Konoha: Creating Infinite Bloodline From Daily Settlement

Konoha: Creating Infinite Bloodline From Daily Settlement


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Everyone Makes A Fortune
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Ishigamihara traveled through the ninja world and became a descendant of a small family in Konoha that married marginal people from major ninja clans. He carried the blood of major ninja clans, but unfortunately he never awakened his bloodline.

Fortunately, there is a daily settlement system, which can change his daily behavior skills...

[Washing] became a skill, which made him the first male succubus in Konoha, with max charm.

[Eating] became a skill, which made his stomach like a furnace and could eat everything.

[Sleeping] became a skill, and he brought back an Uchiha ghost from the underworld in his dream.

[Exercise] became a skill, which activated his body's bloodline. When stimulated by the Chakra of the Uchiha ghost, he actually opened his Byakugan and Sharingan.

In this way, a ninja with swirling red hair, Byakugan in the left eye, and Sharingan in the right eye appeared.

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