My Understanding Is Incredible, I Turned In Controllable Nuclear Fusion At The Beginning

My Understanding Is Incredible, I Turned In Controllable Nuclear Fusion At The Beginning


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[Black technology + patriotism + rise of great powers + heaven-defying understanding]

Li Feng traveled through a parallel world and only got 0 points in the college entrance examination due to an accident.

Accidentally awakened his heaven-defying understanding.

Controlled nuclear fusion was realized from the sight of Venus.

Li Feng: Teacher, can those who have developed controllable nuclear fusion be directly admitted to university?

After all, I only scored zero in the college entrance examination!

Teacher: What are you talking about? Our dear Academician Li, chief engineer of the Shenguang Project!

The presidents of the top 10 universities in Dragon Kingdom have all gone to the hospital to rob you!

United States: Impossible. Even if the Dragon Kingdom has controllable nuclear fusion, we can block their high-end chips.

Li Feng: Learn about 1 nanometer lithography machine!

Island Country: No matter what, capture Li Feng.

You actually want to steal the super unparalleled warrior from our Dragon Kingdom? ? !

For a time, armed helicopters, tanks, and armored vehicles surrounded the school!

Venomous Fang Troop: Students, don’t panic, this is just a small exercise.

A few months later.

The glory of controllable nuclear fusion shines in the Dragon Kingdom!

The world is shocked! Humanity is shocked! !

The Dragon Kingdom will lead the future of mankind!

