I'm Priest, What The Hell Is Acute Gastroenteritis Fulminant Surgery?

I'm Priest, What The Hell Is Acute Gastroenteritis Fulminant Surgery?


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Transmigrate the parallel world and awaken the Priest profession.

Very good, as a male Priest, there is nothing wrong with girls specializing in breasts.

But please explain to me, what is Acute Gastroenteritis Instant Burst?

What the hell is osteoporosis surgery?

Blood burning technique? ALS spread surgery? Mental confusion?

Can I still be a quiet girl with breasts?

Other professional mages forbid the curses of Doomsday Storm and Ice Age, the swordsman's ultimate move is Ten Thousand Swords Returning to the Sect, the Storm of Breath, and the archer's ultimate move is Arrow Rain, Meteor, and Storm Arrow.

But why are my forbidden spells cancer cell proliferation, T virus infection, and rabies outbreak?

A certain green tea: Woohoo, I really just went to take a shower, and who knew I got infected!

A certain villain: Do you know what it feels like to be bursting open and spurting blood at the same time? No! You don't know!

A certain BOSS: My family, who knows? I just took a nap, and when I got up, I suddenly found that my waist was gone!

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Enter The Copy!8 months agoChapter 28 Brother, Go And Attract The Monsters!8 months agoChapter 29 What The Hell Kind Of Profession Is This? Kill Instantly With One Knife!8 months agoChapter 30 Brother Cheng, Since When Did You Hold It In Your Mouth Like This?8 months agoChapter 31 Selling Roasted Fire Rats! One For Three Yuan, Three For Ten Yuan!8 months agoChapter 32 Can You Do It? Please Eat The Fire Rat Tail8 months agoChapter 33 Yao Zhixue’S Ability!8 months agoChapter 34 Boss: Family Members, Who Understands!8 months agoChapter 35 Yao Zhixue’S Profession, Equipment Drops8 months agoChapter 36 Wandering Trader8 months agoChapter 37 Transaction? Believe It Or Not, I Will Blow You Up!8 months agoChapter 38 A Werewolf Heart With No Rank Restrictions!8 months agoChapter 39 Boundary Breaking Pearl! Rescue Yao Zhixue Plan!8 months agoChapter 40 Naked Perverted Man? A Familiar Figure!8 months agoChapter 41 The Spoils Of War! New Mutation Skills!8 months ago42. Chapter 42 Black Sun Church Mass!8 months ago43. Chapter 43 Join! Information About Black Sun Church!8 months ago44. Chapter 44 The Reincarnator! Level-Breaking Mission!8 months ago45. Chapter 45 You Guys, Use Yao Zhixue As Bait!8 months ago46. ​​Chapter 46 Captain Of The Night Watch! Priest Skills!8 months ago47. Chapter 47 Night Watchman’S Night Market? Resurrection!8 months ago48. Chapter 48 Features Of Random Dissectionlv3!8 months ago49. Chapter 49: Hang Up The Boss And Whip Him!8 months ago50. Chapter 50 Brother Ji: Can This Roasted Mouse Be Eaten?8 months ago51. Chapter 51 The Strongest Professional On The Alien Battlefield!8 months ago52. Chapter 52 Appear! Zhao Yunxiao’S Career!8 months ago53. Chapter 53 Ignore The Fallen One Of Acute Gastroenteritis Instant Burst!8 months ago54. Chapter 54 Acute Gastroenteritis Instant Burst!8 months ago55. Chapter 55 The Virtual Fire Burns The Body And Destroys The Wood Demon!8 months ago56. Chapter 56 I Swallow, I Swallow, I Swallow, Swallow!8 months ago57. Chapter 57 My Lord! Help! ! !8 months ago58. Chapter 58 The Giant Man With A Mallet Vs The Little Lolita In Sailor Uniform8 months ago59. Chapter 59 What Is The Source Of Good Fortune And Misfortune? Does Killing Fallen One Have Soul Power?8 months ago60. Chapter 60 Level-Breaking Mission? The Light Of Life!8 months ago61. Chapter 61 Acute Gastroenteritis Instant Burst! Wake Up, My Patients!8 months ago62. Chapter 62 Lv10! New Career Skills!8 months ago63.Chapter 63: Counterattack Skills! 