Start with Eternal Mangekyo Refuses To Form A Team With The School Beauties

Start with Eternal Mangekyo Refuses To Form A Team With The School Beauties


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(Revival of spiritual energy + single female protagonist + school beauty + dog food + refreshing article)

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The spiritual energy revived, countless ferocious beasts and alien races swept in, and the forbidden areas and secret realms were filled with blue stars.

In order to cope with the crisis, human beings awaken their innate abilities, from the lowest F level to the highest SSS level, everyone has them.

On the eve of his awakening, Lin Ran activated the fishing system in the sky, which allows him to obtain unlimited talents and magical products.

As long as you swing the club slightly, you can get various god-level gains.

Among them, there are many who can crush SSS-level talents.

As Lin Ran's endless methods are gradually exposed to the world.

The world is silent, the world is trembling, the demons surrender, the gods kneel down...

But for the beautiful school beauty Luo Qingyan, what impressed her most about Lin Ran was the words Lin Ran said before the college entrance examination practice that was enough to make her collapse.

"Want to team up with me? Let's forget it!"

"You are just an SSS-level talent awakener. You are a complete drag on me!"

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Chapter 1 Zhutian Fishing System3 months agoChapter 2 The Awakening Ceremony Begins3 months agoChapter 3 Peerless Twins3 months agoChapter 4 Rejection At The Drop Of A Hat3 months agoChapter 5 New Means Of Recovering Mana—The Ring Of Souls3 months agoChapter 6 Zhou Yi’S Gift3 months agoChapter 7 The College Entrance Examination Is Coming3 months agoChapter 8 The Terrifying Dungeon Difficulty3 months agoChapter 9 Zombies Are Coming, Lin Ran Shows Off His Power3 months agoChapter 10 Precision And Elegance3 months agoChapter 11 Severe Injuries! Kill Giant Zombies3 months agoChapter 12 Others Come To Take The College Entrance Examination, But You Come To Race?3 months agoChapter 13 Amaterasu! The Mysterious Black Flame That Amazes Everyone3 months agoChapter 14 The Top Scorer In The College Entrance Examination! Record Breaking Results3 months agoChapter 15 Shocked Luo Qingyan For A Hundred Years3 months agoChapter 16 Public Opinion Is Boiling, College Entrance Examination Rewards Are Arriving3 months agoChapter 17 The Top Ten Universities Are Here! Fierce Fighting For People3 months agoChapter 18 The Arrogant Qingjing Yanyun University3 months agoChapter 19 Use The Redemption Coupon! Greatly Improved Combat Power3 months agoChapter 20 I Will Always Stand By Your Side3 months agoChapter 21 Set Off! New Catches In Fishing Systems3 months agoChapter 22 Bug Level Ultimate Devil Fruit3 months agoChapter 23 Kuang Xiaoran! Five Colleges And Credit System3 months agoChapter 24 Twin Villas On The Top Of The Mountain3 months agoChapter 25 Luo Qingyan’S Dark Power3 months agoChapter 26 Xu Sheng And His Jiangdong Xu Family3 months agoChapter 27 The Heads Of The Five Major Departments Appear! Meeting Starts3 months agoChapter 28 Yanda’S Rules And Credit Awards3 months agoChapter 29 I Hope Brother Lin Can Teach Me Something3 months agoChapter 30 Do You Want One Or Two? Then I Will Give You One Or Two3 months agoChapter 31 Tsukuyomi! A Terrifying And Hopeless Fantasy World3 months agoChapter 32 The Method Is Mysterious! Everyone Was Shocked3 months agoChapter 33 Upgrade Conditions For Generous Rewards3 months agoChapter 34 Arriving At The Arena! The Sensation Brought By The Five Department Heads3 months agoChapter 35 First Experience Of Op-Op Fruit3 months agoChapter 36 Susanoovs The Real Angel! The Two Sides Fought Each Other Passionately3 months agoChapter 37 Ways To Further Improve Yourself3 months agoChapter 38 Comprehensive Sublimation! The Prototype Of The Unlimited Firepower Turret3 months agoChapter 39 The Bid Executor! Hunting Points And Military Merit Points3 months agoChapter 40 Taking Over The Mission! Target, Black Dragon Abyss3 months agoChapter 41 Arriving At The Armed Fortress! Meeting Xu Sheng By Chance3 months agoChapter 42 Xu Zheng Provokes! Lin Ran’S Murderous Intention3 months agoChapter 43 Entering The Black Dragon Abyss! The Killing Spree Begins3 months agoChapter 44 Explosive Killing Of The Fourth-Level Ferocious Beast! The Endless Hunt Begins3 months agoChapter 45 In My Name! Luo Qingyan's Determination3 