Become Twice As Strong Again! Have The Qualifications To Become An Immortal! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 77: Obtained The Superpower "Mind Control" And Can Control All Creatures In The World! ! (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 78 "A Certain Traitorous Son Of The Tang Dynasty! Why Don't You Agree To Your Father's And My Time Travel Application Quickly!!" (Please Subscribe)5 months agoChapter 79: Obtaining A New Concept Of Super Power, A Certain Tang Died In An Unbelievable Tragic Death! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 80: The Father Of A Certain Tang Dynasty Comes Next, The Infinite Superman With The Ability To Fight At The Speed Of Light For A Short Period Of Time! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 81 Pirate Superman: "I Am The God On Earth!! Laozi Can Do Whatever He Wants!" (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 82: Obtaining The "Comprehension Heaven-Defying" Super Power, Emperor Fuxi, Suffer Death! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 83: Normal Light Speed Battle! Destroy The Galaxy In One Second (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 84: Infinite Superman Obtains The Magic Weapon, The Ambition Of The Motherland (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoAt The End Of Chapter 85, Emperor Fuxi Was Killed With One Punch! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 86 Collection Of Knowledge From The Six Realms - Method Of Deriving Myths (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 87 Obtaining The Super Power "Guardian Of The World"! ! Comprehension Heaven-Defying, Creation Of God Level...5 months agoChapter 88: Xiao Huohuo In The Fighting Spirit World, Join The Chat Group (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 89: Strengthened Again, Reaching The Peak Of Light Speed! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 90: Showdown, I Am The Lord Of The Six Realms (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 91 Ding! Milkman Emperor Huangtian, Join The Chat Group (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 92: This Is The True Desolate Emperor! Not That Kind Of Fake Emperor... (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 93 Obtain The Superpower "Dark Blue Plus Points"! Join Ftl... (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 94: Obtaining The First Immortal Sutra Of Emperor Huangtian... (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 95 Create Your Own Mythical Method That Transcends All Heavenly Levels! ! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 96 Levi: "I Let God Have It! God Will Not Allow It To Exist." (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 97: Mythical Power, Truly Overwhelming! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 98: Can It Make Me Stronger? The Bigger The Monster, The Better! Dark Blue – Add Some Extra! ! (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 99: The Mythical Qi Training Is Complete! ! Maoshan Taoist Priests Join The Group (Please Subscribe!)5 months agoChapter 100 Becoming Stronger Again! Breaking Through The 100 Billion Level... (Please Subscribe!)5 months ago