Shenhao: A Great Start And The Ceo Will Give Me A Baby

Shenhao: A Great Start And The Ceo Will Give Me A Baby


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Four years ago, Ye Xuantong met a world-famous beauty.

Four years later, he encountered a breakup from a money-worshiping girl and activated the Shenhao system.

"The test host was rejected by his money-worshiping girlfriend and was given X1 Villa No. 1 in Diyuan!"

"Giving 30 million to the extended version of the Bugatti Veyron X1!"

"Detect the host's financial constraints and give away 10 billion RMB and ten times the consumption rebate!"

"Detect the first meeting between the host and his daughter, and reward him with perfect appearance!"


Tongzi offered various benefits in various ways, and Ye Xuan admitted that he was numb.

"Master, Mu Yue is late!"

"Miss Liu Meier, you have not passed the family test and cannot become the young master's fiancée!"

The beautiful personal butler bowed respectfully, and his money-worshiping girlfriend panicked.

Xia Binning: "Husband, it's time for us to go to bed~~"

From then on, Ye Xuan went further and further on the road to greatness, and his brave life began.

[The introduction is weak, please read the text]

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Chapter 1: Just After Being Dumped, The Money-Worshiping Girlfriend Regretted It24 days agoChapter 2 Daddy Is So Handsome, Ten Times More Handsome Than In The Photo~~24 days agoChapter 3 Let Me Ask, What Is The Concept Of Making 30 Billion In Seconds?24 days agoChapter 4 This Is Daddy’S Gold-Worshipping Girlfriend’S Cousin And Her Father24 days agoChapter 5 Mom, You Can’T Grab Daddy From Us, You Know?24 days agoChapter 6: You Still Quibble, We All Heard You Call Daddy Husband24 days agoChapter 7 3.8 Billion? Is The Young Master A Bit Of A Prodigal~~24 days agoChapter 8 Wife, My Mother-In-Law Is Here??24 days agoChapter 9 Bing Ning, I Can’T Tell That Xiaoye Is Quite Good At Pampering People.24 days agoChapter 10 Ye Xuan, Tell Me Clearly, Who Is Your Wife??24 days agoChapter 11 Wife Bing Ning, Can I Say That You Took Down The Book?24 days agoChapter 12 My Man, Whoever Dares To Speak Ill Of Him, I, Xia Binning, Will Destroy Him!24 days agoChapter 13 Don’T Say 200 Million, I Will Try To Get You Even The Stars In The Sky24 days agoChapter 14 Bing Ning, If You Are Short Of Money, I Have Something24 days agoChapter 15 My Name Is Ye Xuan, Your Ceo’S Fiancé24 days agoChapter 16 They Are All Hugging Each Other, A Warm Kiss Is Normal, Right?24 days agoChapter 17 A Small Test Of Skills, Shen Aoxue Receives A Box Lunch24 days agoChapter 18 Your Father Wants To Know That You Are A Successor, So He Won’T Break Your Legs!24 days agoChapter 19: Meeting Auntie, Isn’T It Too Soon!?24 days agoChapter 20 Ye Xuan Returns And All The Dogs In The Village Are Alarmed~~24 days agoChapter 21 Brat, You... Have Lied To Me For All These Years!!24 days agoChapter 22: That Guy... Actually Kissed Her Here!?24 days agoChapter 23: Stop Giving Rewards, Can Mr. Fuchen Go Home With This Loli?24 days agoChapter 24 What Bad Intentions Can Your Husband Have?24 days agoChapter 25 Xiaoxuan, Where Did You... Get So Much Money~~24 days agoChapter 26: Make A Small Profit Of 5 Billion, And Get To Know The Abandoned Son Of The Qin Family In Jinling - Qin Tianao24 days agoChapter 27 Daddy, Mommy, What Are You Talking About~~24 days agoChapter 28 The Trip To Dilin Group, Making An Outrageous Profit Of 30 Billion24 days agoChapter 29 Ye Xuan...Is The Boss Behind The Dilin Group!?24 days agoChapter 30 Sure Enough, What The Internet Said Is Right, You Men Are All Big Pigs’ Hooves24 days agoChapter 31 Is That Handsome Guy The Parent Of Xueqi’S School Beauty? He’S So Handsome~~24 days agoChapter 32: Prince Tian, ​​I Killed Him24 days agoChapter 33 Divine Guard Opportunity, Shen Yi Steps Into A Half-Step Martial Arts Master24 days agoChapter 34 If You Let Me Have No Place In Jinling, Who Do You Think You Are?24 days agoChapter 35 If The Martial Arts Master Dares To Stop Him, He Will Be Killed.24 days agoChapter 36: Jinling Qin Family Changes Situation, Qin Tianao Finally Takes Revenge24 days agoChapter 37 The Change In The Qin Family’S Situation Is Related To That Brat??24 days agoChapter 38 Young Master, Do You Want Me To Kidnap Xia Bingning?24 days agoChapter 39 You Clearly Didn’T Say That Just Now, And You Asked Me To Continue...24 days agoChapter 40 Bing Ning, When Did You... Return Your Daughter To Your Husband~~24 days agoChapter 41 Whether I Admit It Or Not, You Will Be The Xia Family’S Uncle From Now On!!24 days agoChapter 42: What Dog Food? Did We Spread Dog Food?24 days agoChapter 43 Song Wenhao, That Scumbag Was Killed?24 days agoChapter 44 Bing Ning’S Wife, Why Is Your Mother-In-Law Looking For You?24 days