Sailing, Deceiving The World With The Sky

Sailing, Deceiving The World With The Sky


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Law traveled to the pirate world, and thanks to the Sky Curtain System, he relied on acting and fabricating history to deceive the bigwigs around the world to gain power.

For example -

Buggy the Clown broke the pirate game rules left by Roger by himself, and entered the Summit War incident strongly, saying bluntly: "I want the whole world!"

The Red Hair Pirates were wiped out 20 years later, and the Avenger Shanks is bound to change all this.

Marine Marshal Garp is bound to break away from the identity of the World Government's lackey, and lead the new Marine Admiral Aizen, Kira Yoshikage, and Arima Takasho to implement the true justice that belongs to Marine!

(But are they really all righteous people?)


The Orochimaru Research Organization hidden deep in history...

What changes will they bring to this world?

Anyway, they are probably all fooled.

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Chapter 1: Traveling Through Pirates And Deceiving The Whole World!22 days agoChapter 2: Twenty Years After The Incarnation, Shanks, The Red Hair Pirates Are All Destroyed!22 days agoChapter 3 Garp's Information Is Revealed, And The Sky Is Falling!22 days agoChapter 4: Revealing Buggy The Clown’S First Half Of Life22 days agoChapter 5 Buggy With A 2 Billion Bounty? Addicted To Bragging22 days agoChapter 6 The Difference Between Buggy And Shanks After Roger's Death.22 days agoChapter 7 The Real Ambitious Person, Buggy’S Ambition!22 days agoChapter 8 In The Future, Are All Admirals Buggy's Subordinates? Capture Them!22 days agoChapter 9 Buggy's Goal Is Impel Down! Investigating Buggy's Spies22 days agoChapter 10: The First Extremely Evil Incident, All The Members Of Impel Down Died At The Hands Of The Clown!22 days agoChapter 11 Duoduoliang Swallows People, Rayleigh’S Conclusion.22 days agoChapter 12: Buggy Meets His Acquaintance Bullet, A Battle Between The Two Changing Eras!22 days agoChapter 13 Augmented Reality Buggy, Buster Call Camp Failed!22 days agoChapter 14 Buggy Finale, The Bullied Weak Is The Future Marine Admiral? !22 days agoChapter 15 Marine Meeting, Major Discovery!22 days agoChapter 16 The Aging Rayleigh Sees Through Buggy Completely.22 days agoChapter 17 A Sudden Inspiration For A New Script, The Founder Of The New Marine Is Marshal Sengoku?22 days agoChapter 18 The Birth Of New Marine Justice! Smoker Is Law's Companion.22 days agoChapter 19 The Second Sky Canopy, Akainu? No! Marshal Garp!22 days agoChapter 20: Marshal Garp? Sweating All Over Is Recruiting, Iron Fists Greet All Admirals!22 days agoChapter 21: The Future Flame Pillar, Start Becoming Stronger With A Resolute Mindset!22 days agoChapter 22: Rengoku Kyojuro's Life Story, Law Is About To Appear!22 days agoChapter 23: A Fateful Encounter, Law Wants To Create A New Marine.22 days agoChapter 24 There Is No Doubt That The Old Marine Is A Running Dog!22 days agoChapter 25: The Most Despised Man In The Future, The Real Clown Kerby Is Exposed.22 days agoChapter 26: The Future Knight King Marshal, Altria Pendragon!22 days agoChapter 27 The Alabasta Incident Begins And Buggy The Clown Enters.22 days agoChapter 28: The Relationship Between Law And Buggy That Shocked The World, The Awakening Of The Knight King!22 days agoChapter 29 Excluding Rengoku Kyojuro, The Three Of Them Actually