Pokemon: I Was Chosen By The White Dragon And Forced To Be The Champion

Pokemon: I Was Chosen By The White Dragon And Forced To Be The Champion


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Mubai is the strongest gym leader in Unova Region, a senior teacher at Trainer School, and the boss behind BW Entertainment Company. I wanted to live a peaceful life, but unexpectedly? White Dragon Reshiram chose him to become a real hero?

Touko: Boss Mubai, why don’t you become a champion and become famous, instead of just being a small gym leader?

Mei: Mubai Teacher, I really don’t want to graduate. I want to be your student forever and learn postures from you!

Xiao Juer: Husband Mubai just gave me a little guidance, and my strength improved by leaps and bounds. Husband, I still want to be coached by you!

Cynthia: Unova Region cannot live without Mubai, just like Sinnoh cannot live without me. If Mubai were not born in the sky, the Pokémon world would be like a long night. (My admiration for him shouldn’t be obvious, right?)

Chihong: Are you talking about Mubai? Let me play with him at 55. We often draw in our discussions.

(PS: The adventure in this book starts in the Unova Region, there are many...

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-001- Mei-San (Rookie Author Asks For Support! Thank You!)3 months ago-002- Mubai3 months ago-003- Aspertia Gym3 months ago-004- Special Energy Fluctuations In Pledge Grove?3 months ago-005- Earl Dervish PokéMon Of Choice?3 months ago-006- The PokéMon At The Center Of Sandstorm?3 months ago-007- Grandson Of The Champion3 months ago-008- Speech In Virbank Square? !3 months ago-009- Plasma Group? Just A Magic Stick Group!3 months ago-010- N? The King Of Magic Sticks!3 months ago-011- The Power Of Flash Metagross!3 months ago-012- One Against Six? Easily!3 months ago-013- The Black Dragon In The Thundercloud!3 months ago-014- Mubai’S Third PokéMon? ! Mega Evolution!3 months ago-015- A Powerful Blow! The Distant Roar Of A Dragon? !3 months ago-016- Reshiram Is Coming! Fierce Fighting!3 months ago-017- Bailong: Do You Dislike Me?3 months ago-018- Three Conditions? Conquer Reshiram!3 months ago-019- A True Brave Man!3 months ago-020- Alliance Center In Vertress City! Met Xiao Juer By Chance? !3 months ago-021- Lian Wu Elite3 months ago-022- The Past With Xiao Juer?3 months ago-023- Alliance Meeting! Elite Four Gym Leaders Gathered Together? !3 months ago-024- Lychee? What Lychees Did You Want Me To Get? !3 months ago-025- Death Stare? Clay's Back Was Soaked!3 months ago-026- Reshiram Mountain? Elite Four Set An Example!3 months ago-027- World Alliance Ranking?3 months ago-028- Alder’S Video?3 months ago-029- A Novice Trainer’S Nightmare!3 months ago-030- Championship Selection?3 months ago-031- Giant Chasm?3 months ago-032- Head To Humilau City!3 months ago-033- Undersea Tunnel! Mysterious Singing? !3 months ago-034- Relic Song? Meloetta's Form Transformation!3 months ago-035- Mubai’S Reasoning! Enemies In Seaside Caves? !3 months ago-036- Meloetta’S Psychic? Abyssal Ruins!3 months ago-037- Slate? Reshiram Is Crying!3 months ago-038- Conquer Meloetta! Zhulan’S Phone Number? !3 months ago-039- Cynthia On Vacation?3 months ago-040- Good Life! Be Rewarded!3 months ago-041- Sacred Sword? ! Mubai's Crooked Idea...3 months ago-042- New And Old Battle