Invest In The Reborn Empress, She Actually Called Me Husband-In-Law

Invest In The Reborn Empress, She Actually Called Me Husband-In-Law


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In the world of transmigrate Martial Dao, Li Mo is bound to the investment system and can see the Root Bone, destiny, and future of the investment object.

The better the opponent's destiny, the more generous rewards he will receive.

Then he discovered that his childhood sweetheart, the cold girl, actually had the highest level of red destiny, and would become the empress who would dominate the nine heavens and ten earths in the future.

Recently, she seems to be worrying about how to unlock her vitality and reveal her talent in advance.


My name is Ying Bing, one of the Nine Heavens, and I am known as Huangtian Empress. I suppress the Nine Heavens and Ten Earths with an invincible attitude.

I was reborn and bound to a peerless genius system. As long as I rank first among my peers, I can get rewards.

[Should the punishment mechanism be enabled? ]

[After opening, the rewards will increase, but after the ranking is announced, the loser must complete the punishment to the top. ]

Ying Bing: "I can't punish myself, can I?"


Years later.

Ying Bing: "Can't you just let me win once?"

Li Mo: "First call Mr. Ju to listen. I didn't hear clearly what you called before."

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Chapter 1 Childhood Sweetheart Is The Future Empress?10 days agoChapter 2 The Peerless Genius System, Punishment For Losers10 days agoChapter 3 Entering The City And Living Together10 days agoChapter 4 Pure Yang Pill, Special Rebate For Critical Hits!10 days agoChapter 5 Xuan Ni Immortal Body, Introductory Ceremony10 days agoChapter 6 Class C10 days agoChapter 7 Climbing To The Summit10 days agoChapter 8 His Vision Is Himself? The First Purple Destiny10 days agoChapter 9 Li Mo: "I'm Afraid It's A Fake Biography", Living Together With Bingtuozi10 days agoChapter 10 "Fire Heart Grows Lotus", Harmony Between Heaven And Man10 days agoChapter 11 Opening The Pulse, Sister Wu Stood At Attention10 days agoChapter 12 Outer Martial Arts Hall10 days agoChapter 13 New Investment Object, This Damn Sense Of Security10 days agoChapter 14 Hot Pot, Ying Bing’S Dream10 days agoChapter 15 Ji Bing Kills The Body, Didn’T He Just Learn Boxing Yesterday?10 days agoChapter 16 Liuhe Penetration, The Fierce Beauty Master10 days agoChapter 17 Does Extortion Count As Investment?10 days agoChapter 18 Shenfeng Cave, Murong Xiao With Murderous Intention In His Body10 days agoChapter 19 Murong Xiao’S Past, Classmate Xiao Li’S First Training10 days agoChapter 20 Elder Hanhe, Who Doubts Life, Did You Come To My Place To Buy Goods?10 days agoChapter 21 Xiao Qin’S Grandfather, Fire Bird Lingyu10 days agoChapter 22 Ying Bing’S Troubles, Inheritance Place10 days agoChapter 23 The Stubborn Stone Heavenly Book Seal Opens Another Vein10 days agoChapter 24 Return Of Gift, Thousand Shapes Martial Venerable’S Shock10 days agoChapter 25 Those Who Invest In Returning Home, The Reflection Of Accumulating Little And Making More.10 days agoChapter 26 The Young Master Of The Precious Beast Peak, The Fourth Floor Of Shenfeng Cave10 days agoChapter 27 Red Sky Sword, Blood Refining Of Hundreds Of Beasts10 days agoChapter 28 Panjie Meteor Hammer10 days agoChapter 29 Ying Bing Learns Swordsmanship And Prepares To Go To The Inheritance Place10 days agoChapter 30 The Trial Begins, Meeting The Demon Summoning Cult Again10 days agoChapter 31 Kill The Late Ninth Grade Beast With One Punch. Do You Call Yourself A Swordsman?10 days agoChapter 32 Should All Truly Strong Men Be Humble?10 days agoChapter 33 Qingyuan Sect Is Afraid That The Sun And The Moon Will Be In The Same Sky In The Future, And Li Mo’S Score Will Surpass Ying Bing?10 days agoChapter 34 Qingyuan, Leap Of Faith10 days agoChapter 35 Embrace In The Abyss10 days agoChapter 36: Transcendence Of Yin Objects, The Heritage Site Of Nine-Color Yuanhuang10 days agoChapter 37 The Accident In Ying Bing’S Life10 days agoChapter 38 Bingtuozi, Li Mo: "I Really Don't Envy You At All"10 days agoChapter 39: Big Goods, Three Pieces Of Investment Feedback10 days agoChapter 40 The Gilded Heavenly Book Seal, Which Can Be Upgraded To Magical Power, And The Seed Of The World!10 days agoChapter 41 Teacher Bingtuozi Is Online, Li Mo’S Strange Talent10 days agoChapter 42 Choosing Soldiers In Shenfeng Cave And Fighting Chixiao Sword Again10 days agoChapter 43 The Bond Between Chi Xiao And