Live Broadcast: I, The Offensive Viewer!

Live Broadcast: I, The Offensive Viewer!


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When Shen Fei woke up, she found that she had become a viewer in someone else's live broadcast room, and was bound to a positive energy system.

As long as you generate positive energy and collect other people's resentment points, you can redeem rewards.

Wilderness Survival Anchor: "Challenge 72 hours of survival on a desert island, eh? There is a snake here, and today's dinner is saved!"

Shen Fei: "You may not believe it, but this is a small python, a national first-level protected animal. Anchor, you are going to feel cold!"

"Ding dong! Congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining the resentment value +100!"


Chicken Soup for the Soul anchor: "Stranger, if you are in a difficult situation, please don't **, hold on, there will be a strong force to support you."

Shen Fei: "Is this kind of power called wanting to die but not daring to die?"

"Ding dong! Congratulations to the host for successfully obtaining the resentment value +100!"



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Chapter 1: Traveling Through Time To Become A Live Broadcast Room Audience?7 months agoChapter 2: Anchor’S Wilderness Survival?7 months agoChapter 3: If You Don’T Say Anything Shocking, You Will Die Without Stopping, A High-Powered Early Warning!7 months agoChapter 4: If You Pretend To Beep, You Will Be Struck By Lightning. The Live Broadcast Depends On The Almanac!7 months agoChapter 5: The Incident Is Fermenting And The Whole Network Is Hotly Discussed!7 months agoChapter 6: The Moon Is At Five O'clock In The Morning, Are You Sure You Want Me To Blow It?7 months agoChapter 7: Without Martial Ethics, People’S Hearts Will Not Be The Same!7 months agoChapter 8: The Light Of The Righteous Path Is Extinguished!7 months agoChapter 9: You Are So Sorry For Being A Human Being!7 months agoChapter 10: Shen Zuntun Opened Fire, This Killer Is A Bit Cold!7 months agoChapter 11: There Is No One Above And All Living Beings Below. The Female Anchor Cried!7 months agoChapter 12: The Anchor’S Nightmare, Ragnarok!7 months agoChapter 13: Are You Stupid?7 months agoChapter 14: What I Learned From Yenching Academy, The Youth I Can’T Get Back!7 months agoChapter 15: A Fierce Confrontation And A Tense Situation!7 months agoChapter 16: Show Off Your Face, Monster Shen Fei!7 months agoChapter 17: Men Always Struggle With Three Sentences To Stop A Child From Crying At Night!7 months agoChapter 18: Extreme Gambling! Electric Guitar With Rap, Enjoy The Music Style!7 months agoChapter 19: This Is The Music Of The New Era! This Is The Stage For Young People!7 months agoChapter 20: Children, Do You Have Many Questions?7 months agoChapter 21: First Fire A Wushuang, Then Throw A Deep Sea Bomb!7 months agoChapter 22: Winning The Bet, A Human Tragedy!7 months agoChapter 23: Anchor Harvester, Crazy Parents!7 months agoHas Anyone Read This Book?7 months agoChapter 24: This Is The World Of Adults!7 months agoChapter 25: As The Incident Unfolds, Do You Feel Like You Can Do It Again?7 months agoChapter 26: The Rules Of The World: Be Careful Not To Be Struck By Lightning When Filling A Cup!7 months agoChapter 27: Sunglasses, Cigars, Big Gold Chain, What Kind Of Scenes Have I Not Seen In Society?7 months agoChapter 28: By Words And Deeds, Shen Fei Will Tell You How Sinister The Human Heart Can Be!7 months agoChapter 29: Sharpening The Knife And Sharpening The Knife, The Parent-Teacher Meeting Begins!7 months agoChapter 30: The Arena Is Not About Fighting And Killing, It Is About Human Relationships!7 months agoChapter 31: Crazy Shen Fei, Long Live Demacia!7 months agoChapter 32: Working As A Worker, How Does It Feel To Spend Money To Work For Others?7 months agoChapter 33: The Crowd Is Furious, Jiang Is Still Hotter Than Ever!7 months agoChapter 34: Kill The Chicken To Scare The Monkeys, Kill With One Strike!7 months agoChapter 35: Events Fermented, The Shady Story Of The Times!7 months agoChapter 36: The Energy Of The People Who Eat Melons, The Legendary Retribution In This World!7 months agoChapter 37: The Farce Is Over!7 months agoChapter 38: Your Current Achievements Are All Due To The Support Of Your Peers!7 months agoChapter 39: According To Ancient Legends, Master Shen Changed His Name Online!7 months agoChapter 40: Master Yi Retreats In Shock, The Resentment Value Surges!7 months agoChapter 41: If Those Two Words Didn’T Tremble...7 months agoChapter 42: Going Through A Bumpy Road In This Life Is Shen Fei’S Trick!7 months agoChapter 43: The Crazy Takeaway Boy? Or A Talented Singer Who Is A Hidden Gem In The Ocean?7 months agoChapter 44: Empty Excuse, Shen Fei Comes To Kuchan Temple!7 months agoChapter 45: Fate Brings Us Together Outside Of Troubled