National Destiny Shelter: Creating A Sci-Fi Paradise For China

National Destiny Shelter: Creating A Sci-Fi Paradise For China


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The world of chaos invades, each country chooses a savior to build its own sanctuary

It is required to accommodate the survival of the country's people for fifty years and have defense and attack capabilities.

Lin Tian traveled through Blue Star and awakened the Supreme Technology God System

Thus, a shelter beyond imagination was born!

[The thirty-three-layer Tianluan bird aircraft platform is deployed! 】

[Ecosystem Yaochi and Peach Garden are nurtured! 】

[One hundred thousand heavenly soldiers in light and shadow armor gather! 】

[Super thermonuclear fusion sun Golden Crow hanging! 】


[The sci-fi heavenly shelter has been cast! 】

Facing the provocation of the Hundred Nations Sanctuary.

Lin Tian waved his hand and Sophon was activated.

Water droplets from the Jade Pure Bottle penetrated the sanctuary of Soul Society!

The space-based weapon, the Immortal Killing Sword Formation, shreds the shelter of Noah’s Ark!

The golden avenue of light crushes the Shelter Galaxy Battleship!

Seven days later, the world of chaos descended.

The golden light of the Huaxia Kingdom Sanctuary shines brightly.

The two-way foil weapon in the Lingxiao Palace turned into the Tathagata Palm.

Destroy three thousand demon gods in an instant!

Dimensionality reduction strikes back to zero the chaotic world!

