Prehistoric: His Understanding Was Incredible, And He Started To Become A Disciple Of Zhao Gongming

Prehistoric: His Understanding Was Incredible, And He Started To Become A Disciple Of Zhao Gongming


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He traveled through the ancient times and became Chen Jiugong, awakened his enlightenment and was accepted as a disciple by Zhao Gongming at the beginning.

In order not to be brutally killed together with Master during the Conferred God Tribulation, work hard to practice!

[You combined the inspiration from the novel in your previous life, condensed 840 million particles, opened acupoints, and created the "Prison Suppression Practice Method"]

[You observe Hunyuan Jindou, clearly understand the power of the law, swallow the law with your body, and the power returns to yourself, creating the "Swallowing Heaven Dao Canon"]

[You observe the three mountains and five mountains...the rivers, lakes and seas...recall the Pangu myth of the creation of the sky, and create the "Heavenly Heart Opening Method", my heart is the heavenly heart, and my body is the three thousand realms! 】



Many years later, the gods were conferred to measure calamity.

Chen Jiugong waved his hand to suppress Yang Jian, Lu Ya and others in front of Yuanshi, Laozi and the two sages of the West.

"It just so happens that I still need a heavenly eye and a scorching sun to patrol the three thousand realms on my behalf."

"I also need some innate treasure to fill it up to help me transcend."

"I also ask all fellow Taoists to donate generously. I am grateful!"

