Konoha: I’m Really Not A Bad Person

Konoha: I’m Really Not A Bad Person


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Traveling through the Hokage, becoming Uchiha Suke, and awakening the emotion collection system.

At first, Uchiha Suke thought it was just a dream and did something 'excessive'.

Then, get out of control and let yourself go completely.

"Kushina, you don't want Minato to know about us, right?"

"Mikoto, if you want to blame, blame Fugaku..."

"Terumi Mei, whether the Mist Ninja Village stays or is destroyed depends on how you 'act'~"


Many years later, faced with a thousand fingers.

Uchiha Suke innocent hands spread:

"I'm really not a bad person, I just want to give everyone a home!"

Ps: If you refuse colors, start with you and him.

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001. Uchiha Suke And Kushina (Please Collect)10 months ago002. The Powerful Mangekyō, The Power Of Gods And Time (Please Collect It)10 months ago003. The Bigger The Wind And Waves, The More Expensive The Fish (Please Ask For Flowers)10 months ago004. Konoha Hospital, Mitarashi Anko (Please Ask For Flowers)10 months ago005. Tracking, First Acquaintance With Orochimaru (Please Give Me Flowers)10 months ago006. The Prerequisite For Cooperation, Anti-Fetal Medicine (Please Give Me Flowers)10 months ago007. The Brilliance Of Motherhood, Meeting Sanxiao For The First Time (1/6)10 months ago008. I Namikaze Minato, Soon (2/6)10 months ago009. Uchiha Suke, Minato And Kushina (3/6)10 months ago010. Minato-Kun, Have You Ever Heard Of Boiling Sheep? (Update Added For Tips On 4/6)10 months ago011. Dusty Memories, Uchiha Mikoto (Flowers Added On 5/6)10 months ago012. Heading To The Front Line, Uchiha Suke’S Unexpected Discovery (Flowers Added On 6/6)10 months ago013.Young Figure, Angry (1/6)10 months ago014.Savior, Change Of Mentality (2/6)10 months ago015. Cai Lu, You Don’T Want Xiang Lu To Lose Her Mother, Right? (3/6)10 months ago016. Changes In The System, Beautiful Women And Young Women (More Updates From 4/6 Tips)10 months ago017. Lost Fugaku, Catch The Colorful Phosphorus (5/6 Flowers Will Be Updated)10 months ago018. Greed, Punishment (2Nd Update Of Flowers On 6/6)10 months ago019. Ambition, Power (1St Update)10 months ago020. Rotating Windmill, Exchange For Ninjutsu (2Nd Update)10 months ago021. Pre-Requisite Ninjutsu, Death Of Uchiha Obito (3Rd Update)10 months ago022. Black Zetsu, Cave (4Th Update With Apology)10 months ago023. Unexpected, Orochimaru’S Ambition (5Th Update With Flowers)10 months ago024.Performance, So-Called Preparation (1St Update)10 months ago025. Park City Break, Quarrel (2Nd Update)10 months ago026. Great Changes, Compromise (3Rd Update)10 months ago027. Battlefield Storm, Book Of Sealings (4Th Update With 100 Evaluation Votes Added)10 months ago028. The Hokage’S Power Shows Its Ferocious Power For The First Time (Fifth Update With More Flowers)10 months ago029. Take It Easy And Abolish The Elder System (1St Update)10 months ago030. Use The Other Person's Way To Return The Other Person's Body (2Nd Update)10 months ago031. Heartwarming (3Rd Update)10 months ago032. Red And Anko, A Shocking Morning (4Th Update With 200 Recommendation Votes Plus More)10 months ago033. Mikoto’S Surprise, Topic (5Th Book Review Plus More)10 months ago034.Conditions? Can I Reward You With Your Life? (Flowers Will Be Added In The 6Th Update)10 months ago035. Enraged, Take Action (1St Update)10 months ago036. Attitude Change, A List (2Nd Update)10 months ago037. Vote For A Certificate Of Honor And Stand In Line (3Rd Update)10 months ago038. Approval, Telescope Technique (4Th Update With More Flowers)10 months ago039. The Change Of Uchiha Mikoto, The First Meeting With Itachi (1St Update)10 months ago040. Kushina’S Thoughts, Jie’S Heartbeat (2Nd Update)10 months ago041. Dinner, Thoughts Of Leaving (3Rd Update)10 months ago042. Seeing Nine Tails For The First Time, Her Face Is Pleasant (Fourth Update With More Flowers)10 months ago043. Kurama, Promise (1St Update)10 months ago044. Frontline, Three Landing Points (2Nd Update)10 months ago045. Divide The Troops And Sneak Into The Kingdom Of Water (3Rd Update)10 months ago046. Introduction, How About You Snatch The Bride Over (1St Update)10 months