Times...7 months agoChapter 46: Opening A Forum To Teach The Dharma, A Sure-Fire Business!7 months agoChapter 47: A Little Life Tip Every Day, Have You Failed To Learn It Today?7 months agoChapter 48: A Big Bet, The Demon Will Ask You If You Dare!7 months agoChapter 49: The Golden Buddha Sheds Tears, This Evildoer Really Can’T Control Himself!7 months agoChapter 50: Existence May Not Be Reasonable, But Existence Must Have Its Meaning!7 months agoChapter 51: A Wonderful Rejuvenation, Kuchan Temple Lost Both His Wife And Soldiers!7 months agoChapter 52: Knowledge Contest, Shen Fei Who Is Not Doing His Job Properly!7 months agoChapter 53: Sang Yu Comes To The Door, I Think You Are Just Thinking About The Hua Zi In My Hand!7 months agoChapter 54: Are Dozens Of Dollars Money To Me? How Funny, Riding On A Horse Is Your Life!7 months agoComments On The Launch! ! !7 months agoChapter 55: Knowledge Competition, The Gradually Degenerating Sang Yuluo!7 months agoChapter 56: Why Was The Patient Able To Be Sent To Nanshan Hospital Alive?7 months agoChapter 57: The Grace Of Those Few Needles Arrives At Yenching Academy!7 months agoChapter 58: The Competition Begins, The Fallen Xiaowei!7 months agoChapter 59: A Little Loli Who Is Capable Of Literature And Martial Arts, A Top Scholar In Arts And Science Without Any Cards!7 months agoChapter 60: Come On, Let’S Challenge Each Other, I’Ll Challenge You All!7 months agoChapter 61: When It Comes To Talent, I, Shen Fei, Have Always Been Alone In Seeking Defeat!7 months agoChapter 62: The Pain That One Should Not Experience At This Age, Such A Terminal Disease...7 months agoChapter 63: Why Is Poor Beep So Embarrassed? Poor Beep Is Another Big Gamble!7 months agoChapter 64: The Big Guys Collectively Lost Their Voices, A Suffocating Gambling Game!7 months agoChapter 65: The Truth Is Always In The Hands Of Normal People!7 months agoChapter 66: Who Is Abnormal? Identity Exposed!7 months agoChapter 67: The Rapidly Changing Situation That Is The Target Of Public Criticism!7 months agoChapter 68: The Deeper Meaning Of Attacking A City First And Only Envying Mandarin Ducks But Not Immortals!7 months agoChapter 69: You Think Shen Fei Is On The Fifth Layer, But He Is Actually In The Atmosphere!7 months agoChapter 70: True Strength, The Path To Becoming A God From A Scumbag!7 months agoChapter 71: It Doesn’T Matter Whether You Are A Scumbag Or Not, Ugliness Is The Original Sin!7 months agoChapter 72: Four Match Points, Knowledge Changes Destiny!7 months agoChapter 73: The Game Is Over, Qing Qiu Is Shocked!7 months agoChapter 74: You May Not Lose, But Shen Fei Will Definitely Make A Profit!7 months agoChapter 75: Arrive At The Hospital, Throw The Blame Away If They Disagree!7 months agoChapter 76: With A Thought Of Hell, Shen Fei Takes Action!7 months agoChapter 77: The King Of Hell Told You To Die At The Third Watch, Who Dares To Keep You Until The Fifth Watch? I Dare7 months agoChapter 78: The Salted Fish Flying On The Chopping Board, The Latest News From All Sides!7 months agoChapter 79: Mars Hits The Earth, A Fateful Contest!7 months agoChapter 80: Pairing Cephalosporin With Wine Is A Bit High!7 months agoChapter 81: The Second Confrontation In The Field Of Literature, The Difference Between Having Money And Having No Money!7 months agoChapter 82: The Culture Of The Dragon Kingdom Is Extensive And Profound, And Its Language Has A Long History!7 months agoChapter 83: A Battle Between Rich People? What Did I, Shen Haofei, Say?7 months agoChapter 84: Shen Fei Is In Your Hands, So You Don’T Have To Worry About Getting Zero Marks In The Exam!7 months agoChapter 85: Look, I Said Longing Is A Disease~7 months agoChapter 86: On The Hot Search List, Shi Fan’S Choice!7 months agoChapter 87: Apply Oil To The Soles Of Your Feet, It Turns Out You Are Like This Shi Fan!7 months agoChapter 88: Can A Person Do Anything When Forced? I’M Afraid I Can’T Do The Math Questions!7 months agoChapter 89: The Only Thing Missing From My Child's Departure From Huaqing Is Such A Responsible Teacher!7 months agoChapter 90: The King Of The Canyon Is So Terrifying!7 months agoChapter 91: The Unspeakable Pain Of Adults!7 months agoChapter 92: You Took The Landlord’S Surplus Grain And Asked The Landlord To Work As A Long-Term Laborer For You!7 months agoChapter 93: A Layoff Tip Every Day, Have You Failed To Learn It Today?7 months agoChapter 94: You Are Not Depressed, You Are Really Miserable!7 months agoChapter 95: Medical Accident, Mr. Xin’S Redemption!7 months agoChapter 96: The Young Master Of The Historian Who Is True To His Word, Keeps His Promise And Has A Lot Of Money, But Has A Troubled Life!7 months agoChapter 97: New Biotechnology Research And Development Meeting, Dark Qingqiu!7 months agoChapter 98: The Bull Warrior Never Takes Off His Mask!7 months ago