Pokemon: Double Comparison, This Ash Is So Happy

Pokemon: Double Comparison, This Ash Is So Happy


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Floor In The Sun
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On the eve of the Indigo Plateau Conference, a contrast live broadcast room arrived, showing the completely different lives of Ash from two worlds.

Ash from the Red World:

The battle was all about recklessness. Although the luck and charm points were full, and friendships were established with the mythical beasts, in the end, no mythical beasts were conquered.

Misty, May, Dawn, Serena, Lillie and many other girls had a crush on him, but in the end they did not get together.

Although his life was magnificent, it also left many regrets.

Ash from Blue World:

Open the book at the age of 5, study tactics and exercise!

Starting from the age of 6, he has been recruiting in all aspects, "abducting" Mew to join the team, and at the same time planting the seeds of love in the hearts of many Stephanies.

Dan Emperor: I, Dan Emperor, would like to call Ash the strongest Trainer.

Giovanni: That's my Mewtwo! mine!

Professor Oak: With Ash, you no longer have to worry about incomplete information on mythical beasts!

Misty: Zhixia’s official match is obvious to all!

Dawn: What nonsense, Ash obviously likes me more!

Cynthia: Huh? Why am I on the list of heroines?

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Chapter 1 The Legendary Earl Dervish, The System Appears! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 2 The Comparison Begins, The Rainbow-Like Light Is Like It! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 3 Blue Ash Is Fighting Fighting-Type PokéMon At The Age Of Six? ? ! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 4 Serena’S Present [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Order First]4 months agoChapter 5: You Are So Cute, Please Call Me Mew~ Everyone Said That I Am So Happy! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 6: You Don’T Understand The Bond Between PokéMon And The Stupid Deer With Brain Congestion, Get Out Of Here! [On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight,4 months agoChapter 7 Getting To Know The Self-Disciplined Blue Ash In Advance! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 8 Setting Out For A Journey, Red Ash Faces The Enemy Head-On! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 9 Two-Way Rush To The Red World, Pikachu’S Golden Lightning! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 10 Ash Who Is Unexpectedly Full Of Sex, Kukui’S Strong Interest [On Sale At 8 O’Clock Tonight, Please Order First]4 months agoChapter 11 The Guessing System Is Online And You Can Get Exclusive Props!4 months agoChapter 12 Blue Ash’S PokéMon Concept, Gold Magikarp!4 months agoChapter 13 Carp Jumps Over The Dragon Gate·Red Gyarados Evolves!4 months agoChapter 14 Blue Ash Merges With The Rainbow Feather, Misty Blushes4 months agoChapter 15 Lance: I Believe Everyone Knows The Strength Of This PokéMon!4 months agoChapter 16 Freely Invisible Mew, The Competition Reappears!4 months agoChapter 17 Study Hard And Practice Hard, Blue Ash Has Been Prepared For A Long Time!4 months agoChapter 18 Xiaogang Has Home Field Advantage? Blue Ash Is More Energetic!4 months agoChapter 19 Blue Misty Shares Her Sweet Circle Of Friends, Serena And The Others Can’T Sit Still!4 months agoChapter 20 Red World Damian Is Judged By Justice!4 months agoChapter 21 Blue Ash’S Glance Detect, Anyone Who Abandons PokéMon Deserves To Die!4 months agoChapter 22 The Blue Ash Waveguide Awakens, And The Red Ash Catches Up!4 months agoChapter 23 Extreme Rescue, Full Of Responsibility!4 months agoChapter 24 Dawn: Don’T Be Plastic Sisters! What About The Promised Offensive And Defensive Alliance!4 months agoChapter 25 I Envy The Miserable Gary, Blue Ash Always Wins!4 months agoChapter 26 Huge Dragonite’S Information, Serena Is Jealous From The Air!4 months agoChapter 27 Blue Ash And The Gigantic Dragonite·New Island’S Promise4 months agoChapter 28 Defeat Is Not Enough, You Must Change Completely! This Is What Lan Ash Is Thinking In His Heart!4 months agoChapter 29 The Winner Is Decided, Pikachu’S Golden Meteor Instantly Kills Raichu!4 months agoChapter 30 Butterfree Must Leave To Be Happy? Blue Ash Solves It Easily!4 months agoChapter 31 Butterfree’S Return, Sabrina’S Personal Hobby!4 months agoChapter 32 The Competition Starts Again, Can The Power Of Blue Ash Waveguide Defeat Sabrina Psychic?4 months agoChapter 33 Sabrina, You Have Been Waiting For Me For A Long Time, Now I Am Here!4 months agoChapter 34 Misty’S Companionship For A Hundred Days, Sabrina’S Good Morning For A Thousand Days4 months agoChapter 35 Blue Ash Is So Happy! Lavender Town Project Launched!4 months agoChapter 36: Ghost PokéMon’S Loneliness, Blue Ash’S Big Transformation!4 months agoChapter 37 Anthony Admits His Mistake Crazily, Primeape Returns! But Is It Useful To Admit Your Mistakes?4 months agoChapter 38 Anthony Likes To Buy A Silver Bracelet, And Everyone Comments Highly On Charizard And Ash’S Efforts!4 months agoChapter 39 Primeape’S Idea Of ​​Evolution, Lan Ash Knows Too Much!4 months agoChapter 40 Misty’S Feelings, Everyone’S Suggestions For Charizard4 months agoChapter 41 The Emergence Of Mega Evolution, Charizard Changes His Ways! