Start With The Immortal Great Emperor And Create An Eternal Immortal Sect.

Start With The Immortal Great Emperor And Create An Eternal Immortal Sect.


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[Invincible]➕[Accepting Disciples]➕[Zong]➕[Shuangwen]➕[No Female Protagonist]➕[Decisive in Killing]➕[Big World View]

Gu Changge transmigrate Big Dipper Star Domain Eternal Sect disciple, the restricted area was in turmoil, his master died in battle, and he served his master for ten years. The system came and rewarded the Immortal Great Emperor cultivation and the Extreme Dao Emperor Weapon. With the Emperor Weapon, he single-handedly destroyed the restricted area of ​​​​life. The master takes revenge.

Unexpectedly, the Forbidden Zone of Life was not even a wave in the tide of darkness and turmoil. Gu Changge was panicked. Fortunately, the system was upgraded to the Eternal Immortal Sect system. The task of recruiting disciples was issued, and the disciples would become stronger.

Disciple Shi Yi: The natural Dual Pupils were dug out, and the stones of the Sun and Taiyin were refined into the eyes, and the Dual Pupils of Chaos were cultivated, and then the Dual Pupils of the Heavenly Eyes were obtained. Three eyes and six pupils, one pupil has one cycle of reincarnation, six pupils open six paths, so there are six paths of reincarnation! When I open my eyes, it's dawn! When I close my eyes, it's dark!

Second disciple Nalanran: Time body! Step into the long river of time and travel through the past, present and future. On the long river of time, I am respected. Myriad Worlds are destroyed, I alone remain! My existence is only to find Brother Sanhuo in the long river of time!

The third disciple, Jian Tongtian: Natural Sword Body, Sword Heart, Sword Soul, Sword Soul, has the peerless Sword Immortal talent! Kill the immortal with the sword body, kill the immortal with the sword heart, trap the immortal with the sword soul, and kill the immortal with the soul of the sword. No one in Myriad World dares to call him an immortal!

Until one day.

The real dark turmoil is coming!


Are all the ants in the Eternal Immortal Sect the Ten Evil Skyhorned Ants?

Are the earthworms underground in the Eternal Immortal Sect all Dragon Race dragons?

The one with the weakest cultivation among the entire sect's disciples is the Great Emperor?

The source of dark turmoil is crazy!

