Nba: My Power Is Invincible!

Nba: My Power Is Invincible!


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Lin Yue traveled back to the 2003 Raptors and was bound to the Hercules system, which was the only one in the NBA in terms of power.

Facing the tank breakthrough of No. 1 pick James at the beginning, Lin Yue did not move at all.

"LeBron, do you only have this much power?"

Second-round pick Lin Yue quickly developed a reputation as a "Hercules" in the NBA.

Lin Yue: Who said yellow people can't rule the NBA?

You know nothing about power.

In the face of absolute power, any technique is just fancy.

James: Facing Lin Yue’s power, I feel desperate!

O'Neal: Lin Yue can knock me over with one hand!

Artest: When it comes to fighting, I am like a younger brother to Lin Yue!

Kobe Bryant: Lin Yue broke up the Lakers' F4 combination, and the runner-up is the biggest loser!

Jordan: I admit that Lin Yue is the only player in the NBA.

Durant: I hate Lin Yue, he ruined the "bath water" that I always wanted.

Scarlett, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift: Lin Yue is not only powerful, he is also...

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Chapter 1: Full Strength At The Beginning! [Asking For Flowers And Evaluation Votes]5 months agoChapter 2 Against James, Who Is The Strongest Rookie In The 2003 Class?5 months agoChapter 3 Lebron, Do You Have This Much Power? Lin Yue Hats Off James!5 months agoChapter 4 Is This A Second-Round Pick? Lin Yue Shocked The Audience!5 months agoChapter 5. Lin Yue Dunks 2+1 As Boozer Flies Over 120 Kilograms!5 months agoChapter 6 Carter Dunks, Lin Yue Crushes Little Emperor James!5 months agoChapter 7: Competition For Ranking In The Rookie Rankings, Can Lin Yue Surpass James?5 months agoChapter 8 Sitting Down And Beating James, Dunking Over The Little Emperor, This Is The Terminator Under The Basket!5 months agoChapter 9 Defeat James And Get 10 Strengthening Points As A Reward!5 months agoChapter 10 Lin Yue: I Am Determined To Win The 2003 Rookie Of The Year Award!5 months agoChapter 11 With Full Explosive Power, Lin Yue Won The Eastern Conference Player Of The Week Award!5 months agoChapter 12 Lin Yuevs Duncan, A Battle Between The League’S Top Power Forwards!5 months agoChapter 13 Bowen Provokes, Lin Yue: I Want You To Know Why The Flowers Are So Red?5 months agoChapter 14 Lin Yue Forced The Score In 1V2, And Duncan Responded By Hitting The Board At A 45-Degree Angle!5 months agoChapter 15 If Bowen Dares To Step In, He Will Be Reimbursed! 【Ask For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 16 The Explosive Power Of Attribute 100 Is Invincible! Parker: I Actually Have A Fear Of Yellow People?5 months agoChapter 17 Basketball Is A Killing Skill, Which Means Life And Death!5 months agoChapter 18 Bowen: I’M Dirty And I’M Right, It’S Your Fault If You Fight Back!5 months agoChapter 19 It’S A Moment Of Relief, The Whole Family’S Crematorium! 【Ask For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 20 Many Stars Support Lin Yue. Beating Bowen Is Doing Harm To The League!5 months agoChapter 21 Ufc Fighting On The Basketball Court, Who Doesn’T Want To See It?5 months agoChapter 22 Fight And Retreat With Garnett, Lin Yue Is Brave And Invincible!5 months agoChapter 23 Kim Kardashian, Put Your Hair Up! [Please Give Me Flowers! 】5 months agoChapter 24 The Temptation Of Passing And Ball Control Attribute Rewards!5 months agoChapter 25 Against Chris Webber, The Princeton System And The Small Ball Era!5 months agoChapter 26 Steals Weber, Lin Yue Dunks! 【Ask For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 27 Foul, This Guy Just Pushed Me With His Butt! Lin Yue Dunks Christie!5 months agoChapter 28 A Guy f**ked Weber, Lin Yue: As Everyone Knows, I Hate Stadium Violence!5 months agoChapter 29 This Is Not A Stadium, I Will Definitely Beat You To The Ground!5 months agoChapter 30: A Few Hundred Yuan A Month, What Are You Trying To Do With Your Life?5 months agoChapter 31 No Way? No Way? You Don’T Really Think I’M Going To Dunk You, Do You?5 months agoChapter 32 Weber’S Mentality Is Broken, Lin Yue Is About To Complete The Task!5 months agoChapter 33: Complete The Steal Task And Gain +10 Ball Control Attributes.5 months agoChapter 34: 19+8+4 At Halftime, Passing Attribute +10 Reward Is About To Be Obtained!5 months agoChapter 35 Lin Yue Played A Historic Rookie Performance, Angry Christie And Chris Webber!5 months agoChapter 36 Lin Yue: Don’T Just Use Your Body To Play Ball, Sometimes You Also Need To Use Your Brain!5 months agoChapter 37 Weber: I Swear! I Will Definitely Make Your Damn Guy's Life Worse Than Death!5 months agoChapter 38 This Is The Beast In The Penalty Area, Lin Yusheng Grabbed The Rebound And Dunked On Weber! Passing Attribute +10!5 months agoChapter 39 If You Can’T Beat Me In Basketball, You Can’T Beat Me In A Fight Either!5 months agoChapter 40 Even If I Give You A Chance, You Won’T Be Able To Use It!5 months agoChapter 41: Take A Step Back And The World Will Be Brighter, Why Don’T You Step Back? 