My Understanding Is Incredible; I Started Writing A Diary, Which Made Me Feel Numb.

My Understanding Is Incredible; I Started Writing A Diary, Which Made Me Feel Numb.


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Su Qing Under The Moon
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Su Yu traveled through the world of martial arts and became the son of the richest man in Suzhou, just as the Sui Dynasty was about to collapse.

There are many dynasties, and the sect is extremely powerful.

Sui Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty and Ming Dynasty.

The five great dynasties stood in power and suppressed one side.

Zhang Sanfeng fought fiercely against Donghuang Taiyi, shocking the world.

There are thirty-three states in the world, one hundred thousand sects, and beacons of smoke.

The world will be dominated, three points will return to the Yuan Dynasty, and the world will be shocked.

The supreme master ordered the east to come, shatter the void, and float away.

There are powerful enemies outside who are watching the family property, and there are domestic slaves who are watching covetously inside.

Fortunately, Su Yu got the diary and awakened her natural talent.

Attracting countless witches, fairies and fairies to come to you.

Yao Yue: "Su Yu, I'm already like this, why don't you improve my favorability?"

Zhu Yuyan; "Yao Yue, don't compete with me!"

Huanwen: "Master, can you give Su Yu to me?"

Martial arts are unparalleled, wealth can lead to the gods!

