Playing Fu Xuan At The Beginning, I Made The Whole Network Fall In Love

Playing Fu Xuan At The Beginning, I Made The Whole Network Fall In Love


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Li Qingyue traveled through the parallel world and thought she could spend the rest of her life safely. Unexpectedly, she suddenly awakened to the beautiful girl transformation system. As long as she plays various two-dimensional girls, she can become stronger.

Li Qingyue's first role was that of Master Taibo, Fu Xuan.

The moment Fu Xuan appeared in the live broadcast room, the whole network was excited!

"Why did Fu Xuan come out of the screen?"

"Master Taibusi, step on me, awsl~"

"Honey, put the little ice cream in my mouth!"

However, soon, everyone discovered that the Fu Xuan in front of them seemed to be more than just a 100% restoration.

The unmistakable Qionguan Formation, the unique Taiyi plate, the six-line omen... Oops, this talisman seems to be genuine?

Next, I played Kafka, gained the power of telepathy, played the role of a rich young woman, and ended up buying a Star Destroyer for no reason...

Seeing the beautiful girls who kept appearing, the whole world panicked.

Aren't you a cosplayer? Why is it exactly the same as the original work! !

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