I Was Caught Fishing At Work, And I Dragged The Female Ceo Into The Water With My Backhand.

I Was Caught Fishing At Work, And I Dragged The Female Ceo Into The Water With My Backhand.


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Qin Xun, who was an intern in college, entered a newly founded marketing company and became a glorious planner assistant.

Bind the fishing system on the same day, and you can accumulate fishing points and get rewards as long as you fish at work.

Just when he was hiding in a corner of the company where no one was paying attention, he was fishing successfully.

A new, aloof female colleague was assigned to work next to him by the HR manager.

"Qin Xun, this is a new colleague. Please familiarize her with the company environment and teach her the rules."

The beautiful colleague is noble and cold, and no strangers are allowed to enter.

Qin Xun felt that he was being watched, and his fishing plan was severely damaged.


He discovered that the beautiful colleague was eating chocolate while watching an interesting video of wild boars running around in the mountains.

For a moment, he felt like he had met a soulmate.


system hint.

[Teach new colleagues how to fish and get a chance to win a lottery! 】

Qin Xun interrupted the female colleague.

"On your first day at work, you watch videos and eat snacks. Is this how you do it?"

"Which company can withstand your touch like this?"

Just when the beautiful colleague was stunned.

He suddenly laughed.

“To fish, all you need is an eye to see six directions and an ear to listen to all directions.”

"I teach you."

Female colleague: "..."

Little did he know that this new colleague was the female president of the company who had been interviewed privately via incognito.

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