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Chapter 1: The Blood Knife First Appears, Liancheng Treasures, And The Diary Arrives!4 months agoChapter 2 The General Trend Of The World, Yao Yue’S Curiosity!4 months agoChapter 3 Yao Yue Was Shocked, I Actually Killed Lian Xing?4 months agoChapter 4 The Mysterious Su Yu, Huang Rong’S Horror!4 months agoChapter 5 Breaking Through The Tenth Level In A Row, The Fifth Level The Day After Tomorrow, And Controlling The Galaxy!4 months agoChapter Six: Comprehending The Great Star Technique, Breaking Through Again, And A Sudden Change In The Dark Night!4 months agoChapter 7 The Bloody Knife Reappears, Slaughtering Jiangzhou And Eating Away The Guards! !4 months agoChapter 8: Seize The Blood Sword Sutra And Stay Up Late To "Practice"!4 months agoChapter 9 Zhu Yuyan, This Is Impossible, Huanwan Was Shocked!4 months agoChapter 10 Dye The Little Dragon Girl With Color, Huan Huan’S Bold Idea!4 months agoChapter 11 Zhu Yuyan And Hanhan Were So Nervous That They Couldn’T Let Yao Yue Eat Alone!4 months agoChapter 12: The Blood Knife Sect Reappears, The Situation Is In Grave Danger, And The Fierce Tiger Soldiers Bite The Lord!4 months agoChapter Thirteen: Understand The Seven Limits Of Swallowing The Sky And Destroying The Earth, And Cut Off The River With One Sword!4 months agoChapter 14: Intercept And Kill Ling Tuisi, Obtain The Divine Light Sutra, And Loot The Blood Knife Sect’S Treasure House!4 months agoChapter 15: The Evolution Of Shenzhao Jing, Wanyang Xuan Gong, Small Goals, Starting From Sweeping The World!4 months agoChapter 16 Isn’T Dongfang Bubai A Man? The Girls Were Shocked!4 months agoChapter 17: The Miserable Oriental Girl Who Dug Her Heart Out To Save Others And Fell Into The Icy Lake Forever!4 months agoChapter 18: Xiao Sha Chanted Shui Sheng, Let’S Just Call The Diary The Legend Of Sad Girl!4 months agoChapter 19: Obtaining The Emperor's Double Eyes, Huang Rong Arrives!4 months agoChapter 20 Qiao Huangrong Appears, A Familiar Plot!4 months agoChapter 21: Strategy For Huang Rong, The Pretty Huang Rong Falls In Love With Her!4 months agoChapter 22 At The Sweet Moment, The Four Villains Yun Zhonghe Arrives!4 months agoChapter 23: The Storm, The Angry Sea And Blood Lotus, Split The Crane In The Cloud With Force, What About The Four Evil Men?4 months agoChapter 24: What, Huang Rong Grabbed The Soup, The Girls Were Shocked, They Had To Fight Su Yu As Soon As Possible!4 months agoChapter 25 Wang Yuyan, A'zhu, You Are Actually Sisters!4 months agoChapter 26 My Cousin Turned Out To Be That Kind Of Person, And All The Girls Are Like This!4 months agoChapter 27 Wang Yuyan Reveals Her True Feelings, A'zhu Assists And Gives Murong Fu The Medicine!4 months agoChapter 28 Murong Fu, I’M So Stupid, The Blood Sword Ancestor Is Coming To Rob Shui Sheng!4 months agoChapter 29 The Nansi Qi Was Destroyed, And The Master Hua Tiegan Was Held In High Esteem, But Someone Else Was Responsible For The Murder!4 months agoChapter 30 Su Yu Arrives And Kills Off The Blood Sword Ancestor With One Strike!4 months agoChapter 31 The Powerful Su Yu, The Blood Knife Ancestor Fights For His Life!4 months agoChapter 32: The Double Pupil Is The Way To Be Invincible, The Emperor's Double Pupil Shows Its Power!4 months agoChapter 33: Kill Duan Yanqing With The Blood-Cutting Knife, Entrust It To Shui Sheng!4 months agoChapter 34 Huang Rong Is Shy And Su Yu Is Not Doing His Job Properly!4 months agoChapter 35: The Surprising Origin Of The Tiger Soul Sword, The Shock Of The Girls, The Secret Of Relying On The Sky To Slay The Dragon!4 months agoChapter 36 Zhou Zhiruo’S Future, The True Secret Of Yitian Sword And Dragon Slaying Sword!4 months agoChapter 37 Zhou Zhiruo’S Decision, The Advancement Of The Great Star Technique, And Su Yu’S Strength Increased Again!4 months agoChapter 38: Jingdong Jiangzhou City, Fifth Level Innate, So Shy!4 months agoChapter 39 Shui Sheng Listens To The Corner, Su Yu’S Plan!4 months agoChapter 40 Su Yu Comes To Ruin Things, Shui Sheng Arrives, Hua Tiegan Is Shocked And Angry!4 months agoChapter 41: Kill Hua Tiegan And Unify Jiangzhou Wulin!4 months agoChapter 42: Turning The Duck Into A Fool, Su Yu’S Method!4 months agoChapter 43: Lian Xing Was Led Astray, Yao Yue’S Anger!4 months agoChapter 44 Surprise And Shock, Minmin, My Bed Is Very Big And Can Accommodate Many Wives!4 months agoChapter 45 Zhao Min Will Never Be A Concubine With Anyone Else!4 months agoChapter 46: Obtaining The Six Sword Slave, Yu Wenhuaji Arrives!4 months agoChapter 47: The Great Sui Heavenly Man, Huang Rong Offers His Strategy!4 months agoChapter 48 The Brave Shui Sheng, Yu Wenhuaji’S Shock!4 months agoChapter 49: Yu Wenji, Who Goes On A Killing Spree, And Su Yu, Who Kills Three Birds With One Stone!4 months agoChapter 50 You Also