agoChapter 45 Extravagant Gifts That Shock The Father-In-Law’S Family24 days agoChapter 46: Brother-In-Law, You Call 8 Billion Small Money??24 days agoChapter 47 An Incredible Opportunity For My Father-In-Law!!24 days agoChapter 48 My Husband Is Good To Me, Is There Anything Wrong With Me Being Proud??24 days agoChapter 49: That Guy, You Deserve To Be Exhausted~~24 days agoChapter 50 I Wanted To Let You Go, But You Came Here To Seek Death Yourself.24 days agoChapter 51 Bing Ning’S Wife, What Do You Mean I’M Awesome?24 days agoChapter 52 The Ambition Of The Song Family, Mr. Song Appears!24 days agoChapter 53 Take Action, Block My Move And Spare Your Life24 days agoChapter 54: Underground Auction, Small Profit Of 150 Billion!24 days agoChapter 55 Ye Xuan, You... Are So Bad!24 days agoChapter 56 As Long As I’M Here, Uncle, You Can’T Die24 days agoChapter 57: The Ultimate Poison Enters The Body, Reaching The Peak Of Martial Arts??24 days agoChapter 58 If My Second Uncle Has No Place In Jiangcheng, Who Do You Think You Are?24 days agoChapter 59 You Want To Kill My Master, You Are So Bold!24 days agoChapter 60 Boss, If You Don’T Come Back, I Will Be Tortured To Death By My Little Master~~24 days agoChapter 61 Ye Xuan, You...How Could You Do This And Not Let Me Down!24 days agoChapter 62 Mr. Ye, You...Want To Build The No. 1 Land Into Kunpeng Financial City!24 days agoChapter 63 Damn It, Is It Normal For My Husband To Treat Me As His Daughter?24 days agoChapter 64: I Don’T Want To Look At The Sweet Dog Food, But My Eyes Don’T Obey What I Want To Do?24 days agoChapter 65: Killing A Martial Arts Master Instantly, How Is It Possible!?24 days agoChapter 66: Activate Your Wife’S Mysterious Physique And Rise To The Level Of King Of Martial Arts?24 days agoChapter 67 Guanyin’S Tears Show Her Power, The Chen Family In The Imperial Capital Has A Way To Die!24 days agoChapter 68 Ye Xuan Surpassed The Great Master Of Martial Arts?24 days agoChapter 69: My Wife And Best Friend Surrender, And The System Gives Me Tens Of Billions Of Wealth, Is It Normal?24 days agoChapter 70 Isn’T It Normal For My Husband To Kiss My Wife?24 days agoChapter 71 Bet Another 300 Billion And Become A Trillionaire!?24 days agoChapter 72 Sir, Is It Possible That... You Let Someone Destroy The Chen Family In The Imperial Capital!?24 days agoChapter 73: Changes Occurred In The Imperial Capital, And The Chen Family Was Wiped Out!24 days agoChapter 74 If You Are Richer Than Your Men, Then Jinpeng Group Is Looking For Death!24 days agoChapter 75 Silly Girl, Why Are You Being Polite To Me?24 days agoChapter 76 What Are You Talking About? Who, Who Is Looking At You~!24 days agoChapter 77: Feng Qiankun Was Furious And Killed The Martial Arts Association Of God City??24 days agoChapter 78 Husband, You Weren’T The One Who Built Kunpeng Financial City, Right?24 days agoChapter 79 You Are So Presumptuous, How Can You Talk To Mr. Ye!24 days agoChapter 80 Liu Jiuyang Dies, Who Is The Mysterious Person Behind The Liu Family In Zhonghai??24 days agoChapter 81 Xiaoye, I Didn’T Expect To Be So Good At Cooking!?24 days agoChapter 82 Brother-In-Law, How Did You Know That My Mother Was Pregnant With A Son?24 days agoChapter 83: Husband, I Hold A Certificate To Work, So I Can’T Kiss You Anywhere.24 days agoChapter 84 Tongzi Shenhao Transforms And Encounters A Mysterious Little Girl - The Forbidden Body!24 days agoChapter 85: Thousand Times Of Consumption Rebates, Earning 30 Trillion!24 days agoChapter 86: President, Liu Jiuyang Of The Liu Family Was Not Destroyed By You, Right?24 days agoChapter 87 An Unexpected Gain, My Father-In-Law Is From The Hidden Xia Family!?24 days agoChapter 88 Bing Ning’S Wife, Are You Jealous?24 days agoChapter 89 Cousin, You... Want To Buy The Whole Building!?24 days agoChapter 90 A Sky-High Price Of 35 Billion, Buying One Million Acres Of Land??24 days agoChapter 91: The Power Of Ban Shows Its Power And Shocks The Audience!24 days agoChapter 92: Overthrow The Liu Family And Kill Xia Shaoyu, The Four Heroes Of The Hidden Xia Family!!24 days agoChapter 93 Let’S Put It This Way, The World’S Richest Man Is Just A Little Brother In Front Of Your Cousin!24 days agoChapter 94 I Feel Pretty Good, My Baby Is Becoming More And More Attractive~~24 days agoChapter 95 Daddy, Don’T Bury Our Feet~~24 days agoChapter 96 My Grandfather Is...The Great Master Of Martial Arts, Perfection, You Dare To Touch Me...24 days agoChapter 97: My Husband Wants To Discuss Some Business With Us In The Evening24 days agoChapter 98 The Body Of Resonance And Charm, Promoted To The Early Stage Of The Martial Emperor??24 days agoChapter 99 I Can’T Move Anymore, What’S Going On!?24 days agoChapter 100 Xiaoxuan, You...Are You Really Capable Of Defeating The Great Master Of Martial Arts, Perfection!?24 days ago