Sect: My Disciple Is A Player

Sect: My Disciple Is A Player


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Elder Fire Cloud Sect, was besieged by thousands of mortals who regarded them as ants. After three days of fierce fighting, he couldn't help shouting: "Aren't you afraid of death!"

In the auction house, a ruthless gangster ignored the many bosses present and said, "I, the Tianlong Guild, want the things here!"

Heavenly Origin Continent, I don’t know when, there have been a group of greedy guys who are not afraid of death.

They come from the same sect.

They call themselves "players".

They only listened to Su Chen.

Facing the accusations from many powerful men, Su Chen, as the leader of the sect, took a step forward with a chuckle: "You can't even deal with my disciples, how dare you mess with me?!"

PS: The introduction is weak, please move to the main text.

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(Thirteenth Update)3 months ago088 Zhang Tao’S Bold Move (Fourteenth Update!)3 months ago089 Fight A Bloody Path (Fifteen Updates)3 months ago090 Accountability (First Update!)3 months ago091 What Does It Have To Do With Me (Second Update)3 months ago092 New Descending Personnel (Third Update!)3 months ago093 Large Transaction (Fourth Update!)3 months ago094 Zhang Tao’S Battle (Fifth Update)3 months ago095 Cruel (Sixth Update, Two Chapters In One)3 months ago096 Create Skills! (Seventh Update!)3 months ago