Parents Are Panicking About Building A Vocational And Technical College For Children

Parents Are Panicking About Building A Vocational And Technical College For Children


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Traveling through a parallel world Jiang Che inherited a kindergarten that was on the verge of bankruptcy.

At the beginning, the chef ran away, and the students were eagerly waiting for the meal to be served.

"Baby, do you want to play house?"


"That's great. How about making dumplings together?"


Roll out the dough, add stuffing, heat the pot, and place the dumplings.

The teacher was shocked, principal, are you serious?

From then on, the style of kindergarten changed dramatically.

Stewing elbows, frying chicken, steaming fish, washing, cutting and blowing, laying bricks and tiles, feeding chickens, farming, tailoring and embroidery...

Parent A: Did you cry in kindergarten today?

Baby: Where can I have time to cry? I can't even do the work.

Parent B: How is the new school? What did you learn?

Baby: Don’t talk about work after get off work, okay?

The kindergarten was accidentally exposed, and netizens came out to criticize it.

"It is recommended that child labor be banned. I never played with it when I was a child."

"Is the tuition expensive? If you can accept it, I will give birth to one right away."

"School gets out of school at four o'clock to buy groceries and cook, and my parents come home from get off work at six o'clock for dinner."

"We strongly demand that it be popularized nationwide. This is the real kindergarten."

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