Original God: Past Life Revealed, I Am The Human Body Of Tiga

Original God: Past Life Revealed, I Am The Human Body Of Tiga


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Ji Qiao, who has been the light for several generations, was reborn in the Teyvat continent in this life. He longed for a peaceful life and was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace. When a large screen named [Past Life Exposure System] suddenly appeared all over Teyvat. Over the mainland!

As a result, all the experiences he had in previous lives were exposed!

Tiga - Comparing with gods in a mortal body!

Nexus - Just the bond will continue to be passed down!

Gauss - the loving warrior!

Gaia - Guardian of the Earth!

Mebius - the eternal fire of friendship!

Zeta - the ultimate hero who calls his true name!

Funina: "Trampling on freedom arbitrarily, what kind of justice is this! - As expected of Tiga!"

Alicia: "I am both light and human... That's right! I am both a Herrscher and a human!"

Zhongli: "Ultraman Noah... I can feel his powerful power of light..."

Kiana: "This belief will always be passed down! The flames will burn forever!"

Lei Movie: "Perhaps I have understood the true eternity wrong all along..."

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001: Past Life Exposed? I Am The Human Body Of Tiga!4 months ago002: Find The Pyramid! The Giant Stone Statue Was Destroyed!4 months ago003: Transform Into Tiga! Red Powerful Type!4 months ago004: Purple Aerial Type! Melba, The Instant Monster!4 months ago005: Wouldn’T It Be Better To Use The Red Form From The Beginning?4 months ago006: Transform Again! Both Light And Human!4 months ago007: Berserker Form! Dagu Happy Type!4 months ago008: Is Tiga The Enemy Of Mankind? Otto Starts To Set The Pace!4 months ago009: Alicia Supports Tiga! Tiga Is Not An Enemy!4 months ago010: Captain Hui Jian Was Attacked! Dagu Comes To The Rescue!4 months ago011: Tiga Vs Kiri Elodians!4 months ago012: Zaipelliao Light! Mage Tiga!4 months ago013: “I Feel Like I’M Losing Something Beautiful”4 months ago014: "Survive As A Human Being Once Again!"4 months ago015: Easter Match, Win!4 months ago016: Funina: Tiga, Do You Also Feel Lonely?4 months ago017: Charlotte: Tiga, Will You Lose Too?4 months ago018: Did Tiga Disappear? Funina Panicked!4 months ago019: "Am I Really Qualified To Be Ultraman?"4 months ago020: Nasida: Tiga, You Are A Mage! What's The Point Of Fighting?4 months ago021: God Of The Universe? The Star Iron Team Was Laughing So Hard!4 months ago022: "The Law Of The Jungle Is The Law Of Survival On Earth!"4 months ago023: The Mage Fights Hand To Hand? Tiga, You Are So Good!4 months ago024: "I Saw It, Obik!" 》4 months ago025: "The Old Village Is Back!" Everyone Burst Into Tears!4 months ago026: Devil’S Judgment! The Kyriarodians Attack Again!4 months ago027: Huang Quan: Angel? I Don’T Know If I Can Catch My Knife.4 months ago028: Dagu Is Injured Again! Diga Felt Bitter!4 months ago029: Is Tiga A Demon? The Chat Group Is Angry!4 months ago030: The Prototype Of Shining Tiga! The World Famous Painting "The Creation Of Adam"!4 months ago031: Thumbs Up For Otto! Funina Wants To See Diga!4 months ago032: Fontaine Daily: "About Ultraman Tiga!" 》4 months ago033: "Dago, Why Does Tiga Help Humans?"4 months ago034: "War Is Never Sacred!"4 months ago035: Dagu’S Awakening! Tiga Chooses To Fight For Humanity!4 months ago036: [Mockingbird] Past Life Exposed! Memories Of Blue Nights!4 months ago037: Mockingbird: Xincheng Is My Brother In The Previous Life?4 months ago038: "Trampling On Freedom Arbitrarily, What Kind Of Justice Is This!"4 months ago039: "Memory Of Blue Night"! Everyone Was In Tears!4 months ago040: Hello, Ultraman4 months ago041: "Why Are You The Only One Praised As A Hero?"4 months ago042: "But, I Am A Human Being. I Am A Human Being!"4 months ago043: So It’S You, You Inherited The Light?4 months ago044: "Who Wants This!" "Give It Back To Me!"4 months ago045: "The Greatest Enemy Of Mankind Is Mankind Itself!"4 months ago046: "I Will Do What I Can Do! What I Can Do As A Person!"4 months ago047: Tiga Vs Evil Tiga! "This Is A War Caused By People's Hearts!"4 months ago048: "Life Lasts Forever!" Zijra Appears! 