Let You Develop New Energy And Build A Power Station In Space?

Let You Develop New Energy And Build A Power Station In Space?


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Lin Ye traveled through the parallel world and became a researcher at the New Energy Research Institute

When I first entered the institute, the dean assessed the tasks and boldly created and divergent thinking.

Lin Ye understands, the space power station project is being launched...

During the assessment, he took out the research report on the space power station and the recyclable heavy rocket.

The heavy rocket took off and shocked all the leaders!

"I asked you to research new energy, but you built a power station in space?!"

Later, Lin Ye was appointed as the project chief engineer to conduct practical operations and named it: Daily Project!

After hearing about it, Yingjiang, who was far away across the ocean, said disdainfully that Long Guo just likes to brag.

Lin Ye: Now that we have the space power station, does the space city need to be activated? The space elevator, planetary mining ship, and interstellar tourist ship should also be activated.

"Dragon Kingdom has officially entered the space age! The Space Force has been established!"

Seeing the space city and space-based weapons in Blue Star's geostationary orbit, the whole world panicked.

"The Dragon Kingdom doesn't respect martial ethics and quietly occupies space!"

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Chapter 1: Bold Innovation? Learn About The Space Power Station!8 months agoChapter 2: Analysis Of Space Power Station And Recyclable Heavy-Duty Launch Vehicle Technology!8 months agoChapter 3: Finished, The Dean Came To Inspect!8 months agoChapter 4: The Dean Is Numb, This Is A Dyson Ball!8 months agoChapter 5: Is It Difficult To Send It To Space? Learn About Recyclable Heavy Rockets8 months agoChapter 6: You Call This A Model Rocket? ? !8 months agoChapter 7: The Rocket Model Ignites Successfully And Takes Off!8 months agoChapter 8: What A Model! Able To Reach Low Earth Orbit8 months agoChapter 9: Wasn’T It Launched By The Aerospace Department? Who Is That? !8 months agoChapter 10: National Space Administration: We Don’T Know Either!8 months agoChapter 11: The Space Agency Was Shocked And Rushed To The Research Institute Immediately!8 months agoChapter 12: This Is A Model, Not A Real Rocket!8 months agoChapter Thirteen: Arrive At The Intended Orbit And Start Recycling!8 months agoChapter 14: Genius, Be Sure To Let Him Join The Space Agency!8 months agoChapter 15: Recycling Successful, A Historic Moment!8 months agoChapter 16: Is There A Possibility That The Two Can Be Combined?8 months agoChapter 17: Space Solar Power Station? ! Crazy!8 months agoChapter 18: With A Load Of 500 Tons, Crush The Beautiful Country!8 months agoChapter 19: The World Is So Different, Lin Ye Should Be Regarded As A Super Genius!8 months agoChapter 20: The Big Guys Gather Together For The Space Power Station Project!8 months agoChapter 21: The Technology Is Very Mature And Can Be Mass Produced! !8 months agoChapter 22: The Thrust Of The Rocket Is 3,000 Tons, So Terrifying! !8 months agoChapter 23: The Big Guys At The Academy Of Dragon Science Are In Trouble, This Guy Is Taking Over His Job! !8 months agoChapter 24: Are You Crazy? Can A Newly Graduated College Student Do It?8 months agoChapter 25: Someone Posted The Video? Beautiful Nasa Emergency Meeting!8 months agoChapter 26: Big Bosses Petition To Invite Lin Ye To Join! !8 months agoChapter 27: Top Secret Scientific Research Project, Zhuri Project! ! Heavyweight!8 months agoChapter 28: Appoint Lin Ye As Chief Engineer Of Zhuri! !8 months agoChapter 29: The Swearing-In Meeting Starts Every Day! All The Big Guys Were In Tears!8 months agoChapter 30: The Project Is Completed, It’S Time To Make The World