I, The Failed Art Student, Start The S3 Season!

I, The Failed Art Student, Start The S3 Season!


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Chen Xi traveled through a parallel world and became a Germanic Chinese. He was also a failed art student in the art academy. He was bound to the "Speech Master" system and could gain the enthusiastic support of the Germanic people through his speeches.

Chen Xi is numb. He failed in the Art Student Speech Master System. The big account is about to be unblocked. The trumpet has reached the top three in the international server again. The buff stack is full. Do you want me to start the S3 season?

Thus, a fearsome man was born, with a campaign slogan: Let everyone have access to cheap natural gas!

Chen Xi: Guaranteeing C does not guarantee winning, the record can be checked, cpdd, it’s not about profit!

Rabbit: Tongtiandai, 1V17, record can be checked!

Footbath: Mr. Rabbit, the S3 season Asian server depends on you. Can you bring one?

Rabbit: Get out! It will take seconds if the foot basin shows its head. It will take seconds if the head does not show. No surrender!

Yi Daili: Brother, take me to rush again!

Bo Lan: Damn it, the art academy. We will unite with Gaul to build you an art academy...

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001: Do You Know How Much The Price Of Natural Gas Is Per Cubic Meter?3 months ago002: Domineering Speech Master System, Fanatical Germanic People!3 months ago003: At The Invitation Of The Social Democratic Party, The Failed Art Student Is About To Enter Politics!3 months ago004: The Speech Video Went Viral On Tiktok, And The Whole World Was Confused!3 months ago005: Tavern, Art Student, Germanic People, All We Need Is 500,000 Yuan Of Bread!3 months ago006: Yanhuang Netizens: S3 Season? Surrender Is Prohibited In Asia!3 months ago007: With Nuclear Weapons In Hand, A Sense Of Security, And A Natural Gas Field With Reserves Of 250 Million Cubic Meters!3 months ago008: History Is Always Surprisingly Similar, 93% Horror Approval Rate!3 months ago009: Chen Yuntian Is Worried That His Son Looks Too Much Like The Great Demon King Of World War Ii!3 months ago010: The German Prime Minister Invited Chen Xi To Be The Prime Minister’S Advisor?3 months ago011: I Have A Lot Of Yanhuang Fans, And They Still Ask Me To Carry Out Live Broadcasts?3 months ago012: Plan To Control Public Opinion And Develop Social Software!3 months ago013: Targeted By Cia Mossad? Crisis Is Coming!3 months ago014: The Whole World Is Wondering, Are All The Failed Art Students Good At Deceiving People?3 months ago015: The Natural Gas Field Is About To Shock The World, And Chen Xi’S Fanatical Followers Are Awesome!3 months ago016: Terrible Public Support Rate, An Alternative Version Of The Yellow Robe!3 months ago017: National Renaissance Alliance, Reporters Swarmed In!3 months ago018: Do Germanic People Like To Shout Long Live? Personality Worship Is Unacceptable!3 months ago019: Daily Milk Law, No One Can Capture Paris Before Gaul Surrenders!3 months ago020: Angry At The Reporter, Nan Gaoli Is A Country Of Thieves!3 months ago021: Campaign Slogan, Let All German Families Have Access To Cheap Natural Gas!3 months ago022: German Prime Minister Scholtz Is Angry, Ugly Country Is A Despicable And Shameless Bully!3 months ago023: Successfully Acquired Getec Company, Cheap Natural Gas Will Be On The Market Soon!3 months ago024: The Hive Drone Attacks The System And Is Assassinated. I Will Give You A Single Cloud Explosive Bomb!3 months ago025: Portable Nuclear Weapons, The Terrifying Power Of Cloud Bombs!3 months ago026: The Assassination Incident Is Brewing, And The Germanic People Are Collectively Furious!3 months ago027: Chen Xi’S Appeal Made European Countries Tremble With Fright, And The