Immune To Pain, Worried That The Villain Is Not Perverted Enough

Immune To Pain, Worried That The Villain Is Not Perverted Enough


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[Black humor + funny + decisive killing + global flow + clear thinking + single female protagonist + semi-invincible flow + cool writing with brains (no brains are acceptable)]

A global horror game has arrived, and the chosen ones can participate in various challenges of inhuman difficulty. In a game full of torture, people also have the opportunity to gain extraordinary power.

Life or death, reach the sky in one step, or lose everything.

However, Lu Ce, who had no sense of pain since he was a child, had no feeling for the hellish game, and even wanted to laugh a little, so he directly awakened the Pain God Selection System.

God's Choice of Pain - If you suffer theoretical torture and pain, you can add points!

If it hurts, add more + I don’t feel pain = add more as you like!

When looking for the key in the hot oil pan, Lu Ce reached out without hesitation and even suggested changing the hot oil to 98% concentrated sulfuric acid.

Whether to drown alive or to cut off the chained leg to save himself, Lu Ce hesitated for a while and decided to ignore the chained left leg for the time being and cut off the right leg first!

[No dude, who is this guy? It hurts me to see him but he is still smiling? 】

[The best way to defeat fear is to become fear itself, and apparently he has done that. 】

[Others enter the game to be tortured by the game, but I, Master Lu, enter the game to be tortured by the game!]

[I watched his game video once and had a nightmare for a month...]

Lu Ce: "What kind of test of human nature? It's all about experience since I came here! Are there any other projects?"

"I'm only worried about one thing when I come here, and that is that you don't have enough imagination about torture."

"I think as villains, you should be more perverted, will be my turn, Jie Jie Jie~~"

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