Ms. Marvel: I Unlock Eight Magical Skills At The Beginning!

Ms. Marvel: I Unlock Eight Magical Skills At The Beginning!


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Last Updated: 7 months ago
Transmigrated ProtagonistAmerican Comics
The Hotpot Pork That Will Go To Heaven
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Fang Yuan travels to the world of Ms. Marvel!

The starting system gives him the Liuku Immortal Thief among his eight magical skills, which can seize the fortune of heaven and earth!

And as long as the original plot is changed, more eight magical skills can be unlocked.

Unlock the magic machine: Qing Dynasty zombies? Don't run away, let me turn you all into my zombie army!

Unlock the Fenghou Qimen: Innately lead Zhou Tian, ​​overturn the changes in Zhou Tian, ​​and turn me into a king!

Li Xue: Xiaoxue, Xiaoxue is going to be broken...

Boss Wife: Fang Yuan, I’m stuck in the washing machine, please help me!

Little Fox: this really edible?

King Kong Corpse: I can understand this kind of thing, but how can this foot...

Wang Xiaoer: I feel so bad that I want to cry. Brother Fang Yuan, why don’t you give me some soup when you eat meat?

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Chapter 1: Travel Through The Amazing World And Unlock The Immortal Thief Of Liuku!7 months agoChapter 2: Li Xue’S Body Bomb Attack, Envious Wang Xiaoer!7 months agoChapter 3: Li Xue’S Investigation, Fang Yuan Who Applied For Apprenticeship!7 months agoChapter 4: Successful Application, Three Thousand A Month!7 months agoChapter 5: Huang Yanli’S Wrapping, What Wang Xiaoer Brought To Fatty Wang7 months agoChapter 6: Fang Yuan, The Fortune Tree, Uses Huang Yanli To Wipe Away Sweat And Oil!7 months agoChapter 7: The Niu Team’S Fishing Plan And Fang Yuan Returning Home With Huang Yanli!7 months agoChapter 8: The Frail Huang Yanli Prepares To Cut Off Fang Yuan Of Hu Lixue!7 months agoChapter 9: Fang Yuan’S Arrival, The Overturned Water Glass!7 months agoChapter 10: Tired Li Xue, Fang Yuan’S Continuous Creampie!7 months agoChapter 11: Foot Bath Girl Lin Jia, The Perverted Murderer Appears!7 months agoChapter 12: The Strength Of Zombies, The Defeat Of Uncles!7 months agoChapter 13: Desperate Li Xue, The Wooden Door Was Shot Away!7 months agoChapter 14: Blow Away The Zombies With One Punch, Open The Sky With An Inch Of Strength!7 months agoChapter 15: You Are Arresting Her, Why Should You Let Me Get Out Of The Way?7 months agoChapter 16: Li Xue's Loss, Please Ask Fang Yuan To Return To The Ox Team!7 months agoChapter 17: Thanks To The Bull Team, Fang Yuan Who Has A Good Relationship With The Bureau!7 months agoChapter 18: Li Xue Sends Fang Yuan Away, Huang Yanli Picks Up Fang Yuan!7 months agoChapter 19: Huang Yanli’S Desire And Gangsterism!7 months agoChapter 20: Li Xue Was Criticized, And Chen Xuewu Was The Dog-Licker!7 months agoChapter 21: Hunter And Prey7 months agoChapter 22: Huang Yanli In The Stuck Washing Machine: Fang Yuan, Help Me!7 months agoChapter 23: Art Comes From Life!7 months agoChapter 24: The Innocent Body Is Yellow And Gorgeous!7 months agoChapter 25: Taoist Priest Fang Yuan, Huang Yanli Wants To Collect Some Interest!7 months agoChapter 26: Huang Yanli’S Thoughts, Fang Yuan’S Taoist Name!7 months agoChapter 27: Master Fang Yuan, Only One Soul And Two Souls Of Zhao Jingjing Are Left!7 months agoChapter 28: Zombies Of The Qing Dynasty, The Whole Story!7 months agoChapter 29: When Did I Say I Would Save You?7 months agoChapter 30: It’S All Up To You!7 months agoChapter 31: Wang Xiaoer’S Loneliness, Hotel Turmoil!7 months agoChapter 32: We Are Security Guards, Protecting The Safety Of The Hotel!7 months agoChapter 33: The Arrested Wang Xiaoer, The Freeloader Fang Yuan!7 months agoChapter 34: Lin Jia Is Entertaining Guests, And There Is Movement Under The Tablecloth!7 months agoChapter 35: Punishment And Reward, The Call From The Bull Team!7 months agoChapter 36: You Will Always Be My Favorite!7 months agoChapter 37: The Death Of Ma Qiang, The Doubts Of The Bull Team!7 months agoChapter 38: Mr. Yin Yang, Zhuge Barbarian!7 months agoChapter 39: Fang Yuan’S Trump Card, The Distrustful Zhuge Manzi!7 months agoChapter 40: Fang Yuan’S Methods, Zhuge Manzi Kneeling Down!7 months agoChapter 41: Tonight’S Plan, The Bull Team Who Has Ideas For Fang Yuan!7 months agoChapter 42: Fang Yuan Needs To Be Considered, Li Xue’S Voice!7 months agoChapter 43: Ambiguous Distance, Fang Yuan’S Proof!7 months agoChapter 44: So, What Is Our Relationship Now?7 months agoChapter 45: The Sentimental Wang Xiaoer, Huang Yanli Who Wants To Kill Yuan!7 months agoChapter 46: Movement At The Counter, Gossiping Fatty Wang!7 months agoChapter 47: The Coquettish Huang Yanli, Zhuge Manzi Locates The Female Corpse!7 months agoChapter 48: Li Xue’S Arrival And Fang Yuan’S First Kiss!7 months agoChapter 49: The Spring Of Diaosi, The Cattle Team Confirms The Whereabouts Of The Female Corpse!7 months agoChapter 50: Diaosi’S First Time, The Intrusion Of Niu Dui And Others!7 months agoChapter 51: The Female Corpse’S Doubts: Master, Won’T You Kill Me?7 months agoChapter 52: Confused Female Corpse: I Will Be Your Dog!7 months agoChapter 53: The Name Of The Female Corpse, Li Xue Muster Up The Courage!7 months agoChapter 54: Liu Weiyi’S Call, Li Xue’S Thoughts! (Ten Updates...Complete!)7 months agoChapter 55: Li Xue: I Am Sober Now, I Just Like You!7 months agoChapter 56: The Temptation Of Huang Yanli’S Uniform Invites Zhuge Manzi To Dinner!7 months agoChapter 57: If You Drink Wine, You Will Be Drunk. If You Don’T Drink, You Won’T Give Me Face!7 months agoChapter 58: The Sale Price Is As High As 500 Million, The Word Qian Is A Blind Trick!7 months agoChapter 59: Return With A Full Load! Fang Yuan Wants Them All!7 months agoChapter 60: Shocked Huang Yanli! Fang Yuan Is Really Capable And Profitable!7 months agoChapter 61: Mr. Zhang’S Plan, The Prophet Huang Yanli!7 months agoChapter 62: Joker Liu Weiwei, Fang Yuan’S Death!7 months ago