Quanmin: Just Established The College, But It Was Targeted By The Country

Quanmin: Just Established The College, But It Was Targeted By The Country


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Li Qixing traveled to the world of universal job transfer and was bound to a system called [Academy Lottery], and the prizes obtained in the lottery turned out to be rules that overriding all others.

Rules: The dean can unconditionally use the professional skills of all students in the academy, and the dean is invincible!

Rules: Students’ experience from killing monsters increases by 100 times, making students invincible!

Rules: The skills of all students in the academy are increased by 10,000 times without cooling down, making the entire academy invincible!

Rules: Anyone who enters the academy will become a god unconditionally, and with all the blessings of the dean, he will be invincible in the country!

My name is Lin Shuying, and my grandfather is the ceiling of Xia Kingdom’s combat power.

I had just transferred to a rare profession, but my grandfather forced me to enter a third-rate college that no one would go to.

Out of desperation, I made an agreement with my grandfather that as long as I survived three months in the college, he would find a way for me to transfer to another school.


The moment I entered the academy and became a student, I was dumbfounded.

The experience of killing monsters increases a hundred times. Can you believe that you can level up by killing just one monster?

The power of skills increases ten thousand times. Can you believe that ordinary fireball can push through a copy?

There are even more outrageous things, which simply refreshed my understanding of the world...

Soon after, my grandfather joined the academy.

After that, the old monsters from Xia Kingdom also came.

The day that impressed me the most was when the Dragon Emperor walked to the gate of the college with a broken bowl and cried out to the dean to take him in.

The will of heaven is manifested again, and the competition for world resources begins, and all countries in the world are panicking.

Meimeiguo: Are you crazy? People from Xia can become gods by changing their profession?

Little Days: Baga, God is unfair, the whole Xia Kingdom is cheating!

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What Kind Of Garbage Is Worthy Of Being Targeted By Us?8 months agoChapter 62 The Rewards Were Announced, And Li Qixing Was Greedy!8 months agoChapter 63 The Resource Competition Begins, [Super Seminary] Brings All Belongings8 months agoChapter 64 Except For Our Dean, Everyone Here Is Rubbish!8 months agoChapter 65 [Super Seminary] At The Bottom, We Are Second To Last8 months agoChapter 66: Applying For A D-Level Dungeon, F-Level Is Not Qualified8 months agoChapter 67 [Nanyun Academy] Three Pieces Of Legendary Equipment, So Terrifying8 months agoChapter 68: The Clearance Time Is 1 Second, And The Whole Audience Is Stunned!8 months agoChapter 69 [Top Academy] The Best Start? That's It?8 months agoChapter 70 The Beastly Frost Dragon, The Whole Place Was Silent!8 months agoChapter 71 The Natural Disaster Is Crushing The Entire Field At Full Level. How Should I Respond Next?8 months agoChapter 72 This Time, It’S Finally Time For Me To Pretend!8 months agoChapter 73 The Stadium Was Filled With Green Light, And Everyone’S Faces Turned Green!8 months agoChapter 74 Dean Li, Do You Choose To Admit Defeat Or Take A Beating?8 months agoChapter 75 Kill Someone If They Disagree8 months agoChapter 76 Today, Super Seminary Will Become Your Inner Demon8 months agoChapter 77 Miss Lv208? Jiang Guodong Was Shocked8 months agoChapter 78 You Must Remember My Last Words!8 months agoChapter 79 Mr. Liang Broke His Defense8 months agoChapter 80 There Are Some Secrets In The Academy, But They Are All Routine Operations. Don’T Be Surprised, Grandpa Liang!8 months agoChapter 81 Grandpa Liang, It’S Just A Routine Operation, Calm Down!8 months agoChapter 82 The Only Profession, Bring It To You8 months agoChapter 83: Shocked For A Thousand Years, Old Man Liang Was Dumbfounded!8 months agoChapter 84 Download The A-Level Dungeon And Activate The Origin Monster Rules8 months agoChapter 85 The Brain Capacity Is Too Small And Not Enough8 months agoChapter 86 The Ten-Turn God, An Existence Infinitely Close To The Taboo8 months agoChapter 87: Make An F-Level Dungeon And You Wear 43 Artifacts?8 months agoChapter 88 I Can’T Stand It, I Really Can’T Stand It!8 months agoChapter 89: Can You Believe I Was Almost Sent Away By A Monster?8 months agoChapter 90 S-Level Copy, Empty Island8 months agoChapter 91 The Birth Copy Of Western Suburbs8 months agoChapter 92 The Disappearing Property Panel8 months agoChapter 93 I Just Like To Kneel And Talk8 months agoChapter 94 The Space Mage Who Doubts Life8 months agoChapter 95 Your Disaster Is Coming8 months agoChapter 96 I Am In The Western Sky, My Life Is At Stake Here8 months agoChapter 97: Be Gentle, Don’T Kill Me8 months agoChapter 98 No Matter How Small A Grasshopper Is, It Is Still Meat8 months agoChapter 99 Looks Like He’S Going To Get Rich8 months agoChapter 100 Killing Without Blinking An Eye?8 months ago