My Five-Year-Old Daughter Was Driving A Car, And My Nuclear Explosion On The Moon Was Exposed

My Five-Year-Old Daughter Was Driving A Car, And My Nuclear Explosion On The Moon Was Exposed


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[The five-year-old daughter’s high-speed racing was exposed by the program crew! 】

When the traffic program hosted by Zhou Shuyi and Officer Tan just started airing, a racing vehicle was discovered!


They suddenly discovered that the driver was a five-year-old girl? ? ?

on site:? ? ? ?

And then, the car driven by the little girl actually reached 300 yards on the highway!

The entire audience was shocked!

And when Su Hao's five-year-old daughter was stopped, what was revealed shocked everyone.

Controllable nuclear fusion!

2nm precision photolithography machine!


Her father’s ongoing Wandering Earth Project!

The peaks have been hollowed out a long time ago, and the insides have been installed long ago...

Planetary engine!

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Chapter 001: Fully Artificial Intelligence Classmate Wheat, Emotional Test3 months agoChapter 002: We Don’T Go To School, We Drive To Grandma’S House!3 months agoChapter 003: As Soon As The Show Started, Someone Was Riding A Horse And Racing? Crazy!3 months agoReaders, Please Support Me!3 months agoChapter 004: Su Xiaoke Ran Away And Started Racing!3 months agoChapter 005: The Speed Limit Is 60 And You Drive 100? Go Crazy!3 months agoChapter 006: Su Xiaoke: Turn On Rapid Mode! Run Duck!3 months agoChapter 007: Police Helicopter Dispatched! Chase Me!3 months agoChapter 008: Racing 140 Yards! Are You Crazy About Riding A Horse?3 months agoChapter 009: Morning Rush Hour, 140 Yards? ? This Is Crazy!3 months agoChapter 010: Officer Tan Shows Off His Cards, He Is A Combat Helicopter Pilot!3 months agoChapter 011: Program Effect? Get On The Helicopter! Chase In A Helicopter!3 months agoChapter 012: The Person Riding The Dangerous Car Is A Little Girl?3 months agoChapter 013: The Little Girl Is Missing Again? What Kind Of Technology!3 months agoChapter 014: The Reason For The Sudden Change Is Holographic Projection Technology!3 months agoChapter 015: My Daughter Is Excited And Turns On Airplane Mode!3 months agoChapter 016: Riding On A Horse, This Car Can Also Fly? Crazy!3 months agoChapter 017: This Car Flew Straight Up! Newton's Coffin Board Can't Hold It Anymore!3 months agoChapter 018: This Car Is Going To The Highway! Block It Immediately!3 months agoChapter 019: Five Years Old? This Riding Horse Is Called Five Years Old! Five-Year-Old Racing!3 months agoIs Anyone Still Watching? I Will Update Chapter 20 If You Want!3 months agoChapter 020: Take Off On The Spot! This Is Flight, Real Flight!3 months agoChapter 021: Car Pilot, Su Xiaoke Is On Standby!3 months agoChapter 022: Enter Supersonic Driving Mode! Sonic Boom!3 months agoChapter 023: Sonic Boom! Drive At The Speed Of Sound! Go Crazy! !3 months agoChapter 024: Go Crazy! Put A Jet Engine In Your Car?3 months agoChapter 025: Five Years Old, Racing 300 Yards At High Speed! Outrageous!3 months agoChapter 026: Air Flow Simulation Window? What Kind Of High Technology Is This?3 months agoChapter 027: Officer Tan, You Can’T Do It! Catch Up!3 months agoChapter 028: Driving With One Hand And Eating Potato Chips, Do You Call This Nervousness?3 months agoChapter 029: Latent Mode? Then Hide And Seek!3 months agoChapter 30: Su Xiaoke: Hide And Seek Is So Exciting! Police: I Am Stupid!3 months agoChapter 031: Call Her Parents! Dimensionality Reduction Attack!3 months agoChapter 032: Kindergarten Uniform? Right! We Can Find Someone!3 months agoChapter 033: Lunar Engine! The Wandering Earth Project Is About To Begin!3 months agoChapter 034: Can’T Get Through? ? How Can This Be Done! Where Are Her Parents?3 months agoChapter 035: The Vice Minister Of Scientific Research Is Here! This Technology Is So Precious!3 months agoChapter 036: More Than A Thousand Police Officers? Su Xiaoke Panicked And Ran!3 months agoChapter 037: If I Could Become Invisible, I, Tan, Would Eat The Camera!3 months agoChapter 038: Go Crazy! Vertical Takeoff And Landing! There's A Helicopter Over Here!3 months agoChapter 039: People Are Flying In The Sky, And Their Souls Are Chasing After Them. It’S Amazing!3 months agoChapter 040: Dispatch Armed Helicopters! It Has To Be Done Now, Seriously!3 months agoChapter 041: Use Gel Bombs! That Car Must Be Stopped!3 months agoChapter 042: Gel Bombs! It Worked! Slow Down!3 months agoChapter 