Pokemon Invades Genshin Impact, I, Arceus In My Previous Life

Pokemon Invades Genshin Impact, I, Arceus In My Previous Life


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A shop opened on Liyue Street, popularizing the magical creatures called "Pokémon".

The owner, Su Yan, can not only control various Pokémon that surpass the power of immortals and gods, but he himself is mysterious and unpredictable. Sometimes, Pokémon will call him "Lord Arceus".

One day, when "Pokémon" and "Genshin Impact" merged, this world was completely turned upside down.

Lugia came to Guyun Pavilion: You are the only one called the Whirlpool Demon God?

Groudon: Sky-Swallowing Whale? You look like an old friend of mine. Don't say anything. Come, take my Precipice Blades first.

Ying: This Poké Ball is so magical, Paimon, do you want to live in it?

Fu Kalos: Huh? My plan that took hundreds of years was solved by Su Yan just like that? Doesn't this make me look stupid? No matter what, you have to take full responsibility!

Zhongli: According to common sense, how can there be no super beasts with Rock and * Attributes? What do you think, Nashida?

Yulongdu: No, we agreed on Pokémon..

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001: The Mysterious PokéMon House On Liyue Street!about 1 month ago002: Shocking Keqing’S Three Perspectives!about 1 month ago003: Arceus In The Previous Life, Countdown To The Arrival Of PokéMon!about 1 month ago004: Keqing: What Kind Of Weird Moves Are These?!about 1 month ago005: Its Name Is Tan Xiaoshi, Not A Monster!about 1 month ago006: Ningguang Comes To Visit, The Richest Woman In Liyue?!about 1 month ago007: A PokéMon That Can Use Magic? The Shock From The Seven Stars Of Liyue!about 1 month ago008: Transform Into A Blue Flame Blade Demon! A Power Beyond That Of An Immortal!about 1 month ago009: The Fire Sword Breaks Through The Air, Liyue Shakes!about 1 month ago010: Ningguang's First Draw! A PokéMon Wearing A Crown?!about 1 month ago011: You Told Me This Is A Quasi-God?!about 1 month ago012: One Billion Mora, Ningguang Invites Keqing To Fight!about 1 month ago013: Beidou: Ningguang And Keqing Are Going To Fight? Fight, Fight!about 1 month ago014: Sharks And Charcoal? On The Understanding Of Attribute Restraint!about 1 month ago015: Newbies Experience The Passion Of PokéMon PokéMon Battle!about 1 month ago016: The Real Trainer Comes Out To Take Action!about 1 month ago017: Martial Arts Master Bear Appears, With Power Beyond The Seven Stars!about 1 month ago018: Legendary PokéMon, Sage Magic, This Is Sage Magic!about 1 month ago019: Liyue’S Amazing Changes, The Geo King Comes To Visit!about 1 month ago020: So, Mr. Zhongli, Did You Bring Mora?about 1 month ago021: Please Keep Katrina Away From The Kitchen And The Pond!about 1 month ago022: Beidou: The Fortune Teller Said That My Wish Will Come True Today!about 1 month ago023: Failure To Spend Money, People’S Sorrows And Joys Are Not The Same!about 1 month ago024: The Secret Of The PokéMon House, Fatui's Executive!about 1 month ago025: Sneaking Into The PokéMon House, Tartaglia's Panic!about 1 month ago026: There Is Nothing To Do, The Young Master’S Trump Card!about 1 month ago027: Tartaglia: You Are Not A Human?!about 1 month ago028: The Secret Is Revealed, It’S Full Of Super Beasts!about 1 month ago029: Mew Is A Super Mythical Beast Who Teaches People About Genshin Impact!about 1 month ago030: PokéMon Island, Hoopa!about 1 month ago031: The Contract Is Established, The Formula Of The Energy Cube!about 1 month ago032: Celebi, The God Of The Forest! He Is A Great Chatterbox, And His Reputation Is Well-Deserved!about 1 month ago033: This Power Is Comparable To That Of God!about 1 month ago034: The Magic Reappears, The Grass And Trees Grow Wildly!about 1 month ago035: Walnut: I Never Thought That I Would Have To Buy A Coffin One Day!about 1 month ago036: Another Quasi-God Appears, The Whirlpool Demon Is About To Break The Seal!about 1 month ago037: Wendy: He’S Not Going To Kidnap Tevarin, Is He?about 1 month ago038: It Doesn’T Hurt To Speed Up The Progress Of The Advent, Prepare To Summon Lugia!about 1 month ago039: Immortals Gather Together, And The Vortex Demon Appears!about 1 month ago040: This Is The Prototype Of Liyue’S Future!about 1 month ago041: On-Site Science Popularization, One-Hit Flow, Mega Giantization!about 1 month ago042: I