Job Transfer For All: I Can Increase My Career Limitlessly

Job Transfer For All: I Can Increase My Career Limitlessly


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Embers Of The Past
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In the era of universal digitization, Ember came to find that her hands were full of bombs——

Talent [absolutely real person]

Effect 1: Any attack can cause the highest weight of real damage that ignores defense;

Effect 3: Its own attributes will not be affected or weakened in any way;

Effect 2: Ignore negative states at the level of will, immune to detection of any nature...

Talent [infinite increase]

Effect 1: Amplification at the conceptual level, even ordinary pyrotechnics can achieve nuclear explosions after the amplification;

Effect 2:…

So, at level 10, he looked at his friend who had been defeated by him: "Ashamed, I was lucky enough to win."

At level 100, he looked at the beautiful girl of heaven who had been defeated by him: "You are not bad."

At level 1000, he looked at the god who fell in front of him: "What a good god..."

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【001】National Digital Era4 months ago【002】Infinite Growth, An Absolutely Real Person4 months ago【003】Idealistic Growth At The Conceptual Level4 months ago【004】Another Way Of Increasing4 months ago【005】Open Brushing, Basic Source Gas Extraction Method, Medicine Stone4 months ago【006】Supplies, Goblins Who Can Ambush4 months ago【007】Poked The Goblin's Lair4 months ago【008】Suspected Halo Talent4 months ago【009】Basic Origin Qi Application, Intermediate Origin Qi Affinity4 months ago【010】Source Qi Cloud And Source Qi Arrow Rain4 months ago【011】Upgrade, Skull Crusher4 months ago【012】Treasure Chest In Goblin Camp4 months ago【013】Level 10 Monster Area, Start Brushing4 months ago【014】Dual Skills Lv.2, [Civilian] Occupation Lv.104 months ago【015】Trial Copy·Dark Crypt4 months ago【016】Goblin Totem Pole, Seal Of The High Priest4 months ago【017】Overlord Battle, But In Seconds4 months ago【018】Diary Of The Unknown Spellcaster4 months ago【019】Purple Self-Selected Treasure Box, The First Pioneer4 months ago【020】Bronze Trial, Advance!4 months ago【021】Thinking About The Main Profession4 months ago【022】True Unlimited Growth, New Profession [Chaos Qualified Person], New Specialty [Balance]4 months ago【023】[Chaos Affinity],[Chaos Fire]4 months ago【024】A Rock-Solid Sense Of Security, A Book Of Theft, A Pen Of Deceit4 months ago【025】Luoshui Yiren’S Auxiliary Ability After Job Transfer4 months ago【026】Jiang Ling, Equipment Upgrade4 months ago【027】Connect (Run) Lock (Ring) Task4 months ago【028】Clues And Traps In The Church4 months ago【029】Running Around? Speedrun!4 months ago【030】Everyone Has Come, Causing Trouble To The East.4 months ago【031】The Scream Of The Soul, The Finger Of The Afterlife4 months ago【032】Meeting With Bad Friends In The Rest Area4 months ago【033】The Purpose Of Teammates (Forced Truth)4 months ago【034】The Title Girl Ran Away From Home And Became A Cute Girl4 months ago【035】Chaos Energy Transformation, Chaos Secret Energy Liberation, Chaos Fire Matrix4 months ago【036】I Caught The Title Girl Back4 months ago【037】The Result Is Still A Speed Pass4 months ago【038】Mark Of Chaos Fire4 months ago【039】The Chain Of "Bond"4 months ago【040】Come To An End, Chance Encounter In Ancient Ruins4 months ago【041】Meet Liuli For The First Time And Find The Mission Target4 months ago【042】New Tasks, Temporary Cooperation4 months ago【043】In What Era Are You Still Solving Puzzles In The Traditional Way?4 months ago【044】Transfer All Tasks To Dry Rack4 months ago【045】Professors And Followers4 months ago【046】Energy Storage Equation, Yan Ruyu’S Book4 months ago【047】The Scourge Legion Returns And The Undead Craze Begins Again4 months ago【048】The Beginning Of The Monster Siege, The Totem And Halo After The Increase4 months ago【049】Luoshui Yiren’S Talent, Old General Banner (Please Order First!)4 months ago【050】Lock The Rookie King In Advance? The Big Test Once In A Century!4 months ago【051】Things About Getting Stronger While Lying Down And Challenging Levels.4 months ago