》4 months ago049: "Human Desire Is Deeper Than The Roots Of Qijela!"4 months ago050: "Dagu, Do What You Think Is Right!"4 months ago051: "Ultra Star"! The First Generation Ultraman Comes To The Rescue!4 months ago052: "Fly Higher" I Know That Dagu Is Diga...4 months ago053: Could It Be Said...That Ultraman Has The Obligation To Take On The Responsibility Of Protecting The Earth Alone?4 months ago054: "You Can Also Become Light, You Can Too!"4 months ago055: "The Dominator Of Darkness" "I Want To Fight Alone!"4 months ago056: "You Can't Win At All, I Don't Understand."4 months ago057: "We Must Win, As A Human Being!"4 months ago058: "To The Brilliant One" Dagu, You Must Become The Light Again!4 months ago059: Shining Tiga Instantly Kills Gatanjie! That Year, We All Became Light!4 months ago060: Tiga Comes To Teyvat! Instantly Kill The Demon God Of Whirlpool! Save Keqing Yingmei!4 months ago061: "The Final Holy War"! Diga's Ex-Girlfriend Comes To Visit!4 months ago062: Ex-Girlfriend Camila, Captured And Raped!4 months ago063: Dark Divine Light Rod! Transform Into Dark Tiga!4 months ago064: "Da Gu, You Have Fought Enough."4 months ago065: Even If The Darkness Deep In Human Hearts Cannot Disappear, I Firmly Believe That Human Beings Can Become Light By Their Own Power!4 months ago066: Dark Tiga’S Absorption Ability! Super Victory Team Comes To Support!4 months ago067: Diga Himself Has Revived? The Chat Group Was Shocked!4 months ago068: Shining Tiga Reappears! Kill Dimojie Instantly!4 months ago069: Tiga And Dana’S First Meeting! The Beginning Of A New Era!4 months ago070: "The Final Battle!" "Eight Ultra Ultra Brothers"4 months ago071: "I Will Protect This World! - Tiga!!!"4 months ago072: The Three Heroes Of Heisei Gather! The Final Reunion Of The Ultra Brothers!4 months ago073: "Tiga Opens The Hot Spot"! All Members In Shining Form!4 months ago074: Past Life Exposed! The Mysterious Four! The Chat Group Was Shocked!4 months ago075: Fusion Of Three Austrians! Ultraman Saiga Vs Hyperjackon!4 months ago076: The Famous Scene Of MöBius! Aihara Ryu: What Are You Protecting?4 months ago077: Exposed Again! The Leader Of The Mysterious Four: Ultraman Noah!4 months ago078: The Famous Scene Of Thousands Of Lights! Brother-In-Law Is A Real Man!4 months ago079: Ji Yajun: I Have... A Reason Why I Have To Fight!4 months ago080: "Fate"! Ji Yajun’S Final Transformation!4 months ago081: Quasi-Brother Famous Scene! The Only Man Who Can Stand Up Even After Turning Off The Lights!4 months ago082: "Light Is A Bond, It Will Continue To Be Passed Down And Will Shine Again!"4 months ago083: Lannai Appears! The Desperate Fighting Style Shocked The Chat Group!4 months ago084: Famous Scene: "Rubbing Guanglumu With Bare Hands"4 months ago085: Dark Zaki! Noah’S Dark Side?4 months ago086: Thousand Trees Rei Ming Scene! Transformation Under The Sunset! Ultraman Jack Liked It!4 months ago087: "Bond"! The Tip Of The Iceberg Of Noah! The Chat Group Was Shocked!4 months ago088: God Of Ultra! Noah Is Coming! Finally Remembered The Large Password!4 months ago089: Noah Instantly Kills Dark Zaki! Funina Wants To Meet Ultraman Noah!4 months ago090: Kamisato Ayato’S Past Life Revealed! It Turns Out To Be Ultraman’S Human Body!4 months ago091: The Fourth Life Is Exposed! The Will Of The Universe! Ultraman Regedo!4 months ago092: Funina’S Past Life Exposed! It Turned Out To Be Justis, The Righteous Sister!4 months ago093: Funina Sheds Tears: "Ultraman, Don't Die!"4 months ago094: The Legendary Warrior! Ultraman Regedo Appears! Spark Legend!4 months ago095: The Fifth Life Is Exposed! Ji Qiao Is Actually A Rabbit Race!4 months ago096: "What Bullshit Ultra Spirit, It Was Lost Tens Of Thousands Of Years Ago!"4 months ago097: Zero: "You Are Still 20,000 Years Too Early!"4 months ago098: The Famous Highlight Scene Of Sai Ritian! In The Kingdom Of Light, In The Proud World, There Will Be Heaven With Me, Zero!4 months ago099: Famous Scene! Bei Laohei Wins The Easter Match! Zero Is Numb!4 months ago100: Sai Shao Vs Dark Lops Sai Luo! Mechanical Ultra Brothers!4 months ago