If You Are Asked To Popularize The Law, Will You Sentence The Judge To Ten Years?

If You Are Asked To Popularize The Law, Will You Sentence The Judge To Ten Years?


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This book is also called: Let you fight a lawsuit, and you send the judge in!

Ye Qiu traveled through the parallel world and became a legal lawyer, accidentally activating the outlaw system.

Later, Ye Qiu went on a rampage in the criminal law community, and his amazing record shocked the entire Internet.

A poor student: "I just want my scholarship back, but I didn't expect that Lawyer Ye sent me in!"

A defendant: "I just wanted to apply for innocence, but I didn't expect that Lawyer Ye sent both the plaintiff and the lawyer in!"

A prosecutor: "I... No, you want to send me in for protest, counter-accusation and supervision!"

A certain judge: "Defendant lawyer, what do you mean? Do you still have the authority of a judge in your eyes?"

Ye Qiu: "I'm sorry, the law tells me that if the judge knows the law and breaks the law, the crime will be increased!"

Later, a judge who bent the law for personal gain and caused social moral degradation was reported and imprisoned. The entire network was completely shocked!

"If you are asked to file a lawsuit, you send the judge in...

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Chapter 1 Let You Popularize The Law, Not Let You Become An Outlaw!8 months agoChapter 2: Poor Students Ask For Help, But They Can’T Be Evaluated For Scholarships After Setting Up A File. What’S The Point?8 months agoChapter 3: This Outrageous School, Please Forgive Me For Having No Parents!8 months agoChapter 4 The Prosecution Is Confirmed! As Long As There Is Evidence, The Judge Will Show It To You!8 months agoChapter 5 They Are Not Lambs To Be Slaughtered And Should Not Die In Silence!8 months agoChapter 6 File A Public Prosecution! One Against Four! ! !8 months agoChapter 7 Court Begins! The Trial Is Broadcast Live Online! ! !8 months agoChapter 8 The Explosive Lawsuit Application Shocked The Entire Internet! ! !8 months agoChapter 9 An Operation That Shocked The Entire Network, Requesting The Other Party’S Lawyer To Leave The Meeting!8 months agoChapter 10 The Prosecutor Said It Was Wonderful! Presenting The Factual Basis Is The Most Exciting Part! !8 months agoChapter 11 People Like Them Want Poor Students To Never Have A Voice!8 months agoChapter 12 The Last Warning To The Defendant! The Tendency Of The Presiding Judge!8 months agoChapter 13’S Fierce Defense Made Netizens Excited! Are You Really Going To Win One Against Four? !8 months agoChapter 14 The Prosecutor Was Shocked! Do You Still Want To Send It To The Defendant's Lawyer? !8 months agoChapter 15 Everyone Was Shocked By Ye Qiu’S Operation! Lawyer Ye, What Exactly Do You Want To Do? !8 months agoChapter 16 Not To Win This One Game, But To Win Thousands Of Games For Poor Students In The World! 1/108 months agoChapter 17 He Wants To Bring Back The Justice That Has Been Lost For Many Years For All Poor Students! 2/108 months agoChapter 18 The Law Never Needs Perfect Victims! 3/108 months agoChapter 19 The Court Was Shocked! The Audience Stood Up And Applauded! ! ! 4/108 months agoChapter 20 A Fatal Blow! Ye Qiu: No One Can Escape The Punishment Of The Law! 5/108 months agoChapter 21 Final Statement! It’S Never The Straw That Breaks The Camel’S Back!8 months agoChapter 22 Judgment! All Sent In! The Whole Network Is Buzzing! (Big Chapter, Two In One) 8/10)8 months agoChapter 23 Ten Years Sentence! A Sensation Across The Internet! Public Opinion Is Boiling! 9/108 months agoChapter 24 Mr. Bai’S Approval! As Long As He Is Better Than Your Father, Isn't It Good? 10/108 months agoChapter 25 Public Opinion Is Fermenting, And The Central Government Speaks Out! The Whole Country Is Shocked! A Storm Has Arisen! (1/10!)8 months agoChapter 26 New Live Broadcast! Explosive Gift! Mr. Kuaiyin’S Shock And Sincerity! 2/108 months agoChapter 27 Ye Qiu: Do You Now Know How To Write The Chinese Character "Crazy" For Outlaws? 3/10.8 months agoChapter 28 Asking A Question Almost Earned Me The Death Penalty! 4/10 Great Chapter!8 months agoChapter 29 A New Mission Is Coming! Will The System Become Ruthless And Even Send The Host Away? ! 