months agoChapter 46 Sublimation Brought By Killing! The Devil's Horned Rhinoceros And The Second Floor Entrance3 months agoChapter 47 Alien Fantasy Array! Dark Elf Conspiracy3 months agoChapter 48 Armed Fortress Alert! Beast Tide Is Coming3 months agoChapter 49 Revealing Kamui! The King's Treasure And The Angel's Heart3 months agoChapter 50 Alien Surprise Attack! Dark Elf Archers3 months agoChapter 51 Savior! The Two Retreated From The Army3 months agoChapter 52 Clear The Sky! You Call This A First-Order Awakener?3 months agoChapter 53 Guy Dan · Guy Lin! The Leader Of The Dark Elves Appears3 months agoChapter 54 The Sword Flourishes! Annihilation Guy Dan's Destruction Sunro3 months agoChapter 55 The Dust Has Settled And The Belated Reinforcements Arrived3 months agoChapter 56 Detonates Public Opinion! Pervert Sublimation Of Personal Panel3 months agoChapter 57 Attribute Stacking! Future Anti-Kill Flow And Battery Life Flow3 months agoChapter 58 New Abilities! A Knight Never Dies With His Bare Hands3 months agoChapter 59 The Freshman Competition Is About To Begin, And The Top Ten Players Gather Together3 months agoChapter 60 A Wealthy Family Holds A Grudge! Copy Trial Without Any Restrictions3 months agoChapter 61 Tower Of Soul Armor! Large-Scale Solo Brushing Site For Special Admissions Students3 months agoChapter 62 Explodes! Sparks And Lightning Crushing All The Way3 months agoChapter 63 The Soul Armor Is Separated! The Revelation Of Lin Ran’S Combat Iq3 months agoChapter 64 A Big Sweep! 4 Minutes And 47 Seconds To Clear The Level3 months agoChapter 65 Nearly Impossible Speed! God Is Reasonable3 months agoChapter 66 The Affinity For The Undead, The Incomprehensible Dark Energy3 months agoChapter 67 Excited Lu Yuan! If One Survives, There Will Be Future Fortunes?3 months agoChapter 68 Asking Me About My Grades? I Only Remember That I Got Full Marks3 months agoChapter 69 Ranking Announced! Lu Yuan’S Hot Old Face3 months agoChapter 70 Challenge Lin Ran? How Many Seconds Do You Think He Can Last?3 months agoChapter 71 Ordinary Alloy Revolver? But The Name Of Its Holder Is Lin Ran.3 months agoChapter 72 One Against Seven! You All Come Together3 months agoChapter 73 I Got One Thousand, That’S Because The Full Score Is Only One Thousand3 months agoChapter 74 The Elusive Body Of Nothingness! Who Can Hurt Him?3 months agoChapter 75 Sweep In One Minute? He Even Has To Race In The Ring3 months agoChapter 76 I Am A Pickled Fish, Sour, Vegetable And Superfluous3 months agoChapter 77 Full Firepower? This Is Obviously The Coming Of The True God3 months agoChapter 78 A Gift From The White-Bearded Old Man! Legendary Natural Spiritual Fruit3 months agoChapter 79 Matt’S Approval! A Vast Collection Of Treasures In Storage3 months agoChapter 80 Luo Qingyan’S Twin Talents And Lin Ran’S Degree Of Pervert3 months agoChapter 81 Taking Natural Spiritual Fruit! The Sublimation Of Talents And The Skyrocketing Of Attributes3 months agoChapter 82 Extreme Speed! The First Class Of School3 months agoChapter 83 Xu Sheng Snitched! A Crisis-Ridden World3 months agoChapter 84 A New Fishing Ability! Urgent Mission From Military Area3 months agoChapter 85 Form A Special Operations Team! Target Fulong Mountains3 months agoChapter 86 Come, Lie On Sister’S Lap3 months agoChapter 87 The Action Continues! The Extremely Coincidental Corpse Of A Fallen Alien3 months agoChapter 88 The Beast Tide Breaks Out! Tight Encirclement And Zhao Wudi's Escape3 months agoChapter 89 Break Out Of The Siege! Encounter Heroic Alien Units3 months agoChapter 90 Incredible Strategy To Win The Ball...Kamui Hollow Left Until The Last Moment3 months agoChapter 91 Bring It To You! The Tiger's Mouth Seizes The Seven-Color Light Ball3 months agoChapter 92 Sss-Level Bounty Order Released! Stop Those Aliens For Me3 months agoChapter 93 Matt Is Not Panicking! The Secret Of Enchantment Of The Seven-Color Light Ball3 months agoChapter 94 The Heart Of Nature! A Heaven-Defying Divine Outfit Enchanted With The Power Of Time And Space3 months agoChapter 95 Traces Of Zhao Wudi! Lin Ran’S Interrogation Plan3 months agoChapter 96 Catching A Turtle In A Urn! Is Your Name Zhao Wudi?3 months agoChapter 97 Strong Suppression! Information Interception In The Phantom Array3 months agoChapter 98 Zhao Wudi Surrenders! Organizations And Intelligence Hidden In The Dark3 months agoChapter 99 The Tenth Level Of Black Dragon Abyss! I Will Accept Your Heart First3 months agoChapter 100 The Fountain Of Darkness! The Dark Dragon Corpse Soaked In It3 months ago