Konoha: Enlightenment, Heaven-Defying, I Created A Way To Live Forever

Konoha: Enlightenment, Heaven-Defying, I Created A Way To Live Forever


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Xiao Feng traveled through the Hokage world, became a member of the Uchiha clan, and awakened the full-level enlightenment talent.

[You practiced Sharingan and Five Animals Play, and created the Starry Immortal Way! ]

[You sensed the Wet Bone Forest Sage Art, and created the Transformation Sage Art! ]

[You watched the Hundred Healing Technique, and created the Purple Mansion Refining Art! ]

[You created the Yin-Yang Hehuan Jue during your in-depth communication with Tsunade! ]


With heaven-defying enlightenment, Uchiha Feng gathered the tailed beasts, fought against Ban Ye, killed Black Zetsu, and preached longevity!


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Chapter 1: Hokage World, Enlightenment Heaven-Defying!10 days agoChapter 2: I Can't Be A Genin, But I Can Sense An Elite JōNin!10 days agoChapter 3: Go To The Back Mountain And Create The Blazing Dragon Bullet Technique!10 days agoChapter 4: Create The Six-Storage Immortal Devourer! Swallow The Vitality Of Heaven And Earth For Your Own Use!10 days agoChapter 5 Breakthrough JōNin! Mikoto Wants To Marry The Person She Likes!10 days agoChapter 6 Help Mikoto So She Can Take Control Of Her Own Destiny!10 days agoChapter 7: Arriving At The Ninja Hospital, My Ears Are Almost Going Deaf!10 days agoChapter 8: Your Physique Is Even Better Than That Of The Senju And Uzumaki Clans!10 days agoChapter 9: Create A Technique! Tsunade Is Shocked!10 days agoChapter 10: Accurate To The Nanogram! Tsunade Is Full Of Bad Intentions!10 days agoChapter 11 Danzo: Humph! Hiruzen! You'll Regret This! Sosei Immortal Elixir Bath!10 days agoChapter 12 Mikoto's Father's Conversation! Elbows Turned Outward!10 days agoChapter 13: Learning Sage Art Is Not The Main Purpose! The Rich Natural Energy Of The Wet Bone Forest Is!10 days agoChapter 14: Create Sage Art! Create Meditation Art! Transformation Art!10 days agoChapter 15: Find Mikoto! Teach Fugaku A Lesson For Her!10 days agoChapter 16 Prove Your Strength! A Brief Moment Of Beauty!10 days agoChapter 17 Danzo Wants To Kidnap Uchiha Feng!10 days agoChapter 18 Danzo: He Wants The Free Wind!10 days agoChapter 19: The Third Hokage And Danzo Are Both Coming To Talk To Feng!10 days agoChapter 20: Jiraiya Arrives, The Fight Between Feng And Jiraiya!10 days agoChapter 21 Tsunade: I Have Never Seen Anyone So Shameless!10 days agoChapter 22: Creating The Brain Control And Body Control Technique! The Beast Taming Technique To Become An Immortal!10 days agoChapter 23: Creating An Illusion World: Izanagi!10 days agoChapter 24: Tsunade Kicks Danzo Against The Wall And Can't Get Him Off!10 days agoChapter 25: The Strongest Detection Ninjutsu! The Kagura Mind's Eye Of The Uzumaki Clan!10 days agoChapter 26 I, Aburame Ryoma, Will Never Betray Danzo-Sama!10 days agoChapter 27 Danzo Has Become A Vegetable! Namikaze Minato's Sudden Visit!10 days agoChapter 28: Immortal Creation Is Instant! Hiding A Little Bit Of My Private Life!10 days agoChapter 29: The Response To The Top-Level Medicinal Bath Was Extremely Intense!10 days agoChapter 30 Utatane Koharu: Let's Share The Huge Profits From The Medicinal Bath!10 days agoChapter 31 The Uchiha Clan Openly Challenges The Konoha High-Level Officials!10 days agoChapter 32: Enjoy It Now? Are You Not Afraid That Your Ancestors Will Give You A Knife Through The Heart?10 days agoChapter 33 Danzo Wants To Completely Destroy Feng!10 days agoChapter 34: Insufficient Medicinal Materials, The Nara Clan Makes A Wise Choice!10 days agoChapter 35: The Family Secret Technique Can No Longer Satisfy Feng. Is This The Loneliness Of Being Invincible In The Village?10 days agoChapter 36: Create The Purple Mansion Spirit Refining Method! Use This Soul To Break The Sky!10 days agoChapter 37: All Sentient Beings Are Evil! Buddha And Devil Are Only A Thought Away!10 days agoChapter 38: Create Eternity Eight Gate! Infinite Night Guy!10 days agoChapter 39: Konoha F4 Equals A Group Of Useless Foursome?10 days agoChapter 40: It Turns Out It’S All Jiraiya’S Fault!10 days agoChapter 41: Tsunade Is My Woman! I Don't Need Your Protection!10 days agoChapter 42: Tsunade Strongly Confesses Her Love And Wants To Get Married!10 days agoChapter 43: Creating The Yin-Yang Harmony Technique! It Can Create Everything!10 days agoChapter 44: Go Back To The Cabin To Find Mikoto And Learn The Sealing Technique!10 days agoChapter 45: Create An Invisible Seal! Eternal And Indestructible!10 days agoChapter 46: Training With Tsunade!10 days agoChapter 47: Tsunade Actually Flew!10 days agoChapter 48: I Have Nothing To Repay You With, Except My Body!10 days agoChapter 49: Konoha's White Fang Death Countdown!10 days agoChapter 50 Obito! You Are The Most Talented Ninja!10 days agoChapter 51 Is So Youthful!10 days agoChapter 52: Create Gale Body Flicker Technique!10 days agoChapter 53: Ten Years Later10 days agoChapter 54: Stubborn Naruto10 days ago