Infinite Fusion Of Superpowers, Making You Invincible Even Before The College Entrance Examination

Infinite Fusion Of Superpowers, Making You Invincible Even Before The College Entrance Examination


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The Emperor Does Not Come To Court Early
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In this world where everyone is awakened to their superpowers, everyone will awaken their superpowers when they enter high school.

The level of the ability also determines the strength of the potential! Can you become a strong man that everyone respects?

There is a genius who awakens the ice power, and with a thought, the world is frozen, and everything is lonely!

Someone awakens the summoning power, the skeleton army, the undead natural disaster, and dominates one side!

There are also people who awaken spiritual powers, wield flying swords, and kill strange beasts like chickens and dogs!

But Lin Heng, who came through time travel, only awakened the D-level fire power that was common in the street. He was destined to have difficulty passing the martial arts college entrance examination and was about to disappear into oblivion.

Fortunately, the ability download system is activated. As long as you are within a certain distance of others, you can download the other person's abilities for your own use.

Can you actually fuse and evolve your own abilities?

"The download of the superpower is completed, and you have obtained the B-level enhanced superpower!"

"Superpower fusion, the D-level superpower flame evolves into the A-level superpower Red Flame Sky Fire!"

"Acquire the superpower fusion skill: Breath of Fire!"

"Fusing SSS-level summoning superpowers, the superpowers evolve into the SSS-level superpowers Golden Crow Divine Fire!"

"Acquire the superpower fusion skill: Summon the Great Sun Golden Crow!"

While others were still proud of their S-level powers, Lin Heng was already full of SSS-level powers. He had the Sun and Golden Crow in his left hand, Taiyin Xuanbing in his right hand, and a purple-gold magic dragon at his feet.

Looking back suddenly, it seemed that by accident... I was already invincible!