1050 Points Of Spiritual Attributes? !8 months ago64. Chapter 64 The Real Lord Of The Black Sun!8 months ago65. Chapter 65 The Black Sun Falls! What A Great Opportunity!8 months ago66. Chapter 66 Cai Shen: I Have Four Dads8 months ago67. Chapter 67 Liang Feifan: My Choice Is Indeed The Right One!8 months ago68. Chapter 68 Breaking Dawn Nine Days One! The Night's Watch Was Killed?8 months ago69. Chapter 69 Memorial! The Soul-Sucking Banshee’S Newbie Skill!8 months ago70. Chapter 70 You Are Not Song Chaoyu! You Are The Lord Of The Black Sun!8 months ago71. Chapter 71 Secret Realm News? She Must Join The Night's Watch!8 months ago72. Chapter 72 The Treasure That All Professionals Dream Of!8 months ago73. Chapter 73 Four Secret Realms? There Is Only One Spot!8 months ago74. Chapter 74 Cai Shen’S Chance? A Family Of Professionals!8 months ago75. Chapter 75 The Second Nine-Star New Professional8 months ago76. Chapter 76 Professionals From Aristocratic Families! Hundred Battles Sword King?8 months ago77. Chapter 77 The Only Profession In The Entire Xia Kingdom! Upgrade Your Skills!8 months ago78. Chapter 78 New Features? Are You Qualified To Form A Team With Us?8 months ago79. Chapter 79 New Team Members Want To Try Acute Gastroenteritis Instant Burst?8 months ago80. Chapter 80 I Have A Friend? The Rules Between Aristocratic Families And Common People!8 months ago81. Chapter 81 Does The Lord Of The Black Sun Have A Daughter? Dragon Vein Master Qin Zheng!8 months ago82. Chapter 82 Entering The Secret Realm! A Powerful Enemy In The Dark!8 months ago83. Chapter 83 Do Half-Orcs Also Get Parkinson’S Disease? The Invincible Song Chaoyu!8 months ago84. Chapter 84 Orcs’ Special Unit! Jiaojiao, Let Go!8 months ago85. Chapter 85 Male Function 1! Inexplicable Hostility?8 months ago86. Chapter 86 Power Surges! Cliff Shock!8 months ago87. Chapter 87 Amphibious Alien Race? Did You Steal Their Wife?8 months ago88. Chapter 88 Alien Viviparous Body? Samsung Ingredients!8 months ago89. Listing Instructions8 months ago90. Chapter 89 Virtual Fire Incinerationlv3! New Features!8 months ago91. Chapter 90 Murloc Boss: I Want To Create A New Race!8 months ago92. Chapter 91 Zheng Cheng Will Be Mine From Now On! Death Of A Teammate?8 months ago93. Chapter 92 Big Cow Orc Sacrifice? Kill Another Person!8 months ago94. Chapter 93 Li Jiao Vs Song Chaoyu? The Powerful Attributes Of The Heart Of The Earth!8 months ago95. Chapter 94 Afraid Of Ghosts? Let Me Give You A Hug! Everyone Gathers!8 months ago96. Chapter 95 Special Potion! Exposure Of Special Ingredients!8 months ago97. Chapter 96 Distribution Of Ingredients! Song Chaoyu Night Attack?8 months ago98. Chapter 97 Attack And Kill! A Plan To Lure The Tiger Away From The Mountain!8 months ago99. Chapter 98 Surrounding And Killing? The True Strength Of The Children Of The Aristocratic Family!8 months agoChapter 99 Put Poison In The Water? Die For Me! ! !8 months ago