I Risk My Life For Scientific Research, And The Whole Network Is In Tears And Begging Me Not To Die!

I Risk My Life For Scientific Research, And The Whole Network Is In Tears And Begging Me Not To Die!


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With a terminal illness, and only three days left to live?

Jiang Bai admitted that for a moment, he was really panicked.

[Congratulations to the host, bind to the life-saving scientific research system, and gain life by releasing scientific research technology! ]

The perfect artificial machine kidney is announced at the beginning, solving a major medical problem!


The latest laser weapon!

Super-precision lithography machine!

Controlled nuclear fusion!

When the super scientific research results were announced one by one, everyone found out that this absolute scientific research master was actually a young man with a terminal illness!

Instantly, the whole network burst into tears!

Jiang Bai: "Let me... let me work for another hour!"

Doctor: "No, your body can't hold on anymore."

The whole network burst into tears!

"Go and rest! You've worked so hard!"

"What is scientific research spirit? This is the most respectable person!"

"Please don't die! I'm willing to exchange my life with you!"

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Chapter 001: Death At The Start? Artificial Machine Kidney!about 1 month agoChapter 002: I Want To Work, I Have Research Results!about 1 month agoChapter 003: Wait A Minute! I Have More Scientific Research Results!about 1 month agoChapter 004: My Research Project Is Artificial Machine Kidney!about 1 month agoChapter 005: This Artificial Kidney Is Real! It’S Amazing!about 1 month agoChapter 006: Are There Patients Who Are Dying? At Least, You Can Try Using An Artificial Kidney!about 1 month agoChapter 007: Success! This Artificial Kidney Was Transplanted Perfectly!about 1 month agoChapter 008: Jiang Bai, Don't Die! Your Experiment Was Successful!about 1 month agoChapter 009: Received A Four-Day Life Bonus! Finally Got A Sip Of Milk!about 1 month agoChapter 010: Li Shouren Personally Takes The Lead And Establishes An Expert Group!about 1 month agoChapter 011: Jiang Bai Wakes Up, And The First Thing He Does Is To Get A Computer To Do Scientific Research!about 1 month agoChapter 012: I Want To Continue My Research! This Is My Last Wish!about 1 month agoChapter 013: I Donate Technology To The Country And The People!about 1 month agoChapter 014: Save Jiang Bai At All Costs! Must!about 1 month agoChapter 015: Artificial Kidneys Must Be Available As Soon As Possible! Must!about 1 month agoChapter 016: The Government Comes Forward To Promote Artificial Kidneys! Outstanding Young People In Suzhou!about 1 month agoChapter 017: Mid-Term Research! 2Nm Precision Lithography Machine!about 1 month agoChapter 018: A Genius In His Twenties! Large-Scale Experiments On Artificial Kidneys Begin!about 1 month agoChapter 019: Expert Consultation! 2Nm Precision Lithography Machine!about 1 month agoChapter 020: The Situation Is Not Optimistic! Wake Up, Jiang Bai Wakes Up!about 1 month agoChapter 021: He Actually Still Wants To Do Scientific Research! This Is His Last Wish!about 1 month agoChapter 022: 2Nm Precision Lithography Machine Model! Shocked The Three People! !about 1 month agoChapter 023: I’M Afraid... Jiang Bai Will Never Wake Up!about 1 month agoChapter 024: Verification! 2Nm Precision Lithography Machine Is Really Feasible!about 1 month agoChapter 025: This Lithography Machine Means That We Will No Longer Be Strangled By Others!about 1 month agoChapter 026: Artificial Kidney Has Achieved Significant Results! Jiang, You Succeeded!about 1 month agoChapter 027: Magnetic Levitation! Engine! So Many Scientific Research Routes!about 1 month agoChapter 028: Twenty Days Left To Live! Recovering From Near Death!about 1 month agoChapter 029: The First Thing He Did When He Woke Up Was To Ask About The Artificial Kidney!about 1 month agoChapter 030: Artificial Kidney? It Must Be Fake! There Is An Inside Story!about 1 month agoChapter 031: Arrest Directly! Jiang Bai's Dedication Cannot Be Insulted By Anyone!about 1 month agoChapter 032: Who Is Jiang Bai? Why Does The Government Take Him So Seriously?about 1 month agoChapter 033: 2Nm Precision Lithography Machine! Shocked The Research Institute!about 1 month agoChapter 034: No Problem At All! A True High-Precision Lithography Machine!about 1 month agoChapter 035: I Want An Academician Position For My Students!about 1 month agoChapter 036: The First Thing He Said When He Woke Up Was To Care About Others!about 1 month agoChapter 037: Teaching Qin Xixue, He Doesn’T Want To Rest!about 1 month agoChapter 038: Start Researching A Specific Drug For Als!about 1 month agoChapter 039: Are You... Going To Study Als? No!about 1 month agoChapter 040: Qin Xixue, Can You Come Every Day?about 1 month agoChapter 041: Teaching Talents Can Also Gain Life, Give It A Try First!about 1 month agoChapter 042: At The Age Of Twenty-Three, Researching Ultra-Precision Lithography Machines?about 1 month agoChapter 043: Academician Title! Give It To Him, He Deserves It!about 1 month agoChapter 044: Accompany Me To The Scientific Research Competition, And I Will Tell You Who Jiang Bai Is!about 1 month agoChapter 45: Live Broadcast Of Participating In