Tremble!8 months agoChapter 31: A Miracle In Three Months, This Is The Infrastructure Maniac!8 months agoChapter 32: All The Top Scientists In The Dragon Kingdom Gathered Together And Finally Felt Proud!8 months agoChapter 33: Lin Ye Won The Six Highest Honors In The Dragon Kingdom! The Backbone Of The Dragon Kingdom!8 months agoChapter 34: The Outside World Caused A Huge Sensation, And The Director Came Out To Give His Own Explanation!8 months agoChapter 35: Stop Pretending, Let’S Show Off! Our Dragon Kingdom Will Take Off From Now On! !8 months agoChapter 36: Are All The People In The Dragon Kingdom Liars? Yingjiang Panicked! !8 months agoChapter 37: Dragon Kingdom Is Nothing, We Are Developing A Space Power Station!8 months agoChapter 38: Sakura Country Also Launches Rockets? The World Exploded! !8 months agoChapter 39: The Rocket Launch Is Imminent, And The Netizens Of Sakura Country Can’T Sit Still!8 months agoChapter 40: Sakura Country Launches A Rocket, And The World Pays Attention To The Sky Monkey? ?8 months agoChapter 41: Open The Champagne At Halftime? The Rocket Crashed! ! !8 months agoChapter 42: The Confused Pretty Country, The People Of Sakura Country Collapsed! !8 months agoChapter 43: People’S Accusations, The Leader Of Sakura Country Breaks The Defense! !8 months agoChapter 44: Foreign Netizens Were Shocked, Sakura Country Suffered Heavy Losses! !8 months agoChapter 45: Beautiful Country Transfers Conflicts? The Dragon Kingdom Has Become The Target Of Public Criticism! !8 months agoChapter 46: The Dragon Kingdom Publicly Announced That It Would Make Its First Rocket Flight And Named It Houyi No. 1! !8 months agoChapter 47: A Historic Moment! The First Flight Of Houyi-1 Has Made The Whole Country Excited! ! !8 months agoChapter 48: Arriving At The Designated Orbit And Preparing For Recovery, The Whole World Was Dumbfounded!8 months agoChapter 49: The Beautiful Country Is Panicking! The Space Power Station Is Put Into Orbit, Warm Applause!8 months agoChapter 50: Houyi No. 1 Was Recovered Successfully, Attracting Global Attention! The Beautiful Country Of Sakura Country Has Broken Its Defense! ! !8 months agoChapter 51: Beautiful Country Is Completely Unable To Sit Still! Space Elevator, Nanoscale Materials!8 months agoChapter 52: Shocked Academician! Nanomaterials Are Enough To Cause War!8 months agoChapter 53: Space Power Station Used As A Weapon! Pointing Directly At The Beautiful Country!8 months agoChapter 54: The Beautiful Country Sakura Is Seeking Death? Then It Will Be Fulfilled For You! !8 months agoChapter 55: Mass Bleeding In Sakura Country! The Dragon Kingdom Does Not Respect Martial Ethics! !8 months agoChapter 56: The Laser Destroyed The Spy Satellite, And The Beautiful Country Was Completely Dumbfounded! !8 months agoChapter 57: The 500-Ton Cargo Order Was Successfully Launched! Gangben Panicked! !8 months agoChapter 58: The World Explodes! ! ! We Have A Space Power Station! !8 months agoChapter 59: High-Energy Laser Beam Falls From The Sky! Global Panic! ! !8 months agoChapter 60: Global Shock! ! The Dragon Kingdom Has Alien Technology!8 months agoChapter 61: Space Power Station Exposed! The Huge High-Energy Laser Beam Comes From The Dragon Kingdom? ! !8 months agoChapter 62: Space Elevator Project Approved! Horrible Nanomaterials! Global Shock! !8 months agoChapter 63: The Director Of The Beautiful Country Vomited Blood! ! Want To Strongly Condemn The Dragon Kingdom? !8 months agoChapter 64: The United Nations Is Convened In A Global Emergency! Please Give An Explanation To Long Guo! ! !8 months agoChapter 65: Is Long Guo Crazy? ! High-Energy Laser Beam Attacks Beautiful Country Territory! Mike Panicked!8 months agoChapter 66: Global Uproar! The Dragon Kingdom Is The Great Power! ! !8 months agoChapter 67: The Laser Destroys The City In One Second. Is This A