【Ask For Flowers】5 months agoChapter 42 Strengthening Points +10, Lin Yue Strengthens Speed And Coordination Attributes!5 months agoChapter 43: Who Would Be A Serious Person Who Would Speak His Or Her Innermost Thoughts In Such A Public Place?5 months agoChapter 44 If You Are Not Angry, Can You Still Be Called A Young Person?5 months agoChapter 45 Selected As An All-Star, The Fifth Person In History!5 months agoChapter 46 The Rookie Challenge Begins, The 03 Golden Generation Is Despised!5 months agoChapter 47 Beat Us By 30 Points? Who Are You Looking Down On? ?5 months agoChapter 48 Lin Yue: I Want To Make Progress So Much!5 months agoChapter 49 There Are Many People Who Want To Teach Me A Lesson, Who Are You?5 months agoChapter 50 You Almost Guarded Me, Come On!5 months agoChapter 51: Can You Stop This Twenty-Year-Old Skill?5 months agoChapter 52 Next Time I Dunk, Remember To Dodge In Time!5 months agoChapter 53 What Just Happened? Did I Miss World War Ii?5 months agoChapter 54 Is The 03 Generation So Strong? Crush The 02 Generation In A Single Quarter!5 months agoChapter 55: Get The Mvp Of The Rookie Challenge And Get The Rewards!5 months agoChapter 56 Golden Treasure Chest, Breakthrough Attribute +10, Mid-Range Attribute +10! Lin Yue: I Finally Made Progress!5 months agoChapter 57 Predict Where The Rebound Will Land. If I Don’T Have Enough Ball, I’Ll Grab It Myself!5 months agoChapter 58 All-Star Game Mvp!5 months agoChapter 59 Generous All-Star Mission Rewards!5 months agoChapter 60 The Pacers Are The Boss In The East, The Raptors Are Nothing!5 months agoChapter 61 Who Will Be The Mvp Of The 2004 All-Star Game?5 months agoChapter 62 Shaq, Do You Only Have This Much Power? Lin Yue Shocked The Audience!5 months agoChapter 63 Winning The All-Star Game Mvp! Lin Yue Made A Back-Up Dunk To Beat The Western Conference!5 months agoChapter 64 Alexandra’S Kiss, Lin Yue Leads The Team Into The Playoffs!5 months agoChapter 65 The Kardashian Sisters, Lin Yue Joins The Best Lineup!5 months agoChapter 66: Full Dunk Attributes, The First Round Of The Playoffs Begins!5 months agoChapter 67 Lin Yue Is Mighty And Madonna Is Shocked, This Asian Is As Mighty As Rodman!5 months agoChapter 68 Madonna: The Young Man Is So Tough, My Aunt Likes It Very Much!5 months agoChapter 69 Madonna, I Didn’T Mean It!5 months agoChapter 70: Binding Canglong, Aunt Mai Is Shocked! Lin, You May Not Have Time To Rest Today!5 months agoChapter 71 The Number One Tough Man In The Nba, Lin Yue Dunks One On Three! At Full Level, You Can Do Whatever You Want!5 months agoChapter 72 The Beast In The Penalty Area Lin Yue Dominates The Basket, Madonna Is Envious Of Carter Being Able To Hug Lin Yue!5 months agoChapter 73 No One On Earth Can Stop Lin Yue From Dunking! Toronto Is The City Of Dunks, Lin Yue Scored 2+1 With A Behind-The-Back Dunk!5 months agoChapter 74: The Bucks Resorted To Shark-Cutting Tactics, And Lin Yue Scored 42 Points, A Triple-Double!5 months agoChapter 75 The First 50+ Triple-Double In History, Lin Yue Surpasses Jordan In A Battle!5 months agoChapter 76 18 Dunks In A Single Game! Madonna Asked Lin Yue To Compensate Her After The Game!5 months agoChapter 77 Auntie, I Don’T Want To Work Hard Anymore!5 months agoChapter 78 I Can Imagine Rodman’S Happiness, Sweeping The Bucks To Advance To The Second Round!5 months agoChapter 79 The Second Round Of The Playoffs Begins, Lin Yue Defeats Mutombo And Crushes Marbury!5 months agoChapter 80 Uncle Mu In The African Mountains Is Shocked, Mad Dog Thomas Is Envious! Lin Yue’S Damn Team Status!5 months agoChapter 81 How Does It Feel To Be Hit By A Tank? Lin Yue Dunks On The Knicks' Interior Two Towers At The Same Time!5 months agoChapter 82 Lone Wolf Marbury, Responds To Lin Yue With A Three-Pointer!5 months agoChapter 83 Lin Yue Hits A Fadeaway Jumper And Unlocks The Mid-Range Shot!5 months agoChapter 84 The Tomahawk Chop Was Unstoppable, Lin Yue Scored 17 Points In A Single Quarter!5 months agoChapter 85 The Beast Comes Down The Mountain, Lin Yue Dunks With A Big Windmill!5 months agoChapter 86: 100% Shooting Inside, Lin Yue Tries A Three-Pointer At The Buzzer!5 months agoChapter 87 35 Points At Halftime, This Is A Second-Round Pick!5 months agoChapter 88 Whoever Defends Lin Yue Alone Will Be Defeated!5 months agoChapter 89 Lin Yue Scored 60+ Points, Breaking The Rookie Scoring Record!5 months agoChapter 90 Encountered A Double-Team, Lin Yue’S Assists Data Soared! Five Assists In Two And A Half Quarters!5 months agoChapter 91 Gliding Dunk, Lin Yue Transformed Into A Beast And Scored 43 Points! Keep Setting Records!5 months agoChapter 92 The Well-Deserved Rookie Of The Year In 2003, A Big Guy Who Can Also Eurowalk! Shocked Marbury!5 months ago