Master, Please Respect Yourself, My Disciple Just Wants To Become An Immortal

Master, Please Respect Yourself, My Disciple Just Wants To Become An Immortal


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After the battle, a beautiful woman looks at you coldly and raises the sword in her hand to kill you. At this time, you...

"Choice 1: Being misunderstood as a Demon Dao monk, he turned around and ran away. He escaped successfully and received the Apex Level Divine Ability reward: [Heavenly Demon Disintegration Dafa]."

"Option 2: Quietly reveal your immortality roots, explain your identity, be accepted as a disciple by Dongfang Lengyue, and receive a skill reward: [Divine Level Alchemy Technique]."

After being accepted as a disciple by Dongfang Lengyue, Chen Changan was brought back to the Immortality Sect and truly came into contact with the Immortal Cultivation World. From now on, he set a goal: practice hard and become an immortal!

Until one night, the beautiful and aloof Dongfang Lengyue suddenly broke into his Cave Mansion...

"Master, please respect yourself, my disciple just wants to become an immortal!"

Dongfang Lengyue blushed, "What do you call it? I'm a teacher and I'm not just here to help you cultivate as an immortal!"

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Chapter 1: Divine Level Cultivation System, Refreshing The Roots Luck!8 months agoChapter 2: Chaos Spirit Root, Longevity Sutra, The Life Of Cultivating Immortals Begins!8 months agoChapter 3: Damn Charm, Reward Thunder Sword Talisman!8 months agoAsking For Flowers, Asking For Tickets, Asking For All Kinds Of Things! ! !8 months agoChapter 4: Hate Value 100, Enemies, Interpersonal Relationships!8 months agoChapter 5: The Thunder Sword Talisman Kills People, The Guarding Inner Disciples Plan!8 months agoChapter 6: Kill Liu Ming, And The Hidden Dragon Finally Leaves The Spiritual Mine!8 months agoChapter 7: Little Qi Refining Dares To Show Off His Cleverness In Front Of Me!8 months agoChapter 8: Demon Dao, A Monk To Be Punished, A Stunning Woman!8 months agoChapter 8: Demon Dao, A Monk To Be Punished, A Stunning Woman!8 months agoChapter 9: The Magnificent Female Swordswoman Becomes Apprentice To Dongfang Lengyue!8 months agoChapter 10: Becoming An Immortal Is Already A Legend. I Have Five Female Masters?8 months agoChapter 11: The Pink-Haired Girl Will Definitely Do It, Senior Sister, Please Stay!8 months agoChapter 12: I Have No Strength, So Cultivating Immortality In A Low-Key Manner Is The Way To Go!8 months agoChapter 13: After Receiving The Entry Gift Pack, Do You Have Plans For Feixian Peak?8 months agoChapter 14: Ye Hongying, Chen Changan’S Second Master!8 months agoChapter 15: The Immortal Cultivation World Is Far More Sinister Than Jianghu, So Don’T Be Careless!8 months agoChapter 16: How Boring It Would Be If Life Was All About Cultivating Immortality!8 months agoChapter 17: Notes On Cultivating Immortals, Cleaning Up Trophies, Remaining Blood Magic!8 months agoChapter 18: I Want Heavenly Dao Foundation Building, 99+ Unread Messages!8 months agoChapter 19: In Addition To Being Your Master, I Also Want To Be Your Sister!8 months agoChapter 20: Concubine Yu, Qin Chaoyan, Shi Yuhuan, Became An Immortal According To Ancient Books!8 months agoChapter 21: Special Supreme Grade Clear Qi Pill, Junior Brother Misses You!8 months agoChapter 22: Chen Changan Who Reads Thousands Of Books, Travels Thousands Of Miles, And Studies Hard!8 months agoChapter 23: Wanbao Market, Buy Items For Cultivating Immortals!8 months agoChapter 24: Analysis, I Wonder How Much Senior Sister Knows About Ten Thousand Demons Villa?8 months agoChapter 25: An Alternative Thunder Talisman, Gu Lingshui Accepted His Fate!8 months agoChapter 26: Backed By The Soul Formation Boss, Lihuo Suit, And Elder Xing!8 months agoChapter 27: Demon Suppression Tower, The Demon Poison Attacks, I Can’T Afford It!8 months