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001. Refining The Void And Combining The Tao To Achieve A Breakthrough And Become An Immortal, And Perfect The "True Secret Of Suppressing The Prison Of The Shangqing"!about 2 months ago002. Comprehend The "Shangqing Thunder Emperor Treasure Technique", Ninety-Nine Thunder Tribulations!about 2 months ago003.Breakthrough! The Body Is Sanctified, The Power Of Dragon And Elephant! Enjoy The Luck Of Jiejiao!about 2 months ago004. Pay Close Attention To The Sky, And You Will Be Lucky! "Qian Zi Jue" And "Xing Zi Jue"!about 2 months ago005.Three Immortals Island! "Zi Zi Jue", "True Explanation Of Formation", Human Body Formation!about 2 months ago006. Is The Elder Brother Trying To Help Him Gain Experience? "True Explanation Of Formation" Completed!about 2 months ago007. Sanxiao’S Gift Of Treasure! Young Nephew, You Have To Practice Hard!about 2 months ago008. Yunxiao: Live In Vain For Thousands Of Years! The Posture Of Jiugong, The Posture Of A True Saint!about 2 months ago009. Observe The Hunyuan Golden Fight And Understand The "Tiantian Dao Canon" And "Nine Bends Of The Yellow River And Thousands Of Miles Of Sand"!about 2 months ago010. Sanxiao Enlightened! Immortal Calamity! Let You Consolidate, Not Let You Break Through!about 2 months ago011. The Fishing Drum Rings Six Times, And The Biyou Palace Sermon Is Advanced! What A Great Opportunity, Little Nephew!about 2 months ago012. The Power Of Dragon And Elephant Is Achieved! True Immortal Perfection, Could You Block My Punch?about 2 months ago013. The Four Personal Treasures! The Reason For Preaching Twenty Years In Advance!about 2 months ago014.Tongtian Asked! What Is A True Immortal? Self, Frankness, True Self!about 2 months ago015. "Heaven's Heart Opening World Method"! My Heart Is The Heart Of Heaven, My Will Is The Will Of Heaven!about 2 months ago016. Three Ways To Open Up The World! Chen's Method Of Defying Heaven!about 2 months ago017. The Small World Of Heaven And Earth Within Three Thousand! Travel Around The Ancient Times And Observe Mount Buzhou!about 2 months ago018. "The Immortal Scripture" And "The Scripture Of Other Transformations"! Buzhoushan, Boy, Come Back Soon!about 2 months ago019. My Master Is The Hidden Immortal In Luofu Cave In Mount Emei, Zhao Gongming! Bian Zhuang Was Shocked And Envious!about 2 months ago020. "Ancestral Dragon Jue" And "Innate Sunflower Water True Thunder"! Isn’T Buzhou Mountain A Forbidden Law? !about 2 months ago021. Avenue Resonance! To Block The Road, Bian Zhuang Protects The Road! I Want To See How He Dies!about 2 months ago022. Innate Sunflower Water True Thunder Swallowing Thunder Tribulation! Chen Jiugong: An Explanation, What Explanation?about 2 months ago023.Are You Satisfied With This Explanation? Chen Jiugong, Thank You Fellow Taoist Bianzhuang For Protecting The Tao This Time!about 2 months ago024. Bian Zhuang Is Extremely Grateful, But He Will Do Whatever He Can To Help You! Consolidate Your Cultivation And Protect Your Path!about 2 months ago025. Open Another Four Hundred Small Worlds! Isn’T Fellow Daoist Jiu Gong Really Some Kind Of Saint Incarnate? !about 2 months ago026. "Calling The Wind And Calling The Rain" Summons Xuan Ming Weak Water! The Secret Of The Ancient Lich Battlefield!about 2 months ago027. Big Day True Meaning Massage! A Playground And A Treasure Trove For Improving Your Strength!about 2 months ago028. Four Elements Of True Thunder! Immortality, Many Insights, And Soaring Strength!about 2 months ago029. Haotian: Chen Jiugong, Why Don’T You Come Into My Hands Obediently!about 2 months ago030. "Zhou Tian Xing Dou Universe Formation" And "Magic Summoning Scripture"! Why Not Wait For Him?about 2 months ago031. I Asked You To Understand The Path Of The Golden Immortal, But I Didn’T Let You Understand The Great Luo! "He Transforms Into Freedom, He Transforms Into Eternity"!about 2 months ago032. Within Ten Thousand Years, I Will Allow You To Become A Quasi-Sage, And I Will Allow You To Take The Position Of The Ziwei Emperor In The North Pole Of Zhongtian!about 2 months ago033. The Ambition To Transcend! I Am Not As Good As You! Haotian’S Gift!about 2 months ago034. True Immortality! "The Chaos Divine Grinding Method", Chiyou