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Chapter 1 Discovering Controllable Nuclear Fusion Right In Front Of Venus!7 months agoChapter 2 You Failed Physics, Scored Zero On The College Entrance Examination, And Created Nuclear Fusion? ?7 months agoChapter 3 At This Moment, The Gears Of Dragon Kingdom’S Destiny Began To Turn!7 months agoChapter 4 Because Of You! The Progress Of Mankind Has Been Advanced A Hundred Years!7 months agoChapter 5 Sorry, He Really Scored Zero In The College Entrance Examination!7 months agoChapter 6 The Identity Is Set To S Level! Confidentiality Level S! Importance Level S!7 months agoChapter 7 One In A Million, The Poison Fang Troop!7 months agoChapter 8 Apache Gunship, Don’T Waste A Moment!7 months agoChapter 9 The Party Crashed, It Doesn’T Matter, I Will Take Action!7 months agoChapter 10 Do You Know That You Almost Died Just Now? !7 months agoChapter 11 A Bunch Of Licking Dogs!7 months agoChapter 12 Look At The Red Spot On Your Forehead! Is It The Laser Aiming Of A Sniper Rifle?7 months agoChapter 13 Kneeling Together, It’S A Spectacular Sight!7 months agoChapter 14 The Person Pushing The Wheelchair For The Researcher Of Mushroom Bombs! ! Who Is It? ?7 months agoChapter 15 The Shenguang Project Is Launched! Chief Engineer! ! !7 months agoChapter 16 I Am A High School Student Speaking To More Than 2,000 Scientists?7 months agoChapter 17 Academician Of The Long Academy Of Sciences Is Working Under You. Do You Want A University Place?7 months agoChapter 18 The Shenguang Project Begins Directly, And The Beautiful Country Stirs Up Trouble Again! ! !7 months agoChapter 19 The Dragon Kingdom Will Only Allocate Us Developed Countries To Make Clothes And Work As Cooks!7 months agoChapter 20 As The Current Highest Position In The Scientific Community Of Dragon Kingdom, You Still Need A High School Diploma? ?7 months agoChapter 21 This Is Just An Ordinary High School Graduation Ceremony! Are You Coming In An Armed Helicopter? ? ?7 months agoChapter 22 This Kid Is So Terrifying! ! ! !7 months agoChapter 23 Mu De, Scored Zero In The College Entrance Examination, Was Admitted To More Than Ten Universities At The Same Time? Is This Reasonable?7 months agoChapter 24 The Plan Has Changed, Don’T Do Anything! Evacuate Quickly!7 months agoChapter 25 The Chip Is Restricted! Then I Can Do It Myself!7 months agoChapter 26 Is It Difficult To Use A Photolithography Machine? Learn About 5 Nanometers!7 months agoChapter 27 Hurry! Notify The General Of Dragon Kingdom! Quick! Notify The Great Elder! !7 months agoChapter 28 We Won’T Agree To Any Of Your Beautiful Country’S Conditions! You Can Go Now!7 months agoChapter 29 Now I Want To See Those Nineteen Countries Begging For Our Dragon Kingdom Chips!7 months agoChapter 30 The Lithography Machine Plan Is Launched! Longke Academy Is Like Chinese New Year!7 months agoChapter 31 5 Nanometer Technology! Never Say It Again! What If It Gets Leaked!7 months agoChapter 32 After Graduating From High School, He Became The Chief Engineer Of Two National-Level Projects!7 months agoChapter 33 No More 5 Nanometers! Learn About 1 Nanometer Lithography Machine!7 months agoChapter 34 Elder Sun Directly Cursed! I Want To See Lu Feng In Person! !7 months agoChapter 35 The Shenxin Project Is Launched. Will The Chips Be Released In Just One Month? ? ? ?7 months agoChapter 36 Sanctions Will Not Cause Us Losses! It Will Only Cause Losses To The Windmill Country!7 months agoChapter 37 In Addition To Chips, We Also Need To Impose Energy Sanctions On Dragon Kingdom!7 months agoChapter 38 A Country That Can Produce 5 Nanometers Within A Month Must Be A Thief!7 months agoChapter 39 Divine Core 001! The Press Conference Begins! The Countdown To 50,000 People Begins!7 months agoChapter 40 The Scene Is Not Big, But A Harrier Fighter Jet Is Used To Send A Lithography Machine!7 months agoChapter 41 With Such A Small Lithography Machine, You Look Like A Liar At First Glance!7 months agoChapter 42 What Is In Front Of Everyone At This Moment Is Not Technology! It's A Miracle! !7 months agoChapter 43 Oh God! This Can't Be True!7 months agoChapter 44 Yinter Goes Crazy! Ma Sike Is Impatient! Invista Loses Orders!7 months agoChapter 45 Warwick, Xiaomi, And All The Big Guys From Longguo Technology Company Gathered In The Cabinet! !7 months agoChapter 46 Bai Tie Was So Angry That She Almost Had A Stroke! ! I Want To Suppress The Dragon Kingdom! Severe Suppression! !7 months agoChapter 47 This Time All The Pressure Is On The Beautiful Country! Are You Convinced? ?7 months agoChapter 48 Let’S Admit Our Mistakes Now! Sanctions Lifting Bill? Sorry, We Refuse! !7 months agoChapter 49 The World’S Number One Computer Appears! God Is Coming! !7 months agoChapter 50 You Are Crazy! ! Want To Create Controllable Nuclear Fusion Before National Day? ? ?7 months agoChapter 51 108 