Am Ready, Just Waiting To Come!about 1 month ago043: Poseidon·Lugia: Vortex Demon, It’S Time For You To Tremble!about 1 month ago044: Destroy The Demon God, The Sea God's Attack, Blast In The Air!about 1 month ago045: The Thing That Zhongli And Wendy Feared The Most Finally Happened!about 1 month ago046: Refresh's PokéMon House!about 1 month ago047: Paimon: Not A Cat? Are You Also Emergency Food?about 1 month ago048: Katrina, Please Don't Want This PokéMon, It's Too Scary! (1 More Chapter)about 1 month ago049: Paimon, Do You Want To Live In A Poké Ball?! (2 More Chapters)about 1 month ago050: Zhongli: Whoever It Is, I Will Grind His Bones To Dust! (3 More Chapters)about 1 month ago051: Su Yan Is Very Angry, The Consequences Are Serious! (4 More Chapters)about 1 month ago052: The End Of The Scattered Soldiers, Judgement!about 1 month ago053: General Thunder And Lightning Arrives, The Devil’S Sword Strikes!about 1 month ago054: Really, The God Is In My Hands!about 1 month ago055: Is It Difficult To Revive? My Ho-Oh Can Do It!about 1 month ago056: PokéMon Are Coming! Liyue Is Experiencing Earth-Shaking Changes!about 1 month ago057: Make New Laws, Come Out, Ho-Oh!about 1 month ago058: Enforcer, Ho-Oh And The Three Divine Beasts, The First PokéMon Battle Tournament!about 1 month ago059: About Wanting To Turn General Raiden Into A Maid!about 1 month ago060: If I Ask You To Skip The Third Test, Will You Blow Up The House?about 1 month ago061: Zhongli Gets Angry. This Is The PokéMon I Like!about 1 month ago062: Zhongli: You Are Very Courageous. You Dare To Say Such Words To Me, The God Of Geo!about 1 month ago063: Su Yan Deceived Wendy? Lonely Cloud Pavilion Is Changing Again!about 1 month ago064: Entei Appears, The Uzumaki Demon God Reappears!about 1 month ago065: Venti Gets His First PokéMon, Zhongli Makes Larvitar Collapse!about 1 month ago066: Ba Che: You Were Aiming At My Head On Purpose, Weren’T You?about 1 month ago067: Repairing Wear And Tear, Su Yan’S Big Move!about 1 month ago068: I, Groudon, Make A Domineering Appearance!about 1 month ago069: Groudon: Give You A Little Shock!about 1 month ago070: Build The Teyvat PokéMon Alliance!about 1 month ago071: Zhongli And Groudon, Who Is The Real Rock God? !about 1 month ago072: Yae Godson: Is This Still The Liyue I Know?about 1 month ago073: Ningguang’S Invitation, Goodbye Lei Movie!about 1 month ago074: You Are A 500-Year-Old Fox. Don’T Act Cute In Front Of Me!about 1 month ago075: Yae Kamiko: Boss, I Suspect You Are Scolding Me On Purpose!about 1 month ago076: The First PokéMon Battle Tournament In Teyvat Begins!about 1 month ago077: Zhongli Vs. Venti, The Game Is Getting Better And Better!about 1 month ago078: Wendy’S Confidence, Tremble, Zhongli!about 1 month ago079: The Winner Has Been Decided. This Was A Strange Duel!about 1 month ago080: Powerful Seven Stars, Good Luck Of The Son Of God!about 1 month ago081: The Most Beautiful Gardevoir, The Mysterious Contestant!about 1 month ago082: Gardevoir Returns, Will Iris Become The Villain?about 1 month ago083: The Second Game, The Big Event, Victory Road Begins!about 1 month ago084: Su Yan: Ah, I Almost Forgot About Tartaglia!about 1 month ago085: Tartaglia: I Have Been Hungry For A Month. How About You? Have You Eaten?about 1 month ago086: Iris: Role Play Villain Is So Much Fun!about 1 month ago087: Xiangling, Hutao, And Lisa: This Scene Seems Familiar!about 1 month ago088: Elite Level?! Boss, You Are Too Cruel!about 1 month ago089: Zhongli: How Can I Avoid Being Considered A Weirdo By Katrina!about 1 month ago090: Yae Miko Kidnapped An Elite-Level PokéMon! (1)about 1 month ago091: Want To Take A Shortcut? Soaring In The Sky, The King Will Teach You How To Be A Good Person!about 1 month ago092: The Unrivaled Elite Class, Drapion!about 1 month ago093: PokéMon Can Also Perform Elemental Reactions!about 1 month ago094: Assassin In The Forest, Zhongli Vs. Sceptile!about 1 month ago095: Sceptile: Is This Guy Really Human? (6)about 1 month ago096: Iris’ Question, Called The Power Of Space!about 1 month ago097: All Members Reunite, Millennium Ninetales!about 1 month ago098: Diancie, The Cutest Princess, Said The Most Horrible Thing!about 1 month ago099: Diancie Teacher Asks! The First Person To Be Eliminated Is…? !about 1 month ago100: Hu Tao: I Am Too Embarrassed To Face My Ancestors In The Wangsheng Hall!about 1 month ago