Metropolis: I Can Modify The Production Date Of Everything!

Metropolis: I Can Modify The Production Date Of Everything!


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【Ding! A scrapped Ferrari was replaced by a brand new Ferrari! 】【Ding! The bronze sword from last week was changed to the bronze sword from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty! 】【Ding! One day of Tai Chi experience is changed to six thousand years of Tai Chi experience! 】【Ding! The 2021 computer has been changed to the 3021 smart optical computer! 】

After obtaining the production date modification system of all things, Lin Xuan's life became too magical.

money? antique? Future appliances? Ancient pets? Lin Xuan even turned a cat into a saber-toothed tiger as a nursing home pet.

Although he has been playing games all over the world, Lin Xuan has left a terrifying reputation in every industry.

Started an absolutely perfect life.

"Huh? Can you still use it on people? Then I'll be twenty-two forever."

Lin Xuan, the most arrogant collector of all things in history!

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【1】 A Strange Young Man Living In Seclusion In The City4 months ago【2】 Ferrari Scrapped After Age4 months ago【3】Beautiful Girl’S Request【Asking For Evaluation Votes】4 months ago【4】Report You For Raising Tiger Cubs! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【5】How To Raise A Saber-Toothed Tiger? Waiting Online【Please Collect】4 months ago【6】 Young People, Please Be More Restrained. 【Please Give Me Flowers! 】4 months ago【7】 This Appearance Is Rare In The World! [Please Give Me Flowers! 】4 months ago【8】Future Black Technology Water Heater【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【9】 New Era Deception And Warfare Three-In-One【Please Vote For Evaluation】4 months ago【10】 Peerless Treasure! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【11】 Achieve Small Goals And Be Worth Over 100 Million [Please Vote For Evaluation]4 months ago【12】 There Is Only 30,000 Years Left Before Baoyu [Please Give Me Flowers]4 months ago【13】 Harvest 500 Million Treasures! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【14】Dakaimen National Treasure Antiques【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【15】Is This Antique Fake? ! 【Asking For Evaluation Votes】4 months ago【16】 Deposit 100 Million, Collect 600 Million [Asking For Flowers]4 months ago【17】Ding! Six Thousand Years Of Architectural Design Experience [Asking For Flowers]4 months ago【18】Shocking World-Class Designers! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【19】 Chairman Of Fengxiang Jewelry! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【20】Mongolian Grassland! Hohhot 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【21】 Do You Have Guns? ? ? 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【22】 Departure, Naadam Conference【Evaluation Votes】4 months ago【23】 A Piece Of Grass Worth Over 100 Million [Please Ask For Flowers]4 months ago【24】 Outside The Bonfire, The Titanium Alloy Shines Fiercely【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【25】 The Ultimate Move Is Activated! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【26】Strong Fighting Ability【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【27】 Emperor’S Tomb4 months ago【28】A Golden Sword... Scabbard 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【29】 How To Date The Meng Yuan Dao【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【30】 I’M Going To Open My Heavenly Eyes【Please Vote For Flower Evaluation】4 months ago【31】A Game That Even Abreu Can’T Stand [Asking For Flowers]4 months ago【32】The Sweaty Horse【Asking For Flowers】4 months ago【33】 A Strange Place To Leave Doubts 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【34】Two Warriors【Asking For Evaluation Votes】4 months ago【35】The Miracle Of Life【Asking For Flowers】4 months ago【36】 Shocked World-Class Botanists【Please Give Me Flowers! 】4 months ago【37】 Two Hundred Million Per Year! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【38】 The Big Plum Blossom Print On The Wall! [Please Give Me Flowers! 】4 months ago【39】Soap Factories Around The World Are Going Bankrupt【Asking For Flowers】4 months ago【40】 Amazing Security Bedroom【Please Vote For Review】4 months ago【41】Beautiful Patent Specialist【Requesting Flowers】4 months ago【42】 New Energy Vehicles In 2040【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【43】The Amazing Thing About Lin Xuan【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【44】This Stunt Will Shock The Technology World【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【45】The Man In The Mist【Asking For Flowers】4 months ago【46】Shut Up During The Whole Flight【Please Give Me Flowers】4 months ago【47】 Ten Thousand Times Profit Margin! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【48】Holographic Projection Causes A Frenzy【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【49】Tazaki Pearl Imp Smash【Asking For Flowers】4 months ago【50】 Lost All Money 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【51】 Billions Of Yen Were Lost! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【52】 Continuously Rising, 600 Million Is Obtained! 【Ask For Flowers】4 months ago【53】 Lost Antiques! 【Please Order First】4 months ago【54】 Rich Liars And Robbers Gather Together【Please Order First】4 months ago【55】 Weird Attack【Please Order First】4 months ago【56】 An Unprecedented Treasure! 【Please Order First】4 months ago【57】 A Conversation Across Life And Death? ! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【58】The Purpose Of The Gangster【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【59】Private Island And Blue Diamond And Pink Diamond! 【2-In-1】4 months ago【60】 No? But I Can Learn Now! 【2-In-1】4 months ago【61】 The Funny Temperament Of Shudu! [30,000 Updates Completed On The First Day]4 months ago【62】Raise Two Giant Pandas【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【63】 Complete Set Of Golden Nanmu Furniture! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【64】Xiaohong: Like Your Dad! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【65】Cullinan? Opened By A Bodyguard【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【66】Crimson 2040 Experiment【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【67】 Shocked The Whole Network! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【68】The President Of Volkswagen Is My Brother-In-Law【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【69】Mutual Holding, Maldives【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【70】You Can Learn Diving Right Now【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【71】The Life Cycle Of Pearls【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【72】Yanjing Rich Second Generation Circle【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【73】 Shark Fishing【18,000 Per Day】4 months ago【74】 Crazy Fun Party【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【75】Buy An Island, Female Pilot【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【76】Island Defense Weapons, Baby Killer Whales【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【77】 Tired Of Eating Lobster【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【78】Tiger Shark Knight And Two Bald Heads【Please Subscribe】4 months ago【79】How To Chase Girls With Low Emotional Intelligence【Please Subscribe】4 months ago【80】The Most Delicious Thing In The World! 【Please Subscribe】4 months ago【81】Can’T Keep Up With Nutrition? Does Not Exist! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【82】Naughty Fun For Father-In-Law And Mother-In-Law【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【83】 Five Billion Stamps! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【84】Social Boredom And Social Hobbies【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【85】How Strong Is Lin Xuan! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【86】Fifty-Five Billion In Cash! 【Please Subscribe】4 months ago【87】 Antiques——Qiaosai【Please Subscribe! 】4 months ago【88】Jade Clothes And Jade Pieces! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【89】 Lan Xirou Police Beauty【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【90】‘Sultry’ Lan Xirou【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【91】Lin Xuan Of Lsp Character【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months agoInform4 months ago【92】The Gangsters Were Violently Subdued【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【93】 The Answer To Historical Doubts【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【94】 The Grandson Of Emperor Wu And The Father Of Emperor Xuan!4 months ago【95】 Do I Have The Habit Of Sleepwalking! [Ask For Automatic Subscription]4 months ago【96】Things Caused By Hallucinogenic Fungus Spores【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago【97】Procedural Justice And Major Discoveries【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【98】 The Beauty Hidden In The Golden House【Ask For Automatic Subscription】4 months ago【99】 Antique Street Of The Future【Please Subscribe Automatically】4 months ago