Others Endure Hardships In Practicing Martial Arts, But You Can Quickly Master Martial Arts?

Others Endure Hardships In Practicing Martial Arts, But You Can Quickly Master Martial Arts?


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Longevity Cannot Fly
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[High martial arts + cool writing + crushing + fast pace + decisive killing]

"Ye Li, your opponent this time is my boyfriend. You are no match for him. Give up immediately... You just beat him to his knees?!"

"Ye Li, why did you choose the top of the five universities in your application this time? Didn't the teacher tell you that you must guard against arrogance and impetuosity and be down-to-earth... You have already been admitted?!"

"Ye Li, this strange beast is the overlord of this area. There is a huge gap between us and it. We must not be alarmed when retreating... How did you kill it directly?!"

"Ye Li, after you step into the ranks of demigods, you can no longer be as unscrupulous as before! Remember to do things diplomatically, and we must not make enemies of the demigods of the countries... You just advanced yesterday, and today you have defeated the demigods of the countries. All defeated?!"


In Blue Star, Ye Li awakens to the system of adding points for evil deeds!

The evil deeds are full, and the crazy points are added!

Half a month guarantee, one year to become a god!

Geniuses from various countries: "I can't do it! As soon as I reported my name, he came over with joy on his face!"

Strange beasts in the secret realm: "When I saw him walking into the secret realm with a purchase order, I felt like the sky was falling!"

Top forces: "When Mr. Ye Li frowns, you'd better not laugh. This is the advice of those who have experienced it!"

Seeing this situation, all the peers were dumbfounded.

"We are still working hard to practice martial arts, but you just speeded up the martial arts?!"


Someone else's system: "Host, you have to grow up and hide yourself."

Ye Li's system: "Host, your next task is to knock the contemporary pope to the ground and beat him."

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Chapter 1 Damn It, Break It Up With Them!9 days agoChapter 2 A Little Bit Of Cold Light Arrives First!9 days agoChapter 3 Huge Harvest!9 days agoChapter 4 Rapidly Rising Martial Arts Level!9 days agoChapter 5: Three Thousand Points Of Evil Deeds From Halfway Through!9 days agoChapter 6 Rapidly Improving Punching Power!9 days agoChapter 7 Ye Li’S Teasing, Furious Liu Yangde9 days agoChapter 8 Treasure. Tiangang Taoxu Technique!9 days agoChapter 9: Lightning-Like Rise, The Magic Is Perfected!9 days agoChapter 10 Breaking Through The Door And Getting Straight To The Point!9 days agoChapter 11 Defensive Counterattack! The Perfect Tiangang Taoxu Technique!9 days agoChapter 12 Breaking Through The Second Level!9 days agoChapter 13 Rumors Spread9 days agoChapter 14 A Natural Phenomenon, Sss Level Martial Arts Talent!9 days agoChapter 15 You Said It, Then I’M Really Here!9 days agoChapter 16 I’M Too Lazy To Reason With You, You Don’T Deserve To Listen!9 days agoChapter 17 Face To Face With Todoroki!9 days agoChapter 18 The Shocked Teacher And Student9 days agoChapter 19 Ashamed Jiang Qingzhu9 days agoChapter 20 The Dragon Shakes The Mountain!9 days agoChapter 21 The Golden Soul Revives And The Girl Comes To Visit9 days agoChapter 22 The Strongest Spearman!9 days agoChapter 23 Treasures. The Wandering Dragon Chengfeng Code!9 days agoChapter 24 Jiang Qingzhu Was Shocked, How Could It Be Possible!9 days agoChapter 25 Rapid Progress9 days agoChapter 26 Meeting Before The Communication Game9 days agoChapter 27 Brother, Do You Know What I Am? Do You Dare To Threaten Me With Rumors?9 days agoChapter 28 Qingshan No. 1 Middle School’S Plan9 days agoChapter 29 Landing On Qingshan! Obtained S-Level Breathing Technique!9 days agoChapter 30 White Mist, Frost And Snow! Frost And Snow Fill The Sky!9 days agoChapter 31 Classmate, You Are Not Allowed To Enter Here...9 days agoChapter 32: I Will Challenge All Of You In A One-On-One Duel!9 days agoChapter 33 The Terrifying Frost And Snow Filled The Sky, Clearing The Place For The First Time!9 days agoChapter 34 He Penetrated You All Alone9 days agoChapter 35 They Are The Challengers!9 days agoChapter 36 I Will Win! Declaration Of Victory Before The War Begins!9 days agoChapter 37 The So-Called Genius9 days agoChapter 38 Living In Harmony!9 days agoChapter 39 You Are A Waste9 days agoChapter 40 The Exchange Competition Ends9 days agoChapter 41 The So-Called Temporary Avoidance Of The Edge9 days agoChapter 42: Starting With Extra Points, The Second Level Peak9 days agoChapter 43 Golden Soul Upgrade, New Superpowers!9 days agoChapter 44 Look How Much He Weighs!9 days agoChapter 45 Numerical Crushing9 days agoChapter 46 Disciple Mutation9 days agoChapter 47 They Have To Thank Me!9 days agoChapter 48 I Want Them All! (Thanks To "Big Silkworm Baby" For Being Certified As A Master!)9 days agoChapter 49 Breaking Through The Third Level! (Thanks To The "Daily Update Master" For The Certification!)9 days agoChapter 50 Yang Wanfeng’S Decision, The Martial Arts Test Is Coming!9 days agoChapter 51: Taunting One’S Face9 days agoChapter 52 I’Ll Give It A Try, Thank You9 days agoChapter 53 Sorry To Disappoint You9 days agoChapter 54 Kneel Me First9 days agoChapter 54 It’S Time For Reckoning9 days agoChapter 55 The Wind On The Top Of The Mountain Is Very Strong9 days agoChapter 56 The Unexpected Yang Siblings9 days agoChapter 57 Is That Yang Wan?!9 days agoChapter 58 I Wonder What You Call Me?9 days agoChapter 59 Kill Instantly On The Spot, With A Clear Conscience!9 days agoChapter 60: Win The Strongest Martial Arts Student In The Province! (Thanks To The Boss "Ma Chunguang Who Likes Shrike"!)9 days agoChapter 61 Sss-Level Talent. Palming The Soul And Unifying The Soul!9 days agoChapter 62 The Treatment Is Completely Different (Thanks To The "Heart-Breaking Kunkun" Boss!)9 days ago