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1. Global Disaster, Build A Shelter!3 months ago2. Select [Science Fiction Heaven]3 months ago3. Are Chinese Athletes Disabled?3 months ago4. The Foundation Of The Thirty-Third Heaven [Luan Bird]!3 months agoIs Anyone Else Watching?3 months ago5. Pangu Artificial Intelligence! Infinitely Multiplying Heavenly Soldier No. 1!3 months ago6. Excessive Progress Rewards! Shock The World! They All Exploded!3 months ago7. Vibranium + Seraphim = New Luan Bird! Three Billion Heavenly Soldiers Were Built Quickly!3 months ago8. Critical Upgrade! Space Folding Technology! Get The Light And Shadow Armor!3 months ago9. The Horror Of The Dread Devil! Punishment From Heaven, Disaster For Kimchi Country!3 months ago10. Global Shock! Lin Tian’S Identity! Insight Into The Five Elements Of Light And Shadow! Create Light And Shadow Armor!3 months ago11. Nordic Cyber ​​Ark! Nano Steel Suit Is Released! A New Round Of Creative Competition!3 months ago12. Gather The Five Elements, Condense Light And Shadow, And Cast Armor! Yin-Yang Five Elements Light And Shadow Array!3 months ago13. The First Level Emperor Huang Zengtian Succeeded! China Is Boiling! Lin Shen Is Invincible! The World Exploded!3 months ago14. Nantian Gate And Curvature Portal! The Second Layer Of The Supercomputing Matrix [Tiandao] Seal Is Broken!3 months ago15. Is Technology Weak? The Dragon Of Chinese Luck Soars Into The Sky! Continuous Explosion Of Rewards Will Open The Eyes Of The World!3 months ago16. The Supreme Arsenal And Dimension Aircraft Carrier Lingxiao Palace! The Ambition To Create A New World!3 months ago17. Cosmic Dimension Weapon [Two-Way Foil]! The Gods And The Body Are Sanctified! Global Upheaval!3 months ago18. The Ultimate Combat Readiness State, Qinglong Town Guoding! Disqualified As Savior! Global Chaos!3 months ago19. Broken One After Another! The World’S Darkest Moment! Who Can Save This Planet?3 months ago20. The Light Of Humanity Is Shattered? !3 months ago21. Attracting Worldwide Attention! Is China Lin Tian The Last Hope?3 months ago22. The World’S Biggest Cannon! The First Sword Of Zhu Xian! Super Heavy Galaxy Level Weapon!3 months ago23. Fire! The Sword Cuts Through The Void! Shock All Mankind! Super Sss Level Gift Pack!3 months ago24. The Sword Energy Stretches Thousands Of Miles! Start Imitation By All Members? New Discovery Of Star Core!3 months ago25. The Spirit Of Science Fiction Heaven! When The Spirit Arises, All Things Come Into Being! Backing From The Chinese People!3 months ago26. The Armor Of Light And Shadow Is Completed! Shelter Rank +1! Respect From Li Chengyang!3 months ago27. The Foundation Of The Thirty-Third Heaven Is Formed! Seven Nations Alliance Crisis And Conspiracy! The First Day Is Over, Looking Forward To The Strongest Shelter3 months ago28. Hyperthermonuclear Upheaval, Sun Golden Crow! The Ten Days Turned Around And Shocked The World!3 months ago29. Believe In The Forest God! Killing Immortal Sword Formation! Pym Particles Create The Yellow Turban Warriors!3 months ago30. Flying Blades, Space-Based Weapons, Space Carriers! Soul Society And Heaven, The Sanctuary Gradually Collapses!3 months ago31. Sakura Country Is In Danger! He Is Not From This World!3 months ago32. Combined Weapons [Cotai Strip] Uranus Plunder Battle And Attack And Defense Simulation Battle Begin! Global Emergency!3 months ago33. The New Computing Power Cluster [Linglong] Simulates A Battle And Only Produces Heavy Ion Cannons?3 months ago34. Destroy Everything! Global Explosion, Expulsion From National Genealogy? Special Reward "Black Hole"!3 months ago35. The Idea Of ​​A Black Hole Cannon, A Science Fiction Version Of Six Paths Of Reincarnation! Build An Ecosystem!3 months ago36. The Ten Gods Of The Beautiful Country! Beast Intuition, World Progress Increases Crazily!3 months ago37. The Crisis Is Ahead Of Schedule! Hot Moment! Armored Warriors Unite! Global Madness!3 months ago38. Global Shock! Insect Hive And Reiatsu! Let The World Witness The Rise Of China!3 months ago39. Accelerate The Breaking Of The Seal Of The Heart Of Technology! Uranus Phantom Kills!3 months ago40. Flame Dragon’S Fearless Devil-Conquering Seal! China’S Pioneering Combat Power Shocked The World!3 months ago41. Uranus Finally Becomes The Stage Of China? Supercomputing System For Causal Deduction! The Last Shortcoming!3 months ago42. China’S Rise Is Unstoppable! The White House Fell To Its Knees Without Even Realizing It! Shock The World!3 months ago43. The Global Submission Speed Has Skyrocketed, And The Fifth Layer Of Seals Has Been Broken! Shocking Rewards!3 months ago44. The Throne Of Technology Is Born! 1949 Trillion Heavenly Soldiers Five Generations! The Danger Of The Void Is Coming! The Whole World Is Shocked!3 months ago45. This Strength Is Not Enough To Defeat My Shelter! China Is Boiling!3 months ago46. ​​Fight! In The Huaxia Court Ahead, Gods And Demons Are Forbidden To Enter! The Thirty-Third Heaven Unfolds!3 months ago47. Heaven Activates! Nantianmen’S Divine Power Suppresses The Killing! Shocking The World! Lin Tian Is Terrifying!3 months ago48. Super Jade Purifying Bottle Water Drops! The Law Of Cause And Effect Weapon Eyes! The Whole World Is Boiling!3 months ago49. Lin Tian’S Confidence! Void Tactics Is A Global Sensation! The Six Heavenly Gods Fight Against The Fourth-Order Void Elephant!3 months ago50. Appear As A Saint In Front Of Others! The Golden Avenue Shakes The World, And The Immortal Killing Sword Formation Is Enough To Kill The Fourth-Order Monster!3 months ago51. Law Of Cause And Effect·Book Of Life And Death! Controlling The Six-Dimensional World, China’S Biggest Bug! Negotiate With The Protoss!3 months ago52. The Second Form Of Nantianmen! Curvature Portal Fengdu! One Hundred Thousand Heavenly Soldiers Gather!3 months ago53. Super Burning Moment! Meditation Seal! Determine The Past And Present And Determine The Future! The First Show Of The Light And Shadow Heavenly Soldiers Shocked The World!3 months ago54. The Tough Yellow Turban Warriors Attacked! The Emperor's Armor Shocks The World! The Final Chapter Has Sounded!3 months ago55. The Five Saints Will Kill And Shock The World! The Genetic Weapon Meng Po Tang Was Born! Fifty Trillion Heavenly Soldiers For Seven Generations! Improvement By Leaps And Bounds!3 months ago56. At The End Of Seven Days, The S4 Season Begins! The Surprise Of World Tree, 100% Two-Way Foil!3 months ago57. The God List Is Released! Dark Horse Karma Taj! The First Shelter That Shocked The World!3 months ago58. Climb To The Top Of The God List And Shake The World! We Are So Strong This Season! The Ultimate Moment Opens, And The World Is Settled!3 months ago59. Heaven Management System! The Thought Seal Judge Pen Was Born! Everyone Is Here! The Ultimate State Is On!3 months ago60. [Ancestor] The Fourth Phase Of The True Spiritualization Project! The Sci-Fi Version Of The Underworld Is Launched! Star Spirit Contest!3 months ago61. Invincible Heaven! Sentinel, Chaos Magic, Seireitei! Reshape The New World Order!3 months ago62. The Surprise Attack Of Water Droplets Ignited The World! In The First Battle On The Technology Side Pyramid, A 0.7-Second Kill! Saints Of The Twelve Constellations Of The Underworld!3 months ago63. The Ninth Generation Of Super-State Quantum! Planetary Fortress Twenty-Eight Constellations! The Zero Plan Shocked The Top Management!3 months ago