Germanic People Were Moved To Tears!3 months ago028: Return To Old Business And Enter The International Arms Market!3 months ago029: The Killer Bee Drone Destined To Shock The World!3 months ago030: If You Don’T Let Me Draw On The Drawing Board, Then I Will Redraw A World Map With Blood!3 months ago031: A Sixth-Generation Fighter That Looks Exactly Like The Quinjet In The Marvel Movie!3 months ago032: The International Defense Exhibition Is About To Open, Shocking The World!3 months ago033: Defeated And Filled With Resentment, Truman Is Confused! The Chen Family Should Have Been Destroyed In The First Place!3 months ago034: The Big Dog Owner In Zhongdong Was Shocked, What Kind Of Magical Weapon Is This?3 months ago035: The Queen Of Artificial Intelligence, The Crazy Cia!3 months ago036: The Mad Dog Israel In The Middle Hall, The Nightmare Of The Ugly Country Is About To Come!3 months ago037: The Missile Has A Range Of 299 Kilometers And An Error Of 1,200 Kilometers. Is There Anything Wrong With It?3 months ago038: The Weapons Exhibited By Chen's Heavy Industry Were Announced, And The Whole World Was Shocked And Numb!3 months ago029: Chen Xi Opened His Eyes And Told Lies, And The Whole World Fell Silent!3 months ago040: The Ugly Country Is Panicking, The Big Dog Owner In Zhongdong Who Is Stupid And Has A Lot Of Money Is Going To Place An Order!3 months ago041: In The Global Live Broadcast Honeycomb Test, All The Failed Art Students Like To Engage In Black Technology?3 months ago042: The Devilish Weapon That Shocked The World, Chen Xi Is Simply Crazy!3 months ago043: The German Giant Is About To Be Unblocked, And Chen Heavy Industries Releases A Video Of Nuclear Weapons!3 months ago044: The S3 Season Has Officially Started To Warm Up, Chen Xi: Cpdd, The Record Can Be Checked!3 months ago045: What Is The Attitude Of The Five Good People Towards Germania, As Soon As It Is Revealed?3 months ago046: I, Chen Xi, Am A Pacifist And The Future Blue Star Great Benevolent Person!3 months ago047: Waves: Oops, I Seem To Be On The Debut List Again!3 months ago048: The Ugly State Lists Chen Xi As The Number One Terrorist?3 months ago049: Bai Deng Is So Angry, Chen Xi, You Make Me Feel Sick! The German Nation Rejoices!3 months ago050: If You Don’T Sit At The Table, You’Ll Be On The Menu!3 months ago051: Instigate The Zhongdong Country To Attack Israel And Destroy The Ugly Country’S Dollar Oil System!3 months ago052: The Vicious Israelis Attacked The Palace Hotel With Ground-Penetrating Bombs?3 months ago053: Ambitious Israel Provokes The Sixth Zhongdong War?3 months ago054: "Chief Think Tank" Queen, F35I Is Coming, The Bow Air Defense System Is Activated!3 months ago055: Iron Cross? Shooting The F35I With A Bent Bow, The Israeli Pilot Was Stupid!3 months ago056: Despise The Ugly Country, Understand The Ugly Country, Become The Ugly Country, And Surpass The Ugly Country!3 months ago057: The Chou Kingdom Has Decided To Use Force. With Chen Xi’S Counter Plan, War Is About To Break Out!3 months ago058: The Announcement Of The Number Of Nuclear Arsenals Shocked The Whole World. Are Chen Xi And Da Xiong Flirting With Each Other?3 months ago059: The Military Technology Of Chen Heavy Industries Is Very Poor. The Nuclear Missile Lost Control And Accidentally Landed In Tokyo. Is There Anything Wrong With It?3 months ago060: Clean Nuclear Weapons, N-Bombs, Do Bear Germans Want To Sign A Non-Aggression Agreement?3 months ago061: Peacemaker Is Launched, The Whole World Is Shocked, The Target Is Japan! !3 months ago062: The Nuclear Explosion Shocked The World, And The Japanese Cried. Why Was It Me Who Was Injured Again?3 months ago063: The Japanese Country Does Not Create Myths. The Little Dwarf Of The Japanese Country, Which Is A Shame For Human Civilization, Wants To Repay