Sailing: Heaven-Defying, Second In Command Of The Straw Hat Pirates

Sailing: Heaven-Defying, Second In Command Of The Straw Hat Pirates


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The soul traveled through the pirate world and became the younger brother of the tavern owner Makino. At the beginning, he awakened the full level of heaven-defying enlightenment, shocking the Red Hair Pirates.

"You heaven-defying enlightenment by watching in person, and strongly comprehended Conqueror's Haki!"

Red Hair Pirates: Hey, hey, hey, is this still an eight-year-old kid? !

"You heaven-defying enlightenment by watching in person, and strongly comprehended the Hegemony Sword Art: Divine Avoidance!!"

Hawkeye: So far, you are the second person who can fight with me in swordsmanship!


Battle of the Top! All Marines focus their attention on Benos, who is covered by thunderclouds and exudes terrifying pressure.

Aokiji: Hey, hey, hey... Is this guy going to split the entire Marineford? !

Kizaru: Yo~ How scary! He can resist against three people alone, what a monster!

Akainu: Damn it! Straw Hat Pirates! Don't focus all your attention on that guy!

Sengoku: Asshole Garp, what kind of monster did you teach!

Garp: Hehehahaha… As expected of someone I taught.

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Chapter 1 Legendary Origin! Luffy: I Promise There Won't Be A Next Time!26 days agoChapter 2 Begins! Being Dragged Into The Sea Of ​​Consciousness!26 days agoChapter 3 Enlightenment Heaven-Defying! Conqueror's Haki Awakens!26 days agoChapter 4: Staring And Killing! Beckman: This Is Unbelievable!26 days agoChapter 5: Heaven-Defying! Comprehending The Hegemonic Sword Technique: Divine Evasion!26 days agoChapter 6 Shock! One-Sword Style·Iai·Instant Slash!26 days agoChapter 7 Shanks: Luffy, It's Not Good To Take Your Anger Out On Food! Ah~, Spit It Out Now!26 days agoChapter 8: Burning Youth! Red Hair Pirates Treasure House!26 days agoChapter 9: Great Sword Twenty-One Skill: Thunder Guard! Sig Attacks!26 days agoChapter 10 Red Hair: Ants Are Not Worthy Of Us Giving In!26 days agoChapter 11 Benos: Leave It To Me! Conqueror's Sweeps Everything!26 days agoChapter 12 Beckman: If You Want To Be Our Enemy, You Have To At Least Send A Warship Over! Your Life Hangs On A Thread!26 days agoChapter 13 Broken Arm! The Promise Between Us! Garp Returns!26 days agoChapter 14 Garp: Take My Iron Fist Of Love! Heaven-Defying Wisdom! The Strongest Armament Haki!26 days agoChapter 15 Benos: I Was Shot Even When I Was Lying Down! Dadan: Please Spare Us!26 days agoChapter 16: Bandits: What To Do With The Boss? Two More Come? Garp's Shock!26 days agoChapter 17: Uninhabited Island! Precisely Controlled Conqueror's Haki!26 days agoChapter 18: Garp, The King Of Tricksters! Actual Combat Contest!26 days agoChapter 19: Comprehensive Improvement! Armament Haki's Deception26 days agoChapter 20 Galaxy Shock! Shocked Garp! Black Blade Style Entanglement...!26 days agoChapter 21: Garp's Jaw Drops! Hegemonic Swordplay: Divine Avoidance!26 days agoChapter 22 Luffy's Big Mouth, Benos Considered A Poor Man26 days agoChapter 23 Ace: Drink This Bowl Of Wine, And We'll Be Brothers! Let's Go To Sea!26 days agoChapter 24: Benos: Face The Reality, Damn