Konoha: Comprehension Is Heaven-Defying, The Opening Is Broken Caged Bird

Konoha: Comprehension Is Heaven-Defying, The Opening Is Broken Caged Bird


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[No system, no giving away. 】

[No disadvantages, purely refreshing writing. 】

Traveling through the world of ninjas, he also became Hyuga Neji.

Although there is no system around him, fortunately, he has a high level of understanding and can develop his own ninjutsu and reach the top.

Feeling that the Chakra extraction technique was flawed, he developed the Denial Technique, and then transformed it into the Liuku Immortal Thief, which can infinitely improve his own physique.

Feeling that the Byakugan has few functions, he developed the method of evolution of the Byakugan, and then merged it with the Sharingan to evolve into the unique Byakugan.

Learn Sage Art.

Creation secret technique.

Open up the upper, middle and lower Dantian.

In addition, Gentle Fist Eight-Character Technique, Tai Chi·Shiba Shitu, Soul Transfer Technique, Uzumaki Contemplation, Reverse Reincarnation Technique, Yin-Yang Five Elements Body-Breaking Sword Qi, Divine Sense and Technique, Instant Transfer Technique...

Unknowingly, Neji already possesses Six Paths-level strength. While dominating the ninja world, he also plans to conquer other worlds.

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Chapter 1: Traveling Through The Ninja World, Gaining Super Understanding5 months agoChapter 2: Practicing Chakra, Family Banquet5 months agoChapter 3: Developing Gentle Fist, The Corridor Denial Method5 months agoChapter 4: Acupoint Storage Method, Caged Bird5 months agoChapter 5: Showdown With Hyuga Hizashi, Inoculation Curse Mark: Caged Bird5 months agoChapter 6: Food Tonic Method—Liuku Immortal Thief5 months agoChapter 7: Cloud Shinobi Ninja Attacks Hokage5 months agoChapter 8: Distribution Of Secret Techniques, Gradually Decreasing5 months agoChapter 9: Educating Hinata, Contacting Naruto5 months agoChapter 10: Warning From The Hokage5 months agoChapter 11: Attack The Grass Ninja Village And Test Your Skills.5 months agoChapter 12: Obtaining The Secret Technique, Uzumaki Mother And Daughter5 months agoChapter 13: Reverse Reincarnation Technique5 months agoChapter 14: Terumi Mei Compromises And Returns To Konoha5 months agoChapter 15: Making A Deal With The Uchiha Clan5 months agoChapter 16: The Benefits Are Enough To Make Uchiha Pay For Everything5 months agoChapter 17: Kurama Family, Temptations From All Sides5 months agoChapter 18: Hypocrisy And Compromise, School Starts5 months agoChapter 19: Optimizing Three Body Technique, A Win-Win Situation5 months agoChapter 20: The Secret Method Of Spiritual Power, White Wheel Eye [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 21: The Method Of Byakugan Evolution, A Challenge From Naruto [Vote Requested]5 months agoChapter 22: The Goodwill From The Hokage Needs To Be Exorcised [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 23: Dynamics Of All Parties, Soliciting Deals [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 24: Yuhi Hong, The Team Training Together [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 25: The Snipe And The Clam Fight, And The Fisherman Wins [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 26: Innocent Shisui, Danzo Sneak Attack [Asking For Flowers]5 months agoChapter 27: Shisui Jumps Off The Cliff And Fights On The Gravel Beach [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 28: Kill Shisui, And The Soul Will Not Be Spared [Please Huahua]5 months agoChapter 29: Developing The Upper, Middle And Lower Dantian [Please Huahua]5 months agoChapter 30: Ino’S Empathy, Challenge From Sasuke [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 31: Father And Son Are Divided, Uchiha’S End [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 32: Make A Deal With The Uchiha Clan Again [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 33: Advanced Mangekyō Sharingan【Please Vote】5 months agoChapter 34: Three Pairs Of Mangekyō, Uchiha Swells【Asking For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 35: The Four Elders Have A Meeting And Give Tiantian A Small Start [Asking For Flowers]5 months agoChapter 36: Yin-Yang Five Elements Body-Breaking Sword Qi [Please Huahua]5 months agoChapter 37: In 1959, Working With Orochimaru [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 38: Teach The Clan Members A Lesson, A Request From Naruto [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 39: Technology System, Detonating Talisman Printer [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 40: The Peacock Magic Of Star Ninja Village [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 41: Surrender And Build An Arms Factory [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 42: Madam, You Don’T Want To See Anything Happen To Your Son, Right? 【Ask For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 43: The Level Of Shamelessness, Kimimaro’S Problem [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 44: Let Orochimaru Break The Defense [Please Give Flowers]5 months agoChapter 45: Two Types Of Blood Succession Limits [Please Huahua]5 months agoChapter 46: Divine Knowledge And Magic, Detonating Talisman Is Shipped [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 47: Kill By Touching The Head And Give Gifts [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 48: What Is The Difference Between This And A Liar? 