agoChapter 28: Gu Lingshui’S Story, The Fate Of Death!8 months agoChapter 29: I Hope To Get To Know You In The Next Life. I Want To Be Your Taoist Companion!8 months agoChapter 30: Dongfang Lengyue Is Back, Elder Xing Is Afraid To Apologize!8 months agoChapter 31: Just Practice And Leave The Materials For Heavenly Dao Foundation Building To Master!8 months agoChapter 32: Qi Refining Sixth Layer Heaven, Senior Sister Gu’S Storage Bag!8 months agoChapter 33: Mother, Ling Shui Doesn’T Want To Die!8 months agoChapter 34: Opening Up Interpersonal Relationships, The Power Of Soul Formation Is Terrifying!8 months agoChapter 35: Let’S Go Back To The Drawing Board And Try Again. I’Ll Teach You How To Make Alchemy When You Have Time!8 months agoChapter 36: The Dharma Couple’S Wealth, Eleven Supreme Grade Clear Qi Pills!8 months agoChapter 37: Supreme Grade Raises Spirit Pill, Immortal Dao Swears To Be A Villain Before A Gentleman!8 months agoChapter 37: Supreme Grade Raises Spirit Pill, Immortal Dao Swears To Be A Villain Before A Gentleman!8 months agoChapter 38: Inner Disciple Wang Yan, Another Demon Dao Spy!8 months agoChapter 39: Something Happened In Demon Suppression Tower, Go To Qingyun Ancient City!8 months agoChapter 40: The Hunter In The Dark, Life And Death In An Instant!8 months agoChapter 41: The Ten-Nail Soul-Killing Technique, Destroying Souls And Raising Ashes In One Dragon!8 months agoChapter 42: Arriving At Qingyun Ancient City, Something Delayed Me On The Way!8 months agoChapter 43: Gift Yang Yunxian Tea, A Big Deal!8 months agoChapter 44: 1.77 Million Spiritual Stones, Spiritual Object List, Thunder Winged Venomous Bee!8 months agoChapter 45: Gu Lingshui Has A Sweetheart, The Mission Of Twelve Heavenly Demon!8 months agoChapter 46: Auction, The Third Master Appears!8 months agoChapter 47: Asking Master To Be Your Wife Is Simply Treason!8 months agoChapter 48: The Auction Is In Progress, Concubine Yu Is Advertising!8 months agoChapter 49: Stay Overnight In The Mountains, Poppy, Don’T Waste This Good Skin!8 months agoComments On The Launch!8 months agoChapter 50: Beauty, Let Me Undress You! [Please Order First! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 51: Nascent Soul Kills You Thousands Of Miles Away, Concubine Yu, You Have To Be Obedient! [Please Subscribe! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 52: What Should I Do If I Feel Empty And Lonely? Animals, Please Don’T Take Off My Clothes! ! !8 months agoChapter 53: Having Physical Contact With Him, Concubine Yu Is Thinking Wildly, It’S Terrible! [Please Subscribe! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 54: Playing, Such A Charming And Beautiful Girl, Why Is She Here? [Please Subscribe! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 55: What A Vixen, With Ulterior Motives, Young Man’S Tail Juice! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 56: Shy Woman, This Is What A Man Looks Like, I Will Abandon You! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 57: Dongfang Lengyue Takes Action. Does The Young Master Want To Abandon The Beauty In His Arms? [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoIntermission! (There Is No Charge For This Chapter)8 months agoChapter 58: The Mask Is Revealed, The Goblin Who Brings Disaster To The Country And The People, The Powerful Fairy! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 59: Little Coquettish Hoof, The System Upgraded Version 2.0, The Weird Stone Door! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 60: Brother Chang'an, I Will Feed You The Hatched Thunder-Winged Poisonous Bees And The Tamed Ghost-Faced Fairy Mosquitoes! [Please Order In Full! ]8 months agoChapter 61: The Cultivation Of One Man And Two Women, The Transcending Tribulation Heavenly Venerable, The Ownership Of The Immortal Mansion! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 62: How Could You Do Such A Thing To Chang'an, Two Years Have Passed, Xiao Jin And Xiao Zi! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 63: Chen Changan, A Ten-Year Promise, The Jade Buddhist Gate And The Golden Buddha! [Please Subscribe! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 64: Gu Lingshui’S Feelings, Confession? Kill Wang Yan And The Immortality Sect Is In Danger! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 65: Sister Likes You So Much, Chen Changan’S First Taoist Companion Bond! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 66: My Little Wife Is Looking For You, And My Sister’S Saliva Doesn’T Stink. If You Don’T Believe Me, Just Smell It! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 67: Young Master, You Are Hurting Me, What A Monster, A Mighty Dragon! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 68: You Will Regret Everything You Do, The Good Things The System Rewards! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 69: Junior Brother, You Should Know What I Want Without Telling You! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 70: After Pouring A Bowl Of Ecstasy Soup, The Most Poisonous Master Hongying, Something Unexpected Happened! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 71: A Catastrophe Is Approaching For The Immortality Religion. If People Don’T Care For Themselves, They Will Be Destroyed By Heaven And Earth! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 72: Love Is Always There In The Face Of Thousands Of Rivers And Mountains, Can You Give Me A Way To Survive? [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 73: After Two Years Of Hard Training, The Gold Core Is Achieved, The Ten Thousand Demons Palace And The Demon-Slaying Alliance Arrive, And Sunset City Arrives! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 74: Qin Chaoyan, Chen Changan’S Third Master, Nascent Soul Demonic Cultivator Is Going To Massacre The City! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 75: Seeing An Old Friend, The Clay Bodhisattva Crosses The River And Cannot Protect Himself! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 76: Battle In The City, Nine-Color Gold Core, Feng Wuxie Died! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 77: Dividing The Spoils, Killed By A Gold Core, How Is This Possible? ! [Please Customize! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 78: The Fat In Demonic Cultivator’S Eyes, Apprehend Chen Changan! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 79: Smelly Bitch, I’Ll Let You Go After A Few Nights With Me! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 80: Ruthless Woman, This Wave Of Corpse Picking Is Very Profitable! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 81: Chen Changan’S Family, A Way Out For Rao Nu’S Family, Chen Family Fort! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 82: The Little Sister’S Disgusted Eyes, Brother, You Have Become Ugly! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 83: The Three Nascent Soul Protectors Have Arrived, Search For Methods! [Please Order In Full! ! ! ]8 months agoChapter 84: Chen Changan Is Confident And The Arrangements Are Being Made!8 months agoChapter 85: Annihilate The Earth, Reach The Sky!8 months agoChapter 86: The Price, Half The Life Span, Heavenly Demon Law Manifestation!8 months agoChapter 87! Second Brother, I Want To Be With You, Second Brother Is So Annoying!8 months agoChapter 88: Gu Jiuyou’S Shock Made Yunzhou Famous!8 months agoChapter 89: Clouds Are Moving In All Directions, The Uncle Of Yaozhou!8 months agoChapter 90: Everyone Gets It And Kills It!8 months agoChapter 91: A Group Of Ants Dare To Speak Nonsense!8 months agoChapter 92: Senior, Need Some Babies!8 months agoChapter 93: The Lion Opened His Mouth, Who Is This Person?8 months agoChapter 94: Are You Delaying The Opportunity On Purpose?8 months agoChapter 95: This Damn Thing Is Life-Threatening!8 months ago