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 42 Blue Ash’S Mysterious Induction Shocked Elite! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 43 A Two-To-Zero Sweep, The Right Opportunity For PokéMon To Evolve! [Available On Shelves At 8Pm Tonight, Please Be The First To Order]4 months agoChapter 44 Serena And Lillie’S Present [On Sale At 8Pm Tonight, Please Order First]4 months agoChapter 45 Dan Emperor: This Charizard Is So Terrifying!4 months agoChapter 46 Cynthia: Ash Is Great, He Has So Many Stephanies...4 months agoChapter 47 Oak: A Situation That Has Never Happened In Alliance! This Is Ash!4 months agoChapter 48 Giovanni: Are You Going To Pikachu? Is Your Head Spinning?4 months agoChapter 49 Steven: Who Is Watt Now?4 months agoChapter 50 Pi Shen: That’S It, I Haven’T Used My Full Strength Yet!4 months agoChapter 51 Cynthia: In Critical Moments, Ash Is The Sea-Fixing Needle!4 months agoChapter 52 Diantha: Is This The Charm Of Ash? Even They Are Here!4 months agoChapter 53 Alchemy Emperor: Arceus! Visit The Site! Could It Be That Ash And Him...4 months agoChapter 54 Cynthia: Oh My God, This Is The God Of Creation! This Is Ash!4 months agoChapter 55 Oak: So That’S It, This Is Ash’S Complete Form!4 months agoChapter 56 Ho-Oh: It’S Ash’S Full Blow! Indeed……4 months agoChapter 57 Steven: This Is Arceus’ Affirmation! Giovanni: That's My Mewtwo!4 months agoChapter 58 Lance: I Announce That Fighting Elite Bruno Will Abdicate!4 months agoChapter 59 Alchemy Emperor: Can’T The Evolution Stop? Again? ? !4 months agoChapter 60 Cynthia: This PokéMon... Is An Ancient Legend!4 months agoChapter 62 Serena: Totally Obsessed With Ash!4 months agoChapter 63 Lillie: Ah! I'm Worried Too! Sister, Don’T Grab It!4 months agoChapter 64 Sabrina: I Also Want To Protect Ash! And I’M One Step Ahead Of You!4 months agoChapter 65 Personal Reception From Charles Goodshow! The Secret Of Moltres!4 months agoChapter 66 The Mythical Beast Plan Unfolds! Indigo Plateau Conference Is Open!4 months agoChapter 67 Want To Catch Up With Ash? It’S Very Difficult! This Is An Example!4 months agoChapter 68 Ash’S Dream, Xunzi’S Attack!4 months agoChapter 69 Cynthia: The Perfect PokéMon In Lance’S Dream! But It's Ash's!4 months agoChapter 70 Serena: Is This Taught By Ash To Use Softness To Overcome Strength? I Want To Learn Too!4 months agoChapter 71 Steven: Mega Evolution! So Top? ? !4 months agoChapter 72 Mega Charizardx Appears And Abuses Ritchie!4 months agoChapter 73 The Decisive Battle Of The Indigo Plateau Conference! You Told Me This Is Ten Years Old? ? !4 months agoChapter 74 Alchemy Emperor: Congratulations Ash! This Winning Skill Is So Powerful And Handsome! Full Of Momentum!4 months agoChapter 75 Cynthia: So That’S It! The Secret Turns Out To Be This!4 months agoChapter 76 Serena: What? This Big Sister Also Wants To Join The Team? ? !4 months agoChapter 77 Gary: Well Done! Strike Hard!4 months agoChapter 78 Steven: Oh My God! This Is The Rarest And Top-Notch PokéMon!4 months agoChapter 79 Sabrina: Can Ash Be Fed...4 months agoChapter 80 Lorelei: My Enthusiasm Has Overflowed!4 months agoChapter 81 Kanto Elite Four? Kanto Four Champions! Demonstration Battle? Championship Battle!4 months agoChapter 82 Using The Orange Islands As A Springboard? The Sword Points To The Whole World? ? !4 months agoChapter 83 Cynthia: Ash Is So Good At Complimenting People! Shameful Face!4 months agoChapter 84 Ice Queen·Loreli’S Love, Champion·Steven’S Madness!4 months agoChapter 85 Arriving At Asia Island! Strong Southern Style!4 months agoChapter 86 The Crisis Of The Three Holy Birds, The Heated Discussion In The Live Broadcast Room!4 months agoChapter 87 Serena: Ash’S Recklessness Attracted Us! But This... Is Too Worrying!4 months agoChapter 88 Who Can Save The World? Lugia? Ash!4 months agoChapter 89 The Three Holy Birds Fight, Ash Takes Over To Deal With The Crisis!4 months agoChapter 90 Oak: With Ash, You No Longer Have To Worry About Incomplete Information On Mythical Beasts!4 months agoChapter 91 Super Ancient Alakazam, Gengar, Jigglypuffvs Three Holy Birds!4 months agoChapter 92 The World Is On The Verge Of Collapse, And Everyone Is Worried!4 months agoChapter 93 Chihong: Calm Down! Trust Ash!4 months agoChapter 94 Conquer The Legend! Make A Name For Yourself!4 months agoChapter 95 Welcome Champion Ash To Pummelo Stadium!4 months agoChapter 96 Serena: The Seats Are Packed, This Is The Popularity Of The Savior Ash!4 months agoChapter 97 Official Announcement? That……4 months agoChapter 98 Lance: This Is The Place Where Longxing Takes Off!4 months agoChapter 99 Drake: It’S Up To You, Dragonite!4 months agoChapter 100 It’S Already 5 To 0, What To Do In The Last Game? ? !4 months agoChapter 101 Alder: Defeat The Enemy With One Move, So Fierce!4 months ago