【Ask For Votes】5 months agoChapter 49: Talk To Terumi Mei About Cooperation [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 50: Terumi Mei Was Moved And Reached A Consensus [Asking For Flowers]5 months agoChapter 51: The Action Begins, The Siege Of Fourth Mizukage [Please Give Flowers]5 months agoChapter 52: Neji Comes To The Rescue And Defeats The Enemy With One Move [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 53; Tell A Story To Hoshigaki Kisame [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 54: Spiritual Seal, Adding Another Member Admiral【Please Vote】5 months agoChapter 55: Stockholm Syndrome? 【Ask For Votes】5 months agoChapter 56: Financial Freedom, Orochimaru Comes To Visit [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 57: The Imposter Old Monster? 【Ask For Votes】5 months agoChapter 58: Puppet, Realize Automation [Please Huahua]5 months agoChapter 59: It’S Time To Take Action, The Clan Leader Will Live A Long Life [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 60: Challenging The Authority Of The Clan, Exciting Moments [Please Give Me Flowers]5 months agoChapter 61: Capture The Members Of The Clan, The Five Susanas Of Uchiha [Please Subscribe]5 months agoChapter 62: Fugaku Commits Suicide, A Good Boy Kills His Mother [Please Subscribe]5 months agoChapter 63: Confrontation Between Three Old Men [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 64: Earn Another 300 Million, Uchiha Itachi’S Childhood Sweetheart [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 65: Resurrection Of Technique, Is It Better To Go Out And See Cows? [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 66: Greel's Stone, Digging Out Orochimaru's Family Fortune [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 67: Graduation, Going To RyūChi Cave【Please Customize】5 months agoChapter 68: Passed The Three Goddess And Met The White Snake Immortal [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 69: Rough Training Method, Danzo Sues Hyuga [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 70: The Battle And Growth Of The Third Class [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 71: The Book Of Sealing, Uchiha Is Exhausted [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 72: Zabuza And Haku, Resurrection Technique [Please Subscribe]5 months agoChapter 73: Neji’S Road To Promotion [Please Subscribe]5 months agoChapter 74: Yuhi Hong’S Thoughts, The Exam Day Is Coming [Please Subscribe]5 months agoChapter 75: The Exam Begins, Temari At The Same Table【Please Subscribe】5 months agoChapter 76: Hinata’S Talent, Reaching The Central Tower [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 77: Neji’S Opponent, The Tenth Game [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 78: Bloody Torture Of Gaara, The End Of The Qualifiers [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 79: Border Of The Kingdom Of Wind, Attack On Fourth Kazekage [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 80: Orochimaru, Who Specializes In Stabbing The Waist, Will Not Let Go Of The Gold Dust [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 81: Uchiha, ChūNin Finals Are Coming [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 82: During The Game, The Collapse Plan Begins [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 83: Sarutobi Hiruzen, The Incompetent Person Who Cannot Be Washed Away [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 84: The Real Superior [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 85: Making Trouble, Uchiha Comes Online Again [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 86: Hyuga Becomes The Savior And Gains Fame [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 87: Looking Down On Hokage’S Position, Convening A High-Level Meeting [Asking For Votes]5 months agoChapter 88: Two Consultants Have Become The Target Of Public Criticism [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 89: Creating Immortal Cultivation Techniques, Uchiha Izumi’S Stubbornness [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 90: Uchiha Quan Takes Action, Unlucky Kakashi [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 91: Brilliant Real Estate Company Sets Sail [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 92: Adjusting To Mikoto And Visiting Yuhi Hong’S House [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 93: Summoning Island, Uzumaki Girl [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 94: Tsunade Returns To Konoha And Takes Over As Fifth Generation Project [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 95: Promotion To ChūNin, Five Fusion Goals [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 96: Uchiha Madara’S Corpse, Plan [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 97: Pursuit Battle, One V One [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 98: The Real Neji, The Red Panda Turned Into A Little Cotton-Padded Jacket [Please Customize]5 months agoChapter 99: Saving Gaara And Fighting In The Valley Of The End [Please Vote]5 months agoChapter 100: Becoming Tsunade’S Disciple, Expansion Is Not Advisable [Please Vote]5 months ago