Fat Woman! The Man Who Aspires To Become The Pirate King26 days agoChapter 25: Coby: Are There Only Two Pirates In The Group? Arrived At Shelters Town!26 days agoChapter 26: The Straw Hat Pirates' Main Battle Force! Roronoa Zoro!26 days agoChapter 27 Zoro Enters The Pit! The Goal Is To Become The World's Greatest Swordsman!26 days agoChapter 28 Shocking Zoro! Benos: Innate Power!26 days agoChapter 29 Invite Nami! Benos: I Can Help You Solve Your Hometown Problems!26 days agoChapter 30 Buggy: If Shanks Hadn't Been Hiding In The New World, He Would Have Been Killed Anyway!26 days agoChapter 31: The Buggy Pirates Are Defeated In Seconds! A Surprise Attack On Benos26 days agoChapter 32 Shock!! Benos's Swordsmanship Instructor: Four Emperors·Red Hair!26 days agoChapter 33 Arriving At Xiluobu Village! Usopp Fights Hundreds Of Pirates Alone!26 days agoChapter 34 Benos: Zoro Said He Had To Pee, So Let Me Go First! Three Swords Style: Hundred Eight Trouble Wind!26 days agoChapter 35 Nami Is Eyeing The Bounty! Entering... Second Gear!!26 days agoChapter 36 Rubber Rubber Jet Pistol!! Set Sail Again26 days agoChapter 37 The Scar Left On Garp Ten Years Ago! Sengoku Goes Berserk!26 days agoChapter 38 Sengoku: Garp! I Will Kill You! Determined To Be Extremely Dangerous!26 days agoChapter 39 Nami: Are You Talking About Him? Marine Is Coming!26 days agoChapter 40 Shock Nami, Usopp, Zoro! Sea Restaurant!26 days agoChapter 41: Can't Refuse Hungry Guests! Shame On East Blue Overlord!26 days agoChapter 42 The World's Greatest Swordsman! Chasing Dreams Forward!26 days agoChapter 43: The Duel Between Swordsmen! A Crush!26 days agoChapter 44: Defeat! Benos Strikes In Time! Face The Most Powerful Swordsman!26 days agoChapter 45 Benos Vs. Mihawk! Ittoryu: Extreme: Dragon Hunting!!26 days agoChapter 46 All The Means Are Used! ! Black Blade Style·Ultimate·Yuanming!26 days agoChapter 47 I Am The Master Of This World! Ichisaurus·Secret·Falling Thousand Worlds!!26 days agoChapter 48: Cornered! ! Conqueror's Haki Explodes!26 days agoChapter 49 Conqueror's Entanglement!! Black Blade Style·Ultimate·God Avoidance!26 days agoChapter 50 Luffy's Inner Decision! A Man Equally Powerful To Hawkeye!26 days agoChapter 51: Shock From Marshal Sengoku! Bounty Announced!26 days agoChapter 52 Shock! Determination To Become Stronger! Deduction Through Full Level Of Understanding!26 days agoChapter 53: The Future Of Perception Deduction Grants! Human-Human Fruit·Sun God·Nika!26 days agoChapter 54 Mihawk: Not Much, Just A Three In Front And Eight Zeros In The Back!26 days agoChapter 55 Hawkeye: So You Taught Me How To Be A Tyrant?! Red Hair Pirates Are Shocked!26 days agoChapter 56: Coercion! Nami Leaves! The Straw Hat Pirates Are Furious!26 days agoChapter 57 Come Quickly! Nami Faces A Desperate Choice!26 days agoChapter 58 Conqueror's Haki Sweeps! Luffy Attacks In Rage!26 days agoChapter 59: Hardened Armament: Jet Pistol! The Arlong Pirates Are Destroyed26 days agoChapter 60 Everyone: Fell Asleep While Eating? Benos: Pulling Hard26 days agoChapter 61 Benos: What A Terrifying Pressure, Even More Terrifying Than Hawkeye!26 days agoChapter 62 Conqueror's Haki Exposed! Smoker Vibrates!26 days agoChapter 63 Luffy: I'm Going To Die! Benos And Dragon's