Mistaking The General For A Game And Capturing The Blue Commander Alive

Mistaking The General For A Game And Capturing The Blue Commander Alive


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Long Yan traveled to the parallel world Blue Star.

He mistakenly entered the holographic military exercise simulation system and regarded the military exercise as a game.

It's just a game, just be reckless!

Long Yan, who had just arrived, immediately took over the command authority and performed a storm of operations that made Lan Fang cry.

He even captured the blue commander alive, which shocked the entire director department.

And this is just the beginning.

Ten classic tactics, detonate X weapons, and create the strongest ace army.

With the arrival of Long Yan, Blue Star has been at peace for two hundred years, and all countries are confused!

Ying Jiang: *Mu Jiebing, island hopping tactics, what kind of devil is Long Yan!

White Elephant: As long as Long Yan is there, it will be a nightmare for all troops!

Commander of the 707th Brigade: Long Yan initially said that I was military blind, but I didn’t believe it at first.

Audience: I’m numb! Say nothing more, Longge Bunker! Brother Long six six six!

Blue Commander: What? The opponent is Long Yan? Tell the director that I want to abstain from playing! Even if the King of Heaven comes, I can’t defeat him!

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Chapter 1 Playing Games? Must Win!7 months agoChapter 2 You Know Nothing About Command!7 months agoChapter 3 Brigadier? Completely Military Blind!7 months agoChapter 4 Skip The Main Force! Three-Three Tactics7 months agoChapter 5 From Now On, The Command Belongs To Me!7 months agoChapter 6 The Exercise Has Just Begun. Has The Brigade Commander Been Replaced?7 months agoChapter 7 We Were About To Fight To The Death, Why Did The Brigade Commander Escape First?7 months agoChapter 8 The Chief Of Staff Of The Theater Army Values ​​​​! This Guy Is So Talented!7 months agoChapter 9 Blue Fang: Impossible! It’S Absolutely Impossible To Lose!7 months agoChapter 10 Tactics Ten Years Ahead Of The Times! Three For Sixty!7 months agoChapter 11 What Brigade Commander? Throw Him To Feed The Pigs!7 months agoChapter 12: Tune The Tiger Away From The Mountain! The Blue Commander Was Confused.7 months agoChapter 13 Counterattack On The Blue Base Camp! The Collapsed Blue Army Brigadier7 months agoChapter 14 Blue Commander: No More Fighting! This Tactic Is So Dirty!7 months agoChapter 15: Occupy The Blue Command! Who Else Can Fight? Stand Out!7 months agoChapter 16 I’M Already A Senior Colonel, Do You Think I’M Military-Illiterate?7 months agoChapter 17 The Director Department Was Stunned! Exercise Victory!7 months agoChapter 18 Long Yan Is Just A Combat Consultant? What A Waste Of Talent!7 months agoChapter 19: Brigadier, Abdicate! I'm Young, I'm Here7 months agoChapter 20 God-Level Strategic Insights! Enter Military History7 months agoChapter 21 The Holy Book Of Military Science? I Just Wrote It Casually!7 months agoChapter 22 Sun Tzu’S Art Of War Is Born! The Shaking Begins!7 months agoChapter 23 Promotion! Deputy Regiment Level! First Commander Of The Dragon Kingdom7 months agoChapter 24: You Just Graduated And You’Re Already A Member Of The Team?7 months agoChapter 25: The Motorized Rifle Brigade Defeated The Heavy Armored Brigade? The Lieutenant General Was Confused!7 months agoChapter 26 Abandon The Base Camp! Can You Still Play Like This? The Army Commander Is Confused!7 months agoChapter 27 Theater Army Commander: Long Yan Is Just A Staff Officer? What A Waste Of Talent!7 months agoChapter 28 Army Commander: What Kind Of Devil Is This Long Yan?7 months agoChapter 29: First-Class Personal Merit! Deputy Chief Of Staff Of The Brigade! Lieutenant Colonel Rank!7 months agoChapter 30 The Youngest Deputy Team Member! Brigade 707 Is Shocked!7 months agoChapter 31 Really, Go Find A Prison And Go To Jail. If It Doesn’T Work, Just Reopen It!7 months agoChapter 32 Class Reunion! Let’S Persuade Long Yan7 months agoChapter 33 Deputy Chief Of Staff Of The Brigade? Is This A Little Mention?7 months agoChapter 34: You Have Just Graduated, Why Are You Directly Commanding The Higher-Ups?7 months agoChapter 35 Military Newspaper Report! Southern War Zone God Of War Seed!7 months agoChapter 36: Born To Be A God Of War! Malls Are Under Martial Law! Command Special Operations Rescue Operations7 months agoChapter 37 Psychological Warfare? I'm Familiar With This!7 months agoChapter 38 Digging! What Kind Of Tiger-Wolf Talk Is This?7 months agoChapter 39: Psychological Shock And Suggestion Induction! Master Of Psychological Warfare!7 months agoChapter 40 What's Going On? Drug Dealers Killing Each Other? Are Psychological Tactics So Strong?7 months agoChapter 41: Five Minutes To Scare The Gangster Crazy! Netizen: Please Accept My Knees7 months agoChapter 42: Everyone Is Responsible For The Rise And Fall Of The World! Rage Against Green Tea Reporter7 months agoChapter 43: Online Popular Science And Psychological Warfare! The Founder Of Psychological Warfare In