Rules Combined? !3 months ago-043- Contest Category List! Clay, How Did You Transition? !3 months ago-044- Red, Green, Steven: Mubai, Are You Trying To Trap Us To Death?3 months ago-045- Cilan Versus Iris! Fierce Fighting? !3 months ago-046- Mubai Vs. Clay! Drill Run Showdown? !3 months ago-047- Fight Against Earthquake With Sand Tomb? !3 months ago-048- Striaton Gym Wins!3 months ago-049- Parcel From Hoenn Region!3 months ago-050- How To Conquer Xiao Juer? ! My Inner Defense Has Jumped!3 months ago-051- The Inheritance Of The Dragon Hall Master? !3 months ago-052- Battle With Xiao Juer!3 months ago-053- Mega Ampharos! Against Aggron? ! (Please Order First!) (First Update!)3 months ago-054- Xiao Juer’S Confession? (Please Customize!) (Second Update!)3 months ago-055- What If They Both Go Together? Who Can Withstand This? ! (Please Customize!) (Third Update!)3 months ago-056- You Call This Dragon God Dive? ! Watch Me Perform! (Please Customize!) (Fourth Update!)3 months ago-057- Zhulan’S Anger? N’S Will! (Please Customize!) (Fifth Update!)3 months ago-058- Vs Lian Wu Elite! Ground's Shock? !3 months ago-059- A Surprise Attack By The Plasma Group? Game Interrupted? !3 months ago-060- Mubai Champion! Office Romance...?3 months ago-061- Alder’S Whereabouts? Giant Chasm's Dragon? !3 months ago-062- Lostlorn Forest! Mubai Being Targeted? !3 months ago-063- Sacred Sword's Test? !3 months ago-064- The Sixth Handheld! Sacred Sword Knight Keldeo!3 months ago-065- Ancient City! Meloetta's Special Ability!3 months ago-066- Resurrected Genesect! Mysterious Stone? !3 months ago-067- N’S Whereabouts? Troublesome Shauntal Elite...3 months ago-068- Dragonspiral Tower! N And Zekrom!3 months ago-069- Reshiram Vs Zekrom!3 months ago-070- Blue Flare! Zekrom Burns Out?3 months ago-071- Barbera And Helena? !3 months ago-072- Kyurem Wakes Up? ! Striaton City Frozen In Ice!3 months ago-073- News About Xiu? Mubai’S Decision!3 months ago-074- Giant Chasm!3 months ago-075- Three Sacred Swordvs Three Cloud God? !3 months ago-076- Acromar Game?3 months ago-077- Meloetta And Keldeo! Vs Genesect!3 months ago-078- Keldeo Awakens! Secret Sword? !3 months ago-079- The Last Twenty Seconds? Conquer Genesect!3 months ago-080- Kyurem In Glaciate!3 months ago-081- Reshiramvs Kyurem? !3 months ago-082- Dna Splicers? Dark Kyurem!3 months ago-083- Mubai Actually Has A Trump Card? ! Purple Crystal Shield!3 months ago-084- Wishing Star? A Thousand-Year Slumber!3 months ago-085- Jirachi's True Eye! Ghetsis Was Struck To Death By Lightning? !3 months ago-086- The Dragon Appears Again? Mubai’S Last Wish! (End Of Volume 1!)3 months ago-087- Ten Days Later! Letter From Sinnoh Region? !3 months ago-088- Arrival In Sinnoh Region! What Is The Ordinary Daily Life Of A Rich Woman? !3 months ago-089- Platinum's Wish? The Mysterious Man In The Yard?3 months ago-090- Six Tentacles Reappear?3 months ago-091- Two Arrogant Young Ladies?3 months ago-092- Stark Mountain3 months ago-093- Traces Of Heatran? !3 months ago-094- Mubai’S Ex-Girlfriend?3 months ago-095- Mubai Became The Green Brother-In-Law? !3 months ago-096- There Are Only Three Elite Four. Isn't This Common?3 months ago-097- Where Did Zhulan Go?3 months ago-098- Plan To Capture The Mythical Beast?3 months ago-099- Bamboo Orchid In Veilstone City3 months ago-100- Zhulan Fell Asleep?3 months ago