Job Transfer For All: I Can Plunder Boss Templates

Job Transfer For All: I Can Plunder Boss Templates


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All People Change Their Profession To Dharma God
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My name is Ye Xuan, and I have come to a world where everyone changes jobs.

The beginning is the SSS Level specialty, which allows you to directly plunder the BOSS template and obtain all BOSS attribute entries.

I had just changed jobs and was immediately invincible.

I have an ex-girlfriend who is a cool school beauty, and my childhood sweetheart Xu Youwei, but this childhood sweetheart is a bit strange.


My name is Xu Youwei, and I got the life script system.

You can view Ye Xuan’s life script.

I unexpectedly discovered that he was the instigator of the fourth natural disaster.

In order to hold my thigh, I went crazy to please the great god, just so that the great god Ye Xuan could spare my life.

Now, my relationship with his character is already that of 'childhood sweethearts', and I hope it can go one step further and become 'brotherly love'.

To be honest, Ye Xuan's cold school beauty ex-girlfriend is really a**.


The title of the book is also called "After changing jobs, the beauty of Qingmei School goes crazy..."

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Chapter 1: Start Sss Level Specialty, Loot The Boss Template!4 months agoChapter 2: Does The School Beauty Have A System? Life Script? !4 months agoChapter 3: Are You Crazy? I Just Changed My Job And I Can Kill Level 100 Bosses Randomly?4 months agoChapter 4: Crazy Level Up And Plunder The Four Major Professional Templates! !4 months agoChapter 5: The Cool School Beauty And The S Level Guild Master! !4 months agoChapter 6: The First Boss Exclusive Skill, Ready To Kill The Tyrant Boss! !4 months agoChapter 7: Plunder The Tyrant Boss Template, Exchange One For Another, And I Will Become The Tyrant! !4 months agoChapter 8: With Explosive Attributes, Has He Been Imagined To Be An Sr-Level Genius? !4 months agoChapter 9: Crazy Harvest, Two Supreme Grade Gold Weapons! !4 months agoChapter 10: Kill The Cool School Beauty And Plunder The S Level Holy Light Mage Template! !4 months agoChapter 11: Forbidden Curse? Ye Xuan Is The Real Tyrant Boss, Everyone Is Scared To Death! !4 months agoChapter 12: The Idea Of ​​A Cold School Beauty, Who Is A ‘Tyrant’, Wants To Be The Young Mistress Of The Imperial Capital?4 months agoChapter 13: Job Transfer, Four Trial Towers, First Wave Of Sss Level! !4 months agoChapter 14: The Number One Person In Zhonghai City! The Supreme Trial Was Launched For The First Time, And Everyone Was Shocked! !4 months agoChapter 15: Elemental Elves? Switching To The Tyrant Boss Form For The First Time! !4 months agoChapter 16: Temple Master, President Of The Magic Association? The Big Shot In Zhonghai City Was So Frightened That He Cried! !4 months agoChapter 17: Complete The Trial, Successfully Change Job, Get The Attention Of Big Shots! !4 months agoChapter 18: Sr-Level Profession, Trainee Dharma Saint! Explosive Properties! !4 months agoChapter 19: Ye Xuan Eliminated The Ninth-Turn Dharma God? Recruitment Of A National Hunting Group? !4 months agoChapter 20: The Great Demon Master Of The Imperial City Comes To Visit? Ye Xuan's Pomp Is So Scary! !4 months agoChapter 21: Scary Background! The Great God Is Crazy And Flattering! !4 months agoChapter 22: Something Is Wrong With Ye Shen’S Script! The School Beauty Is Going To Cry! !4 months agoChapter 23: Ye Xuan Is On Fire! Gold Copy, Sr-Level Undead Bone Dragon! !4 months agoChapter 24: Sell Tyrant Boss Materials And Buy Skill Columns! !4 months agoChapter 25: Demon God, Have Mercy! The School Beauty Was So Frightened That She Was Going To Be Silenced By Ye Xuan? !4 months agoChapter 26: Trying To Curry Favor With Ye Xuan, The Worry Of Qingmei School Beauty! !4 months agoChapter 27: Perfect Acting Skills! The School Beauty Is Lucky That The Demon Ye Xuan Was Deceived By Her! !4 months agoChapter 28: Pursuing A Female Ex-Girlfriend, Meeting By Chance, With Ulterior Motives! !4 months