Lost Gun In Street Test? I Caught My Leg And Broke It!

Lost Gun In Street Test? I Caught My Leg And Broke It!


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In a parallel world, a street test program became popular all over the Internet.

In order to attract people's attention, the program team decided to upgrade the prank and come up with new tricks!

Let the staff pretend to be the killer and pretend to inadvertently drop the "murder weapon" on the street to test the reactions of surrounding passers-by.

On this day, Qin Tian, ​​who had just joined the criminal police force and awakened the "hatred of evil system", was patrolling the streets.

Suddenly, I saw a pistol falling out of the passerby’s bag in front of me!

"Fucking first-class merit!" Qin Tian was instantly full of energy and sprinted 100 meters to catch up with the escaping killer actor!

If caught, he will violently output and break the opponent's legs on the spot!

The actor fell to the ground and wailed: "I'm just kidding you, and you actually kill me?"

Qin Tian: "Stop talking nonsense! You are suspected of endangering public safety! Three years starting, the maximum penalty is death! If you dare to arrest, you will be shot to death on the spot!"

Netizens were dumbfounded: "A new way to commit suicide on the streets. The police break your legs when caught! It's a very cruel punishment!"

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