Dragon Kingdom!7 months agoChapter 44 Army Commander: Compared With Long Yan, We Are All Honest People!7 months agoChapter 45 Ladder Practice Battle! The Road To Becoming A Major General!7 months agoChapter 46 Battle Against The Ace Army Brigade! Conditions For Promotion7 months agoChapter 47 Asymmetric Confrontation! Abstain? Nonexistent7 months agoChapter 48 Long Yan: Brigadier, Can You Stop Being So Honest!7 months agoChapter 49: The Headquarters Exploded! How Dare He Think Of Kidnapping Military Relatives!7 months agoChapter 50 War Is Not A Treat! There Are No Rules In The World7 months agoChapter 51: Too Hasty! Long Yan Is Not A Human Being!7 months agoChapter 52: Monitoring Intelligence! Blow Up Transportation Systems And Supplies7 months agoChapter 53 Brigade 707: I Am A Terrorist, Are You Telling Me That Your Methods Are Dirty?7 months agoChapter 54 Brigadier: The Command Is Given To You, You Come And Fight!7 months agoChapter 55 Long Yan? Just A Young Boy!7 months agoChapter 56 The First Stage Goal! Eavesdropping On The 515Th Brigade Combat Plan Completed7 months agoChapter 57 Special Forces? It Must Be Very Convenient For Growing Corn7 months agoChapter 58 Can This Be Called Stealing? This Is Called Custody!7 months agoChapter 59 What? Do Special Forces Also Have To Dig Wild Vegetables?7 months agoChapter 60 Special Forces? Started Working In An Electronics Factory7 months agoChapter 61 Successfully Sent The 515Th Brigade Special Operations Brigade To Plant Corn7 months agoChapter 62: The 515Th Brigade Commander Vomited Blood! Pickup Tactics7 months agoChapter 63 The Ladder Exercise Is Coming! Fanatical Netizens7 months agoChapter 64 Do You Need Confidence To Fight 707? I Will Win!7 months agoChapter 65 Former 515 Division Commander: My Lungs Are So Angry!7 months agoChapter 66 The Current Situation Of The Special Operations Brigade Is Exposed! The Rising 515 Brigade7 months agoChapter 67 The Exercise Just Started, The Special Operations Brigade Is Gone?7 months agoChapter 68 Mr. Wang: Please! Forget About Growing Corn!7 months agoChapter 69 Special Forces? Are You Worthy? Go Ahead And Plant Corn!7 months agoChapter 70: The Warning From The Blind Military Is Late But It’S Here7 months agoChapter 71 Explode Me! Red Fang Was Confused.7 months agoChapter 72 Destroy The Red Square Artillery Camp! Far Fire Camp! Deputy Brigade Commander7 months agoChapter 73 What A Sin! He Even Dared To Blow Up The Train Station7 months agoChapter 74 Commander Praises! War Is A Performance Art That Uses All Possible Means7 months agoChapter 75 What Does It Mean To Bomb A Train Station? Find Out More About Bomb Command7 months agoChapter 76 Long Yan Is A Tactical Madman! Terrorists!7 months agoChapter 77 Special Forces Soldiers Become Infantry? He's Crazy?7 months agoChapter 78 Li Minghai: The Blue Army Is Nothing More Than That! Boom!7 months agoChapter 79 Blow Up Hutou Peak! Landslide!7 months agoChapter 80 The Red Side Is Extremely Happy And Sad! Twenty Thousand Cubic Meters Of Obstruction!7 months agoChapter 81 What Has He Experienced? Only Tactics Can Be So Dirty!7 months agoChapter 82 Red Team: Please! Just Be Your Own People!7 months agoChapter 83 Driving The Political Commissar Of The 515Th Brigade Crazy! Fifty-Year-Old Man Fainted While Digging7 months agoChapter 84 The Political Commissar Of The Theater Army Is Sure! The Value Of Sun Tzu's Art Of War!7 months agoChapter 85 Crazy Li Minghai! Black Brother’S Pickup Tactics7 months agoChapter 86 Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun On The Pickup Truck! Sweep Everything!7 months agoChapter 87 Self-Destructive Attack! Eliminate The Red Chief Of Staff!7 months agoChapter 88 The Shocking Battle Losses Caused By Pickup Tactics! The Collapsed Li Minghai!7 months agoChapter 89 Political Commissar, I Have A Bold Idea! Audiences With Chills Down Their Spines7 months agoChapter 90 Isn’T It Right? Gas Tanks Are Used As Mortar Bombs? Long Yan Should Serve As Deputy Brigade Commander!7 months agoChapter 91 Kidnapping Military Families! Restless Directorial Department! Genius Or Madman?7 months agoChapter 92 What? My Wife And Father Were Kidnapped? Still Holding A Gun?7 months agoChapter 93 Kidnapping The Red Party Political Commissar! The Chain Of Command Is Half Paralyzed!7 months agoChapter 94 Kidnapping Military Families! Kidnap The Political Commissar! Do You Think He Is A Good Person?7 months agoChapter 95 Killing And Killing People! Damn It! You Let The Deputy Division Commander Be Paraded Through The Streets?7 months agoChapter 96: You Can Cry For Up To Three Days After Death, But You Will Be Laughed At For The Rest Of Your Life When You Are Paraded On The Streets!7 months agoChapter 97 Go Ahead! The Dragon Army Will Never Admit Defeat! That Defeat Came Just In Time7 months agoChapter 98 The Decisive Battle! Blow Up The Viaduct! Brigade 707 Will Win!7 months agoChapter 99 The 515Th Brigade Was Defeated! The Exercise Is Over! The Rank Of Colonel Is Now In The Regiment!7 months agoChapter 100 We All Want To Meet Long Yan! Li Minghai Was So Angry That He Vomited Blood7 months ago