Just Certified As Quasi-Emperor, The Villain Script Came Five Hundred Years Late

Just Certified As Quasi-Emperor, The Villain Script Came Five Hundred Years Late


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After traveling through the fantasy continent for five hundred years, Ye Yu climbed to the top step by step and finally became a quasi-emperor.

Just when Ye Yu was about to continue in seclusion and wait for the opportunity to prove himself and become the Great Emperor, the system suddenly awakened.

Ding! The master has entered the fantasy continent for the first time and is joining the sect with the son of destiny. He asks the master to suppress the arrogance of the son of destiny.

? ? ?

I have already achieved quasi-emperor status and you say I just joined the sect? Is the system five hundred years too late?

Start by killing the son of luck!

The child of destiny is favored by heaven and cannot be killed?

Then I, Emperor Tianyu, will kill you!

The alien emperor tried to sacrifice blood to all living beings to restore the origin of life?

Then I, Emperor Tianyu, will come to settle the matter!

The son of luck goes into a secret place to hunt for treasure?

Then I, Emperor Tianyu, will directly refine the secret realm!

Heaven, heaven, earth, heaven.

Yuzhe, the universe, time and space.

My name is Tianyu, that is, I am the only one in heaven and earth throughout the ages!

As the emperor, I suppress everything!

I am invincible in the human world. Among the gods, demons and Buddhas in the sky, who can fight with me?

【Invincible at the beginning! Crush! So cool! High energy! Magnificent! Enjoyable from start to finish! 】