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Chapter 1 Power Download, Fusion!8 months agoChapter 2 Breath Of Fire! Am I On Fire?8 months agoChapter 3 Second Awakening? A Punch That Weighs A Thousand Pounds!8 months agoChapter 4 Don’T Worry, I’Ll Protect You From Behind!8 months agoChapter 5 Internet Cafe Master? Second Download Quota!8 months agoChapter 6 Attention From The Captain! A True Genius!8 months agoChapter 7 The Little Girl From No. 5 Middle School? What’S The Season For Animals!8 months agoChapter 8 Red Flame Sky Fire! This Is Definitely Not A D-Level Power!8 months agoChapter 9 Awakeners And Warriors! Control Level Superpowers!8 months agoChapter 10 Skyfire Meteor! Double S-Class Rating?8 months agoChapter 11 Zhang Chengcheng Is Completely Confused! Reproduce The Breath Of Fire!8 months agoChapter 12 Zhang Chengcheng’S Transformation! What's The Score?8 months agoChapter 13 Terrible Actual Combat Scores! Captain Chen Overturned?8 months agoChapter 14: Suppression Team Meeting! The Genius Of No. 5 Middle School!8 months agoChapter 15 Not A Genius! It's A Monster! This Time I Will Help You!8 months agoChapter 16 Another Leap In Strength! Instantly Kill The Fire-Loving Mutant Dog!8 months agoChapter 17 The Religion Of Truth Reappears, A Third-Level Beast!8 months agoChapter 18 Breath Of Fire At Full Power! Really Terrifying Physical Fitness!8 months agoChapter 19 S-Level Powers Have Been Downloaded! The Internet Cafe Master Who Blocks The Road!8 months agoChapter 20 The Sun And The Abyss! Ma Zhao’S Internet Cafe Master!8 months agoChapter 21: The Great Sun’S Golden Flame And The Bone-Eating Black Flame! Joint Action!8 months agoChapter 22 Bai Qile! Squad Leader Zheng And His Party?8 months agoChapter 23 Add Fetion?8 months agoChapter 24 The Geniuses Of No. 1 Middle School! Break Through The Control Level!8 months agoChapter 25 A Terrifying Punch? One Finger!8 months agoChapter 26 Praising Your Own Team’S Genius? S-Level Summoning System!8 months agoChapter 27 Download S-Level Abilities Again!8 months agoChapter 28 Scandal! Search The Hall!8 months agoChapter 29 Bai Qile’S Proposal! Contest?8 months agoChapter 30: Ice Element Summons Frozen Bird? One Person Is Enough!8 months agoChapter 31 Control-Level Lin Heng! How About You Give Up?8 months agoChapter 32 Gunshot! Followers Of The Order Of Truth!8 months agoChapter 33 Evil Blood Tattoo! Zheng Sanzhong!8 months agoChapter 34 Zheng Sanzhong Suddenly Became Angry! Fight!8 months agoChapter 35 Who Is The Monster? Battle Of Geniuses!8 months agoChapter 36 First And Second! Why Are All The Alien Beasts Gone?8 months agoChapter 37 Attacked! The Siege Of The Cult Of Truth!8 months agoChapter 38 Unparalleled Strength! Kill Ruthlessly!8 months agoChapter 39 Emergency! Chen Zixian’S Sudden Outburst!8 months agoChapter 40 The Realm Of Telepathy! Genius Plan To Bloodbath Jiangcheng!8 months agoChapter 41 Bai Qile Vs Chi Gen! Who Said I'm Just An Ice Element?8 months agoChapter 42 The Four Holy Beasts? Fusion Element Summons!8 months agoChapter 43 Breath Of The Sun! Fire Overcomes Wood, Do You Want To Know?8 months agoChapter 44: Full Evil Blood Vs. Breath Of The Sun! Total Crushing!8 months agoChapter 45 Not Afraid Of Fire? Have You Ever Seen True Darkness?8 months agoChapter 46 Who Is The Cult? Real Darkness!8 months agoChapter 47: Die Together! Elemental Summons, The Great Sun And The Golden Crow!8 months agoChapter 48 The Rising Sun! Its Daybreak?8 months agoChapter 49 Three-Legged Golden Crow! Strategic Genius List!8 months agoChapter 50 The Real Domain Level! Eye Of The Sky!8 months agoChapter 51 Mu Yuda’S Invitation! Mizuki Martial Arts University? Don’T Go!8 months agoChapter 52 The Truth Cult Was Completely Annihilated! Participate In The Assessment?8 months agoChapter 53 Special Rating Assessment! Where Did The Evil Pen Come From?8 months agoChapter 54: Invisibility? Hit The Iron Plate!8 months agoChapter 55: Half A Million Walking! Recommended!8 months agoChapter 56: What Is This Guy’S Background? The Wall Collapsed!8 months agoChapter 57: Gravity Assessment? Practice The Breathing Of The Sun Directly!8 months agoChapter 58 Vice Chairman An Lao! This Genius Is A Bit Fierce!8 months agoChapter 59 Passed The Assessment! Unprecedented Results!8 months agoChapter 60 Rewards From The Three Major Official Organizations! Fire Jade!8 months agoChapter 61 Team Assessment? Download S Level, Wrath Of Thunder!8 months agoChapter 62 Battle Realm! Suzaku! Phoenix! Phoenix!8 months agoChapter 63 The Ability To Ignore Thunder And Lightning! Control Level Won The Field?8 months agoChapter 64: Weak? That's Because You Didn't See The Money's Ability!8 months agoChapter 65: Are Shui And Mu Both Scheming? Foursome In The Dormitory8 months agoChapter 66 Portal! If The Two Are Added Together, Wouldn’T It Be The Perception System?8 months agoChapter 67: Break Through The Level Quickly! Ten Thousand Rating Points!8 months agoChapter 68: Big Bosses From All Sides Were Shocked! Monster Lin Heng!8 months agoChapter 69: Open The Treasure Box! Special Props, Magnetic Field Pointer!8 months agoChapter 70 What Is A Surprise? Breath Of The Sun At Full Power!8 months agoChapter 71 One Punch Breaks The Armor! If You Fail To Rob, You Will Be Robbed!8 months agoChapter 72 Conspiracy! The Ranking Shocked The Entire Island!8 months agoChapter 73: Hide? Not Only Will I Not Hide, I Will Also Grab The Treasure Chest!8 months agoChapter 74: Grab And Run! The Black Sword Kills One Person In An Instant!8 months agoChapter 75: Melting Fire Bracers! Intercept!8 months agoChapter 76 Fishing Law Enforcement! The Sun Suddenly Rises!8 months agoChapter 77 Battle Against Three Major Fields! Melting Fire! Melting Fire!8 months agoChapter 78 Causes Public Outrage! Someone Is Adding Fuel To The Fire!8 months agoChapter 79 Lava Lizard! Rampage Lin Heng!8 months agoChapter 80 White-Haired Lolita? S-Level Power, The Eye Of The Mind!8 months agoChapter 81 Lin Heng Is Dead? Direct Sunlight! Field!8 months agoChapter 82 The Final Winner? Chen Zixian’S Second Awakening!8 months agoChapter 83 Ss-Level Superpower! The Sun Is So Hot! Golden Crow Purgatory Realm!8 months agoChapter 84 The Terrifying Increase In Strength! The Clearing Of Sun Real Fire!8 months agoChapter 85 The Much-Anticipated Debut! I Want To Hit Eight!8 months agoChapter 86 Golden Crow Totem! The Second Sun That Shines On The World!8 months agoChapter 87: Ten Days In The Sky! Conquer The Eight Major Areas With Your Own Strength!8 months agoChapter 88 Devouring Reincarnation! Can It Even Be Swallowed By Gravity?8 months agoChapter 89 The Decisive Blow! Don't Blame Me If Someone Dies!8 months agoChapter 90: This Guy Just Needs His Hands To Create Fusion!8 months agoChapter 91 Three Hundred And Twenty Thousand Points? I Want To Break A Million!8 months agoChapter 92 Spreading Fear Across The Island! A Virtual Power!8 months agoChapter 93 The Final Harvest, Breaking One Million Points!8 months agoChapter 94: Argument In The Invigilator Room! Double S-Class!8 months agoChapter 95: Results Of The Rating Assessment! Admission Notice!8 months agoChapter 96: Double S-Class After Twelve Years! The Arrogant Mizuki!8 months agoChapter 97: All The Money At The Bottom Of The Box Has Been Taken Out! Law Semi-Artifact!8 months agoChapter 98: Yan University Is The Place Where Kings Are Trained! The Devil Is Also A King!8 months ago