Meeting!26 days agoChapter 64: Dragon's Invitation! Benos Is Alone In The Rear!26 days agoChapter 65 Ignoring Logia! Smoker Is Deeply Shocked!26 days agoChapter 66 The Marine Fleet Is Dispatched! All-Out Interception! Three Swords Style: Three Hundred And Eight Trouble Winds!26 days agoChapter 67: Total Defeat! Smoker Is Unwilling To Accept This! Apply To Transfer Back To Naval Headquarters26 days agoChapter 68 The Bounty Skyrocketed! Sengoku's Decision! Upside Down The Mountain!26 days agoChapter 69: Bra Crashes Into The Mountain! Crocus, Former Ship Doctor Of The Roger Pirates26 days agoChapter 70 Benos: Are You Selling Me Out? Crocus, Former Doctor Of Roger Pirates26 days agoChapter 71 A Promise With Bra! Luffy Takes Action!26 days agoChapter 72 Crocus: Terrible Young Man! Mr9, Vivi Is Causing Trouble26 days agoChapter 73 Arrival At Whisky Peak! Mr9: We Will Get This Place Back26 days agoChapter 74 Benos: Don't Worry! I Will Take Action! The Villagers Are Surrounding And Killing!26 days agoChapter 75 Conqueror's Shock! Luffy Is Held Hostage26 days agoChapter 76 Senior Agent: Miss Valentine, Mr. 5! Benos: Eh... So Disgusting!26 days agoChapter 77 Help! Decided To Take Action Against The Seven Warlords Of The Sea!26 days agoChapter 78 Zoro: Use Shichibukai As A Training Whetstone! Nico Robin!26 days agoChapter 79 Benos's Invitation! Robin: Can You Bear The Cost Of Knowing Everything?26 days agoChapter 80: Seeking The Truth Behind The Blank Period Of More Than 100 Years! Luffy: I Pried It Open!26 days agoChapter 81 The Conspiracy Is Revealed! Akainu Asks For Permission To Capture The Straw Hat Pirates!26 days agoChapter 82 Chopper Joins! Chopper: Someone Named Zoro Just Fell Into The Sea!26 days agoChapter 83: Run Fast: I Am Not A Human! But You Stupid Humans Are Worse Than The Duck Lord26 days agoChapter 84: Run Fast: I Didn't Get On The Boat! Establish A Friendship Bond With Bentham!26 days agoChapter 85 Give Up The Chase! The Sand Crocodile Is Furious! The Plan Is Implemented Ahead Of Schedule!26 days agoChapter 86 Arrival At Alabasta! Luffy Breaks In!26 days agoChapter 87 Three Brothers Meet! A Battle Between Brothers?26 days agoChapter 88 Defending Dignity?! Another Instant Kill! Benos's Advice To Ace26 days agoChapter 89 Benos: Hey! Ace, Have You Not Fallen Behind In Taijutsu And Haki In The Past Two Years?26 days agoChapter 90 Ace Shock! Conqueror's With Whitebeard's Father's Horror! Luffy's Contempt!26 days agoChapter 91 The Power Of Logia Mera-Mera Fruit! Heaven-Defying The Future Against Ace26 days agoChapter 92: Run Fast: Why Me Again? ! Heading To The Rainy Baroque Studio Base Camp26 days agoChapter 93 Direct To Rain Feast Casino! Zoro, Sanji Takes Action!26 days agoChapter 94 Sanji: Logia Is Not Without Weaknesses! Bbq Beef Banquet!!26 days agoChapter 95: Ichisyu Iai·Death·Lion Song!! Crocodile Is Furious!26 days agoChapter 96 Devil's Wind Leg: Beef Banquet!! Sand Crocodile Is Defeated!26 days agoChapter 97 The Crime Is Revealed! Crocodile Is Arrested! Vinsmoke...!26 days agoChapter 98 Sanji's Bounty Increases! The Holy Land's Five Elders Pay Attention!26 days agoChapter 99: Forever Partner! Benos: A Perfect Ending!26 days agoChapter 100: The Layout Ahead! Robin Appears On The Merry26 days ago