Martial Arts Has Been Infinitely Simplified. I Was Crowned King Before The College Entrance Examination.

Martial Arts Has Been Infinitely Simplified. I Was Crowned King Before The College Entrance Examination.


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In the extraordinary world, martial arts can be infinitely simplified! Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times... Lin Ran felt it was still troublesome, so he simply simplified it to his body's instinct!

[Dainichi Gene Method Simplifies Cost Function: Blood Flows]

[Heavy-armored body-breaking simplified cost function: heart beating]

[The World-Destroying Thunder Technique simplifies the cost function: the brain generates electrical signals]

Lin Ran said, I understand, living means becoming stronger!

How can we stop this path of rise!

Citywide league, targeting multiple teams? Block the airport alone and finish the race early!

The beast king is rampant and slaughters millions of people? Travel a hundred thousand miles with a sword and return with your head lifted!

Resurrection of the restricted area, dark turmoil? Everyone who enters the country will be killed, and the gods will also die!

A year passed, and Lin Ran was crowned the king, and his power was overwhelming. Until this day, Lin Ran, who received a letter of application list for the college entrance examination, fell silent.

How about a trip?

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Chapter 1 Practicing Martial Arts Is About The Same As Calculating How A Chicken And A Rabbit Live In The Same Cage As A Senior High School Student.6 months agoChapter 2 Is Blood Flowing Instinctively? I Understand, You Will Become Stronger While You Are Alive6 months agoChapter 3 Boy, Is This Offline Real Anchor Real Enough?6 months agoChapter 4 Is The Blood Beast Martial Arts School Just Like That? Meeting Me Is Extraordinary!6 months agoChapter 5 What Kind Of Monster Is Here?6 months agoChapter 6 Thanks To The Improvement Of Shengxia’S Criminal Law6 months agoChapter 7 Don’T You Think You Can’T Reach Such A High Level?6 months agoChapter 8 Uncle Ye, I Made A Mistake, I Am Not A Quasi-Warrior6 months agoChapter 9 What Is The Wrath Of Heaven? No One Makes A Sound When You Touch It.6 months agoChapter 10 Anchor’S Play Is Real6 months agoChapter 11 The Anchor Is Too Strong To Be True6 months agoChapter 12: Kryptonian Medicine In Battle, Even God Can’T Suppress Me6 months agoChapter 13 You Can Call Me Bad, But You, Brother Lin, Are Really Bad.6 months agoChapter 14 The Inherent Impression Must Be Reasonable, Such As () Big () Brain6 months agoChapter 15 When The Electric Light Blooms In The Dark Eyes, It Is The Sky Roaring6 months agoChapter 16 I Don’T Need To Do This Again In This Battle6 months agoChapter 17 Mayflies And Heaven And Earth6 months agoChapter 18 It’S Just The Second Bone Tempering! Hold The Handle In Hand6 months agoChapter 19 I Took A Little Action And Transformed Into A Super Second Person6 months agoChapter 20 Can You Blame Me? The More You Touch, The More Numb You Will Be.6 months agoChapter 21 I Want To Go On! I Will Go On!6 months agoChapter 22 Lin Ran Is A Strategy, And It Is Worth Giving Up Many Battles For This Purpose6 months agoChapter 23 If I Resort To Bone Tempering Three Times, How Should You Respond?6 months agoChapter 24 The Power Of A Cement Tanker!6 months agoChapter 25 I Have Tempered My Bones Three Times, And You Want To Compare Your Strength With Me?6 months agoChapter 26 A Little Action Is Already The Upper Limit Of The Current Realm6 months agoChapter 27 Challenge Outside School! Invincible In The Same Situation!6 months agoChapter 28 If The Only Opponent You Co-Write Is Yourself, Then The Instructor Will Have To Pay For His Old Savings.6 months agoChapter 29 There Are Always Big Trees Rising Into The Sky6 months agoChapter 30 Am I Not Surprised? Practice, Which Is Not Difficult In The First Place, Becomes Easier!6 months agoChapter 31 You, A Student, Are Destined To Make A Fortune6 months agoChapter 32 I Am Seventeen This Year, With My Hands In My Pockets, I Don’T Know What An Opponent Is.6 months agoChapter 33 If You Are Not Frivolous When You Are Young, Should You Call Me Mo To Bully The Young Man Into Being Poor?6 months agoChapter 34 The Promised Challenge, What The Hell Is It A Teaching Bureau?6 months agoChapter 35 If I Can Bring This Flag, It Can Stand6 months agoChapter 36 Where Are The Anchor’S Hands? Oh, He's Pretending!6 months agoChapter 37 I Said, Don’T Worry, This Is Also A Beginning6 months agoChapter 38 Within One Day, I Will Sweep Across6 months agoChapter 39 I Am Enough Alone. If You Don’T Accept It, You Will Try To Die.6 months agoChapter 40 When I Go All Out, The Challenge Becomes A Personal Show6 months agoChapter 41 There Is Only One Reason For Sweeping The Three Major Schools, I Am Better Than Everyone Else6 months agoChapter 42 It’S Time For You To Meet The Real Boss6 months agoChapter 43 Black Abyss Needs A New Leader To Reappear In The World6 months agoChapter 44 I’M Going To Look Down At The Same Mirror, You Want Me To Be A Chess Piece?6 months agoChapter 45 If You Want To Be Noticed, Climb To The Top Of The Pyramid6 months agoChapter 46 Two Chapters Combined Into One, My Concession Is To Allow You To Join Forces6 months agoChapter 47 Let You Train, And You Will Make All The Instructors Break Their Defenses6 months agoChapter 48 With The Speed Of My Progress...It’S Not Hard, I Even Want To Laugh6 months agoChapter 49 No Restrictions, Still Invincible6 months agoChapter 50 I’M Not Impatient, I’M Impatient Because The Wrath Of Heaven Enters Too Quickly6 months agoChapter 51 The Sun After The Rain Will Only Get Hotter And Hotter6 months agoChapter 52 The Title Of Outspoken Invincible Still Holds Up6 months agoChapter 53 Is This Strength Good? There Is A Limit To Showing Off!6 months agoChapter 54 Everyone Has The Right To Remain Silent6 months agoChapter 55 The Boy Under The Black Umbrella Wants To Enforce Rules, But The Boy Under The Red Umbrella Sees Himself As A God6 months agoChapter 56 I Want To Rise Faster And Become Unstoppable In The World6 months agoChapter 57: Pretending To Meet The King, Feeling Very Sad6 months agoChapter 58 Geniuses Are Different! The Boss’S Belief Will Be Shaken6 months agoChapter 59 He Will Definitely Let The Black Abyss Reappear In The World6 months agoChapter 60 Use This To Test Me? What Idiot Can't Stand Such A Test?6 months agoChapter 61 It’S Not That I Want More. With My Strength Here, There’S Nothing I Can Do About It.6 months agoChapter 62: Stirring Up The Show At The Exchange Meeting6 months agoChapter 63 I Only Need A Promise From You6 months agoChapter 64 Teenagers Are Different From Each Other6 months agoChapter 65 There Are (Lin) People (Ran) Who Are Born To Be In Town.6 months agoChapter 66 You Still Can’T Take Down The Flag I Set Up!6 months agoChapter 67 Even The Sea Can’T Hold Him Down! If You Are Not Being Suppressed, You Have To Burn Incense And Worship Buddha.6 months ago