Konoha: I Can Retrieve Objects From All Realms

Konoha: I Can Retrieve Objects From All Realms


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The Faint Sound
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People in Konoha have their own 'Master Thief' system, which allows them to steal items from all planes in the world...

No, how can taking something belonging to a scholar be called stealing? That's called 'borrowing' at most. Du Ye pursed his lips and started a crazy 'borrowing' journey.

[Ding, get Clark Kent’s glasses and have the perfect Transformation Technique! 】

[Ding, get seven Dragon Balls, the dragon will take you flying! 】

[Ding, you got a black rope, which can be used to tie up enemies...not for some other purpose! 】

[Ding, get the Infinity Gauntlet, which can be used to make the world feel pain from now on! 】

at this time.

Thanos in another dimension smiled contemptuously and snapped his fingers.

"Uh, where are my Infinity Stones?"

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