Have A Diary! Inviting The Moon, The East Is Invincible And Collides,4 months agoChapter 51 A Gathering Of Heroes, Sharing Su Yu!4 months agoChapter 52: Critical Review Of Cihang Jingzhai, Shifei Xuan Was Shocked!4 months agoChapter 53: Shi Fei Xuan: Why Is Cihang Jingzhai The Devil And I Am The Saint Of The Devil?4 months agoChapter 54 Su Yu Image Card, Song Yuhua’S Plan!4 months agoChapter 55: Breaking Two Small Realms In A Row, Summoning The Snow Dragon Rider Card!4 months agoChapter 56 The Snow Dragon Riders Are Dispatched And Su Yu Arrives!4 months agoCommitment Letter + Testimonials On The Shelves!4 months agoChapter 57: Defeat Yu Wenhuaji In One Blow, The Great Master Of Martial Arts Arrives, An Amazing Bet!4 months agoChapter 58: The Terrifying Tiger Soul Sword Severely Damaged The Grand Master, Wanyang Xuan Gong Vs Xuan Bing Jin! Please Subscribe4 months agoChapter 59: Emperor Luo's Chongtong Shows Off His Power And Defeats Yu Wenshang And His Enemies!4 months agoChapter 60: The Dark River Killer Conquers The Yuwen Clan, And The Killer Attacks At Night! Please Subscribe.4 months agoChapter 61: Framing Anhe, The Cutest Fairy Li Hanyi!4 months agoChapter 62: Siege In The Dark River, Li Hanyi: Why Is The Ending Different From What I Thought!4 months agoChapter 63: Absorbing Phoenix Blood Essence, Little Fairy Hanhan’S Provocation, And Yao Yue’S Counterattack!4 months agoChapter 64: Huan Huan: A Wise Man Does Not Fall In Love, The Skinned Emperor Shitian!4 months agoChapter 65: Emperor Shitian, Who Died A Tragic Death, Stepped Into The Realm Of Martial Arts Master!4 months agoChapter 66: If You Don’T Change The Story Line, It’S Not In Vain. The Sword Energy Turns Into Rain As Thin As Silk!4 months agoChapter 67: Li Hanyi Draws His Sword, Su Yu, The Street Runner, Kills The Pig Pan Huan!4 months agoChapter Sixty-Eight, See Through The Trap And Trick Each Other!4 months agoChapter 69 The Tragic Huanwan And Ren Yingying’S Despair! Please Subscribe4 months agoChapter 70 The Child Is Su Yu’S, The Fairy Comes Down The Mountain, And The Secret Of Immortality Is Born!4 months agoChapter 71 Su Yu Practices Swordsmanship! Huanwan Night Attack!4 months agoChapter 72: Wu Wu Catches Cicadas, Su Yu Is Behind, The Concubine Xuan Is So Sour!4 months agoChapter 73: A Song Of Phoenix Begging For Phoenix, Killing Huanhua And Accomplishing Good Things!4 months agoChapter 74: Shi Fei Xuan Is Furious And Wants You To Taste The Taste Of Huan Huan!4 months agoChapter 75: You Indeed Stole The Secret Of Immortality, The Evil Emperor’S Relic!4 months agoChapter 76: The Frozen Demonic Master, Zhu Yuyan Is Panicked, The Master-Disciple Don Is Terrifying!4 months agoChapter 77: Related To Li Hanyi, Heimuya Undergoes A Sudden Change!4 months agoChapter 78: The Terrifying Dongfang Bubai, Su Yu’S Image Card Is Activated, Ren Yingying’S Trump Card!4 months agoChapter 79: Dongfang Invincible’S Admiration, Changing Storyline, Conquering Jiangnan Thunderbolt Hall!4 months agoChapter 80 The Proud Li Hanyi, Dongfang Bubai Can’T Stand It Any Longer!4 months agoChapter 81 The White Fox Face In Fengchen Game, Nangong Pushe’S Reaction!4 months agoChapter 82 Obtain The Heavenly Horn Divine Armor, Surpass The Speed Of Sound, And Find The Treasure Of Liancheng!4 months agoChapter 83: The Location Of Liancheng’S Treasure, Invite You To Come!4 months agoChapter 84: Lian Xing Informs, Luo Sock Comes Out Of The Dust, And Heals The Foot Injury!4 months agoChapter 85 Lian Xing’S Longing, Su Yuyue Rescues Yaoyue Under The Moon!4 months agoChapter 86: The Routine Invites The Moon, Brings Bingshan Home, Huan Huan’S Teasing!4 months agoChapter 87 Su Yu, She Still Has To Thank You, Yao Yue, That’S Not Jealousy!4 months agoChapter 88 A Plan That Kills Four Birds With One Stone And Shocks The Girls!4 months agoChapter 89: Driving Away Yao Yue, Su Yu Arrived, Zhu Yuyan Panicked!4 months agoChapter 90: Killing Demon Yinbian Instantly, Huanhuan Officially Announces, This Is My Man!4 months agoChapter 91: Fishing Begins, Liancheng Jue Appears, And All Parties Move!4 months agoChapter 92 Bai Qing'er Is Willing To Be My Lackey4 months agoChapter 93: Our Yinkui Sect Is Not A Brothel. The Great Star Technique Has Advanced.4 months agoChapter 94: The Underground River Takes The Bait, Xie Qidao Arrives, And There Is A Turmoil In Yangzhou!4 months agoChapter 95: Kill Xie Qidao, Destroy Anhe, And Reveal The Treasure!4 months agoChapter 96 The Evil King Arrives And A War Breaks Out!4 months agoChapter 97: Sword Qi Turns Into Armor, Peerless Competition, Have You Ever Seen An Immortal Body?4 months agoChapter Ninety-Eight: The Heavenly Mang Horn Armor And The Mang Shang Divine Spear Reappear To Defeat The Evil King!4 months agoChapter 99: Amazing Immortal Seal, Seven Times Combat Power, Su Yu’S Crisis4 months ago