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Chapter 1 I’M Already A Quasi-Emperor, But You Tell Me I’M A Villain?2 months agoChapter 2 Welcome Emperor Tianyu To Come! Task? Just Have Some Hands!2 months agoChapter 3 Colluding With The Alien Emperor? Kill! When The Curse Of Heaven Comes, Can't You Kill The Protagonist?2 months agoChapter 4 Heaven And Earth Won’T Allow It? I, Emperor Tianyu, Am Here To Kill!2 months agoChapter 5 Coming To The Forbidden Land! Suppress The Powerful Ones! Emperor Luan Gu, Get Out!2 months agoChapter 6 The Nine-Word Secret! The Five Emperors Are Coming! The Ultimate Revival! Break The Ancient Seal!2 months agoChapter 7 Today, Ye Killed The Emperor To Congratulate Our Clan!2 months agoChapter 8 The Heavens Are Shaken! Breakthrough! And Son Of Luck?2 months agoChapter 9 The Forbidden Land Of Gods And Demons! Emperor Zun! Grab The System Itself!2 months agoChapter 10 The Nine Secrets Are Perfect! Is There A Problem With The Upper Bound? Beidou Secret Realm! Born Divine?2 months agoChapter 11 The Son Of Destiny! At What Level Is Ye Yu Worthy Of Being Compared With Me?2 months agoChapter 12 Demonic Qi! Questioning Ye Yu? The Universe Is Abandoned! Obliterate! Immortal Demon Sutra!2 months agoChapter 13 In The Secret Realm Of Refining, Divine Thoughts Are Transformed Into Demons! Kill Until There Is No Way To Survive!2 months agoChapter 14: Changes In The Upper World, Systematic Speculation, And Practicing The Immortal Sutra!2 months agoChapter 15 The Son Of Rebirth And Destiny! Greatly Increased Strength! Planning To Hunt Ye Yu?2 months agoChapter 16 Yaochi Conspiracy! A Drop Of Blood Stains The Heavens! Avenue Aquarius! The Feast Begins!2 months agoChapter 17 The Banquet Begins! Eight Major Forces! Ye Yu, You Can't Get Out!2 months agoChapter 18 Chu Qing Attacked, Chu Qing Was Confused, Chu Qing’S Mentality Collapsed, The Emperor’S Soldiers Were The Dowry!2 months agoChapter 19 Two Women Fight, Everyone Is Shocked! Chu Qing Is Going Crazy, The Secret Method Of Catching The Sky!2 months agoChapter 20 Can You Suppress The Great Emperor? Explode With One Punch! Fight With The Sky!2 months agoChapter 21 The Secret Method Of Catching The Sky! Stealing The Power Of Heaven! Sky! Disaster Is Coming!2 months agoChapter 22 The Son Of Destiny Who Seizes The Body! Break Through Two Realms In A Row! Take It, The Betrothal Gift!2 months agoChapter 23 Destroy The Taiyin Forbidden Land! The Power Of The Gods Is Overwhelming! Emperor? The One To Be Killed Is The Emperor!2 months agoChapter 24 Sweeping The Forbidden Land! Arrogant? Arrogant! I Am The Only One!2 months agoChapter 25 Unparalleled Fame! Chanting My True Name Suppresses The Unrest And Creates The World! The Show Is On!2 months agoChapter 26 The Emperor Joins Forces! Bingxuan Blood Sacrifices All Living Beings! Chant Your True Name!2 months agoChapter 27 Ye Yu Will Come If He Feels Like It...Gah, Really Come? Big World Technique!2 months agoChapter 28 Zhuye Alliance! A Certain Death Situation? Launch A Massacre!2 months agoChapter 29 Mission Released! The Story Of The Death Of The Son Of God, Ye Yu Comes To The Throne!2 months agoChapter 30 Enslaving The Son Of The Ancient God Clan! The Chess Game Is Done!2 months agoChapter 31 The High-Spirited Zhang Qingfeng Starts! The Killing Calamity Is Coming!2 months agoChapter 32 Peerless Elegance! One Person, Fighting Against The Emperors! I Am The Only One!2 months agoChapter 33 Divine Power Is As Powerful As The Abyss! Zhang Qingfeng Realizes, Ye Yu Will Die!2 months agoChapter 34 Zhang Qingfeng: I Am Invincible! Isn't This A Clown? The Son Of Luck Is Crazy2 months agoChapter 35 The Great Emperor Of The Ancient God Clan Has Arrived! Sudden Change! Attack An Ally?2 months agoChapter 36 Game Over! Zhang Qingfeng Is Dead! The Way To Luck In The Dynasty!2 months agoChapter 37 Forever Friendship! Fatwa! Ye Yu, Come And Propose Marriage!2 months agoChapter 38 Propose Marriage! The Universe Is Shaken! The Dust Has Settled! Understanding The Method Of Fortune2 months agoChapter 39 The New Son Of Destiny, The Immortal Emperor Is Reborn! Immortal Plane! Three Thousand Great Magical Powers?2 months agoChapter 40 The Fate Of The Dynasty Is Incredible! The Way To Death! Tracing The Son Of Destiny! Surprise!2 months agoChapter 41 Kill The Enemy Early! Decisive! Nine-Nine Worship Gods And Soul-Removing Curse! Not Good!2 months agoChapter 42 Are You Really Here To Find Me? The Immortal Emperor's Mentality Collapsed! The Immortal Emperor Died On The Spot2 months agoChapter 43 Immortal Emperor Daozang! Retreat! The Immortal Body Is Established! Terrifying Improvement!2 months agoChapter 44 System + Rebirth + Time Travel! The Son Of Luck With A Brain, Sublimation!2 months agoChapter 45 Is There A Difference In The Way Of Heaven? The Horror Of Demonic Blood! The Mission Appears!2 months agoChapter 46 Understanding The Origin Of The System! The Way Of Heaven Is So Good, The Coordinates Of Other Realms!2 months agoChapter 47 Ye Yu’S Strength! The Ancient Gods Surrender! Enter The Forbidden Land Of Gods And Demons Again!2 months agoChapter 48 Xiao Nian, The Avenue, The Rules, The Divine Realm! The Romance Of The Gods!2 months agoChapter 49 Supreme! Destroy The Heavens With One Finger! Time And Space Are Cut Off! Nuwa!2 months agoChapter 50 Chaos God-Casting Technique! The New Son Of Destiny! Simulator!2 months agoChapter 51 The Establishment Of The Dynasty! Born In Heaven! From Now On, I Am The Emperor Of Heaven!2 months agoChapter 52 Heavenly Realm, Heavenly Court Ninth Rank, Sixth Imperial Position! The Command Of Authority!2 months agoChapter 53 The Dust Has Settled, The Plan Has Been Sorted Out, And The Storm Has Begun!2 months agoChapter 54 Moving In A Forbidden Area, Undercurrents Surging, Customizing The Child Of Destiny?2 months agoChapter 55 I Am Invincible! I Want To Die! ? Goodbye Tuntian! Kneel Down On The Spot!2 months agoChapter 56 The Devil Falls From Heaven! Anti-Heaven Alliance! No! I Do Not Believe! I Won't Die!2 months agoChapter 57 Ye Chen: Seek Protection From Heaven! The Great Emperor Is Lame, Here He Comes!2 months agoChapter 58 Ye Chen: I Can Let You Live, It’S You! Cushman System? Break Down!2 months agoChapter 59 Future Dao Fruit! Blessing The Power Of Thousands Of Time And Space? Get The Treasure!2 months agoChapter 60 The Origin Of The First Treasure! Retreat For Thousands Of Years And Sublimate! Refining Time And Space!2 months agoChapter 61 Telling Stories Is Like Me! The Queen Wants To Give You A Small Gift2 months agoChapter 62 Hug The Thigh! Death-Free Gold Medal! Omniscient And Omnipotent! Do You Call This Supernatural Power?2 months agoChapter 63 Guess, Three Avenues! The Little Heaven Will Be Destroyed In This Battle!2 months agoChapter 64 The Pinnacle Battle! Hundreds Of Great Emperors Fighting In A Melee! The Universe Is Shaking! The World Collapses!2 months agoChapter 65 The Power Of The World! Ye Yu, You Can't Stop Us! But The God Of War Realm! Son Of Luck!2 months agoChapter 66 The Lord Of The God Realm! Master See Me? Give Him Face And Let Him Come To See You!2 months agoChapter 67 You Have A Way To Die! The Emperor Was Scared, But He Thought It Was Okay Again, God's Way!2 months ago