5/108 months agoChapter 30 Ye Qiu: How Could You Receive Such An Awesome Case With Just A Phone Call? 6/108 months agoChapter 31 If You Can’T Solve The Problem, Solve The Problem! 7/108 months agoChapter 32 Ye Qiu: Are You Interested In Adding Other Demands? 8/108 months agoChapter 33 The Evidence Is Gone? It Doesn't Matter, It's Not A Problem In Front Of Wall Hanging 9/108 months agoChapter 34 Court Begins! The Whole Audience Was Confused: Do You Still Want The Prosecutor To Compensate? 10/108 months agoChapter 35 The Arrogant Ping Sheng Insurance Not Only Wants To Win, But Also Wants To Send Ye Qiu In! 1/108 months agoChapter 36 Ye Qiu: Hold On To The Opponent’S Stick For A While Longer, I Haven’T Finished My Crime Yet 2/108 months agoChapter 37 Ye Qiu’S Court Hearing Style Is Omniscient And Omnipotent! The Whole Network Is Shocked! 3/108 months agoChapter 38 Zhao Lidong’S Shameless Question! Ye Qiu: That’S A Good Question. Let The Presiding Judge Answer You! 4/18 months agoChapter 39 Revoke The Other Party’S Lawyer License In Court! The Whole Network Is Buzzing! Lawyer Ye Went Crazy! 5/108 months agoChapter 40 Presiding Judge: Take The Defendant’S Lawyer Out Of The Court! Execute The Judgment! ! !8 months agoChapter 41 Outlaws Are Online! Ye Qiu Did Whatever He Wanted In Court!8 months agoChapter 42 Ye Qiu Shocked The Whole Audience, Do You Want To Directly Interpret The Law? !8 months agoChapter 43 Internal Strife Between The Defendants! Biting Each Other! Xiaobai Said It Was Wonderful!8 months agoChapter 44 Ruan Feng Is Not Guilty! Netizens Cheered: Are There Any Presiding Judges Who Don’T Listen To Lawyer Ye?8 months agoChapter 45 Wu De Takes The Blame And Shen Qiu Withdraws? Ye Qiu: I Didn’T Say You Can Leave! (Please Beg For Your First Custom Order! Fifth Update)8 months agoChapter 46 Final Verdict! All In! Ping Wins And Collapses! The Whole Network Is Buzzing!8 months agoChapter 47 The Supreme Court Is Here! Is He Ye Qiu, Whom Bai Lao Is Optimistic About?8 months agoChapter 48 The Supreme Court Is Confused! If You Look At Lawyer Ye One More Time, You Will Be Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison? !8 months agoChapter 49 Bai Xiaotu: Lawyer Ye, You Don’T Want The Law Firm To Be Unable To Develop, Right? Ye Qiu:?8 months agoChapter 50 Ye Qiu Danced Crazily On The Edge Of The Law Under The Nose Of The Supreme Court! Chen Tian Was So Scared That He Cried!8 months agoChapter 51 Ye Qiu Penetrates The Gap Of The Supreme Law! Xu Ming’S Scalp Is Numb!8 months agoChapter 52 The Supreme Court’S Order! Ye Qiu’S First Administrative Case! [Begging For Customization! 】8 months agoChapter 53: Ridiculous Case, Does The Prosecutor Want To Get Involved?8 months agoChapter 54 Famous Scene! Ye Qiu: We Apply For The Recusal Of All Judges! ! !8 months agoChapter 55 Presiding Judge: No, You Still Want To Send Me In? ? ?8 months agoChapter 56: Toughen Up The Court! Changed The Collegiate Bench Twice! The Whole Audience Was Shocked! The Dean Presides Over The Review!8 months agoChapter 57 The Supreme Prosecutor Was Surprised! The Subject Of The Supreme Law's Investigation Is Inspecting The Entire Shadu? ! What A Development!8 months agoChapter 58 The Supreme Prosecutor Moved! Fighting One Case Will Benefit Countless Others. What Kind Of Consciousness And Ability Is This? !8 months agoChapter 59 Continuous Questioning Of The Prosecutor! The Identity Of The Public Prosecutor Was Revoked In Court! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!8 months agoChapter 60 The Official Admits Defeat Directly! The Prosecutor Sent Him Away On The Spot! The Whole Audience Was Shocked! This Is Nothing But Invincible! ?8 months agoChapter 61 Suspension Of Sentencing! The Supreme Court Issued Instructions! Judgment According To What Lawyer Ye Said! Do You Understand? !8 months agoChapter 62 Total Victory! Supreme Prosecutor: We Want This Talent! Supreme Court:? ? ?8 months agoChapter 63 The Two Top Leaders Jointly Issued An Explanation! A Sensation Across The Internet! Lawyer Ye Has Rectified The Public Security Bureau? ! ! !8 months agoChapter 64 Official Contact With The Supreme Court! Task: Not Guilty Defense In Intentional Homicide Case!8 months agoChapter 65 Ye Qiu: What’S Wrong With Killing Someone? Let’S See How I Can Reduce The Sentence! Two Highs:? ? ?8 months agoChapter 66 Tangdu Murder Case! Ye Qiu’S Surprising Question! The Presiding Judge Was Dumbfounded!7 months