The Scientific Research Competition? Could There Be New Results?about 1 month agoChapter 046: Announcing The News, Jiang Bai Deserves The Position Of Academician!about 1 month agoChapter 047: The Youngest Honorary Academician! The Entire Network Is Shocked!about 1 month agoChapter 048: The Entire Institute Voted! This Is The Result!about 1 month agoChapter 049: Research Results Are Kept Confidential? What Kind Of Academician Is This?about 1 month agoChapter 050: Who Is Jiang Bai? Participating In The National Science And Technology Competition?about 1 month agoChapter 051: Such An Important Game, But I Am Not Coming? ?about 1 month agoChapter 052: Please Invite No. 17 To Come On Stage And Announce The Scientific And Technological Achievements!about 1 month agoChapter 053: Als-Specific Drug! Directly Announced!about 1 month agoChapter 054: Finished Drugs Have Been Produced, Are You Crazy?about 1 month agoChapter 055: Scientist Huo Qing Actually Wants To Test The Medicine Himself!about 1 month agoChapter 056: Li Shouren Personally Called To Support The Platform! Shocked The Entire Network!about 1 month agoChapter 057: Risky Drug Testing! Huo Qing's Body Is Abnormal!about 1 month agoChapter 058: Forget It, Let’S Just Research The Sixth Generation Aircraft Engineabout 1 month agoChapter 59: The Drug Test Was Successful! It Worked! This Is A Life-Saving Drug!about 1 month agoChapter 060: Live Broadcast Of The Lithography Machine Shocked The Entire Network! [1/10]about 1 month agoChapter 061: Donating Als Drugs, Moving The Entire Network! [2/10]about 1 month agoChapter 062: Jiang Bai Deserves This Position As An Academician! [3/10]about 1 month agoChapter 063: Huo Qing: I Want To Visit Jiang Bai! The Address Is Exposed!about 1 month agoChapter 064: Set Off To Interview Jiang Bai, And His Illness Is Exposed!about 1 month agoChapter 065: The Academicians Burst Into Tears, And The Young People Of Dragon Country Should Be Like This!about 1 month agoChapter 066: Jiang Bai, You Are Now Awarded The Title Of Academician!about 1 month agoChapter 067: After Waking Up, His First Words Were This!about 1 month agoChapter 068: Jiang Bai, You Must Hold On! [9/10, Please Subscribe]about 1 month agoChapter 069: A Group Of Academicians Broke Down In Tears In The Hospital And Were Discovered By Live Broadcast!about 1 month agoChapter 70: Exposure! I Came To See Jiang Bai. Jiang Bai's Disease Is Very Serious! [11/10, More Updates, Please Subscribe]about 1 month agoChapter 71: Decision Announced! A Hero Cannot Remain Unknown!about 1 month agoChapter 72: The First Thing The Hero Does When He Wakes Up Is To Continue Doing Scientific Research? !about 1 month agoChapter 73: We Must Not Let Him Work Again, Absolutely Not!about 1 month agoChapter 74: It’S Not An Infectious Disease, Academician Jiang Bai Has Cancer!about 1 month agoChapter 75: The Condition Is Exposed! It Is Not In The Early Stage, And It Is Even Life-Threatening?about 1 month agoChapter 76: Academician Jiang Bai...Is In The Advanced Stage Of Gastric Cancer! His Life Is In Danger!about 1 month agoChapter 77: Our Scientific Research Academician Is Actually A Terminal Cancer Patient!about 1 month agoChapter 78: The Whole Network Burst Into Tears! Two Billion Donations In Thirteen Minutes!about 1 month agoChapter 79: The World Kisses Me With Pain, But I Repay It With Songabout 1 month agoChapter 80: Jiang Bai Wakes Up! Connect With Huo Qing, The Missed Scientific Research Master!about 1 month agoChapter 081: In The Last Moment Of His Life, He Wants To Shed Blood For The Country!about 1 month agoChapter 82: Can We Just Treat This As A Last Wish? The Whole Network Burst Into Tears!about 1 month agoChapter 083: He Saved Thousands Of Lives, But He Couldn’T Save Himself!about 1 month agoChapter 084: It’S Almost There. As Long As We Continue With Our Scientific Research, It Won’T Hurt!about 1 month agoChapter 85: The Entire Internet Burst Into Tears Instantly! Everyone, Their Defenses Were Broken!about 1 month agoChapter 086: Give Me The Last Ten Minutes, And It Will Be My Last Wish!about 1 month agoChapter 087: The Sixth Generation Engine, I Will Donate It To The Country For Freeabout 1 month agoChapter 88: Seriously Ill! Enter For Emergency Treatment! That Man Is Leavingabout 1 month agoChapter 089: This Is The Last Bit Of Warmth He Left For The Motherland!about 1 month agoChapter 90: Academician Jiang Bai, He Is Leavingabout 1 month agoChapter 091: System Notification: Host Is Dying, Be Prepared!about 1 month agoChapter 092: Vital Signs Disappeared, The Whole Network Burst Into Tears, Please Don’T Die!about 1 month agoChapter 093: In The End, Try To Let Him See The Eagle Of The Motherland!about 1 month agoChapter 094: The Sixth-Generation Fighter Project Was Launched. This Is The Tenderness He Left For The Motherland!about 1 month agoChapter 095: Blood Pressure Is Only 40, Rescue Is Ineffective?about 1 month agoChapter 96: Five Minutes Left, Please Don't Dieabout 1 month agoChapter 97: Providing The Last Option, A Devastating Last Gaspabout 1 month agoChapter 98: Heartbeat Stops, Academician Jiang Bai Is Really Goneabout 1 month agoChapter 99: The Whole Network Burst Into Tears, His Life Came To An Endabout 1 month agoChapter 100: Ineffective Rescue! Li Shouren Will Regret It For The Rest Of His Life!about 1 month ago