Start Tipping The Anchor And Reward Pagani

Start Tipping The Anchor And Reward Pagani


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Ye Ran binds the system, rewards anchors and other "random" actions to get critical rewards!

"You tipped a streamer once, and as a critical reward you will get a Pagani Zonda sports car worth 80 million."

"You took an international flight just to have lunch in country F and be rewarded with 62% of the world's top luxury goods company, Cardia, becoming the largest shareholder!"

"You founded a company that is destined to lose money, and the critical hit reward is a top-notch luxury villa worth 500 million!"

"Regardless of personal gains and losses, you did a charity and critically rewarded 30% of the company's shares, becoming the largest shareholder of Penguin Company."

From then on, Ye Ran lived a willful life.

Reporter: "Hello Mr. Ye, what is the secret of your success? Why are you so rich?"

Ye Ran: "Just be willful and spend money randomly, and the money will come."


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【001】: I Have All The Paper Ready, Why Don’T You Show Me This?5 months ago【002】: 8000 Times Critical Hit, Reward Global Limited Edition Pagani!5 months ago【003】: Did You Get The Money From Selling Your House?5 months ago【004】:This Man Has No Feelings.5 months agoAdd More Rules! A Must See!5 months ago【005】: Reward Shares Of The World’S No. 1 Winery! (First Update)5 months ago【006】: The Jealousy Of Yu Mengya’S Roommate (Second Update)5 months ago【007】:Your Boyfriend Drives A Nissan, Right? (Third Update)5 months ago【008】:Is This A Fake Brand Of Yours? (Fourth Update)5 months ago【009】:You Don’T Have Wechat? Why Do You Want Mine? (First Update)5 months ago【010】:Yu Mengya’S Circle Of Friends (Second Update)5 months ago【011】: A Scratch On This Car Is Enough For You To Struggle For A Lifetime (Third Update)5 months ago【012】:Salary Must Be Paid! (Fourth Update)5 months ago【013】:The New Chairman Has The Same Name As Ye Ran? 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(Second Update)5 months ago【037】:Fly A Helicopter To Attend The Party (Third Update)5 months ago【038】:You Must Apologize Today!5 months ago【039】:I Am Instructing My Subordinates5 months ago【040】:Born With A Pair Of Fox Eyes5 months ago【041】:Ye Ran Blind Date5 months ago【042】:Plastic Sister Flowers5 months ago【043】:Yin Lixia’S Purpose Of Coming5 months ago【044】: Establishing A Real Estate Company (First Update)5 months ago【045】: The Car Dealer Comes To Deliver The Car (Second Update)5 months ago【046】:Isn’T This Little Edonkey Too Expensive? (Third Update)5 months ago【047】:You Are Also Fired! (Fourth Update)5 months ago【048】:Short The Stock! (First Update)5 months ago【049】:You Are So Handsome, Aren’T You? (Second Update)5 months ago【050】: System Rewards Cigars (First Update)5 months ago【051】:This Car Costs More Than 200,000 Yuan, Right? (Second Update)5 months ago【052】:Isn’T This Cigarette Too Expensive? (Third Update)5 months ago【053】:The Pride Of The Old Couple! (Fourth Update)5 months ago【054】: If Success Is Not About Showing Off Wealth, What’S The Point? 【1 Update】5 months ago【055】The Village Chief Found Me A Wife? 【2 More】5 months ago【056】Bai Renjie Rear-Ends Ye Ran And Hits Him With A Rake! 【3 Updates】5 months ago【057】Is Your Electric Car Insured? 【4 Updates】5 months ago【058】This Electric Car Costs 5.6 Million... Ten Thousand? 【5 Updates】5 months ago【059】Reward 57% Shares Of Xiangyu Hotel! 【6 More】5 months ago【060】Is Your Patek Philippe Watch Fake? 【7 More】5 months ago【061】Are You Teaching Me How To Do Things? 【1 Update】5 months ago【062】If This Table Is True, I Will Stand On My Head And Have Diarrhea! 【2 More】5 months ago【063】You May Really Have To Stand Upside Down And Have Diarrhea! 【3 Updates】5 months ago【064】It’S Smaller, The Pattern Is Smaller! 【4 Updates】5 months ago【065】Take A Helicopter To Ktv! 【5 Updates】5 months ago【066】100% Shares Of Tianyuan Law Firm【1 Update】5 months ago【067】The Box Was Robbed? 【2 More】5 months ago【068】I Don’T Remember Having A Son Like You【3 Updates】5 months ago【069】Dad! This Is The Guy Who Hit Me! 【4 Updates】5 months ago【070】Wu Bingtian’S Confidence Lies【5 Updates】5 months ago【071】You Found Two Lawyers From Tianyuan Law Firm? 【1 Update】5 months ago【072】Why Are You Pretentious Here? 【2 More】5 months ago【073】Interview With A Female Anchor On The Street【3 Updates】5 months ago【074】I Make Tens Of Millions Every Minute【4 Updates】5 months ago【075】My Daughter Only Marries Men Who Drive Rolls-Royces【5 More】5 months ago【076】Three Consecutive Questions About The Soul Of A Blind Date【1 Update】5 months ago【077】I Used To Be With You【2 Updates】5 months ago【078】4.95 Million For A Set Of Fishing Gear? Is Everything True? 【3 Updates】5 months ago【079】 Ye Ran Is Out Of Money! 【4 Updates】5 months ago【080】 Directly Reward The Female Anchor 1 Million! 【5 Updates】5 months ago【081】Meet Wang Congcong By Chance In The Live Broadcast Room? 【1 Update】5 months ago【082】Wang Congcong Swiped 13.2 Million! Ye Ran: That’S It? 【2 More】5 months ago【083】Reward Wang Da With 20% Shares! Swiping 50 Million, Douyu Executives Were Shocked! 【3 Updates】5 months ago【084】Wang Dalin Entered The Live Broadcast Room: This Is Your Uncle Ye! 【4 Updates】5 months ago【085】Wang Congcong Gives In, Chu Yanran’S Thoughts【5 Updates】5 months ago【086】Are You A Retired Bodyguard Of Zhongnanhai? 【1 Update】5 months ago【087】Wang Dalin Was Shocked, What Is Ye Ran’S Identity? 【2 More】5 months ago【088】A Building In The Reward Financial Center! 【3 Updates】5 months ago【089】Pan Mingyang Gave A Model Company As A Gift【4 Updates】5 months ago【090】 Ye Ran: This Is Not My Car, I Am Just A Driver【5 Updates】5 months ago【091】Just Mention My Name During The Interview【1 Update】5 months ago【092】Our Company Does Not Have Drivers Who Drive Rolls-Royce Cullinan【2 Updates】5 months ago【093】 Is Ye Ran The Chairman Of The Company? Su Rou Invites Ye Ran To Eat Spicy Hotpot [3 Updates]5 months ago【094】Su Rou: Can You Pretend To Be My Boyfriend? 【4 Updates】5 months ago【095】 Ye Ran Borrowed A Car To Pick Up Su Rou’S Mother【5 More】5 months ago【096】 Ye Ran Stopped Pretending, Let’S Show Off! 【1 Update】5 months ago【097】 Ye Ran’S Is Almost The Same, The Difference Is More Than 100 Million Points【2 Updates】5 months ago【098】Your Cigarette Money Will Buy A Rolls-Royce【3 Updates】5 months ago【099】Reward The Honorary Dean Of The First Hospital! 【4 Updates】5 months ago