Tian Shuang, Target: Panjie Meteor Hammer!10 days agoChapter 44: Extreme Weapon Killing Body Transformation Realm, Divine Weapon Begins!10 days agoChapter 45 Elder Hanhe Made A Sharp Explosion10 days agoChapter 46 Li, Bo Youqiu, Mo, Bingtuozi’S Doubts10 days agoChapter 47 The True Power Of The Divine Weapon, Heading To The Library10 days agoChapter 48 This Kid Is So Honest, Bronze Heavenly Book Seal!10 days agoChapter 49 "The Twelve Hammers That Defeat The Storm", Ying Bing's Terrifying Entry10 days agoChapter 50 "Seven Destinations Of The Universe", The Realm Of Ultimate Learning! Bingtuozi's Request10 days agoChapter 51 Bingtuozi’S Missing Person Notice, Going Down The Mountain, Mission To Chase The Murderer10 days agoChapter 52 Murong Xiao: "Isn't This Wrong?"10 days agoChapter 53 Li, The Great Good Man, Mo Cui Peng Appears, And The Stuttering Sister10 days agoChapter 54: Instant Kill, Did I Underestimate Myself?10 days agoChapter 55 Jiang Chulong, The Little Princess Of Yu Dynasty, Golden Destiny!10 days agoChapter 56 Investing In Jiang Chulong, The Strange Princess10 days agoChapter 57 Cross-Server Dialogue, The Terrifying Effect Of Earth Vein Spirit Milk10 days agoChapter 58 Breaking Through The Seventeen Meridians, The Murong Family’S Thank You Gift10 days agoChapter 59 Genius Li Mo, How To Invest In Jiang Chulong!10 days agoChapter 60 "Brother Li Wants To Have A Baby With Me?!"10 days agoChapter 61 My Number, Heavenly Venerable Yuan Shi!10 days agoChapter 62 Girl, Do You Want To Become Stronger?10 days agoChapter 63 Princess Xiao Jiang’S Incredible Swordsmanship Talent, Poor Bingtuozi?10 days agoChapter 64 Discussing The Art Of Swordsmanship, Ying Bing: "Did I Underestimate Him Before?"10 days agoChapter 65 The Gold Content Of His Talent Is Still Increasing, And The Punishment For Losers Is Announced10 days agoChapter 66 A Piece Of Grass Cuts Off The Sun, Moon And Stars! Li Mo: "What Did She Realize Again?"10 days agoChapter 67 Shang Wu: "Humph, Traitor...", Xiao Qin Is In Trouble10 days agoChapter 68 Junior Brother Li Is Indeed Upright And Upright, Feedback: Xuan Weapon Embryo10 days agoChapter 69 Xingzichu, Li, Time Management Master, Mo10 days agoChapter 70 The Agreement With Bingtuozi, Meeting In The Finals10 days agoChapter 71: The Immortal Body Cannot Breathe, What’S More Than Magical Power? Set Out For The Nine Summits To Fight10 days agoChapter 72 Jiufeng Martial Arts Begins, Lao Xiao’S First Battle10 days agoChapter 73 Elders: "Why Is Shang Wu So Confident?", Bingtuozi's First Battle10 days agoChapter 74: Gaining Points For Connections, The Audience Booed, There Is A Shady Story!10 days agoChapter 75: Recommend To The Top Eight, Elder Qian Bought Some10 days agoChapter 76 Li Mo Versus Wang Hao10 days agoChapter 77 A One-Sided Beating, Shang Wu: "Heizi, Speak Up!"10 days agoChapter 78 The Decisive Game, Everyone Was Silenced10 days agoChapter 79 The Suffocating Ying Bing, Li Mo’S Unique Move, The Winner Is Decided?!10 days agoChapter 80 The Day Of The Waxing Moon, When The Comparison Results Are Announced10 days agoChapter 81 Princess Xiao Jiang’S Hobbies, Above All Magical Skills, The Red Lotus Of Karma?10 days agoChapter 82 The Rankings Are Released, Ying Bing: "Am I Second?"10 days agoChapter 83 The Completely Messy Bing Tuozi, Starting From Tomorrow, The Punishment Will Begin10 days agoChapter 84 Why Is She Acting Weird Today?10 days agoChapter 85 Special Teaching Of Shang Dance10 days agoChapter 86 Li Mo: "Am I So Powerful?", "The Return Of The Empress?"10 days agoChapter 87 The Devil’S Modified Version Of The Empress Breaks Into Ying Bing’S Room At Night10 days agoChapter 88 Li Mo: "Girl, Do You Want To Practice Dual Cultivation?"10 days agoChapter 89 The Third Level Of "Phoenix Ming Tianze"10 days agoChapter 90 Classmate Xiao Li Is Really Good At Pretending, Please Work Harder10 days agoChapter 91 Golden Crow Blood, Infinite Trial Begins, Zuoqiu Sheep10 days agoChapter 92 Who Is Such A Good Person Smiling Like That?10 days agoChapter 93 Do You Call This A Terrifying Killing Machine?10 days agoChapter 94 The Plan Goes Through And Breaks Into The Xiaoyu Building10 days agoChapter 95 Hot Pot Restaurant Opens10 days agoChapter 96 Business Is So Good, Who Says Only Those Who Stand In The Light Are Heroes!10 days agoChapter 97 Come On, Don’T I Look Like A Bad Guy?10 days agoChapter 98: The Fundamental Map Of Observing Gods, The Angry Fen Yulin People10 days agoChapter 99 He Is Simply A Born Killer!10 days agoChapter 100 I Am So Disappointed In You!10 days ago