Xingtian!about 2 months ago035. "Dou Zi Jue" And "Bing Zi Jue"! I Respect Empress Tu To Open Up The Six Paths Of Reincarnation. You Wait... Damn It!about 2 months ago036. Is Your Way Worthy Of Power? I Shall Call Myself The True King Of Prison Suppression!about 2 months ago037. "Six Paths Of Reincarnation" And "Six Paths Of Reincarnation Fist"! That’S It, Stop It!about 2 months ago038. The Earth Behind The Great Virtue, The True Meaning Of The Six Paths Of Reincarnation! Can Construct Six Reincarnations And Reappear In The World!about 2 months ago039. Hou Tu Presented The Precious Blood Of Twelve Ancestral Witches! Wait, You Really Deserve To Die!about 2 months ago040. The Middle Stage Of Xuanxian! Blood Sea Opportunity! Even If You Call Me By My Real Name, I Will Protect You!about 2 months ago041. Understand The Cause Of The Sea Of ​​Blood And Understand The Way Of Cause And Effect! Controls Cause And Effect, Embodies Cause And Effect, And Is The Cause Of All Effects!about 2 months ago042. Blood Sea Rakshasa, I Am The True Lord Of Prison Suppression. The Thing In Your Arms Is Destined To Be With Me!about 2 months ago043. "Ji Zi Jue" And "Seven Kills Manual"! Just Sit On This Seat For A Moment!about 2 months ago044. The Sea Of ​​Blood Shook, The True Meaning Of Seven Kills! Styx: Wherever You Are, Fellow Taoist, Please Show Up And Meet Me!about 2 months ago045. Styx Dao, My Heart Is Shaking And I Want To Discuss The Dao! Debao God-Killing Spear Fragments!about 2 months ago046. My Physical Attack Is No Worse Than The Best Innate Spiritual Treasure!about 2 months ago047. "Taiyin Moon Flower Sutra" "Chaos Dao Body" My Heart Is The Avenue, And My Body Should Be Chaos!about 2 months ago048. The Real Primordial Unity! The Energy Of Chaos, The Source Of All Laws, Can Break All Laws!about 2 months ago049. Haotian’S Resentment! Did Chen Jiugong Really Make His Senior Brother Never Forget Him?about 2 months ago050.Golden Immortal Heavenly Tribulation! The Calamity Of Gods And Demons In The Nine Heavens And Eight Desolations, The Appearance Of A True Saint!about 2 months ago051. Chen Jiugong: Can You Let Me Go All Out? Show Off Chen Jiugong To The Sky!about 2 months ago052. "The Great Joy Of The Yin And Yang Of Heaven And Earth" Is Favored By Taozu! You Can Call Yourself The True Monarch Of Shangqing And Suppress Prison!about 2 months ago053. Poor Taoist Golden Chanzi, I Sincerely Welcome The True Lord Of Prison Suppression To Return To His Throne! "The Secret Of The Sacred Heart Of All Transformations"!about 2 months ago054. Journey To The West To Measure Calamity, I Am Already The One Who Makes The Move On The Chessboard! Master, I Can't Control Myself!about 2 months ago055. Apart From The Six Saints Of The Ancient World, Who Else Can Compare With The Talents Of The True King Of Prison?about 2 months ago056. Breakthrough In "The Code Of Cause And Effect"! Jin Chan Ksitigarbha Protects The Way!about 2 months ago057. "Tribulation Code" And "The Magic Of Mending The Sky"! Nuwa, Pay Attention, Let Me See What You Can Figure Out!about 2 months ago058. "Mediating With Creation"! Nuwa Regrets That The True Appearance Of A True Saint Lies In The [True] Saint!about 2 months ago059. The Golden Immortal Is Complete! Nuwa Bestows Treasures! Shouldn’T Senior Brother Tongtian Thank Me?about 2 months ago060. The Sacred Object Of The Human Race Rests On The Earth For Nine Days! "Chaos True Dragon Art"! Jin Chanzi Regrets Being Soft-Hearted!about 2 months ago061. I Am The Supreme Lord Of The Qing Dynasty! Whoever Dares To Stop The True Lord From Enlightening The Tao Today Will Be Killed By The Poor Taoist!about 2 months ago062. Question? You Hurt This Person, What Else Do You Want To Ask? This Person Is Even More Domineering Than The Lich Of Yesteryear!about 2 months ago063. "The Code Of Tribulation"! I Am Willing To Use 70% Of The Dragon Clan’S Treasure House To Ask The True Lord For Help!about 2 months ago064. I Want All Of Your Dragon Clan! The Dragon Clans Of The Four Seas Share The Same Master, With All Benefits And No Harm!about 2 months ago065. Taiyi Golden Immortal! Hou Tu: Since The Road Is Smooth, Why Come To This Netherworld?about 2 months ago066. "The Formation Of The Twelve Capital Gods"! Houtu: Ok, I'll Wait For