ago047. Pull It Off, Witch (2Nd Update)10 months ago048. That Flower, That Person (3Rd Update)10 months ago049. The Gentleness Of Mizuna Yuezi And The Noisy System (Fourth Update With Additional Flowers)10 months ago050. Three Ways To Increase Emotional Value, Mist Ninja Is Coming (1St Update)10 months ago051.Double Standards Now, Seven People In The Mist Ninja (2Nd Update)10 months ago052. Fateful Encounter, Excited Kushina (3Rd Update)10 months ago053. Golden Flash, The Battle Between Women (Please Order First)10 months ago054. Question, Counterattack (First Order Requested)10 months ago055. Eight Inner Gates, Blue Beast (First Order Requested)10 months ago056. Hidden Benefits Of The Three Major Systems, Guoying (First Order Requested)10 months ago057. Mist Ninja’S Trump Card, Different Changes (First Order Requested)10 months ago058. Day Tiger, Might Dai’S Faith (1St Update, 50Th Order, Additional Update)10 months ago059. Three Tails’ Fear, Trump Card (2Nd Update With More Flowers)10 months ago060. Introduced Susanoo, The Little One Is Very Cute (3Rd Update With 300 Recommendation Votes Plus More)10 months ago061. New Discovery Of The Divine Body, Powerful Killing (4Th Update)10 months ago062. Mizukage Yagura’S Self-Confidence, The Shortcomings Of The Godly Body (5Th Update)6 months ago063. The Way To Crack The God's Body, Mizukage Who Wants To Cry But Has No Tears (6Th Update)6 months ago064. Alliance Of Chanyuan, Xianghai Island (First Update With More Flowers)6 months ago065. Push Further And Switch To Another Battle (2Nd Update)6 months ago066. My Little Daughter-In-Law, I Hope For Peace (3Rd Update)6 months ago067. I Only Force You, The Sad Ex-Hokage (4Th Update)6 months ago068. Terumi Mei’S Fear, Kuo Noisy’S Rap (First Update With More Flowers)6 months ago069. Cloud Shinobi Is Coming, Three Girls (2Nd Update With 100 Additional Songs)6 months ago070. Arrive, Stop (3Rd Update With 400 Recommendation Votes Plus More)6 months ago071. Sarutobi Hiruzen, You Are Old (1St Update)6 months ago072. Arresting People Again, Why Does It Have To Be A Single-Choice Question (2Nd Update)6 months ago073. The Strongest Spear, The Strongest Defense (Third Update)6 months ago074.Ai, You Don’T Want Cloud Shinobi To Disappear Either (4Th Update With Additional Flowers)6 months ago075. Kitten, Black Girl, Blonde Girl (5Th Update)6 months ago076. Majestic, Susanoo! (6Th Update)6 months ago077. Full Of Bad News, Swan Song (First Update With More Flowers)6 months ago078. Good Intentions Lead To Bad Things, The Confused Raikage (2Nd Update)6 months ago079. It’S Not Up To You, The Gap (3Rd Update With 500 Recommendation Votes Plus More)6 months ago080. By Wooden Golem, You Don’T Want Raikage Either.... (4Th Update)6 months ago081. Return To The Land Of Grass, Male Body And Female Heart (5Th Update)6 months ago082. Four Coffins, Orochimaru’S Confidence (6Th Update)6 months ago083. Man In The Coffin, Action (First Update With Flowers)6 months ago084. Uchiha Madara, Witness (2Nd Update With Additional Evaluation Votes)6 months ago085. Hashirama Has Tattoos On His Body, And You Still Say You Don’T Have Me In Your Heart (3Rd Update With Monthly Ticket)6 months ago086. Light Heavy Rock Technique, Secretly Orochimaru (4Th Update)6 months ago087. Stupidity Is Contagious, Obito And Lin (5Th Update)6 months ago088. Kakashi, The Body Of An Immortal (6Th Update, Please Vote For Me)6 months ago089. The Power Of Time, Good Guy Card (1St Update)6 months ago090. The Request For Rescue, The Sixth Sense (2Nd Update)6 months ago091. Cabin In The Rain, Hazy (3Rd Update)6 months ago092. In The Sky, The Big Pervert (200 Flowers Plus More)6 months ago093. Others Are Still Weird, And The Tortoise Is Bundled (Additional Updates With The October Ticket)6 months ago094. Namikaze Minato And Uchiha Suke, The Biggest Loser (10 Automatic Subscriptions For Additional Updates)6 months ago095. Gap, Green Test Tube (1St Update)6 months ago096. Orochimaru’S Ambition, An Experiment (2Nd Update)6 months ago097. Treaty, Soft Knife (3Rd Update)6 months ago098. Ohnoki’S Compromise, The War Ends (200 Flowers Plus Update)6 months ago099. Return To Konoha, Doorman (2000 Flowers Plus More)6 months ago100. A Family, A Big Yard (20,000 Flowers Plus More)6 months ago