043: Flying In The Air? Your Jet Engine Is Broken!3 months agoChapter 044: Is This A Supernatural Event? Flying In Mid-Air!3 months agoChapter 045: The Whole Network Is Shocked! This Is An Anti-Gravity Engine!3 months agoChapter 046: Su Xiaoke: Run! Don't Let The Policeman Catch You!3 months agoChapter 047: Go Crazy! The Speed Is Up Again! This Is Unreasonable!3 months agoChapter 048: Small Cleaning Robot? What Level Of Technology Is This?3 months agoChapter 049: The Whole Network Is Suffocated! This Level Of Technology Is Terrifying!3 months agoChapter 050: Find Someone By Their License Plate! Found It! Call Su Dali!3 months agoChapter 051: Arrested The Wrong Person? The One Who Rides The Horse Is Still A Deck Car!3 months agoChapter 052: Su Xiaoke: Mai, Let’S Run!3 months agoChapter 053: Running Away Naughty Kid, Confused Policeman3 months agoChapter 054: Energy Shield? Are You Sure You're Not From The Future?3 months agoChapter 055: Anti-Gravity Engine! Energy Shield! So Scary!3 months agoChapter 056: Sister Zhou Explores Su Hao’S Home! This Is Too Rich!3 months agoChapter 057: Let’S Climb Over The Wall And Get In! Performing Official Duties!3 months agoChapter 058: A Lot Of Guns! Armed System! Zhou Shuyi Is Surrounded!3 months agoChapter 059: Automatic Defense System, This Is Going To Be A Feast On The Spot!3 months agoChapter 060: B-Level Authority? What's The Situation! Who Is Zhou Shuyi?3 months agoChapter 061: Test With Missiles! Experiment With Defense Technology!3 months agoChapter 062: The Missile Reverses Instantly! The Missile Is Hers!3 months agoChapter 063: The Helicopter Was Shot Down! Something Really Happened!3 months agoChapter 064: This Is It, Keep It! Shocked The Whole Network!3 months agoChapter 065: For You, The Master Can Declare War On The World!3 months agoChapter 066: Identity Exposed! That Man Wants To Nuke The Moon!3 months agoChapter 067: Three Thousand Kilograms Of Rice Per Mu? Fully Automatic Planting Equipment!3 months agoChapter 068: Fire, Train! Go Crazy! Repairing Trains At Home?3 months agoChapter 069: A Train Without Tracks! Are You Serious?3 months agoChapter 070: This Is An Independent Car! Unmanned Driving System!3 months agoChapter 071: Su Group? Is This Company So High-End? Really!3 months agoChapter 072: His Name Is Su Hao! The Little Girl’S Father Has Been Found!3 months agoChapter 073: Su Xiaoke: Activate Mecha Mode! Armor Fit!3 months agoChapter 074: Officer Tan: This Time He Cannot Escape!3 months agoChapter 075: Just This Individual Combat Armor? Not Enough! Stop Her!3 months agoChapter 076: Transform Into A Mecha! That's Outrageous! Shocked The Whole Network!3 months agoChapter 077: Real Punishment! Mechas Are Soaring! What A Naughty Kid You Are!3 months agoChapter 078: Mecha Clone? This Isn’T Technology, It’S Science Fiction!3 months agoChapter 079: Officer Tan’S True Identity Turns Out To Be This!3 months agoChapter 080: Clone Mecha! One Of Them Is Definitely Fake!3 months agoChapter 81: Double Agent Officer Tan Crashed Into The Plane! Above3 months agoChapter 082: Phantom Drone! This Is Technology That Is A Hundred Years Ahead Of Its Time!3 months agoChapter 083: Activate Space Mecha Mode! The Whole Network Was Shocked!3 months agoChapter 084: The Space Mecha Is Exposed, This Is Your Top Arsenal!3 months agoChapter 085: Su Xiaoke’S Father Is The Person Hiding Behind It!3 months agoChapter 086: The Matter Is Exposed! All Technologies Are Researched By Su Hao?3 months agoChapter 087: He Researched This Mecha Alone!3 months agoChapter 088: Even If The Fighter Jet Follows You, You Can Lose It! Outrageous!3 months agoChapter 089: Hydrogen Energy Catalyst! Nobel Prize Is Decided!3 months agoChapter 090: Zhou Shuyi Was Shocked, She Must Find Him, She Must!3 months agoChapter 091: Live Broadcast Of The Space Shuttle Taking Off! Start The Wandering Earth Project!3 months agoChapter 092: He Went To Space! The Whole Network Was Shocked!3 months agoChapter 093: Follow Su Xiaoke! We Want To Discover The Technology Inside!3 months agoChapter 094: How Big Is Your Family? Still Need To Navigate At Home? ? ?3 months agoChapter 095: Nuclear Radiation? Crazy, Is There Still Nuclear Technology?3 months agoChapter 096: Controllable Nuclear Fusion Technology! The Era Of Unlimited Energy! The Whole Network Was Shocked!3 months agoChapter 097: Nuclear Fusion Reactor! Be Careful About Radiation! Zhou Shuyi Is In Danger!3 months agoChapter 098: The Solar Wind Is About To Destroy The Earth! Wandering Earth!3 months ago