You!about 2 months ago067. The Dragon Clan From All Over The World Enters The Sky! Jade Emperor Yaochi Is Recruiting Again And Wants To Give You Treasures!about 2 months ago068. If You Encounter Trouble, You Can Call The Disciple By His Real Name! A Gift From Haotian Yaochi, The Symbol Of A Saint!about 2 months ago069. "The True Holy Eye Of Chaos"! I Give You The Great Road, Listen To The Holy Voice, And See The True Saint!about 2 months ago070.Breakthrough! Lu Ya: Chen Jiugong, I Want You To Die As An Apology Today!about 2 months ago071. Please Turn Around, Baby! Chen Jiugong: Don’T Ask Me To Do That. Please Go To Hell!about 2 months ago072. Nuwa Prefers! Do You Want To Seek Revenge For That Golden Crow Bird? Just Think, That's Enough!about 2 months ago073.Tongtian: This Subcategory Belongs To Me! The Big Demon Opens The World! "True God Regeneration Method"!about 2 months ago074. "Chaos True Phoenix Art"! With The Treasure And Money Obtained, The Luck Of The Human Race Skyrockets!about 2 months ago075. "The Scripture Of Destiny"! Three Hundred Years Later, I Will Be A Quasi-Sage, Why Do I Need To Protect The Tao?about 2 months ago076. The Four Extremes Are Complete, And The Chaos Dao Body Is Complete! Retreat And Achieve Daluo!about 2 months ago077. Disciple Chen Jiugong Asked Taoist Ancestors To Send More Divine Thunder! So Little, So Slow, So Not Enough!about 2 months ago078. Listening To The Sermon In Zixiao Palace, Taoist Ancestors Gave Hongmeng Ziqi!about 2 months ago079. "Myth Cultivation Method"! I Am Tao, I Am Hongmeng, I Am One!about 2 months ago080. The Road To Transcendence, Integrating Myself And Others! Quasi-Sage, Can You Block My Punch?about 2 months ago081. Explain The Taoist Struggle And Suppress The Twelve Golden Immortals! Next Time You See Me, You Must Address Me As Your True King And Bow To Me!about 2 months ago082. "Pangu Yuanshenjue"! Lingbao? Change Your Name! The Taoist Struggle Is Over And Your Luck Skyrockets!about 2 months ago083. The Fishing Drum Sounds Again! Chen Jiugong Preached In Biyou Palace, And Yunxiao Was Certified As A Quasi-Sage!about 2 months ago084. Jie Jiao Adds Five Saints! Kong Xuan Awakens To The Divine Light Of Chaos! Jiu Gong Wants To Leave The Wilderness!about 2 months ago085. How Come The Empress Is Better Than The Saint To The True King? Hou Tu Is Resurrected, And The Twelve Ancestral Witches Are Resurrected!about 2 months ago086. Chen Jiugong, The Co-Leader Of The Six Paths Of Reincarnation! Blood Sea Opportunity! Who Better Than Styx?about 2 months ago087. Holy? Not My Way! It's Really Difficult To Step Over Ants Without Killing Them!about 2 months ago088. The Styx Kunpeng Surrenders! Harvest The Demon Court's Treasure House And The Witch-Slaying Sword? Xuanyuan Sword!about 2 months ago089.Where Is The Opportunity? The Chaos Clock Appears! Chen Jiugong: This Thing Is Destined To Be A Disciple!about 2 months ago090. "Chaos Kunpeng Art"! Let This Continent Be Your Dojo!about 2 months ago091. "The Book Of The Human Emperor"! Xuanyuan, Are You Willing To Worship Me As Your Teacher?about 2 months ago092. Fuxi Invites Jiu Gong To Discuss Taoism! I Would Like To Borrow Hetu And Luoshu For Thousands Of Years!about 2 months ago093. Suiren’S Gift Of Treasure! "Easy"! Tao Fish Who Plays With Fate!about 2 months ago094. Where Is The True King Going? Play With Fate! Guanjiangguchi Erlang!about 2 months ago095. Yang Jian Thanks The True Lord! Manipulating Fate, Master And Apprentice, Disciple, Taoist Fish?about 2 months ago096. "Speak As The Dharma Follows"! Bodhi Appears, And Since He Is The Enemy Of Life And Death, I Will Live And You Will Die!about 2 months ago097. Kill Bodhi! Tongtian: If You And I Join Forces, How Can We Have The Same Enemy?about 2 months ago098. Teach "The True Art Of Suppressing Prisons Of The Shangqing Dynasty"! However, As Soon As You Get Started With The Method, You Can Just Practice It!about 2 months ago099. In The Past, I Only Thought That The True King’S Methods Were Mysterious And Unparalleled, But Now I Know How Powerful The True King Is!about 2 months ago100. The Heart Of Heaven Opens The World, Human, Earth And Heaven, Da Luo Heaven! My Master Is The Hidden Immortal In Luofu Cave In Mount Emei, Zhao Gongming!about 2 months ago