National Destiny: Playing The Sin Of Pride, Wife Thor

National Destiny: Playing The Sin Of Pride, Wife Thor


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Entertainment And National Luck
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One day, the voice from Blue Star's will appeared in everyone's mind!

Because of the overlap of parallel universes, countless equal worlds are about to collide!

In order to gain the final right to survive, each Blue Star will send two representatives to the forbidden areas of God's Domain to determine the last survivor!

Su Nuo, who plays Sin of Pride, enters the Forbidden Land of God's Domain as a contestant.

After seeing this scrawny, but extremely arrogant guy.

All Blue Star Seven netizens were dumbfounded!

At this moment, the ferocious beast from the divine realm arrived!

Countless players were killed or injured! People have witnessed the demise of other planets! I mourn in my heart the last moment that belongs to me!

But I found that it was already twelve o'clock at noon...

“I am the only one in heaven and under heaven!!!”

At this time, Su Nuo's muscles were all tied up! Has become the incarnation of the sun!

With just one blow, the world collapsed! !

The moment space cracks appeared in the divine space around him, the entire universe was trembling! ! !

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Chapter One: Playing The Sin Of Pride At The Beginning!6 months agoChapter 2: I’M Confused, Why Should I Choose A Skinny Uncle?6 months agoChapter 3: Talking Before The Battle! Come On! ! !6 months agoChapter 4: Weird Divine Creatures! Crisis Coming? !6 months agoChapter 5: Strange Information, No Such Person Found?6 months agoChapter 6: E-Level Ferocious Beast, The Dark Devil Tiger!6 months agoChapter 7: Players Die In Battle, The World Is In Crisis!6 months agoChapter 8: The World Is In Turmoil! In Just This Moment, All Life Is In Ruins!6 months agoChapter 9: This Forbidden Land Of God’S Domain Turns Out To Be Real!6 months agoChapter 10: Emerging! The Appearance Of The Standings!6 months agoChapter 11: The Only Name On The List! Luck Treasure Chest? E-Level Reward?6 months agoChapter 12: The Chosen One! The World Is Bound To You!6 months agoChapter Thirteen: Then It’S Time To Hunt!6 months agoChapter 14: The Beast Attacks Again? The Despair Of World No. 7!6 months agoChapter 15: The Ruthless Sandstorm Covers The Sky And The Sun!6 months agoChapter 16: Crisis! The Giant Storm Scorpion Is So Terrifying!6 months agoChapter 17: Thunder Punishment! A Thunderous Thunder, Destroying The Heaven And Earth!6 months agoChapter 18: General Thunder! The God Of War Respected By The World!6 months agoChapter 19: Familiar Breath, Long-Lost Friend!6 months agoChapter 20: Points Ranking List! Instantly Reach The Top!6 months agoChapter 21: How To Become Stronger? The Stripped Resource Storage Point!6 months agoChapter 22: The Competition For Resources, Why Is It A Glacier?6 months agoChapter 23: S+ Level Terrifying Existence! ! A Nightmare In The Divine Realm!6 months agoChapter 24: An Existence From Ancient Times, Orobas Under The Glacier!6 months agoChapter 25: Desperate News, Ten Groups Of Players Were Killed Instantly!6 months agoChapter 26: Panic Spreads, And Tens Of Billions Of Lives Are Wiped Out In An Instant!6 months agoChapter 27: Su Nuo’S Goal? The Location Of The S-Class Beast! !6 months agoChapter 28: Danger Is Opportunity, Players With Terrifying Abilities!6 months agoChapter 29: Clues About Su Nuo? Mysterious Life Experience Surfaced?6 months agoChapter 30: C+ Level Divine Beast! Unprecedented!6 months agoChapter 31: Desperate Situation! Completely Surrounded By Vicious Beasts!6 months agoChapter 32: Su Nuo Takes Action! The Whole Audience Was Shocked!6 months agoChapter 33: If You Don’T Have That Strength, Why Are You Pretending To Be So Cool? !6 months agoChapter 34: General Thunder Turns The Tide! Su Nuo Is Under Siege?6 months agoChapter 35: The Vulnerable Thunder Bear, The Terrifying Thunder General!6 months agoChapter 36: Reach The Top Of Points! Crush Everything!6 months agoChapter 37: Uncle, Can You Be A Good Salted Fish?6 months agoChapter 38: Experts From All Walks Of Life Rush To The Glacier!6 months agoChapter 39: In The Mist Above The Glacier, Ferocious Beasts Are Coming!6 months agoChapter 40: Horror! Tens Of Thousands Of Ferocious Beasts Attack!6 months agoChapter 41: General, Retreat Quickly, I Can’T Defeat You With My Uncle!6 months agoChapter 42: Points Ranking List, Updated Again!6 months agoChapter 43: Magical Ice Fog,6 months agoChapter 44: Sneak Attack On Lan Bo!6 months agoChapter 45: Huh? Uncle Seems To Have Really Become Stronger!6 months agoChapter 46: Orobas! S+ Beast Appears!6 months agoChapter 47: Fall Apart, Disaster!6 months agoChapter 48: Dawn Will Finally Come, It Will Break!6 months agoChapter 49: It’S Dawn! ! The Most Arrogant Man In History Is Back! ! !6 months agoChapter 50: I Am The Sin Of Arrogance Among The Seven Deadly Sins! From Now On, I Will Be Number One In The World! ! !6 months agoChapter 51: One Punch Even Destroyed A Mountain A Thousand Meters Away! ! Is This Even A Human Being? ! ! !6 months agoChapter 52: I Am The Sun! !6 months agoChapter 53 He Is So Crazy! ! Look Down On The World! ! !6 months agoChapter 54 At This Moment, Time Is About To Reach Noon! ! The Divine Light Of The Sun Illuminates The Entire Divine Realm! ! !6 months agoChapter 55: Attention From All Over The World! The Name Of Arrogance Spreads Throughout The World! ! !6 months agoChapter 56 Netizen: Damn It! He Is Still Getting Stronger! The Space Is Beginning To Collapse! ! !6 months agoChapter 57: Who Is The Ferocious Beast? ! So Powerful That It Perverts! ! !6 months agoChapter 58: Netizens From All Over The World Are Crazy And Shocked! ! Everyone Came To Watch! !6 months agoChapter 59: The Glaciers Are Beginning To Melt! Report! Blue Star Is Cheating! !6 months agoChapter 60: [The Mercy Of The Sun]! ! ! The Earth Is Bursting!6 months agoChapter 61: Noon Has Arrived? ! ! ! The Ultimate Horrible Su Nuo!6 months agoChapter 62: [Judgment Of The Sun]! One Hundred Thousand Points! Reach The Top Of The List!6 months agoChapter 63: Su Nuo At 7Am! Extremely Powerful! !6 months ago64. Su Nuo: Even If I Drag Bai Yuekui’S Butt With My Hands! He Is Still Invincible In The World! !6 months agoChapter 65: The World Is Trembling! ! The Divine Light Of The Sun Illuminates The Heavens And The World! !6 months agoChapter 66: Su Nuo’S Old Friend! ! Horrible Orobas!6 months agoChapter 67: That Golden Light! ! General Thunder Takes Action!6 months agoChapter 68: Twelve O’Clock At Noon! ! The Sun Has Come To The World! ! !6 months agoChapter 69: [I Am The Only One In Heaven And Under Heaven]! ! !6 months agoChapter 70: Reunion After Thousands Of Years! Artifact [Divine Ax·Rita]! ! !6 months agoChapter 71: [Exploding Arrogance]! Holy Sword Ace Kano! ! !6 months agoChapter 72: The Intersection Of The Artifact And The Sun! The World Is Trembling At This Moment! ! ! !6 months agoChapter 73: At This Moment, Su Nuo Directly Transformed Into The Sun! ! !6 months agoChapter 74: He Is The Embodiment Of Invincibility! ! ! [Mote Dust Slash]!6 months agoChapter 75: Lightning Flashes, Killing Instantly With One Knife! The Whole Place Was Silent!6 months agoChapter 76: Shocking Changes! 【Sun God·Su Nuo】! ! !6 months agoChapter 77: The Most Ultimate Arrogance In The World Has Arrived! I Am Invincible At This Moment! !6 months agoChapter 78: Sky-Opening Giant Axe! I Will Chop Everything In The World With One Axe!6 months agoChapter 79: The Heavens And Worlds Are Shaken! This Is Not A Man But A God! ! !6 months agoChapter 80: Millions Of Points! ! The Whole Country Is Soaring! Crush The Heroes! ! !6 months agoChapter 81: The Glaciers Burst! The Second Stage Of The Forbidden Land Of God’S Domain? !6 months agoChapter 82: World War! ! Peak Showdown!6 months agoChapter 83: Su Nuo: In The Face Of Absolute Strength, Everything Is False!6 months agoChapter 84: One Person Challenges All Realms! ! A Look From The Sun God!6 months agoChapter 85: [Holy Spear·Ace Kano]! ! So Crazy!6 months agoChapter 86: [I Am The Only One In Heaven And Under Heaven·Ultimate]! ! !6 months agoChapter 87: Global Shock! Netizen: When Will This Uncle’S Strength Be Revealed? ! ! !6 months agoChapter 88: He Is Still The God Of Arrogance! ! Kill Jonathan Instantly With One Punch! ! !6 months agoChapter 89: Netizen:? Su Nuo Is Also The God Of War? ! ! ! All Worlds Are Numb!6 months agoChapter 90: Black Cloud Overturns The World? I'll Kill Him With My Divine Axe! ! !6 months agoChapter 91: Sun God Su Nuo Comes To Earth! ! The World Collapses!6 months agoChapter 92: Blue Star Begins To Devour All Realms! ! The Pattern Of God’S Domain Has Changed Dramatically! A Ruined World!6 months agoChapter 93: The Second Stage Of The Forbidden Land Of God’S Domain! New Player Added!6 months agoChapter 94: Twelve O’Clock At Noon Arrives! Su Nuo Who Directly Transforms Into The Sun! ! !6 months agoChapter 95: The Wrath Of Nine Suns! God Su Nuo!6 months agoChapter 96: Nine Yang Destroys All Realms! Thunder Shines In The Sky!6 months agoChapter 97: This Is A Feast Of Massacre! I Am Guilty Of Pride, One Of The Ten Commandments! ! !6 months ago98.Perfect Performance! Unlock The Sin Of Wrath: Meliodas! ! !6 months agoChapter 99: The Sun Is Strong Again, And I Have Become Stronger! Three S-Class Ferocious Beasts!6 months agoChapter 100: Dimensionality Reduction Attack By Two Gods!6 months ago