agoChapter 29: The Hypocrite Young Master Seeks Out The School Belle, Ye Xuan Smiles! !4 months agoChapter 30: Qingmei School Belle Angrily Criticizes Zhou Han And Declares War On Bitter Winter Guild? ! !4 months agoChapter 31: Ye Xuan’S Thoughts, The Fate Of The Winter Guild! !4 months agoChapter 32: The President Of The Magic Association Comes To Visit, And The Hypocrite Young Master Is Furious! !4 months agoChapter 33: The Magister’S Gift, Open The ‘Dragon Valley’ Copy, And The Boss Will Form A Group To Lead The Flight! !4 months agoChapter 34: The Great ‘Tyrant’ Also Wants To Call Ye Xuan ‘Young Master’!4 months agoChapter 35: Jiang Taian Was Scared To Death, Ye Xuan Was The ‘Tyrant’! !4 months agoChapter 36: Ye Xuan’S Background! The Descendant Of A Big Shot In The Apex Level Of The Imperial City! !4 months agoChapter 37: The First S Level Boss Template ‘Frost Dragon’, Ye Xuan’S Imagination Is Wide Open! !4 months agoChapter 38: Ss Level Balrog Boss, National Team Members Block Diamond Level Copy? !4 months agoChapter 39: The Tyrant Is Coming! President Jiang Opens The Way! The Whole Audience Was Shocked! !4 months agoChapter 40: Is The National Team So Arrogant? Jiang Taian Was Furious, But Ye Xuan Was Tough On Him! !4 months agoChapter 41: The Apex Level Genius In The Imperial Capital Fell, Ye Xuan Plundered The ‘Ss Level Dragon Knight’ Template!4 months agoChapter 42: Forbidden Curse! Frozen! ! Ye Xuan's Pet Beast Is Actually A Nine-Turn Divine Beast! !4 months agoChapter 43: Sss Level Guild Joint Trial? Then Let Them Come To Zhonghai City! !4 months agoChapter 44: ‘Ss Level Great Demon Tutor’, ‘Ss Level Balrog’, Crazy Harvesting Of Boss Templates! !4 months agoChapter 45: The Whole Audience Was Scared Crazy! ! The Cool School Beauty Has A Mental Breakdown! ! Could The Tyrant Be Ye Xuan? ! ! !4 months agoChapter 46: At This Moment, The National Team Arrives In Zhonghai City! ! A Huge Tsunami Shocked The Country! !4 months agoChapter 47: Switch To Balrog Form! Declare War On The 13Th National Team! ! !4 months agoChapter 48: The Whole Audience Was Shocked! The ‘Tyrant’ Is Actually An Apex Level Beast Master? Take Over The Body Of The ‘Fire Demon Boss’! !4 months agoChapter 49: The National Team Was Collectively Frightened! Shocking Background! Nine-Turn Balrog! National Big Shot! ! !4 months agoChapter 50: A Pair Of Thirty! Challenge The National Team! With A Slight Knock, The Nine-Turn Great God Is Dead? Descendants Of The Priesthood! ! !4 months agoChapter 51: God-Level Demon Pet? Ye Xuan’S Background! Dark Pope? The Devil Of The Underworld? ! !4 months agoChapter 52: The National Team Is Wiped Out! The Gods Are Coming! The Whole Country Was Shocked! ! !4 months agoChapter 53: The Cool School Beauty Hooks Up With The Devil! Jiang Is Too Restless, The Villain Is Myself? ! !4 months agoChapter 54: Alarming National Bosses! Call An Emergency Meeting! Crazy Harvest, Star-Level Equipment! !4 months agoChapter 55: Zhonghai City! Forbidden By The Gods! ! National Forbidden Area! ! The Great Gods Were Alarmed! !4 months agoChapter 56: Ye Xuan Is The Reincarnation Of The First Generation God? God Jehovah Appears In The West! ! !4 months agoChapter 57: Something Is Wrong With The Life Script? Assist Ye Xuan? Kill The God! ! Be The Enemy Of The Whole World! !4 months agoChapter 58: Supreme Trial And Job Change! Sss Level·Extract Boss Template? ! Jiang Taian Is Crazy! ! !4 months agoChapter 59: Cultivate Believers? Are Dogs Better Than The National Team? A New Way To Play Boss Templates! !4 months agoChapter 60: The First In The World! Get The Priesthood! Demon! ! Use Balrog To Change Jobs And Open Up The Abyss Of The Second World! ! !4 months agoChapter 61: Successful Job Transfer! Rank Nine! Taming Nurturing Spirit Ming! Ragnarok...Kill The Gods! ! !4 months agoChapter 62: Twelve-Winged Demon God! Alarm The Forbidden Gods! Zhonghai Became...The Kingdom Of God! ! ! (Happy National Day!)4 months agoChapter 63: Global Shock! The Japanese Shikigami Wants To Kill...The Demon God? Bai Shen Came To Visit Ye Xuan? ! !4 months agoChapter 64: Qingmei School Beauty Reveals Her Identity And