Power Station? ! ! This Is A Space-Based Cannon!8 months agoChapter 68: The Space Elevator Is The Long-Awaited Return! What Does The Beautiful Country Do To Play With The Dragon Country? ! Space City Analysis Complete!8 months agoChapter 69: The Extremely Spectacular Space Elevator Made Everyone Around The World Stupid. The Dragon Kingdom Does Not Respect Martial Ethics! ! !8 months agoChapter 70: A Terrifying Project, Dragon Kingdom Needs An Explanation To The World! ! !8 months agoChapter 71: Experience The Space Elevator! The Beautiful Satellite Made A Major Discovery! !8 months agoChapter 72: Complete Exposure! The Dragon Kingdom Is So Hidden, And The Sakura Kingdom Is Being Tricked! !8 months agoChapter 73: The Space Elevator Takes Off! The Space Exploration And Tourism Bureau Is Born! !8 months agoChapter 74: Space-Based Weapons Capable Of Destroying The World, Causing Panic In The World! !8 months agoChapter 75: Exposed! The Dragon Kingdom Announced To The World That It Has Officially Entered The Space Age! ! !8 months agoChapter 76: Dragon Kingdom’S Domineering Response! Daily Project Exposure! ! !8 months agoChapter 77: Dragon Kingdom’S Technology That Shocked The World! Scientists Around The World Are Confused! !8 months agoChapter 78: The Director Of The New Energy Research Institute Takes Action, And American Scientists Break The Defense!8 months agoChapter 79: Global Scientists Are Panicking! Director Mike Was So Angry That He Vomited Blood!8 months agoChapter 80: Sorry, Our Technology Is Not Only Advanced, But Also Very Low Cost! ! !8 months agoChapter 81: 3Km/S Space Elevator! Space Tourism Promotional Picture! !8 months agoChapter 82: Long Guo: I Just Like The Way You Can’T Stand Me But Can’T Kill Me!8 months agoChapter 83: Dragon Kingdom’S Counterattack! ! Gravity Space City Research Report!8 months agoChapter 84: Lin Ye: With Just One Move, I Will Reach The Limit Of World Technology!8 months agoChapter 85: The Sense Of Oppression From Longguo Technology! [Gravity Space City] Exposed! !8 months agoChapter 86: Super High-Tech [Artificial Gravity Device]? ! The Space Exploration And Tourism Bureau Is Officially Launched! !8 months agoChapter 87: Lin Ye Officially Takes Office As Director! Disclose The Situation Of Space Tourism In Dragon Kingdom! !8 months agoChapter 88: Space Elevator Exposed! The Whole World Was Shocked, Dragon Kingdom Realized Manned Space Tourism!8 months agoChapter 89: Shocking The Whole World! ! The Most Spectacular Space Elevator! Science Fiction Comes To Reality? !8 months agoChapter 90: Lin Ye: We Already Have A Space Elevator, So Building A Space City Isn’T Too Much, Right?8 months agoChapter 91: Shocked Academicians! The Largest Project Of Mankind, The Heavenly Project! !8 months agoChapter 92: Hard-To-Get Space Tourism! The Whole Live Broadcast Is Popular All Over The World! !8 months agoChapter 93: A Big Earthquake In The Entire Scientific World! Scientists Around The World Are Panicking! !8 months agoChapter 94: Sensational Moment, Lin Ye: I Will Give You Time To Catch Up Until You Are Out Of Sight!8 months agoChapter 95: Faster Than A Rocket! ! The Whole Network Exploded, A Miracle For Mankind! !8 months agoChapter 96: Global Shock! Even Science Fiction Would Not Dare To Shoot Like This! A Beautiful Chinese Satellite Was Discovered!8 months agoChapter 97: The Full Picture Of The Space Elevator Power Station Is Exposed, And The Top Leaders Of The Beautiful Country Are Panicking! !8 months agoChapter 98: The Technology Was Too Advanced And The Scientists Collapsed! ! Start Building A Space City!8 months agoChapter 99: General Mobilization Of 200,000 Engineers! The Leaders Are Confused. This Is The Largest Project In The History Of The World! !8 months agoChapter 100: [Gravity Space City] Exposed! Create A Space Force! A Global Sensation! !8 months ago