I'm Making A Video In American Comics, And I Start Out As Dark Strange

I'm Making A Video In American Comics, And I Start Out As Dark Strange


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After crossing Marvel, the role-playing system was loaded, but the first role played was the dark Doctor Strange.

For his own safety, An Lan could only find another way and make a series of [Future Videos] to improve the template unlocking progress through virtual role-playing, and by the way, change the style of the whole world.

[Mechanical Head Tony· Stark: Apostle of God? Taste the fist of J.A.R.V.I.S! ]

Little Pepper: Ah, J.A.R.V.I.S is so big!

[World Terminator Sirte: Asgard, listen to the silence of extinction! ]

Thor: I will throw the Eternal Fire now!

[Wallfacer Loki: I am speaking to the Three-Body World! ]

Loki: I recommend myself as the Sword Bearer of the Nine Realms with my real name!

[Clockwork Genie Morgan· Stark: Take my heart and live well, father! ]

Tony· Stark burst into tears.

[Ruined King Gol: I have lost my love forever, and I look ruined! 】

Ger held his daughter's body and roared in pain in the black fog.

When people were trembling with fear because of the content of the video, An Lan smiled with satisfaction at the soaring performance progress.

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Chapter 1: You Are In Marvel, Ready To Fool People!28 days agoChapter 2: Future Videos And Observers!28 days agoChapter 3: The Magical Transformation Of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Thanos Enters Early!28 days agoChapter 4: What If...? It Will Become A Zero-Dollar Purchase Anyway28 days agoChapter 5: Gwen's Death! Time Will Tell How Much I Love You!28 days agoChapter 6: Susan, It Seems You Lost To Gwen28 days agoChapter 7: Kaecilius, Step Into The Magic Door!28 days agoChapter 8: First Meeting With The Ancient One, Sorcerer Supreme!28 days agoChapter 9: The Four Sources Of Magical Power, Ancient One's Collection Of Books28 days agoChapter 10: Master Anlan! The Battle Of Xinxiang Breaks Out!28 days agoChapter 11: Crisis Rescue, Dimension Mephista's Name!28 days agoChapter 12: Sorcerer Supreme Zhang Jue And The Resentment Of Kaecilius28 days agoChapter 13: Eye Of Agamotto! The Possibility Of Time Travel!28 days agoChapter 14: Eye Of Agamotto Is The Time Gem?28 days agoChapter 15: Ancient One Takes Action, A Shocking Magic Battle!28 days agoChapter 16: Dark Dimension And Mirror Space!28 days agoChapter 17: Battle In The Mirror Dimension! An Lan Takes Action!28 days agoChapter 18: Mirror Manipulation And The End Of All Curses!28 days agoChapter 19: The Reality Shock Brought By The Battle In The Mirror Dimension!28 days agoChapter 20: Death Of The Ancient One! Mordo's Collapse28 days agoChapter 21: Ancient One's Expectation, Sorcerer Supreme's Legacy!28 days agoChapter 22: Ancient One: Distinguish The Difference Between Video And Reality!28 days agoChapter 23: Dark Dimension Invasion! Beyond Time!28 days agoChapter 24: Dormammu, I'm Here To Negotiate Terms!28 days agoChapter 25: Dormammu: I Can Kill You A Thousand Times But It Won't Be Enough!28 days agoChapter 26: Crisis Over, Ultron Era!28 days agoChapter 27: Thanos Comes, Thanos Dies!28 days agoChapter 28: How Can There Be A Sorcerer Supreme Who Has Existed For 600 Years?28 days agoChapter 29: Time Travel! Goodbye Gwen!28 days agoChapter 30: Tragedy Repeats Itself! Gwen's Death!28 days agoChapter 31: Go Back In Time And Kill Iron Man Instantly!28 days agoChapter 32: I Saved The World, But I Can’T Save You!28 days agoChapter 33: Absolute Time Point, Cagliostro Book City!28 days agoChapter 34: Devouring The Demon King And Refining The Soul With Holy Fire!28 days agoChapter 35: Time Flies, Endlessly Swallowed!28 days agoChapter 36: The Sorcerer Supreme Falls Into Darkness!28 days agoChapter 37: A Will Tempered By Pain! An Incomplete An Lan!28 days agoChapter 38: The End Of The World! The Split Timeline!28 days agoChapter 39: The Body Of Ten Thousand Demons! The Dark Lord An Lan!28 days agoChapter 40: Audience Heatedly Discusses That Auburn Is Cagliostro!28 days agoChapter 41: Embrace Each Other In The Grand Scene Of The End Of The Universe!28 days agoChapter 42: The Battle Between Blacken Supreme And Sorcerer