Hands Over Her Life Script! Accept The First Demon God Disciple! ! !4 months agoChapter 65: Ye Xuan Is Also Exposed, I Can Plunder The Boss Template, Qingmei Is Scared! ! !4 months agoChapter 66: Ye Xuan Deduces The Life Script, Is Ragnarok Coming? An Unprecedented Sense Of Crisis! ! !4 months agoChapter 67: How Many More Gods Will Be Killed? The Top Officials Of The Country Were All Shocked And Came To Visit Ye Xuan! ! !4 months agoChapter 68: Ye Xuan Is...The Evil God? !!The Evil God Is...A High School Student? ! ! Su Meile Is Crazy! !4 months agoChapter 69: Infernal Dragon, Bright Unicorn! Harvest! Massive Boss Templates, Play A Big Wave! !4 months agoChapter 70: The Prototype Of The Kingdom Of God!! Ye Xuan Cultivates Millions Of Gods!! The Real... Forbidden Land!!4 months agoChapter 71: Elf Sacred Land!! Kingdom Of Angels!! Zhonghai Becomes The Global Focus!! High Level Member Of The Magic Association!!4 months agoChapter 72: Longevity!! The Devil Is Actually By My Side? !Where Is The Innocent Male High School Student That We Promised? !4 months agoChapter 73: Ye Xuan Returned To School And Evolved Three Hundred Pets Into... Boss!! The Civet Cat Was Adopted?!4 months agoChapter 74: The Aloof School Beauty Angrily Criticizes Zhou Han! The Young Master Who Licks The Dog Is So Angry! The Devil Appears! !4 months agoChapter 75: Yin Yang Shikigami? The Gods Of Japan Have Descended On Zhonghai City!! Ragnarok...Has Begun!!4 months agoChapter 76: Within The Great Xia, The Gods Are Forbidden To Travel! Demon Vs. Shikigami! The Whole Country Was Completely Shocked!!!4 months agoChapter 77: The Whole Audience Exploded! Are Japanese Shikigami So Weak? !Where Is The International Master You Promised? ! !4 months agoChapter 78: Three Hundred Gods!! Suppress The Japanese Shikigami!! The Strongest Force In The World? In Zhonghai City!!!4 months agoChapter 79: Horses Trample Japan! ——View Cherry Blossoms! ! ! The Yin And Yang Shikigami Is So Scared! ! !4 months agoChapter 80: The Shikigami Dies, And The Ten-Thousand-Level Boss Appears! The War To Destroy The Country Is Coming!4 months agoChapter 81: New Copy, Golden Smaug, Imprisoned Elf Princess?4 months agoChapter 82: Kill The Dragon! The Global Beast Masters Association Extends An Olive Branch!4 months agoChapter 83: World Level Dungeon! Shut Out The Dharma God!4 months agoChapter 84: Kill The God In Kyoto! Yamata No Orochi Boss? Also Called Gods? !4 months agoChapter 85: What Is Kyoto? Who Do You Think Your Japanese God Is?4 months agoChapter 86: Hundreds Of Ghosts Walking At Night? The Reincarnation Of The First Japanese God? Kyoto Battlefield!4 months agoChapter 87: Legendary Weapons, Divine Personality And Power, The Power Of Rules!4 months agoChapter 88: Divine Weapon... Appears! Fallen Angel? Amazing Rewards!4 months agoChapter 89: With Billions Of Experience Points, All Believers Are Promoted! Red-Haired Girl, Ancient God?4 months agoChapter 90: The First Npc Believer, The Demon God Priest! The Ancient God Surrendered!4 months agoChapter 91: God-Killing Feat, Shocking The World! The Gold-Worshiping School Beauty Is Looking For Ye Xuan!4 months agoChapter 92: Great Xia Demon God, The Most Famous In The World, Bai Shen’S Frustration!4 months agoChapter 93: The Gods Come To Ye Xuan’S House, But The House Can’T Be Crowded? The God Of Dharma Started Cooking And Cooking!4 months agoChapter 94: Ye Xuan Is The Demon God Of Great Xia? My Ex-Girlfriend’S School Beauty Was So Shocked That She Collapsed!4 months agoChapter 95: The Pattern Of The Abyss World, The Power To Destroy The Starry Sky, The Power Of The Demon Lord Is Beyond Imagination!4 months agoChapter 96: The God-Killing Mission Is Over! Shocking Rewards! The Next Rank One Mission Starts!4 months agoChapter 97: Fruit Of Godhead? 2 Star Sun! Let Ye Xuan Destroy A Star? !4 months agoChapter 98: Destroy Nine Stars In An Instant? Use Civilization To Advance?4 months agoChapter 99: Controller Of The Light Sequence! Destroy Countless Demon Races? The Dark Lord Appears!4 months agoChapter 100: Six Divine Star Cores? Explode The Power Of The Godhead! Cleanse The Abyss World!4 months ago