Reactors! Countdown To 29 Days, 23 Hours And 27 Minutes! !7 months agoChapter 52 Fainted To The Ground Again! The Cabinet Convened An Emergency Meeting Of The Ten Elders! ! !7 months agoChapter 53 Woman? Leave Me Alone! Now There Is Only Nuclear Fusion In My Mind!7 months agoChapter 54 Super Vip Concert! Unpredictable Dangers And Variables!7 months agoChapter 55 Something Happened At Shenguang Base! Urgent Recall!7 months agoChapter 56 Nuclear Reactor No. 003 Is Successful! ! There Are Still 26 Days Until National Day!7 months agoChapter 57 A Press Conference That Attracted The Attention Of The World! Unparalleled National Scholar!7 months agoChapter 58 So Terrifying! The Giant City Has Been Using Electricity Continuously For 479 Years!7 months agoChapter 59 The Throne Of The World’S Most Powerful Country! It's Time To Change The Owner! !7 months agoChapter 60 The General Comes To Yangcheng In Person! ! The Plan To Tattoo Breasts According To The Sky!7 months agoChapter 61 The Seventh Day To Last Of National Day! Controlled Nuclear Fusion Is Directly Put Into Use!7 months agoChapter 62 The National Day Of The Dragon Kingdom Is Coming! The National Day Celebration Begins! ! ! ! ! !7 months agoChapter 63 A Gift For The 100Th Anniversary Of The Motherland! ! !7 months agoChapter 64 Six Aircraft Carriers! 100 Fighter Jets! Cruise Out! Where Is Lu Feng?7 months agoChapter 65 100 Fighter Jets Are Like A Swarm Of Bees! ! Guarding The Giant Queen Bee! ! !7 months agoChapter 66 It Seems Like A Mysterious Alien Object! ! Bring Exaggerated Visual Impact!7 months agoChapter 67 All Efforts Are For One Goal! Dragon Kingdom Stands Up Tall In The World!7 months agoChapter 68 All Of This Is Just For Him! God Core! Divine Light! The Inventor Appears!7 months agoChapter 69 Such A Young And Handsome Guy Is An Assistant, Right? Definitely Is!7 months agoChapter 70 Ten Elders: I Finally Meet You, Lu Feng! So Excited!7 months agoChapter 71 Lu Feng: I Have A Dream! !7 months agoChapter 72 What Is Divine Light? ? God Said! ! ! Let There Be Light! ! ! ! !7 months agoChapter 73 That City Is Like A Galaxy! From Now On, My Only Idol Is Lu Feng! !7 months agoChapter 74 The Gears Of Destiny Of All Countries In The World Begin To Turn At This Moment! ! !7 months agoChapter 75 The Ten Elders Are Here In Person! National Day Party, Super Heavyweights Are Here!7 months agoChapter 76 Enlightenment! ! Super Heavy Rocket Recycling And Manufacturing! !7 months agoChapter 77 Mr. Ji, Don’T Think About Retiring Yet! Let Me Tell You Something! !7 months agoChapter 78 I Can’T Do Anything At All! So Busy! The Ten Elders Are Invited! !7 months agoChapter 79 Look, Is The Huge Bronze Statue In The City Center Our Son Lu Feng?7 months agoChapter 80 More Than 80 Countries Requested To Purchase Chips! To Sell Or Not? Earn Tens Of Billions A Year!7 months agoChapter 81 The Thousand-Year Dream Of The Dragon Kingdom Starts At This Moment! Landing On The Moon! Go To Chang'e'S Place!7 months agoChapter 82 Ah San Is Looking For Trouble? Hit Him?7 months agoChapter 83 Solve The Problem Of Asan Kingdom Within Three Days! The Divine Project Starts!7 months agoChapter 84 Before The Spring Festival! Our Dragon Country Is Going To Set Off Fireworks On The Moon!7 months agoChapter 85 I Want Every Person From The Dragon Kingdom To Go To The Moon! ! !7 months agoChapter 86 Enlightenment And Improvement! ! Nuclear Batteries Appear!7 months agoChapter 87 Elder Wu: Lu Feng Said He Would Solve Asan Kingdom In Three Days, And This Is Already The Third Day!7 months agoChapter 88 Lu Guoshi Invites All The Elders To See A Behemoth!7 months agoChapter 89 What I Researched Is To Solve The Border Problem Of The Entire Dragon Kingdom!7 months agoChapter 90 When Dealing With Wild Cats And Dogs, Don’T Speak Human Words To Them! Invite The Strongest Man From The Dragon Kingdom!7 months agoChapter 91 Come And See! The Longguo People Sent A Pillar Using A Twin-Rotor Helicopter!7 months agoChapter 92 Report To The Lieutenant General! No! Report It To President Magic Flute Quickly! !7 months agoChapter 93 All Borders! ! Such A Terrifying Laser White Tower Is Almost Unlimited? ? !7 months agoChapter 94 Can Cover Hundreds Of Kilometers! That Is The Punishing Hand Of God!7 months agoChapter 95 I, Ah San Kingdom, Want The Dragon Kingdom To Pay For Its Blood Debt! The Island Country Starts Stealing Technology!7 months agoChapter 96 Dragon Kingdom’S First Recyclable Manned Spacecraft! You Actually Said It Doesn’T Look Good! !7 months agoChapter 97 Let’S Make 1,000 Rockets And Fly Them!7 months agoChapter 98 Let Shenxing 1 Go Around Space And Come Back!7 months agoChapter 99: Beautiful Country Still Wants To Monopolize? ? ? Now It Is My Country, Dragon, That Has The Final Say! !7 months agoChapter 100 Ah Sanguo Sued Longguo To The International Court Of Justice! ! They Started A War!7 months ago