Kindness With Hatred?3 months ago064: Gaul: I’M So Panicked! How About Withdrawing From Nato And Changing Sides?3 months ago065: Okasaka Hikkawa’S Question, Your Japanese Country Suffered Three Nuclear Strikes, You Can Apply For The Guinness World Record!3 months ago066: The Situation Is Getting Worse. Are We Going To Be Subjugated For The Fourth Time? Conspiring To Provoke A War And Drag The Ugly Country Into Trouble!3 months ago067: Waves Blitz Germania? Is The United Nations Going To Award Chen Xi An International Peace Prize?3 months ago068: Ugly Country’S Saucy Operation, Bolan Is Such An Idiot, The Clown Is Actually Me?3 months ago069: The Night Of Long Knives, The Unilateral Killing Shocked The World And Shocked The Country!3 months ago070: Waves: To Tell A Joke, The Germanic Bears Who Have No Borders Need To Sign A Non-Aggression Agreement!3 months ago071: Is German The Bear In Love? The Waves Are So Scary, Why Am I The One Who Gets Hurt Again?3 months ago072: Waves, Putting Aside The Facts, Is There Nothing Wrong With German?3 months ago073: The Signing Of A Non-Aggression Agreement Between Germany And Daxiong Is A Good Thing Worthy Of The World’S Congratulations?3 months ago074: Construction Of The Empire-Class Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Begins, And The Sixth-Generation Stealth Fighter That Shocks The World Is Unveiled!3 months ago075: The German Tuba Is About To Be Unblocked, The Prelude To The S3 Season, A Global Arms Race!3 months ago076: The Military Music Torch Farewell Ceremony At Night In Berlin, The Rise Of The Germanic Fourth Reich!3 months ago077: The General Election That Attracts Worldwide Attention Has Begun. The World Is Like A Cool Novel, And Chen Xi Is The Protagonist?3 months ago078: Shocked! The Han Kingdom And The Japanese Kingdom Want To Send Troops To Support Israel? Chen Xi Eliminates The Three Evils?3 months ago079: Dawn Of Empire, Chen Xi Arrived In Mosk, And The Whole Ouzhou Panicked!3 months ago080: Ouzhou Husky Bolan Wants To Be A Cub? Join Germania As A Younger Brother?3 months ago081: God's Eye Project, Israel Has Broken Through The Defense, Chen Xi Is The Blue Star Troublemaker!3 months ago082: Yi Daili Sent An Invitation To Form A Team, Brother! Trust Me Again!3 months ago083: The Cunning Han Kingdom And The Japanese Kingdom Formed The Giant Pmc Company To Do Dirty Work!3 months ago084: The Great Demon King Chen Xi’S Tricks Made Israel Anxious. Will He Use Nuclear Bombs To Destroy The Giant?3 months ago085: Houthi Armed Bombardment Of Israel, Pu Xi’S Fear, Chen Xi Wants To Establish A New Alliance?3 months ago086: To Be Fair, Chen Xi, The Troublemaker Of Blue Star, Has Even Apologized To Hu Sai, So Don’T Be Rude And Unforgiving!3 months ago087: Waves: If You Can’T Beat Him, Join Him And Join The German Big Brother, You Won’T Lose Anything!3 months ago088: Chou Country’S Big Move, Operation Uranus Begins, Chen Xi’S Black Continent Strategy!3 months ago089: Odili Wants To Merge With Germania? Gallic Great Britain Trembles, The First Step In Germanic Expansion!3 months ago090: The Local War Between The Titan And The Ugly Kingdom Has Attracted Global Attention And The Terrifying Performance Of The Hive Drone Attack System!3 months ago091: The Frantic Bai Deng Launched A Trident Intercontinental Missile And Destroyed The Titan With A Nuclear Bomb!3 months ago092: The Galaxy-Class Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Is Launched, The Prelude To The Start Of The S3 Season, And The Syrian Nuclear Explosion!3 months ago093: Nuclear Explosion! Zhongdong Was In Complete Chaos, And Chouguo Was In Dire Straits. Chen Xi Makes A Lot Of Money!3 months ago094: Xier Failed To Protect The Germans In The S2 Season. Chen Xi Will Be The Savior Of The Germans In The S3 Season!3 months ago