Playing As The Ghoul Kaneki Ken, I Became The Public Enemy Of Mankind!

Playing As The Ghoul Kaneki Ken, I Became The Public Enemy Of Mankind!


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Jiang Yan starts the game as Kaneki Ken in Jingdong Ghoul. He is also selected by the Dragon Kingdom to join the forbidden land of God's Domain to search for resources.

And when they saw that Jiang Yan was just a cowardly student, the entire nation of Long Kingdom held a moment of silence!

However, at this time, the vicious beast arrived!

The other contestants ran away and died.

Jiang Yan was unmoved. He took off the white blindfold on the spot, revealing his cruel and bloodthirsty eyes. He suddenly broke off his fingers and his black hair instantly turned completely white. His whole personality turned into a grim death. The terrifying scales behind him are flying in the void!

"It's not me that's wrong, it's the world!"

"What is 1000-7 equal to?"

At this moment, the whole country is boiling! ! !

Faintly, a BGM resounded in the ears of all living beings - Oh, wash the kelp, oh, wash the kelp!

But when Jiang Yan met other contestants, for the sake of self-defense and performance progress, he saw them start eating!

Therefore, the whole...

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Chapter 1: Playing As A Ghoul! It’S Not Me Who’S Wrong, It’S The World!7 months agoChapter 2: Teammate Bai! Enter The Forbidden Area Of ​​​​God's Domain! !7 months agoChapter 3: A Woman And A Student? ! Are You Kidding Me? !7 months agoChapter 4: Everyone Shows Off Their Special Abilities! A Trip To The Divine Realm! Officially Begin! !7 months agoChapter 5: Strange Creatures In God’S Domain! ! Are Jiang Yan And Others In Danger?7 months agoChapter 6: Iq 170! Don't Worry? Netizen: ...[Sixth Update]7 months agoChapter 7: Terrifying Beast! Points Ranking! Jiang Yan Was Scared Out Of His Wits? 【Seventh Update】7 months agoChapter 8: The Fear Of Ferocious Beasts! How Terrifying Is Jiang Yan! 【Eighth Update】7 months agoChapter 9: Unlucky Ah San! The First Group Of Death Contestants! 【Ninth Update】7 months agoChapter 10: The Whole World Is Shocked, This Divine Realm Is Real! ! 【Tenth Update】7 months agoChapter 11: Information About Jiang Yan And His Teammates! Found The Resource!7 months agoChapter 12: A Hundredfold Manifestation! F-Level Treasure Chest!7 months agoChapter 13: All Attributes +3! Horrible Rewards!7 months agoChapter 14: Players Are Crazy! An Oasis In The Desert!7 months agoChapter 15: Wait, Jiang Yan And Others Actually Went? !7 months agoChapter 16: The Oppression Of The Beast! The Hunting Time Has Arrived? !7 months agoChapter 17: Hezi Is Instigating! ! Jiang Yan Takes Action? !7 months agoChapter 18: The Horror Under Those Long Legs! Kill The E-Level Ferocious Beast Instantly!7 months agoChapter 19: The Whole Country Is Dumbfounded! E-Level Treasure Chest!7 months agoChapter 20: The Black Battle Uniform Of The Bronze Tree! Rubbish? Artifact!7 months agoChapter 21: Jiang Yan Wants To Eat The Ferocious Beast! Netizen:? ? ?7 months agoChapter 22: Eat The Ferocious Beast Alive! Jiang Yan’S Scary!7 months agoChapter 23: The Survival Of The Country Becomes A Mukbang! The Degree Of Acting Has Skyrocketed! The Evolution Of Hezi!7 months agoChapter 24: The Terror Of The State Machinery! Attacking Players! Dragon Kingdom Is Still In The Lead!7 months agoChapter 25: An Existence That Is A Thousand Times More Fragrant Than E-Class! A-Level Ferocious Beast·Giant Thousand-Handed Centipede!7 months agoChapter 26: Destroy Ten Countries! The Ultimate Horror!7 months agoChapter 27: Points Challenge? Make A List In Advance! Double Points! 【First Update】7 months agoChapter 28: Death Zone? A Forbidden Area For Humans? No! That Was A Great Meal! 