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Chapter 1: Bind The System And Become Immortal!3 months agoChapter 2 Holding The Mother Qi Of All Matter Cauldron, Breaking Into The Restricted Area Alone3 months agoChapter 3 Human Race? Blood Food?3 months agoChapter 4 The Ancestor Of Quasi-Emperor, The Seven Demonic Spirit Lake, Will Be Killed Directly!3 months agoChapter 5 Restricted Area? Just One Tripod!3 months agoChapter 6: Demonic Spirit Lake Restricted Area, Removed From Ancient Times3 months agoChapter 7 The Dark Boy3 months agoChapter 8 Epic Level Prodigy: Dual Pupils Shi Yi3 months agoChapter 9 The Super Transcendent Level Gift Pack For The First Mission!3 months agoChapter 10 Dual Pupils Reappears! The Sky And The Earth Are Eclipsed!3 months agoChapter 11 The Eyes Of The Sky Are Opened! Give Birth To Six Pupils! Transform The Six Paths!3 months agoChapter 12 The Xiao Family? Break Off An Engagement?3 months agoChapter 13 Damn It! What About The Phrase "Thirty Years To The East Of Hedong And Thirty Years To The West Of Hexi"?3 months agoChapter 14 The Third Prince Of The Undead Vampire Clan3 months agoChapter 15 My Dao Palace Realm Is Called Dao Palace Realm Because Of This Realm!3 months agoChapter 16 The Four Blood Saints Of Heaven, Earth, Xuanhuang3 months agoChapter 17 Undead Vampire Saint? Kill With One Slap3 months agoChapter 18: Exploding The Imperial Law! Recruiting A Disciple Of The Eternal Time Body3 months agoChapter 19 Not For Immortality! Just Waiting For Your Return In The Long River Of Time3 months agoChapter 20 Ten Thousand People Ginseng Fruit Tree? How Come It’S Enough To Eat! Not Enough To Eat At All!3 months agoChapter 21 Summoning Four Powerful Great Emperors! Shocked Both Disciples!3 months agoChapter 22 Three Surprises And Two Disciples In One Day, Rewarded With The Nine Dragon Divine Chariot3 months agoChapter 23 Kowloon Maid? Who Can Withstand It!3 months agoChapter 24 Promoted To The Pinnacle Of The Immortal Great Emperor! A First Glimpse Into The Realm Of The Supreme Great Emperor!3 months agoChapter 25 Ninety-Nine Immortal Vein Fusion! Ten Thousand Times The Spirit Qi Concentration Of Heaven And Earth!3 months agoChapter 26 The Great Saint Guards The Mountain Gate3 months agoChapter 27 Powerful Sweeper Of Fallen Leaves3 months agoChapter 28 The Confidence Of The Ancestor Of Azure Cloud Sect3 months agoChapter 29 How Dare You Try Your Best To Show Off Your Skills!3 months agoChapter 30 Take A Breath And The Injury Will Heal! Take Another Breath And Break Through!3 months agoChapter 31 The Emperor Is Invisible!3 months agoChapter 32 Azure Cloud Sect Surrender!3 months agoChapter 33 Rewards Are Calculated By Ton! What A Transformation!3 months agoChapter 34 Ancestor, You Are So Smart3 months agoChapter 35 The Ancestor’S Status In The Eternal Immortal Sect Is Really High!3 months agoChapter 36 Gu Changge’S Troubles And Reveries3 months agoChapter 37 Heading To The Sword Discussion Conference3 months agoChapter 38 The Disciple’S Sword Reaches The Sky! Instant Kill Ten Thousand Swords Sect Hundred Disciples3 months agoChapter 39 Special Special Level Big Gift Pack! Jian Tong Heavenly Fire Is At Full Power!3 months agoChapter 40 The Gears Of Jian Tongtian’S Destiny Begin To Turn3 months agoChapter 41 Nine Of The Ten Ancient Sects! Show Your Power At The Sword Discussion Conference!3 months agoChapter 42: The Heartless Sword Technique Shocks The Sky, Elder Xuehua Takes Action!3 months agoChapter 43 Determining The Top Ten Sword Tomb Opens3 months agoChapter 44: Enter The Sword Tomb To Get The Spiritual Fruit3 months agoChapter 45 Dual Pupils Opening Heaven! Thousands Of People Are Chasing Him!3 months agoChapter 46 Meeting The Humanoid Sword Spirit! Purple Gold Sword Intent Fruit!3 months agoChapter 47: Er Defeat Cao Qianri’S Divine Ability Magic3 months agoChapter 48 Refining The Purple-Gold Sword Intent Fruit To Obtain The Sword Ancestor Sword Soul!3 months agoChapter 49 Sword Tomb Is Closed! Blood Splattered Ten Feet!3 months agoChapter 50 Four Great Saints Blocked The Road And Disappeared In A Snap!3 months agoChapter 51 Three Defeats Of Cao Qianri, The Jiancao Clan?3 months agoChapter 52 Even If Your Ancestor Nine-Leaf Sword Grass Comes, It Will