Supreme!28 days agoChapter 43: Breakthrough Of The Absolute Time Point! Gwen Is Resurrected!28 days agoChapter 44: The Universe Collapses! The Scarlet Force Covering The Galaxy!28 days agoChapter 45: The End Of The Universe!28 days agoChapter 46: Video Ends, Reality Hotly Discussed!28 days agoChapter 47: Gwen’S Father: Be Gentle When The Time Comes!28 days agoChapter 48: Halfway Through, Injustice Superman!28 days agoChapter 49: The Shadow Of The Mysterious Giant In The Center Of The Earth!28 days agoChapter 50: The Disappeared Holy Place, Capture Gwen28 days agoChapter 51: People In The Holy Place Crave Power!28 days agoChapter 52: New Video Opens! Unjust Superman!28 days agoChapter 53: Giant God Ancestor, Fire Boy!28 days agoChapter 54: Awakening! Frozen Breath!28 days agoChapter 55: Gunfire And Man Of Steel!28 days agoChapter 56: Xavier's School, Human Torch And Gas Man!28 days agoChapter 57: Almighty Man? His Name Is Superman!28 days agoChapter 58: Superpowers Out Of Control And Invisible Susan's Enrollment28 days agoChapter 59: Global Natural Disaster! The Ancestor Is Resurrected!28 days agoChapter 60: The All-Seeing, All-Powerful God! The Origin Of Mutants28 days agoChapter 61: Apocalypse! Challenge God!28 days agoChapter 62: The Professor Is About To Be Killed, Superman, Please Save Him!28 days agoChapter 63: Superman's Power! Sweeping Juggernaut And Crushing Storm28 days agoChapter 64: Dark Supreme An Lan: I Don’T Eat Human Flesh28 days agoChapter 65: Covered In Golden Light, Like A God!28 days agoChapter 66: Superman Is Not God, But He Is More Like God Than God!28 days agoChapter 67: Declare The Beginning Of World Destruction! Geomagnetic Runaway!28 days agoChapter 68: Ultimate Power! Man Of Steel! Apocalypse's Fury!28 days agoChapter 69: Superman Vs Apocalypse, The Battle Between Two Gods!28 days agoChapter 70: The Battle Of Two Gods 2, The Collision Of Heaven And Earth!28 days agoChapter 71: The Supreme Witch! Wanda From The Parallel Universe Arrives!28 days agoChapter 72: Wanda The Supreme Witch! Alter Reality! Creation Of All Things!28 days agoChapter 73: Superman, You Have No Heart! Look At Wanda!28 days agoChapter 74: Wanda Figured Out The Truth!28 days agoChapter 75: Superman Anlan: This Move Is Called Infinite Love (Serious Face)28 days agoChapter 76: The Power Of The Supreme Witch! Explosively Kill Apocalypse!28 days agoChapter 77: The Supreme Witch's Domain! Magic Forbidden And Energy Drained28 days agoChapter 78: Crimson Crown! The Supreme Awakening!28 days agoChapter 79: Across The Universe To Grab Someone! Ancient One Vs Wanda!28 days agoChapter 80: The Supreme Witch And The Sorcerer Supreme, Who Is The Pinnacle Of Magic On Earth?28 days agoChapter 81: Ancient One: Wanda, I'm Here To Negotiate Terms!28 days agoChapter 82: The Battle Of The Magic Supremes! The Wrath Of The Witches!28 days agoChapter 83: Apocalypse Flees In Panic! Scarlet Witch And Quicksilver!28 days agoChapter 84: Apocalypse Chase! Superman Is Full Of Determination!28 days agoChapter 85: Apocalypse: People In The United States Start Stealing Electricity!28 days agoChapter 86: Nuclear Explosion! Thousand Suns On The Same Sky! Gwen Appears For The First Time!28 days agoChapter 87: The Spectacle Of Nuclear Explosion And The Blood-Red Pepper Pepper!28 days agoChapter 88: Tsunami! Superman's Natural Disaster! Death Of J.A.R.V.I.S!28 days agoChapter 89: The Old God Is Dead! The New God Is Born! Anlan, The God Of The World!28 days agoChapter 90: Nick Fury: If Superman Was My Man (Fantasy Time)28 days agoChapter 91: Let Iron Man Kill Superman! The Crystal That Restrains Superman!28 days agoChapter 92: God-Killing Weapon! Doomsday!28 days agoChapter 93: Audience Rage! Rage To The Capitol Hexagon!28 days agoChapter 94: Human Judgment Superman! Blast The Capitol!28 days agoChapter 95: An Lan: Stark, Gods Don’T Bleed, But You Do!28 days agoChapter 96: Iron Man: We Must Kill Superman Before He Turns Bad!28 days agoChapter 97: Tony: What Does Stark’S Sin Have To Do With Me, Iron Man?28 days agoChapter 98: Susan And Martha Are In Danger! Superman's Wrath!28 days agoChapter 99: The Almighty God Is Not Kind, And The Kind God Is Not Omnipotent!28 days agoChapter 100: The Beginning Of Blacken, Superman Vs Iron Man28 days ago