agoChapter 67: Not Guilty Plea! A Sensation Across The Internet! You Can Overturn The Irrefutable Evidence!7 months agoChapter 68: Killing Is Not Guilty, It Is Self-Defense! The Whole Network Exploded: You Are A True Outlaw!7 months agoChapter 69 Ye Qiu’S Shocking Statement! In Addition To The Justice Of The Results, The Law Should Also Pay Attention To The Justice Of The Process! The Whole Network Is Moved!7 months agoChapter 70 Fierce Defense! The Prosecutor Broke The Defense! Irrefutable! Found Not Guilty!7 months agoChapter 71 Ye Qiu Explains The Law In Court! Teach The Prosecutor And The Presiding Judge A Lesson! A Sensation Across The Internet!7 months agoChapter 72 Dimensionality Reduction Attack From Ye Qiu! The Prosecutor Is Completely Desperate!7 months agoChapter 73 Presiding Judge: How About I Go Down And Give You The Gavel?7 months agoChapter 74 Madman Ye Qiu! Counter-Charge Law Enforcement Agencies! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!7 months agoChapter 75 Loading The Highest Lesson Plan! Shocking! Guide The Defense Of Legal Personnel Across The Country!7 months agoChapter 76 Ye Qiu Violent Theory! The Whole Network Exploded! Not Only Should They Be Killed, But Also How Many More Should They Be Chased And Killed? ! Go Crazy!7 months agoChapter 77 A Statement That Detonated The Entire Tang Dynasty! The Presiding Judge Can't Bear It Anymore! ! !7 months agoChapter 78 The Presiding Judge Bows His Head! Ye Qiu Takes Control Of The Audience! The Whole Place Was Excited! Final Presentation Stage!7 months agoChapter 79 The Final Verdict! ! Rectify Tangdu's Public Affairs And Law! ! !7 months agoChapter 80 Complete Victory! Everyone Involved Is In! Tangdu Storm! The Case Of Emperor Enterprise!7 months agoChapter 81 The Highest Authority Is Delivered! Mission: Overthrow The Imperial Enterprise’S Blue Mountain Home Court!7 months agoChapter 82 Six Hundred Million! Everyone’S Demand For Compensation Shocked Everyone! Emperor Qi: Why Don’T You Go And Grab It!7 months agoChapter 83 Ye Qiu: If You Ask Brother Ma To Come Here In Person, You Have To Go In Today!7 months agoChapter 84 The Emperor’S Enterprise Collapses! The Chief Judge Is Numb! Do You Also Give Away Civil Lawsuits? !7 months agoChapter 85 The Presiding Judge Panicked! Is This Him? If You Help Penguin, You Have To Go In! This Ye Qiu Is So Ruthless That He Is Not A Human Being!7 months agoChapter 86 Ye Qiu: We Reject The Judgment Of The Presiding Judge! A Sensation Across The Internet! Teach The Court Another Lesson!7 months agoChapter 87 Slap The Blue Mountain Court In The Face! The Presiding Judge Gives In! Confirmed That Emperor Enterprise Plagiarized!7 months agoChapter 88 The Trial Is Completely Reversed! The Emperor Is In Despair! Lanshan Becomes Ye Qiu’S Home Court!7 months agoChapter 89 Criminal Liability Determined! The Trial Explodes! ! Did He Really Send It To Emperor Qi? !7 months agoChapter 90 Final Verdict! A Sensation Across The Internet! The End Of The Imperial Enterprise Has Come!7 months agoChapter 91 I Was Sued By The Company For "Maliciously" Asking For Wages! Ye Qiu: I Won’T Give This To You. I’M Sorry About My System Name.7 months agoChapter 92 Court Begins! Mission: Court Literacy! Hit The Judge’S Blind Spots In Legal Knowledge!7 months agoChapter 93 The Whole Network Exploded: Damn It! Lawyer Ye Created The Law In Court! The Judge Was Dumbfounded!7 months agoChapter 94 The Presiding Judge Couldn’T Stand It Anymore: Defendant’S Lawyer, Please Don’T Fool The Judge! Ye Qiu: I Am Really Promoting The Law!7 months agoChapter 95 Killing Like Crazy! Ye Qiu Said A Word, Let The Public Security Organs Nationwide Make Up For It! Everyone Is Stupid!7 months agoChapter 96 A Shocking Defense! The Whole Audience Was Shocked! Not Only Is It Not Illegal, But You Have To Be Rewarded? ! Go Crazy!7 months agoChapter 97 Domineering Ye Qiu! Fierce Questioning! The Prosecutor Lost His Voice! Bai Jianye Was Silent!7 months agoChapter 98 Shocking! Ye Qiu Teaches The Prosecutor To Handle The Case In Court! The Prosecutor Was Numb: You Are Trying The Prisoner!7 months agoChapter 99 The Prosecutor Surrenders And Bows His Head! Ye Qiu Reverses The Trial! Not Guilty Plea Completed!7 months agoChapter 100 The Final Word! The Plaintiff’S Five Major Crimes! The Whole Place Was Shocked! The Plaintiff Is Crazy!7 months ago