【Second Update】7 months agoChapter 29: Tears! The Two Boring Gourds Finally Began To Communicate In Depth! 【Third Update】7 months agoChapter 30: Teammate Bai: Little Guy! Jiang Yan: Old Woman! 【Fourth Update】7 months agoChapter 31: Crazy Teammate White! The Bears Are So Angry! 【Fifth Update】7 months agoChapter 32: Funny Live Broadcast Room? Death Is Still Happening! Global Pill? 【Sixth Update】7 months agoChapter 33: D-Level Resources! Jealousy From All Over The Internet! 【Seventh Update】7 months agoChapter 34: D-Class Ferocious Beast! Dragon Kingdom Pills? 【Eighth Update】7 months agoChapter 35: Jiang Yan Takes Action! ! D-Class Ferocious Beast? ! Instant Kill! 【Ninth Update】7 months agoChapter 36: The Whole Country Is Shocked! What Just Happened? ? ? 【Tenth Update】7 months agoChapter 37: The Whole Country Is Excited! Bai Yuekui Is Not Simple! Ordinary Student Jiang Yan? 【11Th Update】7 months agoChapter 38: A Domineering Response From The Dragon Kingdom! Come Be My Son! 【Twelfth Update】7 months agoChapter 39: Another Pair Of Contestants Were Caught! A-Level Ferocious Beast Can Actually Speak? ! 【Thirteenth Update】7 months agoChapter 40: Global Shock! Inhuman! Death Penalty On Earth! 【Fourteenth Update】7 months agoChapter 41: Ghoul Ghost Face! The Level Of Performance Increases Again!7 months agoChapter 42: What’S More Terrifying Than Ferocious Beasts Is...People!7 months agoChapter 43: Murderous Maniac? ! The Real Death Penalty On Earth! 1000+7=?7 months agoChapter 44: Points Plunder! The Ambition Of Japan!7 months agoChapter 45: Wait! Jiang Yan Wants To Go Into The Forest? ? ?7 months agoChapter 46: The Separated Dragon Kingdom Players! What Are You Afraid Of?7 months agoChapter 47: National War? No, It’S Already Cool When We Meet! [It Will Be Released Tonight And I Beg For The First Order]7 months agoChapter 48: Teammate White Is Also In Crisis! Is The Dragon Kingdom Going To Be Gone? ! [It Will Be Released Tonight And I Beg For The First Order]7 months agoHas Anyone Read This Book? If There Is Someone, I Will Update It In Ten Chapters!7 months agoChapter 49: 1000-7=? Oh, Wash The Kelp, Oh, Wash The Kelp! [It Will Be Released Tonight And I Beg For The First Order]7 months agoChapter 50: A Scene That The Whole World Will Never Forget! ! The Dragon Kingdom Is Furious! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 51 Teammate Bai’S True Identity! Netizens Across The Country Were Dumbfounded! ! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 52 The God Of Death Is Coming! Scales Flying In The Void! ! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 53: Global Shock! Ghoul Jiang Yan! ! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 54: Finally Take Action! ! When A Cheater Meets A Cultivator! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 55: Cupping Master! Handsome All Over The Country! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 56 Highly Burning! ! ! Jiang Yan Restores The Original Work! ! Real Human Torture! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 57: Black Death Jiang Yan! ! The Degree Of Acting Has Skyrocketed! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 58: Eat, Cannibal? ! Ghoul! The Whole World Is Dumbfounded! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 59: Put A Centipede In Your Head! The Sleeping Dragon Finally Wakes Up! Fight The Whole World With The Power Of One Battle! [Begging For Customization7 months agoChapter 60 Eat Completely! ! 40% Role Play! Unlock New Forms! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 61 The Half-Hero Centipede! ! Global Shock! Jiang Yan Little Angel! The Wrath Of The Dragon! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 62 The Supreme Terror! The Whole Country Was Dumbfounded! Ghoul Jiang Yanvs God's Domain A-Level Creature! !7 months agoChapter 63 The First Real Action! ! The Whole World Is Terrified! Terrifying Physical Skills! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 64 The Real Horror Of Jiang Yan! Defeat A-Level Creatures! Simply Invincible! The Whole World Is Stupid!7 months agoChapter 65: The World’S Three Concepts Have Collapsed! Shocking Secret! Two Extremes! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 66 Holy Sword Gold? Angel Gold? Dragon? ! A Supreme Move That Makes The Whole World Crazy! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 67: Crazy Killing! Jiang Yan Is A God! ! Points And Performance Levels Skyrocketed! ! [Kneel Down And Beg For Full Order]7 months agoChapter 68 Unlocking The Fourth Form! ! Jiang Yanvs Bai Yuekui? ! Exploding Points! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 69 Dragon Eggs Beyond Sss Level! Jiang Yan Actually Ate It? ? The Elegant God Of Death With A-Level Props!7 months agoChapter 70 Sss+Props! Points Settlement! Ss Level Treasure Chest! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 71 The Rewards Explode! Unparalleled National Scholar! Elixir Of Life! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 72 Instant Kill! How Strong Is Jiang Yan? The World Is In An Uproar! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 73 Summon Thunder! Devour The S-Class Ferocious Beast! ! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 74 Still An Instant Kill! Unlock The Fifth Form! ! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 75 Holy Sword Form! ! ! Dragon Kingdom’S Luxurious Tour Group! The Real End Of The World! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 76 Jiang Yan In Holy Sword Form! Crazy Massacre! Points Skyrocketed! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 77 The Supreme Terror Of The Holy Sword! Living God! ! Ss Will Self-Destruct! [Kneel Down And Beg For Customization] [7 months agoChapter 78: Cutting Off The Sky And The Earth With One Sword! ! Strategy For Bai Yuekui? Two Million Points! Blue Star Deathmatch! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 79 Blue Star Death Battle! The Life Span Of All Dragon Fruits Is +1 [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 80 Top Secret Information From The Dragon Kingdom! Unlimited! Zhang Zhiwei! Fahai! 【Kneel Down And Beg For Customization】7 months agoChapter 81 Beautiful Chinese Players! Arrive At The Treasure Map Destination! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 82: This Boss Bai Is A Bit Stupid! Angel Status? Crisis Is Coming! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 83 Angel Jiang Yan? ? The Melee Is Over! Deathmatch Begins! ! [Begging For Customization]7 months agoChapter 84: Silly Baitian? The First Game Of Blue Star Deathmatch! !7 months agoChapter 85 The First Battle To The Death! The Strength Of Dragon Kingdom Players! Arrival! Mysterious Ancient Tree!7 months agoChapter 86: The Real Treasure! Sss Level Creature? The Second Round Of Blue Star Deathmatch! !7 months agoChapter 87 The Second Round Of The Fight To The Death! Unlimited! Superpower? ?7 months agoChapter 88 The Mysterious Treasure Map! Is This Person A Player From Miracle Country?7 months agoChapter 89 The Second Sacred Tree! Arrival!7 months agoChapter 90: First Encounter In The Dreamy Forest! Ss Level! !7 months agoChapter 91 Assassin! ! !7 months agoChapter 92 Extremely Critical! ! ! Purple Jade Void Beast!7 months agoChapter 93 Black Gold Ancient Sword Qilin Tattoo! Shock The World!7 months agoChapter 94: What Is The Origin Of That Knife? ? Cold Death!7 months agoChapter 95 The Mighty Tianlong! Punch A Kid!7 months agoChapter 96: Ss Creatures Attack! The Ghoul Reappears!7 months agoChapter 97 The Threat Hidden In The Dark!7 months agoChapter 98 The Strange And Dreamy Forest!7 months agoChapter 99: Kaneki’S Final Form—Dragon! ! !7 months ago