Formed An Alliance!22 days agoChapter 30 The Alabasta Incident Is About To Get Chaotic!22 days agoChapter 31 What Super Ancient Weapon? Luo And Others Don’T Care At All!22 days agoChapter 32: Doubts And Encouragement On The Battlefield22 days agoChapter 33: The Small Battle Is Coming To An End, And The Headquarters Buster Call Camp Arrives!22 days agoChapter 34 The Situation Suddenly Changed! Buggy The Clown Panicked.22 days agoChapter 35: As Long As The Money Is In Place, Kizaru, Who Can Crush The Four Emperors, Appears!22 days agoChapter 36 The Situation Has Turned Into A Mess.22 days agoChapter 37: Law Or Garp's Apprentice? Violent Old Man!22 days agoChapter 38 Answer Me! Mr. Garp, Will The Tragedy Continue?22 days agoChapter 39: Altria Will Never Agree!22 days agoChapter 40 Ex—Calibur!22 days agoChapter 41: Completely Extinguish The Light Of Alabasta!22 days agoChapter 42: Stop The War, Again! Red-Haired Haki!22 days agoChapter 43: The Final Chapter Of The Alabasta Incident, Three Ambitious People In The Historical Text!22 days agoChapter 44: Buggy State Of Clown In Reality.22 days agoChapter 45 Marine Meeting? No! Garp And Akainu Are Fighting!22 days agoChapter 46 The Third Sky Curtain Begins, The Efforts Of Ordinary People?22 days agoChapter 47 Rock Lee Has No Talent At All? Burn Your Youth And Practice Physical Skills!22 days agoChapter 48: Go To Sky Island! Luffy, Blackbeard, And Lee Are About To Meet.22 days agoChapter 49 Weak? Blackbeard! Witness My Youth, Eight Inner Gates!!!22 days agoChapter 50 Eight Inner Gates, Open! Blackbeard Is Dying.22 days agoChapter 51 He Is A Genius! The Most Important Thing In Life Is A Partner!22 days agoChapter 52 Blackbeard Educates Kaneki? People’S Dreams Will Never End!!!22 days agoChapter 53: Whitebeard And Red Hair Meet, Akainu’S Defense Is Broken.22 days agoChapter 54 Luo's Reflections On Deception.22 days agoChapter 55: The Fourth Sky Curtain, This Is The Infamous Emiya Kiritsugu, The Future Marine Staff Officer!22 days agoChapter 56: Emiya Kiritsugu's Concept Of Justice? Suzuki Satoru? (I)22 days agoChapter 57: The Man Who Will Obviously Fight The Air In The Future, Bone King! (Part 2)22 days agoChapter 58 Nico Robin And Emiya Kiritsugu's 'Uncertain' Father-Daughter Relationship!?22 days agoChapter 59: The Ideological Conflict Between Nico Robin And Emiya Kiritsugu. He Is Passing On His Own Justice!22 days agoChapter 60 Spandine's Past Private Decisions, Hange And The Giant Potion?22 days agoChapter 61 Nico Robin Has The Power Of A Female Giant? Hanji Reveals The Secret!22 days agoChapter 62 Prelude To The Enies Lobby Incident, All Forces Arrived At The Scene Immediately.22 days agoChapter 63 Ridiculous Information, King Is The Future Admiral?22 days agoChapter 64 The War Has Begun! King Is The Main Force Against Straw Hat Crew? ? ?22 days agoChapter 65 Enel's Thunder God Versus The Undocumented Colossal Titan!22 days agoChapter 66 Dumen Lee Vs. Akainu!22 days agoChapter 67: Undocumented Determination, The Group Of Pure Giants Created By King!22 days agoChapter 68: The Situation Changes Rapidly In Enies Lobby, And Ainz Ooal Gown Suddenly Uses Super-Level Magic!22 days agoChapter 69: Altria's Curry Sticks, Enies Lobby Turning Point, Law's Declaration!22 days agoChapter 70: Enies Lobby Sinks, And Luo’S Final Blow Ends The Incident!22 days agoChapter 71 The Incident Is Over, In The Reality Marine Meeting, Luo Calculated Everything.22 days ago