Konoha Is Going To Collapse, So Let It Collapse. Why Are You Digging My Coffin?

Konoha Is Going To Collapse, So Let It Collapse. Why Are You Digging My Coffin?


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This book is also known as: "Ninja World Pill! Go to the grave and dig up the old man Ryuuma!" During the turbulent period of the ninja world, Senju Ryuuma awakened his wisdom and found that he was actually the brother of Senju Butsuma and the cheap uncle of the God of Ninja. Unexpectedly, he had just awakened his system and before he could show his skills, a bloodline disease took his life. The sixty-fourth year of Konoha. "Gravedigger" Yakushi Kabuto robbed the grave late at night, wanting to obtain the corpses of the First Generation and Second Generation, but he dug up Senju Ryuuma by mistake. When Konoha collapsed, Orochimaru performed Impure World Reincarnation, but summoned Senju Ryuuma. As a result, Senju Ryuuma lifted Impure World Reincarnation, inherited the name of Hokage, and lived a "second life" again. Orochimaru: "I asked you to dig up the God of Ninjas, but you dug up his ancestors?"

Obito: "I only knew that the God of Ninjas was brave, but I didn't expect his uncle to be even braver."

Kaguya: "There are billions of people in the Ninja World, but only Ryuuma and I are special."

Tsunade: "If I just worship Ryuuma as my master, wouldn't it be a direct double kill for me?"

After unifying the Ninja World, in order to achieve transcendence, Ryuuma invaded other parallel Ninja Worlds...

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Chapter 1, Awakening System, Senju Genius Who Died Early (New Book, Please Give Me Flowers! Please Support!)about 1 month agoChapter 2: Where Leaves Are Flying, There Is Fire Burningabout 1 month agoChapter 3: Chess Moves, Do Your Best And Leave The Rest To Fateabout 1 month agoChapter 4, Chronicles, "Gravedigger" In Action!about 1 month agoChapter 5: Digging In The Small Graveabout 1 month agoChapter 6, Impure World Reincarnation, The Driving Force Behind Konoha's Collapse!about 1 month agoChapter 7, Orochimaru: Who The Hell Is This?about 1 month agoChapter 8, If You Are The Hokage, You Should Be Silently Impure World Reincarnation!about 1 month agoChapter 9, Hidden And Exposed, The Demonic Seal Appears!!about 1 month agoChapter 10: A Dignified Exit, The Truth Behind Konoha's Collapse Planabout 1 month agoChapter 11, A Critical Moment, Gaiden Rinne Tensei Technique!!about 1 month agoChapter 12, Konoha's Desperate Moment, Senju Ryuuma Reborn For A Second Time!about 1 month agoChapter 13: No One Is Bothering You? Then Give Me Your Body!about 1 month agoChapter 14: He Stopped Pretending And Showed His Handabout 1 month agoChapter 15: We Are Already Three Versions Ahead, How Can We Lose?about 1 month agoChapter 16, Come Out And Fight! Beat Up The Yamata No Orochi! !about 1 month agoChapter 17: One-Sided Massacre! Ame No Murakumo, The Snake-Slaying Sword!about 1 month agoChapter 18, Senju Ryuuma, The Next Ninja God!about 1 month agoChapter 19, Senju Tobirama's Endorsement, Competing For Hokage!about 1 month agoChapter 20: The Most Qualified Person To Become Hokageabout 1 month agoChapter 21, Senju Tobirama: You Guys Disappoint Me So Much!about 1 month agoChapter 22: A New Emperor, New Ministers, The Master And The Apprentice Splitabout 1 month agoChapter 23: I Have Something To Say, But I Don’T Know If I Should Say Itabout 1 month agoChapter 24, Fight Back! If I Wanted To Kill You, Would You Still Be Able To Stand And Talk To Me?about 1 month agoChapter 25, Two-Level Reversal, The Old Man Got Slapped In The Face!about 1 month agoChapter 26, Am I A Human Being? Am I A Human Being? !about 1 month agoChapter 27, Please Don’T Leave, Are You Confessing Your Love To Me?about 1 month agoChapter 28, The Executive Deputy Hokage Kowtows And Admits His Mistake And Joins Konoha!about 1 month agoChapter 29, The Final Winner, It’S All A Scheme!about 1 month agoChapter 30, The Way To Resurrection! The Way To Develop The Immortal Body!about 1 month agoChapter 31: Falling Into Vulgarity Is Inevitable, But Romance Lasts Till Deathabout 1 month agoChapter 32, Night Attack, "Deserting" Xi Ri Hongabout 1 month agoChapter 33, Top Fast Boy! A Mouth That Is Harder To Suppress Than Ak!about 1 month agoChapter 34, Uchiha Itachi In Action, Asuma Sentenced To Deathabout 1 month agoChapter 35: Attacked Again! A Wild Kakashiabout 1 month agoChapter 36, Brand New Version! A Little Shock From The Eye Legend!about 1 month agoChapter 37, Save The Trio, I Am The One Who Knows Everything!about 1 month agoChapter 38, What Kind Of Monster Are You? What Kind Of Monster Am I!about 1 month agoChapter 39: When The "Fake Tailed Beast" Meets The "Real Demon God"about 1 month agoChapter 40, The Big King Vs. The Little King, The Son Of The Eye Legend Versionabout 1 month agoChapter 41, Son Of Version? Laozi Is The Only Answer To The Current Versionabout 1 month agoChapter 42: The Twisted Uchiha, The Hokage's Most Effective Toolabout 1 month agoChapter 43: Big Stick, Sweet Date, Subdue Uchiha Itachiabout 1 month agoChapter 44, Distinguished Heavenly Gods Are In Hand, With The Power Of Life And Death, Honor And Disgrace At Will!about 1 month agoChapter 45, Kisame: Itachi-San Abused Me Thousands Of Times, But I Still Treat Him Like My First Loveabout 1 month agoChapter 46, Become Mine, Miss Yuhikuren!about 1 month agoChapter 47, Yuhi Kurenai: From Now On, I Am Willing To Be His Thingabout 1 month agoChapter 48, A Touch Of Sadness, Sarutobi Debuts Under The Stage Name "Ashima"about 1 month agoChapter 49, First Generation "Light And Shadow" And First Generation "Dark Shadow"about 1 month agoChapter 50, Senju Branching Out, Only Tsunade And I Can Rely Onabout 1 month agoChapter 51, Who Will Be The Hokage? Doubts, Investigation, The Truth Behind The Decline Of The Senju!about 1 month agoChapter 52, The Little Sister With The Words Of Righteousness, The Night Of The Sunset Red Bloomingabout 1 month ago