Still Be The Same!3 months agoChapter 53 The Four Major Sword Sects Conspire Against The Eternal Immortal Sect!3 months agoChapter 54 This Is What Divine Pill Tastes Like!3 months agoChapter 55 Feng Qingyang Was Shocked! Become A Great Saint In One Second!3 months agoChapter 56: Master Feng, The Way You Drink Tea Is A Little Special!3 months agoChapter 57 I Am Your Ancestor!3 months agoChapter 58 Emperor Level Summoning Card, Summoning Four Beauties?3 months agoChapter 59 Huh? Why Don't You Wear Clothes?3 months agoChapter 60 The Eternal Immortal Sect Gave Too Much!3 months agoChapter 61 Jian Tongtian’S Depression!3 months agoChapter 62 The Four Great Sword Sects And Emperor Weapon Set Out For The Eternal Immortal Sect!3 months agoChapter 63 Let Him Be Strong If He Is Strong, And Let Him Be Strong If He Is Strong!3 months agoChapter 64 Even If I Have Both Hands Behind My Back And Need To Protect The Sect With One Hand, I, Lu Xuehua, Can Destroy Them As Easily As I Do!3 months agoChapter 65 The Four Inner Sect Elders Take Action! The Four Sects Were Destroyed!3 months agoChapter 66 Across Thousands Of Miles, One Person Destroyed An Entire Family3 months agoChapter 67 The Aid From The Two Vassal Forces Is Late But Arriving!3 months agoChapter 68 The Shangzong Is So Arrogant: Everyone Has A Ginseng Fruit And A Bunch Of Bodhi Seeds!3 months agoChapter 69 The Eternal Immortal Sect Is Shocked By Southern Domain, And The System Reward Has Arrived!3 months agoChapter 70 The Eternal Immortal Sect Founded A Mountain And Accepted Disciples, And Was Shocked By The Southern Domain!3 months agoChapter 71 Billions Of Monks Gathered In The Eternal Immortal Sect, Three Surprises Southern Domain3 months agoChapter 72: Founding A Mountain And Recruiting Disciples, The Ladder To The Heaven Of Inquiry3 months agoChapter 73 On The Ladder To Heaven, All Living Beings Appear3 months agoChapter 74 Anyone Who Insults The Eternal Immortal Sect Will Die!3 months agoChapter 75 Tianni Pearl King Mumu Vs Chaos Stone Monkey3 months agoChapter 76 Ye Jinlin’S Terrifying Character3 months agoChapter 77 Three Women Go Up The Ladder To Heaven Together, Four Surprises Southern Domain! !3 months agoChapter 78 The Incarnation Of The Seven Heavenly Goddess Vs The Remnant Soul Of The Ancestral Sacrificial Spirit Willow God3 months agoChapter 79 Six People Reach The Top And The Talent Test Begins3 months agoChapter 80 Great Dao Chaos Bell Ten Rings In The Sky3 months agoChapter 81 The Sequence Shows That The Elder Does Not Worship! Saint Child Adjustable Exterior Doors! Divine Child Is Equal To The Master!3 months agoChapter 82 Uncle Is So Awesome! Sister-In-Law Is So Happy!3 months agoChapter 83 The First Saint Child Is Born!3 months agoChapter 84 My Surname Is Ye! Leaf! Leaf!3 months agoChapter 85 Great Dao Chaos Bell...Jumps...Up! !3 months agoChapter 86 The Blockbuster Ye Jinlin Shocked Everyone On The Outside And Was Tender On The Inside!3 months agoChapter 87: Immortals Were Banished To Dust And Turned Into Mortals, But Mortals Can Also Become Immortals3 months agoChapter 88 The Extremely Pure Uncle-Sister-Sister Relationship!3 months agoChapter 89: Rough Tea And Weak Fruit Shocked The Disciples, And The Apprenticeship Ended3 months agoChapter 90 The Three Great Descendants, The Three Great Divine Children!3 months agoChapter 91 Can This Method Lead To Immortality?3 months agoChapter 92 Temple Of Heaven, Divine Ability Inheritance!3 months agoChapter 93 Preaching In The Middle Of The Night, Giving The Name Chaos Stone Monkey!3 months agoChapter 94 I Woke Up From A Dream That Lasted 30,000 Years, And Now I Know Who I Am!3 months agoChapter 95 Ye Jinlin’S Terrifying Character Reappears!3 months agoChapter 96 All The Disciples Entered The Nine-Turn Reincarnation Tower And Broke Through One After Another!3 months agoChapter 97 Gu Changge’S Cultivation Has Improved Again, And The Four Supreme Elders Are In Place3 months agoChapter 98 Become Famous As You Will Be Famous Forever, Try Your Best To Be The Best In The World3 months agoChapter 99 Hongmeng Divine Words Startle The Ancient Times, And The Secret Realm Experiences Life And Death Throughout The Ages.3 months agoChapter 100 Go Your Own Way And Let Others Tell You!3 months ago